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Alien vs. Predator
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by Marc Kandel

"Hisss…Krkrkrkkr…Hisss… Kkrkrkrk…I just wrote better dialogue for this pic."
3 stars

Speaking as an educated cinema reviewer and sci-fi buff, I can report with full confidence that “Alien vs. Predator,” the Director’s Cut, does indeed meet its goal of displaying said Alien vs. said Predator- in fact even goes so far as to show multiple representatives of each species knocking the glowing, stringy, sizzling crap out of each other. So is it a classic worthy of its predecessors?

No. Not even remotely close, no. It barely claws its way to the muddy steppes of “Alien: Resurrection.” This movie will not leave the deep, heart pounding echoes or thought provoking impressions that the first two/three Alien pictures or two Predator pictures (and yes, this reviewer believes there is gold to be mined in "Predator II") left indelibly marked in its stunned, unsuspecting, gratified audience members. Because frankly, outside of a few well placed alien stingers/razor nets, claw to claw combat and impressive set designs, we don’t learn nuthin’. What we could learn is left behind to get to the next chase scene or mile-away telegraphed scare moment. Now a few readers and fellow critics might say, “What the hell are we supposed to learn from an action flick? Why should this pic be even remotely intellectual or emotionally resonant on any level if we paid admission to basically see rubber-suited stunt men rasslin’?”

Well that’s very simple. It’s called history, and history defines the classic from the temporal. This film is the latest brick on a construction of classics (one series more so than the other; the Alien family’s original, complex contributions to the genre do tend to trump the more conventional aspects of the exciting, visceral, but hardly original Predator clan), and that should mean something- it should build on what has come before, delivering every bit of excitement, terror, and innovation that its predecessors brought to the table. These earlier films either introduced concepts or revolutionized concepts that had come before, and in doing so created movies that people remember, enjoy, and continue to watch over and over to this day.

The makers of “AvP” (yeah, I don’t want to use these asinine studio abbreviations either but it does save some keystrokes) could have accomplished this goal- they really could have- but instead chose the expedient, if not the easy path. In all fairness, I want it known that there is a measure of quality present- truly engaging visuals (the carvings in the Predator temple are complex, magnificent, and could have told the story better than some of the stilted monologues), some able performers if not performances, and some juicy ideas- all scattered throughout a rushed, overall mediocre product. Its just depressing- the tools were all there, and there are scant moments where you can see them almost utilized- but instead of carving a piece of art to behold and be treasured, something that stays with us, we get a MacDonald’s Happy Meal toy, absently played with for lack of something to do and then discarded on the ride home.

We have filmmakers eager to capitalize on nostalgia and sci-fi pop culture, grabbing attention and filling seats. Once that’s accomplished, why spend any time letting the audience make connections with characters or give them a truly heart-pounding thrill when there is tamed bloodletting and expensive pyrotechnics to be gotten to? After all, we now have the ability to compress the character elements to a few expositionary lines scribbled out by our crack Hollywood action writers who, I’m pleased to report, have watched at least 4 or 5 formula horror and action movies in their lifetimes (or just the last 5-10 years) and have applied those lessons here. Oh what the hell, let’s review a couple, yes just two easy lessons, just for shits and giggles:

Lesson 1: Quick and loud is the new black. Suspense, Buildup and Character Development are yesterday’s news, as fashionable as parachute pants or flannel shirts with the sleeves ripped off. We wanna see bang-bang and squishy-squishy and we want to see it NOW. How could those old-fogey movies like “Alien” wasted so much time bringing us into their main characters lives, letting us know their hopes, their loves, their quirks, their weaknesses and potential? Why did we sit through that whole stupid male bonding/communal moments and march through the jungle/facility in “Predator/Aliens” when we could just have the Predator/Aliens zip on down and begin with the stabby-stabby? And why in God’s name would you want your audience to feel the thick, quiet, stalking dread of a situation inexorably spiraling out of control when you can just throw em’ right in a strobe lit, high volume meat grinder and not worry about tension or the disquieting, uncomfortable atmosphere of stepping into an unknown, dangerous situation? Which brings us to Lesson 2:

Lesson 2: In a film bereft of the elements discussed in Lesson 1, the audience, a high percentage more intelligent than given credit most often times, and indeed most of the stupid ones, will inevitably fall back on their knowledge of what has come before and pretty much be 10, perhaps even 20 steps ahead of your film- they will know who dies, who lives, what blows up, what one needs to do to get out of a situation, what one shouldn’t do to get into a situation in the first place, in other words, the film will have played through in their heads far in advance of the climax or even the first act, as nothing new is being offered and there is no reason to do anything but let the bright, scattered images bounce no farther than the retina until the lights come up, with no impression having been left behind. Now you can circumvent this at the very least not by trudging down the route of cheap BOO! tactics others have tacked on to their shoddy non-horror films ad-nauseum, but hey, despite this rampant practice folks haven’t stopped buying tickets to crap like this yet, have they? So who cares?

In all fairness, any of the sci-fi-oriented out there, young or old will certainly appreciate, even relish the inhumanoid fight scenes, undimmed by PG-13 sensibilities thanks to gushing neon green or snot yellow creature blood spatter being more acceptable than social-maladjustment inducing red- you know, for you kiddies out there that have never had a blood test or bumped your knee, and God-forbid, would go batshit with a rifle at school if your tender, virgin sensibilities were assaulted by a completely exaggerated work of fiction- and a poor one at that. By the by, if there are actual kids answering to this description out there, could you do me a favor and figure out a way to make yourselves the predominant percentage of youth on the subway lines I take to work, and see milling around shopping plazas, cuz the useless, slack-jawed, thug-lummoxes that pass for teens I see stumbling around these days make a poor case for cinematic censorship or ratings systems- the damage is apparently already done. The funny thing is, the predecessor films made fighting the various creatures such a harrowing, nigh futile experience with such grisly consequences, no matter what weaponry or cunning characters had to rely on, that I did not want to be put in or recreate these situations in any way shape or form. Of course not being a retard with shitty parents that can’t help me distinguish right from wrong also helps.

Anyway, for the most part the battles are smartly shot up close and personal with performers in suits, CGI only making its appearance for moments when thousands of extras in alien suits would get too expensive or nobody feels like being thrown through a brick wall- at the very least the filmmakers should be applauded for keeping CGI to a minimum.

As a result, there is weight and presence to the creatures, and the fights are all the better and more captivating for it. But the fights are really all there are. Having no one to care about, be they human, predator or xenomorph, and having the plot so rushed, save for some of the ancient history on the relationship of the Predators and the Aliens which is truly fascinating and workable within the continuity of both films, there is not enough to give the film the push it needs to achieve greatness. Now for the folks who paid their admission to see the “versus” part, maybe that’s enough. But in the tired world of “Freddy vs. Jason, “Underworld vs. Van Helsing”, Ecks vs. Sever” and the absent yet terrifying threat of a potential “Superman vs. Batman,” well, I expect and want more from the venerable institutions of the Alien and Predator mythos.

Humans make appearances pretty much to provide for Xenomorph breeding stock so that there is an ample 3 to 1 Alien/Predator ratio. They are treated as cattle and that’s about all the characterization they get, lured to a Predator temple out in the Arctic wastes to provide face-hugger fodder and warm-ups for a traditional Predator hunt. They make all the right stupid moves, all the correct counterintuitive mistakes, wave guns with all the arrogant machismo, ignore all the blatant warnings and pout and glare suspiciously at anyone who suggests that this is not a good place to be, things should not be touched, and wouldn’t it be better if we all retired to the ship and had some cocoa? Christ, you would think these characters had seen one Indiana Jones movie, or even the frigging “Mummy” films- DO NOT TOUCH OR REMOVE ARTIFACTS IN TEMPLES. But this is a pseudo-horror movie, so of course stupidity must occur to further the plot.

I would have had these people rethink their actions and turn to leave only finding themselves herded in by the Predator contingent. That way I could not fault them for idiocy. This would have also made the team-up which occurs later in the film an even stranger grey area- with no clear path of right or wrong, just a matter of doing what needs to be done to survive (which is touched on, but… its all just so damn rushed. Better yet, I would have thrown out this cobbled together script and done the original plot from the comic book miniseries that provided some of the inspirations for this film- I have no idea what they could have possibly found wrong or flawed with that original plot. Oh well, wish in one hand, shit in the other...

Our main heroine, Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan) ain’t no Ripley to be sure, but she’s certainly not terrible- Unfortunately she isn’t given all that much time to really let us really get to know her- our only real knowledge coming from stilted dialogue while meeting the rest of the expedition party and a quick moment at the beginning of the film showing us that she is an expert on ice climbing in the Arctic. Lance Henrikson shows up to collect a paycheck and let us know that there is a connection, however tenuous and uninteresting to the continuity of the Alien series (I would have paid Ian Holm a stipend to show up as his robotics expert to really cement it and maybe even the Gary Busey character from “Predator II” or even Dutch’s General pal from “Predator” on a conference call to cement that universe firmly- Busey would do it- “Predator II” was set in the “near” future, and he needs the work since his MTV reality show tanked). Lance then pretty much spends his 20 minutes in the film coughing and looking around in wonder until the obligatory hack and slash begins- ** Spoilers abound through the next bit of this rant**. The other characters fill their slots- ruthless Yes Man, scrawny, likeable intellectual that won’t possibly survive, handsome swarthy scholar that won’t possibly survive, pouty mercenaries, hot chick merc with contempt for any man who looks at her for more than two seconds, etc, etc, and they all die. Surprise surprise. Yawn.

The brilliance of the former Alien and Predator movies was that not only did we have time to see the catastrophe unfold, but we were given time to really get our pulse and adrenaline up for the inevitable confrontations, and only after we were introduced and connected to each and every character, even if it was through just one well-written line or ensemble moment- here the confrontations just happen- no suspense, no wait, the Predators land and kill everyone topside, everyone exploring the Predator temple either gets turned into an Alien breeding body or runs from both species- eventually a compromise is made between two of the species which is a really interesting idea but mostly unexplored, and then a character is basically left to the frozen wastes at the end of the film- I know she’s a survival expert, but Christ, she’s in the fucking Arctic with no supplies to speak of. Predator Muthafuckas can’t even give a bitch a lift?

“AvP” is what it is: Great production values, fun creature battles, and all the depth of a Toho Godzilla movie. And that was the point, right? Well… I guess so. It’s just a little sad. I remember a time when these formidable entities were more than just fodder for gimmicky cash cow movies.

If the Director’s Cut left me this unsatisfied, I can only imagine the frustration of a fan seeing the theatrical version (not that you missed much, I can tell you). I have nothing funny to add- it’s too much of letdown.

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originally posted: 05/17/05 16:05:35
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User Comments

9/12/17 morris campbell lame does not work at all 1 stars
1/08/15 Taylor Booth Loved it. 4 stars
9/16/12 VLTampa This was better than I thought it would be. Husband also liked 4 stars
3/28/12 Marty obv. not an oscar movie. cool action sequences and makeup. lighten up. 3 stars
1/21/12 Velociraptor I like this movie, total timepass 4 stars
9/09/11 Shannon Dagesse I loved this movie and by the end loved the predator 4 stars
5/15/11 stephen nettles Could have been amazing, but it isnt 1 stars
3/27/10 Shaun A The video games based on this are better because I didn't care about the characters 2 stars
12/27/09 Mr. Loco AVP and AVP R are in my favorite movie list without a doubt! Predator Kiicks ass!! 5 stars
9/15/09 Manntis Somewhere the ghost of William Lincoln is crying. 1 stars
8/02/09 Tim A movie to be enjoyed by only those with a low IQ. 1 stars
7/20/09 horney1 so bad it would make a blind kid cry 1 stars
4/22/09 Sugarfoot A complete waste of a good idea. A true shit morsel of a movie 1 stars
10/31/08 tiffany pettey we actually let our 4 year old watch this and its cool and science oriented 4 stars
1/25/08 proper amateur film critic dreadful film. waste of time to sit and watch 1 stars
1/03/08 DC7 Bastardization of 2 great franchises. Lacking everything that made the originials great. 1 stars
12/06/07 Adrian Is it possible to take two action packed concepts and bore the crap out of an audience? Sc 1 stars
11/10/07 tammie I love any "Alien" movie, this one was ok. 3 stars
10/23/07 auston its great 5 stars
10/02/07 wall pretty cool 5 stars
8/27/07 timmy better than "Citizen Kane" 5 stars
8/10/07 Vip Ebriega Whoever wins, we lose. And boy did we lose!!! 2/5. 2 stars
8/10/07 Juve4Life Whoever gave this movie above 1 star has to be as dumb as this movie,what a joke of a movie 1 stars
7/14/07 Vincent Ebriega Merchendise cannot save the mediocrity and tedium of the film. 2/5. 2 stars
7/07/07 al smith fucking shit a slur against both franchises 1 stars
5/17/07 movieman enjoyed it 5 stars
5/01/07 Tracey Chambers I liked it. Its worth watching if you just wanna veg out. 4 stars
4/22/07 David Risser The Predator/Alien battles were cool, but the characters died off like a typical B-movie. 3 stars
4/19/07 Dick K. Ohhhh, why? Why did he do that to such a great series?! It could have been so much better! 2 stars
4/17/07 Steven Cotton I cried when i saw this cos it was so SHIT. Anderson needs to buck his ideas up. 1 stars
4/15/07 johnnyfog Surprisingly decent! No gore though. 3 stars
4/07/07 kalone uwe boll and paul w.s. anderson and relatives, their grandpa was ed wood ! 1 stars
1/15/07 E.D.D. why is there nothing lower then 1 star? 1 stars
1/02/07 Dude cool 5 stars
12/26/06 king predator this my S.H.I.T. 5 stars
12/13/06 D. Kickham Thought I would hate it. Could not have been more wrong. 5 stars
12/13/06 ZQ It was cool, nice popcorn movie 3 stars
11/09/06 Austin Wertman 2ND FAVORITE MOVIE OF 2004 5 stars
11/06/06 David Pollastrini needs more gore! 3 stars
10/31/06 Chris Just about the biggest let down of all my movie going experiences. 2 stars
10/30/06 Joel Aken So Bad it made it fun to watch, i was actually bursting into fits of laughter 1 stars
10/24/06 Jeremy Davies not bad sort of entertaining 3 stars
10/21/06 David Pollastrini great fx 3 stars
10/04/06 Stanley Thai An underrated film. I could say this is a good film but you guys won't believe me. See it. 4 stars
10/02/06 robert shame on you for putting predators with their technologies to come to fight cockroaches 1 stars
8/08/06 Dragon The Artist Good alien/sci-fi FX, but just 1 thing, Predator sucks, Got Alien ?POPCORN FLICK!!!! 3 stars
7/15/06 ricky moss moive was off tha hook and tha actriss was sexy 5 stars
6/11/06 William Goss Should have been better, could have been worse. Trashy B-grade fun, but still, PG-13?!? 3 stars
5/31/06 Sonny I expected sooo much more... wtf?! 2 stars
5/18/06 Amber Pifer Bad, super-bad 1 stars
5/15/06 Samantha Jayne Hillery i thinck that AVP is the best film ever and who ever dosent like it is sad 5 stars
4/09/06 Ron Newbold I'm in the minority but I liked it - Better than Resurrecton 4 stars
4/06/06 Troy M. Grzych Not the movie it could have been, but better than nothing. Great Queen Alien action! 4 stars
3/31/06 Michele okay 3 stars
3/29/06 M. Dido Someone please bring back Arnie!! 2 stars
3/25/06 C Vega is this the worst crossover since the flintstones met the jetsons? YES IT FUCKIN IS! 1 stars
3/09/06 Dk If you can see it for what it is AVP is good fun 4 stars
3/07/06 Quigley without a doubt one of the biggest crap-heaps in cinema history. predator won. totally gay! 1 stars
1/09/06 JM Synth Vacant when not hillariously silly, but not THAT bad 2 stars
11/27/05 Indrid Cold Not the train wreck everyone makes it out to be, but yes, it's a major disappointment. 2 stars
11/23/05 cr good visual effects, good acting,and some good scenes dealing the queen alien overall fine 3 stars
11/21/05 Punker Starts off okay and then slowly degenerates into total shit. By the end, I was laughing... 1 stars
11/04/05 gabriel its so fuckin shitty its fuckin unbelievable 1 stars
10/25/05 Crumbcake What a TURD! 1 stars
10/23/05 Suk-R-Punch On my list of the worst movies ever. 1 stars
10/13/05 gasp Quite possibly the most disappointing film of my entire lifetime. I wanted to cry... 1 stars
9/15/05 drippy Terrible...just terrible. 1 stars
9/06/05 JubJub The shitties bunch of shit that ever shit!!! I hate this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
9/05/05 Zack it was bad 2 stars
9/02/05 Mailk STUPID VS. RIDICULOUS 1 stars
9/01/05 Edward People who liked this also like to lick their own father's asses...I have proof. 1 stars
8/31/05 unlimited This?! THIS?!?!?! THIS is the best they could come up with?!?!?!?! :::BARF::: 1 stars
8/30/05 Vasquez PWSA must die!!!!!!!!!! Die, I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/29/05 Brisbane This could have been the movie event of a lifetime...instead we got this. So sad. 1 stars
8/29/05 Tom Burns This was an exciting action/horror movie. 5 stars
8/28/05 Blissful Johnny I agree...it couldn't have been a bigger letdown. I waited for this movie for YEARS!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/28/05 Josh the most dissappointing film of all time for me 1 stars
8/28/05 Jabberjaw I hated the SNES AVP game...but it was better than this tripe. 1 stars
8/28/05 anuj dadwal its really a thinking beyond ordinatry thinking 4 stars
8/27/05 Quigley overwhelmed by alien entrails flying all over. lame acting, directing and script. skip this 1 stars
8/25/05 Termite I used to defend him, but PWSA should be hung up and slashed for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/24/05 Anthony G sucks 1 stars
8/21/05 frgfg so fucking gay. 1 stars
8/12/05 ES the comics rule, had a little more attention been paid to them this would have been amazing 3 stars
8/12/05 Mr. t AVP blows goats,Im still bitter about it.ROT in hell anderson and fox studios 1 stars
8/10/05 Ripleys Bitch The PC games were far superior, but this is still kinda okay 3 stars
7/25/05 Eric Rollins Dark Horse comics had a much better treatment, still it delivers. 4 stars
7/13/05 Brandy Harrington This movie sounds like "Slipp" "Shlopp" "Poolp" 1 stars
7/02/05 Eddie Some good fight scenes, nothing special 3 stars
6/24/05 Mr Fluffy Poo! 1 stars
6/10/05 Manu Ginobli Holy shit, this movie was worse then Van Helsing. 1 stars
6/09/05 Indrid Cold A disgrace to the quality of Alien/Aliens/Predator, but nowhere near a disaster. 3 stars
6/04/05 Mike Jozic Short on plot, but fun video game inspired schlock - plus Lance Henriksen is just awesome. 4 stars
5/23/05 Carolyn Rathburn A little more gore than I like, but still kicks a** 5 stars
5/23/05 bonnie it rocked 5 stars
5/21/05 Charlene Javier Not as bad as I thought... 3 stars
5/21/05 Cham PG-13? What the hell?! My low expectations were not even met. 1 stars
5/20/05 Christy Schultz Better than I thought it would be. 3 stars
5/19/05 wendy rogers This is the worst movie I have ever saw. I forced myself to watch it. 1 stars
5/18/05 salvador some lame violence 3 stars
5/18/05 oHFD terrible, even worse than Freddy vs. Jason. 1 stars
4/23/05 Quigley i expected Brad Pitt to pop up anytime to join the terrible actors' club. no more, thanks! 1 stars
4/18/05 Indrid Cold Actually not that bad. Was "Alien" that much better than this? No. "Predator"? Maybe. 3 stars
4/18/05 patrick I for one think it was one of the greatest movies ever made. 5 stars
4/16/05 Cary Gordon 1 or 2 good ideas. The rest? Boring! Stupid! Did the writers not read at all? 2 stars
3/23/05 Colleen Goldrick Just OK 3 stars
3/22/05 jimbo not enough killing between the 2 other wise not bad 3 stars
3/18/05 .... shite 1 stars
3/10/05 ITY Almost fun. Let down by totally crap casting, acting and script. 2 stars
3/10/05 tatum Not nearly as horrible as I was expecting 4 stars
2/24/05 ELI Need's more gore... Give it an R rating!!!!!!! >:( But overall, it's ok 3 stars
2/23/05 ALDO Could have been way better.... 3 stars
2/22/05 Rock-Steady LOL, the black chick running with the predator, fucking stupid shit 1 stars
2/07/05 Laurian Diaconescu Enjoyable movie. It wasn't made with an Oscar in mind, don't be THAT harsh on it. It's fun. 4 stars
2/07/05 Richard Linxwiler I thought it was Ok. My son loved it. 3 stars
2/03/05 Tanya Grays I was very disappointed with this 1 stars
2/02/05 Nick If you are a true predator fan you will like it. I did. 4 stars
2/02/05 haha What a fucking bummer, waited this long for a piece of shit.FUCK YOU PAUL ANDERSON! 1 stars
2/01/05 Joe Kolarz I thought it was dumb, enough with the alien movies 1 stars
1/31/05 Edward Condon Wow, I didn't think I could haqte a movie more. 1 stars
1/31/05 craig varney i've seenbetter fights at a j c penny sale 1 stars
1/30/05 Lisa Craven Scared the crap out of me, made me uncomfortable, but I kept watching. 4 stars
1/30/05 guisada cool dude 4 stars
1/30/05 Samuel not bad, kind of stupid, somewhat entertaining 3 stars
1/30/05 New Jersey Rules We should all pretend this wasn't made, and get on with our lives. 1 stars
1/29/05 bongeezer Hoped for a little entertainment... And little is what I got. 1 stars
1/29/05 Christine I actually thought that this was an okay movie 3 stars
1/28/05 darlenecom Very disappointing. Thought it would be up to par with earlier movies. 1 stars
1/27/05 Jack Scallops Horrid. Just Horrid. A boring and gross film not worth anyone's time. 1 stars
1/26/05 the Grinch Ok until the last act, where it falls apart like most Paul WB Anderson features. 2 stars
1/21/05 Rob McKeown I liked it... and not a big fan of either originals 3 stars
1/05/05 Vicious Utter shit. 1 stars
12/10/04 Mark Where did they go wrong, oh thats right they made this pile of crap. 1 stars
12/09/04 mike i hated the movie, the language thing in the temple was just idiotic. 1 stars
12/04/04 Beans The best film of all time 5 stars
12/04/04 jonnyboy lmao 1 stars
11/19/04 Alice I hated the E.T. healing scene at the end but Ok... 4 stars
11/18/04 Zeus Did the Director hate predators or something? 2 stars
11/18/04 Critic I fell asleep, this is a load of crap and a discrace to the alien/ predator franchise 1 stars
11/13/04 Daveman Cliches come fast and furious, more than what can be said for anything resembling action 1 stars
11/13/04 X $ % & ! Paul Anderson is like the Satan of movie making. 1 stars
11/11/04 Dave Taylor Very Dissapointing 2 stars
11/09/04 Dan Van Zan Shite Utter Shite 1 stars
11/02/04 Hilary Adamson More like INDIANA JONES vs LARA CROFT. Bouvetoya ain't in Antarctica, EricD. 3 stars
10/29/04 Vince An insult to the Alien franchise. Anderson is a worthless hack. 1 stars
10/25/04 lotrEEproper owns this shi& hahahahahahahahaha watch and laugh wat have they done,lynch the director 1 stars
10/22/04 Ben More disapointing than Matrix II or III, dont make alien horror for kids it wont work 1 stars
10/21/04 Phil not as good as previous (resurrection excluded) but still a good sci fi action flick! 3 stars
10/20/04 Nelson Preatty much killed the franchised... JUST SUCKS !!!! 1 stars
10/17/04 simba first half is good. second half licks balls 4 stars
10/15/04 gcc Insult to the originals, people in theatre were laughing at the human/predator team. DUMB 2 stars
10/10/04 AVP Sucks and blows truely ruins what ever crediability was left after alien 4 reserection 1 stars
10/06/04 ds_mart Plot did a great job of pulling the 2 histories together, acting credible, FX not cheap 5 stars
10/05/04 matt ford I think its time to endit all:worse than a funeral 1 stars
10/04/04 M Not to be taken so seriosuly! fun!! enjoyable, great FX. 4 stars
10/03/04 Jedar Predators Rule. night and day. 4 stars
10/01/04 tyrel adams I think the movie was awsome 5 stars
10/01/04 Jordan Crawford Great movie, you have to enjoy it! 4 stars
9/30/04 Deuce Richter The deluge of @$^% is gone phew! 2 stars
9/30/04 Archanist_101 Sorry Paul W. S. Anderson but... YOU MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 stars
9/22/04 Jerry H. I want my money and those two hours of my life back. 1 stars
9/21/04 - sucked 1 stars
9/12/04 Edgar Paul: stop ripping off "Cube". You already copied the maze shit in "Resident Evil" 1 stars
9/12/04 Sammy Granted, it could've been a whole lot better, but I wouldn't call it a total failure. 3 stars
9/10/04 CoolDude Its made of S*** 2 stars
9/08/04 Naturezrevenge I'm a sucker for aliens and preds. Too many damn humans, but worth seing for the queen. 4 stars
9/02/04 Harrion The most kick-ass movie of 2004. Screw whatever the critics say, they're as dumb as hell. 5 stars
8/31/04 nicholas awesome 5 stars
8/31/04 jon it sucked 5 stars
8/30/04 Jason Why is everyone so harsh with this movie? 4 stars
8/29/04 Josh That movie was Sh*t. I want my money back 1 stars
8/29/04 Jantsen A fun, popcorn-chomping romp in the worlds of both the Alien and the Predator. 5 stars
8/29/04 Deedee It was a sad sad sad movie. 1 stars
8/28/04 Tyler This movie SUCKS BIG TIME. One of the worst movies of the year, if not ever 1 stars
8/27/04 Barbara Jones i went with my husband, he liked it. it was horrible to me! NO PLOT! 1 stars
8/27/04 Mike Stanbridge Better than I expected 4 stars
8/26/04 Jose J My friends insisted I see this steaming mile high mound of poo, they now owe me $10 1 stars
8/24/04 Agent Sands Anderson has thankfully cut down a little on the corny dialogue. Good action. 4 stars
8/23/04 Boris Smith The Funniest film since Pearl Harbor! 2 stars
8/23/04 Aaron Smith no character depth whatsover. Aliens are nasty, Preds are very cool. 4 stars
8/23/04 bob will download it online 4 stars
8/22/04 Willzee I haven't seen it but I already feel discouraged enough about this crappy, silly plot.. 2 stars
8/22/04 Fred I think thats your problem, Rob 5 stars
8/22/04 Rob Whoever liked this movie must be mentally handicapped. 1 stars
8/21/04 Anthony G fucking paul anderson,nice fight scenes,bullshit plot,predator and human?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 1 stars
8/21/04 SteveW Movie was interrupted by fire alarm-it really,really bombed!-Got a raincheck ticket,refund? 2 stars
8/21/04 Peter James All the eye candy can't stop this from being one of the worst of the year 1 stars
8/21/04 gcc An insult to the originals. Audience were laughing at predator/human running around. DUMB 1 stars
8/21/04 Dog Shit 1 stars
8/20/04 brian halley how could they make it this bad....retarded.... 1 stars
8/19/04 Paul Carone IT IS THE BEST MOVIE 1 stars
8/19/04 Anus Would have voted lower if not for the unintentionally funny scenes. Best comedy of 2004! 3 stars
8/19/04 derrick torres it was alright for little kids but i thought it sucked 1 stars
8/18/04 Nikolai CGI deptartment closed early so fast action is fuzzy blobs and stobe lighting 3 stars
8/18/04 tom man Brilliant and stylish with cool SFX 5 stars
8/18/04 Dan Good movie, good story, good sfx, good all around movie 4 stars
8/18/04 Fox Blows I really thought the human and predator were going to make a baby and raise a family? 1 stars
8/18/04 AVP Paul W.S. Anderson can Blow me. 1 stars
8/18/04 Brad O'Brien I wish I could sue Fox for wasting my time. What a piece of SHIT!!!!!! 1 stars
8/17/04 Destiny Pifer wasn't bad but liked freddy vs jason way better 3 stars
8/17/04 jopezu seriously, the targeted demographic was apparently retards, but i had a free ticket. haw. 2 stars
8/17/04 dno if any one says that this film is shit.your trying to be a nerdy critic.Get a life 5 stars
8/17/04 gcc An insult to the originals. People were laughing at the predator/human team. DUMB. 1 stars
8/17/04 dno shit dialogue.so what!AVP cool aliens,cool predators,lots of deaths,good film 5 stars
8/17/04 Nikolai Fast cuts on detail shots saved $20 million no doubt cheap tricks 3 stars
8/17/04 Anthony G fuck you paul anderson 2 stars
8/17/04 Roy Again What? You expected Shakespear? 4 stars
8/16/04 Darren Shea Supremely cheesy, but no worse than you'd expect for a freakin' Alien vs. Predator flick! 3 stars
8/16/04 KingNeutron It lived up to my expectations. Doesn't deserve the bad ratings. 4 stars
8/16/04 keith im a huge fan of both the alien and predator franchise and was dissaponted to say the least 1 stars
8/16/04 Chris You jackass gcc.. if you read the comic you'd know they had the human and predator together 3 stars
8/16/04 NoRefill Lots of problems with the movie, but I went to see a dumb action flick, got what I expected 3 stars
8/16/04 Peter James All the eye candy in this movie can't prevent it from being one of the worst of the year 1 stars
8/16/04 gcc An insult to the originals. People were laughing at predator/human running around. DUMB. 1 stars
8/16/04 AJ Another filmic disservice to the genius of H.R. Giger. 2 stars
8/16/04 Lexz POWER PACK ACTION 5 stars
8/15/04 Craig Bring a friend with a good sense of humor. Laughable death scenes = good times for all. 3 stars
8/15/04 DeeJay Mr. Weinberg... FYI: the AVP comic predated the Predator 2 scene you cited. 2 stars
8/15/04 McGraw IDIOTIC! The plot is impossible, the FX and action moronic. STUPID STUPID STUPID. 1 stars
8/15/04 Henry Yeung Ignore the critics, this movie rocks, much better than I expected! 5 stars
8/15/04 Jay Taggart Good action movie 4 stars
8/15/04 BIRD PUNCHER This movie sucked predator's and humans friends? come on dont bullsh*t me!!!! 1 stars
8/15/04 Anthony G nooooooooooo!!!!! 2 stars
8/15/04 penis man get lost you no loving alien and predator man 5 stars
8/15/04 othree Great Aliens/Predator fix! 4 stars
8/15/04 wallly screw whatever haters say 4 stars
8/14/04 Peter James All of the eye candy can't save this from becoming nothing more then a mindless flick 1 stars
8/14/04 ajay it can't possibly live up to the hype. I liked it, go without expectations. 4 stars
8/14/04 mariano lives up to two of the best monsters ever. 4 stars
8/14/04 some dude cool idea but crappy plot and too much humans! 4 stars
8/14/04 Gray less yack more machine gun action See Predetor +you'll understand me 3 stars
8/14/04 Justice Just good enough to not piss me off 3 stars
8/14/04 Jacqueline H. Way to kill a franchise, Anderson. Oh, wait; *two* franchises. 1 stars
8/14/04 lazer 3.14 was it good no it sucked but what can you expect from paul w anderson 1 stars
8/14/04 David complete crap 1 stars
8/14/04 Dalton take out the people, and it was pretty good. But they're in it... 2 stars
8/14/04 King Richard This would be way cool if it was AvP, not Alien vs. Predator and human friends. 2 stars
8/14/04 stipe My first honest reaction was "Is this a joke?" 1 stars
8/14/04 malcolm about what i expected, nice fight scenes, pretty silly otherwise 3 stars
8/14/04 Augustin Lamont III I feel dumber from having watched it. Give me my money back. 1 stars
8/14/04 Alien assassin where's Ripley when we need her ?!? 1 stars
8/14/04 Dan a total waste of time and money to see this garbage 1 stars
8/14/04 Anthony G Theres a scene in the movie that ruins it. It was alright though 3 stars
8/13/04 Trevor Graydon Beautiful Concept, Ugly Execution..WHY?!?! 2 stars
8/13/04 evianhat sucked sucked sucked...oh, and it sucked, too 1 stars
8/13/04 Jensen good popcorn movie, just don't expect any big revelations. 4 stars
8/13/04 Desperado for this i will steal from "This Is Spinal Tap", simply put its a shit sandwich 1 stars
8/13/04 lazer 3.14 paul w needs to die. it sucked 1 stars
8/13/04 Vicious If it had a better director it could have been something special. 4 stars
8/13/04 hihachi from good to bad in 60 seconds 2 stars
8/13/04 Luis M. Delgado It sucks 2 stars
8/13/04 Matt ridout I think its amazing, great fun film, thats all, could be better 5 stars
8/13/04 Chris should have been R, and a little Cheezy, but very entertaining if you are a fan! 5 stars
8/13/04 Spiderfan50 Obviously not what everyone wanted to see but I liked it. 5 stars
8/13/04 m. willie aames "Alien vs. Predator" is a cool-looking lunchbox that's full of rocks. 2 stars
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  13-Aug-2004 (PG-13)
  DVD: 22-Nov-2005



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