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"Twisted Sisters"
2 stars
Charles Tatum says... "This 1970's relic is a clever little thriller with plenty of twists and turns and the over-the-top finale is fun. Too bad the film makers don't make the best of the nubile female cast and fantastic setting, instead dwelling in technical mistakes and iffy pacing." (more)
"That Won't Quite Do, Pig. That Won't Quite Do."
3 stars
Peter Sobczynski says... "“Okja” is a film that is so strange in so many different ways that to call it bewildering would be seriously underselling the oddness on display. Under normal circumstances, I am always down with a movie that is willing to let its freak flag fly but this one is beyond the pale to such a degree that I am still not entirely sure what I think of it. On the one hand, it is a film that is clearly trying to hit the same sweet spot that “E.T.” did 35 years ago and there are a number of moments here that are indeed as magical, both technologically and emotionally, as anything that Spielberg whipped up back in the day. On the other hand, the film as a whole is bogged down by enough profanity and violence to make it largely unsuitable for the very same family audiences that it is aiming for, it goes on for far too long thanks to a bunch of scenes that go on forever without doing much to advance the narrative and a couple of performances by well-known and regarded actors that are so off-puttingly weird that you’ll hope that someone comes out with a behind-the-scenes documentary that explains what they could have possibly been thinking of when they stepped in front of the camera and let loose with such head-scratching turns." (more)
"Bringing what was a side-story on the news to the fore."
5 stars
Jay Seaver says... "SCREENED AT INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL BOSTON 2017: You may feel uncomfortable asking for a ticket for this one by name, and knowing there's a scene that explains the title's etymology may not be much help. It's absolutely worth doing if you get the chance to do so, and if saying the title aloud stops you, then that's what the touchscreen kiosks at the front of the theater are for. It's a pretty terrific little film that does an excellent job of zooming in on what felt like a sidebar to a bigger news story and making it the focus." (more)
"Ansel Elgort Pops His Clutch And Tells The World To Eat His Dust Brothers"
5 stars
Peter Sobczynski says... "On the surface, Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” may look like an over-the-top action spectacle and on that level, it succeeds mightily. For most movies these days, that would be enough but in this case, the film is only getting started. It also plays as a wry character comedy, a reasonably intense crime saga and a sweet-natured romance and works quite well in those regards as well. Best, and most surprisingly, of all, “Baby Driver” is also pretty much a full-scale musical and a spectacularly entertaining one at that. Granted, it may not be a musical in the most traditional sense of the word—the music comes entirely from the wall-to-wall soundtrack and the intricate choreography is done almost entirely by cars screaming down the street at excessive speeds—but when the end result is as effective and ridiculously entertaining as this, even the biggest of churls would be hard-pressed to fail to succumb to its charms." (more)
"Colm Meaney in a more upscale 'Van'."
3 stars
Jay Seaver says... "There are many far worse reasons to make or see a film than the promise of Colm Meaney talking to someone for an hour and a half, something that gets more enticing when the other person in the road trip movie is Timothy Spall. Add a little John Hurt to the mix and it almost doesn't matter that the stakes to this conversation going well are huge. If it had a little more to recommend it than that great cast, it might really be something." (more)
"Your soundtrack for your next cross-country trip"
4 stars
alejandroariera says... "Edgar Wright is to movies what any good, self-respecting DJ is to music: a connoisseur, a master of the form who understands its history and can effortlessly combine the DNA of several genres to create something new, something that will enthrall and surprise the audience and keep their blood pumping from beginning to end in the same way that a DJ keeps his audience dancing non-stop with his or her remixes. It helps that Wright is also a music lover who digs deep in his record collection and playlists to pull out those tunes that will not only elevate but also propel the plot of his films. Music is front and center in his new film “Baby Driver”: not only does music drive (pun unintended) the story but it also defines and informs its characters’ lives. The action sequences are even choreographed the beats of a specific song. It is, in fact, the closest a film has ever come in portraying the dominant role music plays in our lives." (more)
WILSON (2017)
"The least of the Clowes films, but worth it for Dern."
3 stars
Rob Gonsalves says... "Twenty-five minutes into "Wilson," the movie gets real. That’s when Laura Dern shows up, as the ex-wife of the titular character (Woody Harrelson)." (more)
"Steele Crazy After All These Years"
2 stars
Charles Tatum says... "Horror legend Barbara Steele takes a dual role in this cornball, "gory" Gothic story that is screaming for a remake." (more)
"Really, there need to be more raunchy convent comedies."
5 stars
Jay Seaver says... "SCREENED AT INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL BOSTON 2017: I might not have known I needed a movie about foul-mouthed nuns and the hunk hiding in their convent as a deaf-mute before seeing "The Little Hours", but I did, especially at the end of a day of serious documentaries about societal inequity. This movie is tremendously funny, but also has a weirdly sweet core under the sarcastic exterior." (more)
"Griffin saves his best for almost-last."
5 stars
Rob Gonsalves says... "Are there such things as midnight movies any more?" (more)

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