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by David Cornelius

"Pixar out-Pixars themselves."
5 stars

If Buster Keaton were a robot, he’d be WALL-E. Maybe Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp better fits the analogy. Or is WALL-E his own man, a marvelously original creation, an everyman android with a lust for life, a child’s innocent curiosity, a knack for starting trouble in all the right places.

The silent star is the lead in Pixar’s latest - and, since the film deserves superlatives, best - animated feature, “WALL-E.” The film is a great risk for the studio generally regarded as the gold standard in modern cartooning; here is a movie that spends its entire first half with almost no dialogue at all, with no first-act exposition, with no human characters to fill the space. And once the humans do arrive, they become the focus for subversive, at times bitterly sly commentary about our current state. It’s a risk that pays off brilliantly, with storytelling that is as fresh as it is funny, as heartwarming as it is innovative. Writer/director Andrew Stanton - who also helmed Pixar’s previous best movie, “Finding Nemo” - here uses few words to make giant entertainment.

Seven hundred years into our future, Earth has long since been abandoned by its inhabitants, who used up every last resource (even the oceans themselves) and left mountains of trash behind. Responsible for the planetary clean-up were an army of droids of the Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-Class variety. Their job is to scoop up the garbage and crunch it into portable cubes, which are then stacked into massive skyscrapers of rubbish, the last great monuments to the human race’s ego.

As the film opens, only one robot remains: WALL-E. He’s still hard at work, those towers still growing, but he also finds time to feed his curiosity. He collects whatever catches his fancy: cigarette lighters, Rubik’s cubes, hubcaps, all carefully catalogued in his home base, where he also passes the time with an old videotape of “Hello, Dolly!”

Clumsy and curious, WALL-E wins our hearts the moment we see him. The filmmakers provide just the right droop to his eyes, the right lilt to his electronic “voice” (crafted by Ben Burtt, the creator of all the robot and alien voices in the “Star Wars” movies), that we instantly understand his status as the universe’s most huggable robot. (Sorry, Artoo!) Even WALL-E’s cockroach friend becomes adorable.

The plot kicks up when a spaceship mysteriously lands near WALL-E’s home, and out pops an EVE droid - a sleek, futuristic, brand-new model, one that levitates to where WALL-E’s rusty treads cannot take him. Naturally, an old softy like WALL-E falls madly in love with EVE. And given time, she becomes smitten with him, too.

What happens next is best left discovered by the viewer and not ruined here, but I will reveal that humans do eventually enter the picture, and what horrible creatures we have become. Fat and lazy, they zip around in flying Barcaloungers decked out with video monitors, internet and cell phone access, and, of course, cup holders. In one scene, two humans talk to each other via videophone - despite sitting right next to each other.

This is where we’re headed, Stanton warns us. Junk food slobs reliant on a Wal-Mart-esque superchain to provide our every need, hypnotized by the notion of “just don’t worry about it” that we’re blind to everything around us, no matter how wondrous. (Why look out at the beauty of the stars when we can slurp down our Big Gulp?) Complacent. Ignorant. Unconcerned. Welcome to the human race, 28th century edition.

(Must I even mention how perfect the animation is in bringing these ideas to life? The beauty’s in the details, and “WALL-E” is stuffed with them, every nook and cranny of the frame packed with stunning artwork. The crisp separation between dingy old Earth and clean, sleek outer space reveals a world smartly designed down to its core.)

“WALL-E” becomes the legend of how the big-hearted robot releases us from our collective stupor, first by accident, then by design. It’s his innocent anarchy that sets us free. Even his fellow robots, constricted by the rules of this bold new world, learn to shake loose. Ultimately, Stanton refuses to mourn the future, but revel in where it might lead us, if only we allow our hearts and minds to open as wide as WALL-E’s.

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originally posted: 06/27/08 00:00:00
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User Comments

3/13/16 Charles Tatum A dry stab at social commentary 3 stars
4/02/12 Rita P WALL-E...still the most charming leading man in the movies. 5 stars
11/23/11 Dr. Chan Not a compelling story at all. And its rhetoric is not my taste. 1 stars
10/18/11 Magic Not even a disappointing third act can offset the brilliant first two thirds of this movie. 5 stars
3/03/11 Mona W/his binocular eyes you can see the very moment Wall-e falls in love w/Eve. Pure Magic. 5 stars
2/26/11 Rita Absolutely mesmerized by Wall-e and Eve. A masterpiece. 5 stars
1/13/11 carol miles Sorry I didn't see this on the big screen - it's wonderful 5 stars
8/03/10 Lana Pixar proves herself again, showing how actions speak louder than words. ADORABLE 5 stars
5/31/10 User Name Quite possibly Pixar's best. 4 stars
1/16/10 TravisN Loved this movie. 5 stars
12/21/09 Dr.Lao A visually stunning and thought provoking movie, but the juvenile humor feels out of place 4 stars
12/13/09 Micah Definitely my favorite of 2008. 5 stars
11/26/09 gabriel An average movie hyped to infinity. Completely cliché. if I was 10 again I would love it. 3 stars
11/15/09 Reality Of Films The film was okay, but it was too serious, and boring in parts. I'd give the movie a C. 3 stars
10/21/09 MP Bartley Even by Pixar's high standards, this is truly, truly exceptional. 5 stars
6/19/09 Beefsolver There is no beef between Spirited Away fans and WALL*E fans. Never was. Beef solved. 5 stars
3/25/09 mr.mike It was good. 4 stars
3/05/09 Morgan You hated Spirited Away but WORSHIP WALL-E?!?!!!?? 1 stars
1/20/09 Croweater88 brianodorf, that the worst review i have ever seen you write. For shame. 5 stars
1/14/09 clatz Fantastic movie, very sweet and moving 5 stars
1/08/09 Anonymous. one of the best animated films in a LONG time ;] 5 stars
11/27/08 Yvette It was great!! I recommend this for the whole family. 5 stars
11/26/08 Jonathan Pixar's like the '07 Patriots - they're chasing perfection. 5 stars
11/21/08 JD This film is the greatest animated film of the decade. 5 stars
11/20/08 KB5 Great message about the miracle of Life and it in all it's forms! 5 stars
11/16/08 Greets Another fine Pixar film that better than most live-action films this year 4 stars
9/30/08 Louise Clever and charming, with impressive animation 4 stars
9/16/08 Oiman Incredible, best movie ever 5 stars
9/11/08 Jon What can I say? This is another Pixar Classic. 5 stars
9/04/08 Rachel Wouldn't call this Pixar's best film ever - as some have - but it's definitely up there. 5 stars
8/27/08 Cathy It was okay, worth watching once - Some parts are good, but some parts are a little boring 3 stars
8/24/08 Samantha Pruitt i found it to be highly depressing, yet cute, hmmm, those chairs look awesome to have. 3 stars
8/12/08 Alice I dont understand the comments. Iam a huge disney fan but this sucked! Boring. 2 stars
8/05/08 E K Zimmerman Absolutely sublime - the best Pixar outing to date. 5 stars
7/30/08 ben dover 2 stars.brianorfdorf fuck you paki twat 5 stars
7/21/08 Moriazbane Perfection! Great love story. Adult entertainment, not for immature kids 5 stars
7/19/08 Shaun Wallner My daughter loves this movie! 5 stars
7/16/08 athenais Great movie!!!!!!! 5 stars
7/15/08 David Just goes to show "G" films don't have to be poison for adults. 5 stars
7/13/08 Private Without a hint of exaggeration.. modern masterpiece. 5 stars
7/13/08 D Fantastic 5 stars
7/13/08 George Barksdale I loved it, a great family movie 5 stars
7/11/08 toni awesome!!!! 5 stars
7/11/08 Flounder The film moved me to the verge of tears, which is a rarity today. My highest recommendation 5 stars
7/10/08 L. Slusarczyk A fabulous movie thats worth the price of admission. 5 stars
7/08/08 Jack Quite simply one of the best movies ever made. And yes, I cried too... 5 stars
7/07/08 mary m My 5 yr old niece loved it and so did I. I'll admit I cried. 5 stars
7/06/08 Mr X The best Pixar movie yet! Brianorndorf is just being a hater. 5 stars
7/05/08 AnnieG A Pixar movie made for grown-ups that kids may enjoy also. 5 stars
7/04/08 Craig The best quirky-little-robots-in-love movie ever! 5 stars
7/04/08 Matt This movie was TERRIBLE and BORING!!!!!! 1 stars
7/02/08 Leo S Hmm.. Not seeing it. It was ok, but it got tedious pretty quick 3 stars
7/01/08 Flounder One of the most unique, incredible trips to the movies I have have ever experienced 5 stars
6/30/08 Aaron Brian the gags on you. Corporatism musn't always be negative. 4 stars
6/30/08 Anthony You leave the theatre appreciating everything around you. 4 stars
6/30/08 Roy Smith Pixar produces perfectionc again 5 stars
6/30/08 Wolfrider Totally worth it - will definitely be looking for this one on DVD 5 stars
6/30/08 tmcmistress brian, your review is 1% criticism and 99% projecting. 5 stars
6/30/08 Kye Mitchell Wonderful movie! 4 stars
6/29/08 dan halberg take a valium, brianordorf! 5 stars
6/29/08 Robert Auto's voice was Macintalk. Sigourney Weaver was the more normal female voice of the ship 5 stars
6/29/08 Quigley WALL-E deeply moved my heart. Could very well be one of the greatest films ever made. 5 stars
6/28/08 Christof M. Bradford My rating is actually 4.9 stars, because as good as it is, WALL*E is not quite perfection. 5 stars
6/28/08 Bob lovable movie 5 stars
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  27-Jun-2008 (G)
  DVD: 18-Nov-2008


  DVD: 18-Nov-2008

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Directed by
  Andrew Stanton

Written by
  Andrew Stanton

  Fred Willard
  Jeff Garlin
  Ben Burtt

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