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KICK-ASS Interview: ChloŽ Grace Moretz (Part IV of V)
by Mel Valentin

Lionsgate gave eFilmCritic.com the opportunity at Wonder-Con earlier this month to talk to the cast and crew of "Kick-Ass," Matthew Vaughanís ("Stardust," "Layer Cake") big-screen adaptation of Mark Millar ("Nemesis," "Fantastic Four," "Wolverine: Old Man Logan," "Ultimates," "Superman: Red Son") and John Romita, Jr.ís (the upcoming "Avengers" relaunch, "World War Hulk," "The Eternals") comic book series of the same name. John Romita, Jr., Jane Goldman, Clark Duke, ChloŽ Grace Moretz, and Aaron Johnson graciously took time out of their busy schedules for one-on-one interviews.

Q: Q: Hello. Thank you for taking the time to talk about Kick-Ass with our readers.

I tried to be prepared with questions. Iím not a morning person.

A: Who is a morning person?

Q: There are some people.

A: Schoolteachers.

Q: Yes.

I just talked to Jane, John, and Aaron [our interview with the star of Kick-Ass will appear tomorrow morning]. Aaron had some great things to say about you. In your next role, youíre playing a British character? Is that correct?

A: Yes, I will, for Martin Scorsese.

Q: Whatís the film?

A: The Adventures of Hugo Cabret. I also have Let Me In [the remake of Let the Right One] coming out October 1st. Iím also shooting The Fields. Amy Mann, Michael Mannís daughter. Itís her first feature film.

Q: Fantastic. Wow, sounds like youíre really busy. I hope you get a little time off. For the remake of Let the Right One In, did you watch the original film?

A: I havenít seen the whole thing, but Iíve seen parts of it. I wasnít allowed to see the whole thing.

Q: Well, there are scenes that are fairly violent. Kick-Ass too, of course.

A: I have seen Kick-Ass, the whole thing.

Q: Were you at the UK premiere?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: So how did you get the role of Mindy Macready/Hit Girl? Did you audition for it?

A: Yeah, the normal acting process, auditions, met him [director Matthew Vaughan], and talked to him about the role. About a week later, I got a call, said I booked it.

Q: Thatís great. So there wasnít a lot of downtime or waiting to hear back from Matthew Vaughan.

A: They like to keep you guessing, keep you on your toes. Itís a sigh of relief when you get it.

Q: I saw you in (500)Days of Summer. You pretty much stole the scenes you were in. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great actor, but you really held your own. It also reminded me of my own relationship with my younger sister. Sheís so much wiser than he is when it comes to romance (my sister was/is too).

Moving on. Thereís been some controversy over the Hit Girl character. People whoíve seen the red band trailer versus the green band trailer are shocked by Hit Girlís behavior.

A: I definitely say see the film first and then tell me what you think about it. Everyone who says ďOh my gosh, it looks terrible,Ē well youíve only seen the previews. You havenít seen the finished product. Then you form a full opinion.

Q: Having seen the film and read the comic book, I think Hit Girl is the most compelling character in either version. Her relationship with Big Daddy forms, in my opinion, the emotional core of Kick-Ass. They have a loving, yet deeply disturbing, relationship. Heís training her to become a vigilante.

What was it like working with Nicholas Cage?

A: It was cool. It was really cool. I was working with an Oscar winner. Meeting him was crazy. Working with him was even more ridiculously insane. It was a lot of fun. He really upped my game. Heís really an amazing actor.

Q: You and he had a really good rapport onscreen, good chemistry. It was definitely believable on that level (of father/daughter).

A: Thank you.

Q: Did you rehearse beforehand?

A: We did five-six rehearsals beforehand.

Q: How many of the stunts did you do yourself?

A: I did everything, except the acrobatics (e.g., running up the walls). It takes a lot of training to run up a wall. She [ChloŽís stunt double] actually hit her head on the camera once when she ran up the wall.

Q: How tall was she?

A: She was taller than me [ChloŽ indicated six-10 inches]. Put a purple suit and a costume and itís easy. I did everything. Guns, swords, everything but the acrobatics.

Q: Did you read the comic book?

A: Iíve seen parts of it, but I havenít read the whole thing. I like looking at the pictures, though.

Q: Well, itís John Romita, Jr.

A: Yeah, I loved his work.

Q: Heís been around for a long time. His first work appeared in 1977.
A: Wow. I was born in 1997. Iím young. Iím only 13, but I feel like an old woman, 45.

Q: Aaron mentioned that you were wise beyond your years.
Weíve already talked about the remake of Let the Right One In. Iím really curious about what the remake will be like. I know many people donít like remakes on principle, but I donít feel that way. My curiosity usually gets the better of me.

A: A lot of people are judging it without seeing previews. Itís like Kick-Ass. See the movie, then tell me what you think about it.

Q: Back to Kick-Ass. What kind of onset guidance did Matthew Vaughan give you? During the action scenes? During the scenes where you character uses foul language?

A: Everything I said and did in the movie was in the script. We knew exactly what we were going to do. We new exactly what we were getting into and we knew exactly what the role was. I wanted to do the movie because it was such a unique role. It was a role that most kids donít do. Itís a role thatís never been written for kids before. Itís a big reason why I wanted to do it.

Q: When Hit Girl shows up, she really steals the film. Even though itís Daveís story, Hit Girl is the real hero in Kick-Ass.

A: Hit Girl almost dies. Unlike me saving Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass saves me. Heís very much so a hero.

Q: Aaron mentioned that he was called back six months later to reshoot the ending.

A: Originally, it was me beating up, beating Frank. It wasnít real enough. It didnít look real. A little girl wouldnít be able to do that. Then they changed to where it was Kick-Ass saving Hit Girl.

Q: Well, they introduced the [spoiler] earlier on, so they had to use the [spoiler].

A: Exactly.

Q; Itís that anticipation. And the [spoiler]. Itís not in the comic book. That helped to keep the tone relatively light in the final scene.

That last scene was the hardest for me to watch [Hit Girl taking a beating].

A: Thatís when you realize Hit Girl is 12. This whole time itís fake, fake, fake. Youíre rooting on a 12-year old girl to go and kill these gigantic bad guys. And then itís like a kick to the face. And then when her [spoiler] [spoiler], you can feel that kick you back to reality. But then sheís down. Thatís when she sees her own blood. Thatís when she realizes itís real. Sheís not actually playing with dolls.

Stay tuned for Part V (of V) of our Q&A with the cast and crew of Kick-Ass (opening Friday, April 16th at multiplexes everywhere). In the final installment of our weeklong series, we talk to the star of Kick-Ass, Aaron Johnson (The Greatest, Nowhere Boy).

link directly to this feature at http://www.hollywoodbitchslap.com/feature.php?feature=3012
originally posted: 04/15/10 14:20:42
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