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Independence Day
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by Slyder

"I liked it, I regretted it, I hated it, and I FUCKING hated it"
1 stars

Here's another example on how hype can corrupt a young kid who likes to watch kick-ass action films. I remember when this one came out, and man I loved the trailers, I even said it would kick Twister's ass. And looks like it did, since it was years #1 hit. Congrats, or not? And I made the mistake that any arrogant kid could do; I bought it, and loved it. I loved the big-ass spaceships and shit, but soon, my likeness for the film started to wear out due to one single thing that happened to me: I got bigger. Then that's when I realized that it was spectacular, and at the same time spectacularly stupid, and I smashed my face against the wall angry with myself, and lamenting why I bought such drek. It is, tell me it isn't so, and furthermore it's insulting.

So, aliens come to the earth, with their weird-ass spaceship and, and interestingly enough, the Americans are the first ones to know, their the first ones to be in alert, they're the first ones to be shown their cities blown to hell, the first to counterattack, the first to...shit, isn't this boring? People involved: the president of the USA (Bill Pullman), a USA general, a USA air pilot, and lots of USA residents. And the USA people have to destroy the fucking ship to disable it or some shit like that, and they do with the most ridiculous thing imaginable. Oh, and it’s done by a USA citizen.

Isn't that a coincidence that everybody that does the key stuff is from the USA? Believe me it isn't. In fact, I couldn't just understand, why in the FUCK, could somebody come up with some blatant BULLSHIT PRO-AMERICANISM, especially from a German team (Devlin & Emmerich)?

I just wonder what the hell is it with American people? This reminds me of the pro-Americanism during WWII, that was kind of angering but it was acceptable, but THIS? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??!! Were we in war at that time with somebody? What does the United States has that the other nations don't have? What makes the United States so important than the rest of the world? And why in the name of FUCKING ST. ASSHOLE doesn't this film, which supposedly is a world conflict Aliens vs. man, show the rest of humanity fighting against the Alien Invaders???!!! Or is the conflict only between Aliens vs. AMERICAN humanity? And if it was, then how in the hell the aliens would know where’s the US, since the only thing they know is to kill ALL humans and occupy the planet, and nothing more?

I sure as hell don't think that's the way the film goes, otherwise we wouldn't get the screenshots of other nations in awe of the ships, nor how they fight back. Now tell me something, why in the fuck doesn't this film shows what's going on with the rest of the world, in detail? Isn't the fight between the aliens vs. the rest of the world important? Yeah, fuck you Mexico, fuck you England, Fuck you France, and Fuck you Russia. You're not important, your sufferings aren’t important, you're just another fucking country that doesn't know shit, and furthermore, you're not going to be the first to figure out what kills the aliens since WE AMERICANS have the technology, WE have the balls, WE have everything, AMERICANS RULE, THE REST OF THE WORLD IS SHIT, WE KNOW WHAT CAN BRING DOWN THE ALIENS BECAUSE WE RULE!!! What a bad sight, what a sack of dung, I can't even believe the exaggerating and bullshitty patriotism that this film has. Again the factor of balance within the world is not used for a single minute, instead they place the American flag first and foremost, and the rest of the world is not portrayed for shit.

The aliens and their spaceships are even grotesque, stupid looking and ridiculous. The spaceships look like big holes in the sky, and look ugly, sure, some FX was cool and realistic, but still the spaceships left a lot to be desired. Ok, the aliens, I want to see them badly and see how they look like, and what do I get? A fucking rip-off from both Alien and Predator, and besides, I don't get to see a single still camera shot that focuses on the alien. Just watch that fucking scene and tell me if you can decipher an alien amongst the shaky cam, and all that twirly shit. The damn alien and the way they shot it were laughable, annoying, and totally disappointing. And now to finish it up, the filmmakers bring up one more major insult. The AMERICANS, come up with a way to defeat the aliens, -FUCK THE SPOILERS, because this is absurd- they will kill the alien craft's shield with nothing more than a computer virus. Don't the fucking aliens have like Anti-virus or something? Are they trying to say that Aliens are dumb? And if they are, how in the hell do they have such advanced technology? Wait, on a simpler note, how is it that a computer virus can infect Alien software, since logically it is not the same software AT ALL used on a regular computer? Yeah, I guess Aliens also use Windows, or Macs, or even surf the net. Oh my, who in this stinking world came up with this type of shit? Do they think people are stupid or what? That probably was some dumb FOX executive’s idea; because it's the dumbest-ass shit I've ever seen and heard.

The film is horrible, in every possible way, and it's hard to believe that this fucking pile of shit grossed like fucking hundreds of millions, when it should have sunk without a trace the very first moment it came out. The acting was okay, but it wasn't like ass kicking, no way. It was passable, and unfortunately they don't make up for the rest of the film.

In the end, don't waste your time in this movie, unless of course, you're one of those pro-American racist people that like to make fun of somebody else’s nationality, because that's what this fucking trash is doing. And Dean, Roland, go back to screenwriting school, no, go back to be your kindergarten teacher's bitch. You'll learn a hell of a lot more not to disrespect someone else's nationality and yours, since you're both Germans, though you don't sound like it. The rest of you people avoid this film at all costs, fuck the explosions, and fuck the entertainment, FUCK IT!!! Avoid it like a plague!!!

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originally posted: 07/27/01 19:18:25
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User Comments

10/18/18 Suzanne Enjoy, it's supposed to be fun, not Shakespeare. 4 stars
10/29/16 morris campbell the first hour is good the rest is boring&redundant 2 stars
7/03/16 richard formula plot written by a 6 yr old retread of 100 other save the world plots 1 stars
8/12/13 Fire With Fire 1) Will Smith's the big hero,2) Jeff Goldblum's usual,insufferable, unconvincing "acting" 2 stars
6/16/13 Steve G. Beyond stupid. Horrible acting, bad dialog, and plot holes you could drive a semi through. 1 stars
2/09/13 Jam one of the worst movies i`ve ever seen 1 stars
12/09/12 Simon so bad that it's so good. aka nostlagia for my generation. i'm not apologizing. 5 stars
2/15/11 I Smell Poop 'Poop-Pants' Connick Jr ruined the whole movie! 1 stars
1/07/11 Profpatsch A shame that even the critics have come down to rate only 1 or 4 stars. It was really fun! 4 stars
10/12/10 Total Crap Alright, the movie was cheesy. But, don't trust these reviewers. It was a good cheesy! 4 stars
9/23/10 Flathead King Great visual effects but the script is rubbish 2 stars
4/08/10 Krishna Movies are meant to be fun and this movie is fun. Fantasy is always enjoyable isn't it? 4 stars
2/28/10 Gary the Tech Guy The overblown music alone is reason enough to hate this movie 1 stars
11/12/09 RealityOfFilms Great film, great special effects, fantastic symbolism and forshadowing, etc. SEE IT! 5 stars
8/31/09 Jeff Wilder Not bad if you want a popcorn movie. Better than any shit Emmerich has made since. 4 stars
6/19/09 Mikey As far as summer popcorn movies go, this is as good as it gets 5 stars
6/07/09 Sol Goldstein Always the God Damn Hollywood Jewish agenda. 1 stars
5/05/09 Lyon Outrageous,flag waving,crappily written garbage. 1 stars
12/25/08 TYLER awsome movie once the aliens blow shit up 5 stars
12/01/08 Powerfull This movie is unforgivable for the fact that it actually looks good the first 20-30 minutes 1 stars
10/25/08 Steve Charb Goldblum and Smith make a great duo. Stirring moments make up for hollow filler scenes. 5 stars
10/19/08 Alex Thorne handy special effects, but overwhelmed by pretentious, flag waving american self promotion. 2 stars
10/07/08 Shaun Wallner Greatest alien movie ever made! 5 stars
7/05/08 AnnieG Average action flick, average sci-fi film, pretty bad drama. Scared my kid for years! 3 stars
6/17/08 Macca I just wasted two bucks on renting this DVD. This USA-saves-the-world drivel made me sick. 1 stars
3/03/08 Caleb367 Atrocious. Competes with Battlefield Earth for worst movie ever made. 1 stars
1/20/08 Denizen54 Ludicrous, pretentious garbage for morons. 1 stars
12/16/07 Jason Pulp sci-fi drivel, dreadful cliches, stereotyped but good SFX. 2 stars
12/05/07 Pamela White disaster levels out mankind to one survivors and the stupid 4 stars
10/26/07 Anthony Feor Think Twice about this one 3 stars
10/24/07 Ivana Mann Vomitous, brain-melting idiocy.The worst of Hollywood chiche laziness! 1 stars
10/02/07 Jon G all american generic garbage, the slow moving narrative is complemented by super bad acting 1 stars
9/26/07 Maria32 Ludicrous, absurd, painful, dumbed-down garbage. 1 stars
8/08/07 EZ $$ it blew my mind 5 stars
7/21/07 gr117 It's like swimming in a vat of melted Velveeta! 5 stars
7/07/07 Tom Servo I half expected Michael Bay to have pinched out this cinematic turd 1 stars
7/04/07 Wentago It's good because it's so cliche'. You guys take it too seriously. 5 stars
4/22/07 David Risser cool effects, reminded me of Star Wars. 4 stars
4/18/07 Stevo UK About as deep as a paddling pool, but otherwise a great action movie that will entertain. 4 stars
4/04/07 Dave very entertaining 5 stars
3/31/07 KristianJL Awful. Pissed me off. Think they can put any crap on screen and we'll buy it. 1 stars
3/07/07 man awesome movie 5 stars
2/18/07 Nick Maday Pure fun and entertainment, but that's pretty much all. 4 stars
2/18/07 sook81 Blew 1 stars
2/03/07 Vip Ebriega So much entertaining than expected. 4 stars
1/27/07 Ole Man Bourbon Made "Mars Attacks" all the funnier 1 stars
1/18/07 movieman fun 5 stars
12/27/06 Darth Vader Such mediocrity deserves zero star. Should be garbage collected 1 stars
12/12/06 Dude An underrated extravaganza. 5 stars
11/09/06 Austin Wertman AWESOME!!! MY FAVEORITE MOVIE OF 1996 5 stars
10/18/06 David Pollastrini great fx 5 stars
10/02/06 Jeremy Davies Not Bad, sort of entertaining 3 stars
9/24/06 Booksworm You are all IDIOTS!!You see, this is something called a mo-vie.Remember those? I guess not. 5 stars
9/05/06 Sepi53 this was great movie, funny, exciting great sp.effects.. 5 stars
8/31/06 Shadow Jacka; Interesting movie, but a little to 'all American 4 stars
7/12/06 poo it was GREAT 5 stars
6/17/06 elfranche One of the worst movies of all time 1 stars
6/11/06 Dave Webber Pure escapist tongue-in-cheek fun 5 stars
6/08/06 JM Synth I Like the idea of Summer Blockbusters, but so many of them suck. ID4, for example, sucks 1 stars
4/12/06 anthonyuk decent special effects but still crap 2 stars
4/05/06 poo Its good 4 stars
3/29/06 Dk hguttft 4 stars
3/28/06 Anthony Feor A Great Sci-Fi movie, Will Smith rules 4 stars
3/09/06 Dk Emmerich has made alot of silly movies but at least they were good 2 stars
2/13/06 the laughing man Don't you people know what a good summer flick is? 4 stars
2/13/06 John Smith 1 stars
2/06/06 Anthony Meh, just another alien conspirocy movie 3 stars
2/05/06 Michael Entertaining Rah Rah 4 stars
1/22/06 Ronin Awesome cinema trailer - huge disappointment later. Bad bad movie. A pity 1 stars
1/02/06 Wiseman I swear I could have remmembered this movie was really popular back in the day 5 stars
12/14/05 deadfishrman not a bad movie 4 stars
12/02/05 maoron this mivie is the best i dunno what yu gys are complabing aboyt 1 stars
11/28/05 Ming I still enjoy it every time I see it. Entertaining though flawed plot. 4 stars
11/17/05 Jabber MEGA-TURD 1 stars
10/23/05 Raul Valdez excellent 4 stars
10/15/05 Quigley this movie had some pretty insane CG destruction, and that suits me just fine. 5 stars
8/29/05 Tom Burns This movie was awesome. 5 stars
8/12/05 ES Yeah the USA is the best, let's give ourselves hand jobs yeah= terrible, pointless drivel 1 stars
6/20/05 tony Stop making the U.S.A look like they have order in the world!! 1 stars
4/17/05 captain craig Total ethnic promotion...Jews and Blacks save the world...the rest of us are usless! 2 stars
3/13/05 Ronin I was expecting a story based on the famous 'Ufo Enemy Unknown' videogame. Boy was I stupid 1 stars
2/10/05 Jeff Anderson The TV series V kicks this film's patriotic ass! The special effects were much better!!!!!! 2 stars
1/12/05 Tom Benton The first of the lifeless, weak Emmerich-Devlin collaborations. Hmmm. 3 stars
12/09/04 Kristina Williams the world got blown to bits, but THE DAMN DOG LIVED 1 stars
11/26/04 MP Bartley nowhere near as good as V 2 stars
11/23/04 Monster W. Kung Everybody I knew who liked this was an idiot. Gray here down the list is the last example. 1 stars
10/23/04 ODH Other than some really cool destruction sequences, there really isn't much there 2 stars
7/23/04 Blacky Lagoon Decent ideas were stolen from better Sci fi. 1 stars
7/18/04 assassin_chick Just a fun movie 4 stars
7/14/04 Steve G. This was one of the all-time worst blockbusters I've ever seen. 1 stars
6/25/04 Nobody I liked it for no apparent reason 3 stars
6/05/04 alien assassin Great fun if don't take it too seriously 4 stars
5/29/04 Gray good music+good build up, lacks reality, folks who hate it for being a little to pro US FU! 4 stars
5/23/04 M Hate, LOATHE Will Smith, Goldblum is great! fx great, story hrrmmm...ending? FUK OFF!!! 4 stars
5/19/04 Jeff S Great movie to see in a theater and DVD. Stupid, but loud and action packed. 4 stars
4/01/04 Top Dawg Bad Ass 5 stars
1/03/04 Ry lol, why did so many people go see this movie in the theater? 1 stars
12/19/03 Admiral Piett This movie is such a piece of shit, I don't know what else to say. 1 stars
12/13/03 Samuel A pretty decent movie, all in all 3 stars
12/13/03 John not a single original thought in this film - go see WAR OF THE WORLDS it's 100 times better 1 stars
12/12/03 Jacob Another shitty alien flick, what happened to classics like The Thing (1982) or Alien 2 stars
12/12/03 Monster W. Kung You dumb fat people, sitting there drunk, eating potato chips, watching this shit, FUCK OFF 1 stars
12/12/03 Sid Someone should shoot Will Smith, First MIB now this shit... 3 stars
12/12/03 Karie not very good!! 2 stars
12/11/03 The Killer The special fx are good, but nothing else!! 2 stars
12/11/03 Hatchet JAck not scary, and will smith sucks! 5 stars
12/11/03 KOMOHA Stupid! 1 stars
12/09/03 Moster W, Kung I licked my father's cock!! 1 stars
12/08/03 Samuel horror_blood, Fuck you...you bad mouth me on every movie I review, just shut the fuck up!! 5 stars
11/27/03 John not a single original thought in this film - go see WAR OF THE WORLDS it's 100 times better 1 stars
11/04/03 Monster W. Kung Samuel Justus is so stupid, he went back home when he saw a sign with "airport left" on it. 1 stars
9/30/03 Samuel Justus An Intelligent movie! Only ppl who clouldn't understand would say it sucked! 5 stars
8/04/03 I Would All the US patriotism was naueating but Goldblum is great and the battle scenes were fun. 3 stars
5/18/03 Erykk ID4 was the worst. MARS ATTACKS...now those were kick ass aliens! 1 stars
3/31/03 Mr. Do a shitload of crap, and.. erm.. crappy. 1 stars
3/16/03 G-man great effects, stars and...................even a greater film 5 stars
3/02/03 John what happened to sucks all ass? 1 stars
11/15/02 CVJ typical patriotic crap 1 stars
10/18/02 ID For ID4 Screw all that supposed "human interest" bung feed, only the airfighting scenes were good. 2 stars
10/14/02 Charles Tatum Everyone who paid to see this should get their money back 1 stars
10/08/02 Linda Binda Knew it'd be crap back in '96; fell asleep through it. Thank god for IFC and Mars Attacks 1 stars
10/08/02 3man It was an okay remake of War of the Worlds 3 stars
9/26/02 Tim This is a good movie. Jeff Goldblum without a driver's license aiding in the battle. 5 stars
9/11/02 Magnum Craphole Hey Movie guy, you should be called Movie idiot with tastes like those. 1 stars
9/08/02 Movie guy A GREAT FILM 5 stars
8/18/02 Nevz shallow, shallow 2 stars
8/18/02 Craig An Elvis movie--without Elvis. Hated it beyond words. 1 stars
8/15/02 I Can't Swim Will saves the world, so his ego can keep on annoying everyone 2 stars
8/05/02 Del A bit of new world order crap in here, but otherwise entertaining 4 stars
6/04/02 gunter The crappier the acting, the better we all remember 5 stars
5/21/02 Tiffany Thunderhurst Superb disaster flick, although no real Tiffany is as dumb as the one in the movie! 5 stars
4/12/02 Movie Expert It is the best no brainer summer popcorn movie ever. 4 stars
3/28/02 Steve Mackey Thank heaven for Margaret Colin (yum)! 1st time in theatre - bad. 2nd on video - better. 2 stars
3/26/02 Dave MacDougall Tedious, brainless, atrocious, boring...they dont get any worse than this!! 1 stars
3/24/02 Fartboy Hollywood Quite unwatchable tripe mostly because it was TOO DUMBED DOWN, even for morons. 1 stars
2/20/02 Xaver I was rooting for the aliens. I thought it was dumb, but fun. 4 stars
1/18/02 Magnum Craphole Unwatchable, derivative, ridiculous, sloppy, dumbed-down garbage with patriotic nonsense. 1 stars
1/06/02 Jake The dog jumps out of the way of....flying cars! the dumbest movie on a serious topic. 1 stars
12/31/01 HM3 One of the most over the top movies I've ever seen, it's pretty entertaining. 4 stars
12/29/01 Cracked head. Probably the dumbest movie ever made. Crappy one-liners and inane plot a go-go. 1 stars
11/21/01 Cookie Cutter Worst blockbuster ever. Pure cinematic shame. 1 stars
11/01/01 Andrew Carden Never Gets Anywhere, and Has A Weak Plot With Horrible Acting. 1 stars
10/30/01 Sumixam As much as I hate the Americans save the world theme yet again, it's still a great movie 5 stars
9/23/01 Larry Smith Too many improbable events perfectly timed! Won't happen like that! 3 stars
9/08/01 Gary Could've been Altman with aliens, but it's the usual crappy affair with shallow characters. 1 stars
9/05/01 Butterbean A nice action packed flick. 4 stars
8/30/01 TLsmooth I'd rather jack-off with broken glass than watch this shit-pie again. 1 stars
8/29/01 Slicer We DO rule the world, idiot 5 stars
8/15/01 IP_Freely One word describes this movie, "AWFUL" 1 stars
8/08/01 E-Funk I liked it...don't hit me. 4 stars
8/07/01 Mr. Hat My friend Darryl & I used to watch this movie all the time. It's great. 5 stars
8/01/01 KC Au Bill Pullman as the President?! So many plot holes in this...this is beyond fiction!! 1 stars
7/29/01 Bob jones too much hype, not enough movie, felt like a PR film for the USA 3 stars
7/27/01 bdf20 good entertainment on a slow night 4 stars
7/27/01 Henry Ginsberg So dumb it's funny . 2 stars
7/26/01 Crisis Management Awful, awful, awful. Emmerich sucks balls. 1 stars
7/22/01 anusface independance gay 1 stars
7/08/01 Gracy Lionheart Good for one sitting, then it's like rotting leftovers. 2 stars
6/15/01 Rampage Have you purchased your Independence Day Happy Meal yet? 1 stars
6/14/01 Tod Ok, those ships are bigger than cities; when they crashed they'd kill all the survivors! 3 stars
6/13/01 Law Firm of Dewey, Cheatam & Howe All glitter, nothing underneath. You will want most of the cast to DIE 2 stars
6/08/01 Genghizkhan66 I had fun watching.But mainly US propaganda. I'll go for "Alien" series anytime. 3 stars
5/23/01 Dean I HATE this movie. The epitome of what has been wrong with Hollywood: big money, no brain. 1 stars
4/11/01 Monster W. Kung Everyone I knew who liked this movie was an idiot. Kyle*BrOfLoVsKi is the latest example. 1 stars
3/19/01 TNT-6 A portrait of idiocy in big budget cinema. Computer viruses that infect unknown OS's. Blah. 1 stars
2/14/01 KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi I personally love this movie...I'll admit it freely...so dig it or fuck off!! 5 stars
2/12/01 Jake One of the most painful films I have ever had to sit through. 1 stars
1/19/01 Ground Zero And I thought Battlefield: Earth was crap! This was even crappier! (damn you Will Smith) 2 stars
1/14/01 Invader The one thing that ruined this movie was that loud mouthed smith,what a wanker. 2 stars
12/27/00 Turtle Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum steal the show, even out-ranking the aliens. 4 stars
12/26/00 fifu come on INDEPENDENCE DAY come on will freaking smith !!!!!!!!! 1 stars
12/06/00 Cristopher Revilla would've been better if the other countries did something great, but not! 2 stars
11/23/00 The Evil Penguin I liked the action scenes and the music, but the rest stunk. 3 stars
11/04/00 Mitja Podgajski president saved the world, huh.. 3 stars
10/13/00 Jed Worse movie my butt! There are worse films kiddies much worse. 3 stars
9/15/00 Bruce Not in the same league as Terminator 2, but it is fun, campy Sci FI 4 stars
9/13/00 Ground Zero Best movie?!! Yeah, right... but Battlefield Earth was worse than that drivel! 2 stars
8/04/00 DREDD All the hipe, and it's the "worst" film i've seen.. 1 stars
8/01/00 AA A brilliant triumph of marketing substance. This is an absolute bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
7/22/00 Tyler Peterson This shit makes some stupid '50's sci-fi movie look brilliant by comparison. 1 stars
7/17/00 Digitalus bad movie 2 stars
7/12/00 Terrie Smith Typical American bull: I was hoping the aliens would win. 3 stars
7/11/00 pancreas science fiction for retards 1 stars
6/27/00 Purple Monster "Top Gun" meets "War of the Worlds" 3 stars
6/25/00 Naushad Khanji About as exciting as watching snails on a collision course 1 stars
6/12/00 DAVID This movie was to predictable!!!! 3 stars
5/12/00 Steve Layne Entertaining, but thelast 30 minutes lost me. 4 stars
5/08/00 Pansy Really, really, really stupid movie. At least the FX and aliens rule. 2 stars
5/05/00 P.Rodriguez Teaches people(and aliens) everywhere - DONT FUCK WITH THE US!!-- bloody Yankee Egos 1 stars
3/29/00 malcolm Star Wars for the 2G's. better than every Star Trek movie except 2. 4 stars
3/08/00 David Rogers It was good and realistic but lacking. 4 stars because Godzilla rules! 4 stars
2/21/00 Mr. Kramitall Oh, grow up, it was cheap and TRASHY! 2 stars
2/07/00 Robin Terry I thought it was really good. 4 stars
2/05/00 Kyle Broflovski A summer flick that lived up to the hype. Oh, fuck off, it was EXCELLENT!!!! 5 stars
12/01/99 Bozo The bombs hitting were good; I'd rather die than have Will Smith in charge of anything 2 stars
11/04/99 Mickey "Father Death" MacJohnstmyster How did this shit make so much money , at least Harry Connic Jr died early . 1 stars
10/11/99 Buttman I've seen better on Star Wars 2 stars
10/10/99 Eran (erancoo7@hotmail.com) beBest "aliens upon us" film I've ever seen. 5 stars
10/09/99 Viral Messiah Star Trek: First Contact was better 2 stars
10/03/99 Suckit Great FXs, but where's the script? Even most of the movie sucked! 2 stars
10/03/99 Joe Schmoe Right on with the review, Oz 2 stars
8/22/99 Physh Un-Original, too predicable, and Will Smith. It had potential, and Judd Hirsch. 2 stars
8/17/99 Rodney Duke Walked Out Of The Movie. Horrible. Good For 5 Yr Olds 1 stars
7/30/99 Blue sky It was very funny and cool. 5 stars
7/19/99 Imagoner FXs are not bad, even though it sucked 3 stars
7/11/99 Daria Crappy script, but a lot of fun nevertheless. 4 stars
7/07/99 Ben Leostein Rating: ** (out of ****) Category: "Average" 3 stars
7/03/99 J-Dogg I truly can't stand this fuckin' movie. Screw the FX, where's the script?! Hype City. 1 stars
6/15/99 Dylan Thoughtless, Plotless and utterly fucking idiotic. Absolutely brilliant! 5 stars
5/24/99 Ah Dooey Nice FX and ship shots, Will kicking ass, and this movie was just blah-blahs. 2 stars
5/24/99 Mrs. Moviegoer This was a really good movie with awesome special effects. 5 stars
3/26/99 El Dorko Was there a good movie here? All I saw was a bunch of cheesy jokes and FX! 2 stars
3/09/99 Oggy Less fun than Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5 2 stars
3/04/99 little jerry Much more fun than the genuinely mediocre Star Wars. 4 stars
2/24/99 Viral Messiah No way, this sucked ass big time! 2 stars
2/18/99 Piz Gaping plot holes but a lot of fun in the theatre 4 stars
2/14/99 Stephen Reinken One of the best movies of the '90's. Perfect combination of comedy and seriousness. 5 stars
2/01/99 Matthew Bartley Good on the screen, shite in your own home 2 stars
1/27/99 donkey_dew Lame as it may sound, I thought this movie was awesome!!! Special effects kicked ass. duh 5 stars
1/02/99 Dasha Good silly summer fun. 4 stars
12/04/98 Shadow Raider Lemme summon the Beast Planet and all of the War Planets against this shit. 2 stars
11/27/98 Mr.Pink Overhyped to the max, but not all that bad. 3 stars
11/24/98 Callie Really Liked it...Jeff & Will really made the movie 4 stars
11/24/98 Fred Well, there goes science fiction for another 20 years. Someone give me an Uzi. 1 stars
11/12/98 Jules Cliche, stupid, naive, Bill Pullman, do you need any more proof? 1 stars
10/30/98 Bad Kosh YAAAAAAH! There's a reason why the movie sucks ass. 2 stars
10/27/98 Silent Rob I saw this twice, because I thought I MUST have missed something the 1st time. AAAAAAAARGH! 1 stars
9/28/98 katherine funny at times, but a little boring. 3 stars
9/11/98 kanatcha my mom cried watching that movie. all 8 times. 2 stars
9/09/98 Bruce Willis' mama. Great trailer. Awful film. 2 stars
9/05/98 Helle Marie It`s too commercial, but it`s great fun! Soot me, man - I loved it! 4 stars
9/04/98 Badass FUCK YOU DEVLIN AND EMMERICH!!!!!!!!! 2 stars
8/29/98 Matt the laughing skull computer virus was a nice touch. yeah, right 2 stars
8/25/98 Mister Whoopee Balls. Effects driven crap. 1 stars
8/24/98 The Capital City Goofball Take away the big alien ship shots and you have a Three Stooges film. 2 stars
8/20/98 Pete When I used to have braces, someone punched me in the mouth. I enjoyed that more. 1 stars
8/20/98 The Man With The Helmet You've seen the trailer? Okay, well it all goes down from there. 2 stars
8/16/98 J-Guy (The MFC) saw it on drugs, it was good then. later on it SUCKED. good speach by the pres, tho. 2 stars
8/16/98 Johny Not GODZILLA bad, just lame as hell 1 stars
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  03-Jul-1996 (PG-13)
  DVD: 11-May-2004



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