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The Sunday News Recap! 11.4.12

Nothing's riding on this except the, uh, first amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the future of the country.
by Ryan Arthur

Greetings, constituents, and welcome to the pre-pre-Election day edition of the Sunday News Recap, featuring the last seven days’ worth of reviews and features from the eFC/HBS braintrust. We’ll also run down the box office numbers for the weekend and brief you for the week ahead. I’m Ryan, and none of this would have happened if Mr. McAllister hadn't meddled the way he did. He should have just accepted things as they are instead of trying to interfere with destiny. You see, you can't interfere with destiny, that's why it's destiny. And if you try to interfere, the same thing's just going to happen anyway, and you'll just suffer.

Yes, the times they are a-changin’ back.

"You might think it upset me that Paul Metzler had decided to run against me, but nothing could be further from the truth. He was no competition for me; it was like apples and oranges. I had to work a little harder, that's all. You see, I believe in the voters. They understand that elections aren't just popularity contests. They know this country was built by people just like me who work very hard and don't have everything handed to them on a silver spoon. Not like some rich kids who everybody likes because their fathers own Metzler Cement and give them trucks on their 16th birthday and throw them big parties all the time. No, they don't ever have to work for anything. They think they can just, all of a sudden, one day out of the blue, waltz right in with no qualifications whatsoever and try to take away what other people have worked for VERY, VERY hard for their entire lives! No, didn't bother me at all!”

Reviews from our staff over the last week:
Jay Seaver
Cloud Atlas
Silent Hill: Revelation
American Mary (Screened at Sudderfest 2012)
Murder University (Screened at Shudderfest 2012)
The Man With The Iron Fists

Peter Sobczynski

MP Bartley

Brett Gallman
Wreck-It Ralph

Rob Gonsalves
The Man With The Iron Fists

Want more reviews from a particular author? Click on the author's name. Want more reviews, regardless of author? Check out the database. Don't know what you want? Try searching the database.

” So vote once, vote tuh-wice, for Bill McKay…you middle-class honkies.”

We've got new features from our staff as well:
Ryan Arthur
The Sunday News Recap 10.28.12

Erik Childress

Interview With A Hero: Robert Zemeckis On ‘Flight’

You can access more features from a particular writer by clicking on his or her name. Want more features, coverage, interviews and the like? Click on the More option, found directly below the article title. Want more features, period? Check out the database. Don't know what you want? Try searching the database.

” When I win the Presidency, we're gonna be spending a lot of time together... Lots and lots and lots of time. President and advisor. Harmonious and productive. Close and special. You and I.”
Here is the preliminary top ten for the weekend. Estimates are taken from Box Office Mojo.com and are rounded up, where applicable.
1. Wreck-It Ralph $49.1 million
2. Flight $25.0 million
3. Argo $10.2 million ($75.9 million total)
4. The Man With The Iron Fists $8.2 million
5. Taken 2 $6.0 million ($125.7 million total)
6. Cloud Atlas $5.2 million ($18.3 million total)
7. Hotel Transylvania $4.5 million ($137.6 million total)
8. Paranormal Activity 4 $4.3 million ($49.6 million total)
9. Here Comes The Boom $3.6 million ($35.6 million total)
10. Silent Hill: Revelation $3.3 million ($13.9 million total)

”You can lie, you can cheat, you can start a war, you can bankrupt the country, but you can't fuck the interns. They get you for that.”

Opening This Week:
High Ground
Coming Up Roses
In Another Country
A Royal Affair


"Now that I have more life experience, I feel sorry for Mr. McAllister. I mean, anyone who's stuck in the same little room, wearing the same stupid clothes, saying the exact same things year after year for his whole life, while his students go on to good colleges, move to big cities and do great things and make loads of money...He's got to be at least a little jealous. It's like my mom says, the weak are always trying to sabotage the strong.”

Previewing the week ahead...

We've got more DVD and Blu-Ray recommendations in our Upcoming DVD Release Schedule.

Look for regular updates and additions in Criticwatch from Erik Childress on Friday, as well

And hey, don't forget to visit the Contest page for your chance to win DVDs and other assorted movie-related swag from eFC/HBS.

We'll also have some additional features and editorials throughout the week, and I'll have your Recap ready to go on Sunday.

”There are two things I know to be true: There's no difference between good flan and bad flan, and there is no war.”

That’ll put the finishing touches on another edition of the Sunday News Recap. It’s election day in the States this Tuesday, so I hope you’ll go out and do your civic duty and vote. Pick Flick, vote Quimby, whatever you do, just remember that when it comes to moral fiber, Pappy O'Daniel was displaying rectitude and high-mindedness when that egghead you work for was still messing his drawers! You can always take a look at our previous Recaps and join and visit our forums, too. Thanks for reading, and as always, your feedback is appreciated.

link directly to this feature at http://www.hollywoodbitchslap.com/feature.php?feature=3458
originally posted: 11/04/12 17:46:26
last updated: 11/04/12 17:48:27
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