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Vertical Limit
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by Slyder

"Makes Cliffhanger Look Like A Classic"
2 stars

I don’t know, most of the time, I always root for actors who have had bad luck during most of the time, and most of the time I end up disappointed when they fuck up again. I was feeling the same way for Chris O’Donnell. Well, as far as I know, Chris O’Donnell hasn’t done a good film since 1992’s Scent Of A Woman, and I seriously doubt he will ever, if he keeps choosing crappy roles like this one, in this latest drek. Vertical Limit is about mountain climbing, and for you mountain climbers, I guess this is the perfect movie…. For you to piss on, since it’s bad, it’s laughable, and it’s stupid. Oh, did I tell you it fucking stinks?

The story is about brother’s Peter Garrett (O’Donnell) and Annie Garrett (Robin Tunney), both mountain climbers like their dad, but in an unfortunate accident, their dad dies saving their life. They’re both shattered, Peter vows never to climb again and decides to take a job on the National Geographic, while Annie forges on in mountain climbing, and even ends up in the cover of ESPN Magazine (I wonder why?). But then on an on a simple twist of fate, both Garrett’s find themselves in the Himalayas, and she tells him that she’s going to climb K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, with hotshot billionaire Elliot Vaughn (Bill Paxton), and professional mountain climber Tom McLaren (X-Files’ Nicholas Lea). But then the weather goes awry, greed imposes itself and thanks to that, all three end up buried in a cave somewhere at 26,000 feet. So now, its up to big brother Pete to go and save her, taking as a guide an old but experienced climber, the legendary Montgomery Wick (an aged Scott Glenn).

There’s nothing much to talk about here. For the look of the movie, you can tell that I was intended for mindless summer fun, or at least it tried to. Once again, the script is predictable due to the endless shitload of clichés that lay all over the movie like mousetraps. The start of the movie bummed me very good, since, gosh, it took me by surprise the death of Peter and Annie’s father, and it hit me hard. Also, I didn’t like the way they portrayed the man smacking the floor dead, I thought that was disgusting and stupid.

Then the film tries to add you some comedic relief with the appearance of two fucks who are brothers, and they introduce them to us sitting in an open sauna butt-naked. I don’t think that’s a good move to throw that shit in the first hour, hell, I almost felt sick seeing that, and furthermore I felt annoyed by these two idiots since the jokes that they threw out were mostly unfunny and with a sense of “SO FUCKING WHAT?”

Then when we get set for the mountains and watch the climbers do their best, and their worst. Gosh, I was laughing the entire time, since I’ve never seen mountain climbers be so stupid. We see a climber slip, then another one slips, like they didn’t have any claw boots or whatever the hell is it that they use to stay grounded. Then some of my favorite clichés come when after these two climbers are sliding towards the edge, and they manage to survive and climb the top again, only to be thrown off by a fucking avalanche. Then two others die stupidly due to an explosion of nitroglycerin, a scene that was stupid enough to cause laughs and sighs of “was that necessary?” or “How dumb that damn scene was.” And then there’s Pakistani army, who has a base nearby. The army has the responsibility of carefully safekeeping its own explosives. Not in this movie, here they portray the Pakistanis as stupid ignorant retards who just leave the nitroglycerine bottles there to leak and rot in a storage room WITH WINDOWS. Of course, with all that shit leaking, plus the sun rising up to the window and heating the fluid up, it blows the motherfucking place to hell. C’mon, for heavens sakes, is the military that dumb to safeguard their own explosives? That was total bullshit, also due to the fact that the scene was also stupid and unnecessary. The stupidity of all these scenes is just a half-assed attempt to load the movie with whatever action or suspense you can possibly inject, and with these poorly staged and poorly plotted scenes, I just can’t see how will it be exciting or even suspenseful, since it’s stupid, laughable and dumb, all thanks to the lousy direction by Martin Campbell, and the awful script by Robert King and Terry Hayes. Most of the time you’ll find yourself laughing at the wrong moments, and annoyed by the many clichés that appear in the film. I can bet that real-life mountain climbers will find themselves pissed at this movie for its inaccuracies in the sport of mountain climbing, and you can tell, since many of the climbing scenes are just… I don’t know, STUPID. On the other hand, the FX was cool in many parts of the film. The shot of the avalanche coming towards you was very spectacular.

The performances were wooden. Chris O’Donnell gives some good acting nods but is mostly disappointing. Scott Glenn disappoints even more since I was expecting more from such great actor. Bill Paxton is on autopilot, and Robin Tunney is a waste of human existence. The rest of the cast was average, but those two fucks were annoying as hell. But what the hell is it with Nicholas Lea? How can they waste such a stunt talent? Hell, I was expecting him to do some great stunts in this movie, but only one simple stupid fall is all they gave him. Fuckers

In the end, here’s what I think: Cliffhanger was a flawed movie but it still was pretty much mindless entertainment. This movie is an even more flawed movie with mindless entertainment minus the entertainment. It’s stupid in all categories, and just plain awful to watch. Sure, it had some good FX, and shit, but that doesn’t even make up for your wasted time here. (1.5-5)

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originally posted: 03/01/02 20:50:08
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User Comments

3/24/13 E.C.D. Takes way too long to get going. This is simple, plain, and needed to be 20 minutes shorter 3 stars
8/29/09 CTT Meh 3 stars
11/14/05 Quigley this is one heckuva movie, all right. action was really good, but acting wasn't up to snuff 4 stars
8/17/05 ES It's funny when the sun hits the nitro and it explodes = invest in radios that work dumbass 2 stars
4/01/05 Alice Colwell boring 2 stars
1/21/05 DM Horrible script somewhat salvaged by exciting action scenes 3 stars
11/22/04 D-Unit It blows the big one!!! 1 stars
9/23/04 Al Guy Robin Tunney is cute. The movie is not. 3 stars
9/15/04 Ryuji Oh dear. Crap story, crap effects. To top it off, the acting is more wooden than Pinochio. 1 stars
5/12/04 Gavin Loved it. Was one hell of a ride! Check it out. 5 stars
3/12/04 john bale White Hell meets Wages of Fear in the ultimate cliff hanger. Stunt man are the stars. 3 stars
3/03/04 timson "Chris O'Donnell, luv ya!". You, Rainbow, are an asshole. 1 stars
1/06/04 The name's Rainbow. Oh common! It has one of the coolest and hottest sidekicks around! Chris O'Donnell, luv ya! 4 stars
10/04/03 Chrys Calling it crap is an insult to feces. 1 stars
7/17/03 Chris I wanted to see this movie but when I did I was very dissappointed. This had potential. 2 stars
9/28/02 HekiliKoa the plot was as predictable as a weather in Greenland: always shitty 2 stars
9/14/02 syrius I have to slap the retards who decided to make this movie 1 stars
6/13/02 Ray Gordon Now you know why Darwin never climbed mountains. 1 stars
5/14/02 Blake The cliffs in this film looked like your were there. 5 stars
3/09/02 KrynnDM ...and I picked *this* over Charlie's Angels?! 2 stars
2/06/02 Lila great movie i love chris o'donnel 5 stars
2/02/02 Andrew Carden See The 1978 Rock Hudson B-Flick Avalance Instead. 1 stars
1/15/02 David A. Scenery and effects were entertaining, more so than the plot 4 stars
12/31/01 Moe Mr. Bean would have been a more believable climber 2 stars
12/23/01 Crunchyfrog Opening sequence is the funniest piece of film ever! 5 stars
11/26/01 KMG This movie is one nut-filled turd 1 stars
11/20/01 Matthew bartley Good stunts.Average addition to the disaster genre 3 stars
9/18/01 Karyn Monty Python movies are more believable then these special effects. 2 stars
8/28/01 Amy All "downhill" after the first three minutes 2 stars
8/11/01 tnt pathetically stupid in every way possible!!!! Avoid at all cost! 1 stars
7/09/01 Anne Predictable from the first five minutes. The scenery didn't make up for the retread plot. 2 stars
7/01/01 The Bomb 69 fun movie, could see what was happening a mile away but i was still entertained 4 stars
6/24/01 Matt Dorsey Blue screen effects. Predictable. Dubious nitro explosions. Somewhat entertaining. 3 stars
6/20/01 Bud OK rental with good special effects. No stirring performances. 3 stars
6/19/01 Melody Leu This movie was really awesome. Izabelle Scorupco and Chris Odonell were great and the other 5 stars
6/10/01 r davis Awful! Chinese water torture is preferable. 1 stars
6/04/01 Monday Morning Unbelievable but fabulous. Hell, just enjoy it! 5 stars
5/27/01 Wrob Stunning effects and highly unplausable action wrapped in a paper-thin plot. Typical. 2 stars
5/13/01 Destruction Worker On par with Cliffhanger 5 stars
5/09/01 *~Danielle*Ophelia~* (formerly KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi) Cliche, cliche, and...oh, would ya looky here? ANOTHER cliche!! 2 stars
4/04/01 Hawkeye Alexander Siddig was good in his role, as were others, but the plot couldn't be saved. 3 stars
2/28/01 Rahul Gupta good action, who cares about the story as most of them similar anyway 4 stars
1/28/01 Nic It really left me on the edge of my seat. Not many movies do that for me. 4 stars
1/21/01 Emily Leigh itd the best so go cheak it out ! 5 stars
1/19/01 Ground Zero this was waay crappier than Cliffhanger 2 stars
1/17/01 Jes VERY unrealistic... 3 stars
1/12/01 Avenger Girl Sure there are some dumb things in the movie, as in most movies. OK action flick. 4 stars
1/12/01 Lord Raymos Really dumb plot, but nice action sequences. 2 stars
1/11/01 Boy In The Designer Bubble My cousin dragged me to this movie. I kicked the shit out of him when we got home. 1 stars
1/05/01 Viking I liked the snow leopards 3 stars
12/26/00 Mamjama LOL..sorry this flick sucked...but what's an Australian Sterotype???? 2 stars
12/24/00 matthew smith good action set pieces, pity about the script and lacks charisma 3 stars
12/23/00 MadBunny Nitro freezes (stable), the whole sunlight shit ignores ambient temperatures...helooo.. 1 stars
12/21/00 Stipey Dude, Where's My Carcass? 2 stars
12/20/00 Schell 6 climbers go on a rescue mission at 8,000m without oxygen gas, parkas or acclimitization. 2 stars
12/19/00 malcolm pretty good, but O'Donnell's character was SUPER selfish 3 stars
12/18/00 kayti denham Lame action and offensive stereotyping of Australians 1 stars
12/14/00 Kevin D. My high hopes for this movie were lost in a cave. 1 stars
12/13/00 Diehard I thought it was good, way better than expected. 4 stars
12/12/00 Mr. X Comparisons to "Cliffhanger" and "Everest" were inevitable. Just plain silly. 2 stars
12/11/00 PhilmPhreak Dumb, dumb, dumb, good stunts, dumb, dumb 1 stars
12/11/00 Jack Daniels OK action movie 3 stars
12/11/00 Ground Zero What the hell is this? Cliffhanger 2? 2 stars
12/11/00 frankko if there had been no dialogue, the movie would have been a lot better. 3 stars
12/10/00 Angus moorehead A simple film which scales the height in the latest extreme-wear fashion. 2 stars
12/10/00 Doctor Collosus Wow!!! Adrenalin RUSH! First really exviting movie in years. 5 stars
12/10/00 FrayLo Don't look for a great plot, this one was all about entertainment... 3 stars
12/10/00 Sexton Hardcastle Bah! Poop! 1 stars
12/09/00 Sam S. Far above any action movie I've seen in a long time. 5 stars
12/09/00 Kohawk If you're there for eye candy and not much substance it's ok. Low end just average 3 stars
12/09/00 Brandon - The Man Despite moments of great suspense, it had bad acting, lame story, ridiculous situations. 2 stars
12/06/00 Jennifer Verticell Good movie if you like action. 4 stars
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