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Queen of the Damned
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by Dust For Eyes

"Queen of the Ham"
2 stars

All those fears of Anne Rice fans that were more or less averted with the Interview with the Vampire adaptation come back in a rush of melodrama, posing, and Marilyn Manson nonsense. In this yellow brick roadkill of a film, Queen of the Damned is a sprawling overblown mess leaving you with the almost inconceivable notion that you actually prefer a film that has Tom Cruise in it.

The standard for vampires on screen (be it the big or small screen) is now Joss Whedon's vampire series. Even when things are better than Buffy you are still making comparisons. Buffy is the benchmark.

You compare the heroes, the vampires, the coolness, the story, the dialogue or the action, how the vampires die, or the rules for vampire living. They're either better or worse than Buffy, but either way Buffy is on your mind.

Lestat (Townsend) is feeling a little left out after being buried for a few decades, and so decides to become a rock star. Kind of like all rock stars I guess. The twist though is that Lestat is going to use his rock star-ness to tell the world of vampires. That's a big no no in vampire etiquette and brings the wrath of most vampires that prefer the hidden world of dark alleys, secret attacks and dodgy Goth nightclubs.

Letat's actions also bring the attention of two women. One, Jesse (Moreau) a vampire investigator who is probably a little too keen and Akasha (Aaliyah) the Queen of all vampires who didn't really like all that keep hidden business in the first place.

While all your Goth friends will hurtle themselves to this movie like a cloud of bats, all the rest of you should probably give it a miss and stay at home and start a petition to get Eliza Dushku back on Buffy.

It's probably all Townsend's fault. All that Irish charm he had in About Adam was sucked out of him. He combines the style of Eric Draven and all the high camp silliness and I'm-taking-myself-far-too-seriously-ness of Marilyn Manson to gives us these I'm-too-sexy-to-even-breathe looks. Which I guess makes sense on paper, but on screen it makes you cringe.

I'd feel far too cold to criticise Aaliyah given her fate after filming. But really, that's the only reason not to castigate her performance.

In these sort of films you usually find someone doing his/her best for the team. This time it's Perez who as Marius gives an air of refinement and emotion that is lacking elsewhere. Moreau also looks decorously angsty and passionate in her effort as Jesse.

The film looks sweet and the story is something you will buy if you've already bought Rice's book. Yet Rymer's direction leaves you colder than the film's protagonists.

There were rumours that once Warner knew how the film was to turn out, the plans were to just release it straight to video. That's the most telling thing about this film. It just doesn't work and straight to video probably would have been a deserved fate.

To think that Rymer made the aching Angel Baby, just makes things worse.

Stick with Buffy.

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originally posted: 04/04/02 19:52:03
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User Comments

10/11/10 gfdggdfg CfIiHo pepyaka 5 stars
2/27/10 art A GREAT FABLE!,IT WAS SAD that AAYIAH DIED before it's release! 3 stars
11/28/09 slushie that movie sucked ass. 1 stars
11/30/08 Kimmy Not even close to being true to Anne Rice's books. A disappointment! 1 stars
6/26/08 flora the guy (sven) who said its better than Interview with the Vampire needs a kick to the face 1 stars
5/26/08 Roz Movie sucked. Cast sucked (pardon the pun). Soundtrack was great. 2 stars
2/01/08 thomas donaldson great movie...not overblown or hokey and true to annies book series.. a must see 5 stars
1/21/08 ur romeo thz movie iz da shyte best vMPIRE MOVIE EVR 5 stars
5/16/07 fools♫gold Honestly, spend time on "About Adam" (same actor) instead. 1 stars
1/14/07 del Absolute garbage. 1 stars
11/25/06 manu even more shitty than the book is.watching this movie is a horrible way to waste your time. 1 stars
11/07/06 Ayla__Rawr crap movie, good book. They twisted the story into another.LAME! 2 stars
1/25/06 sweetgrrl1972 Embarrassingly bad adaptation of the book. 1 stars
12/09/05 cody sexy vampire movie with good perfomance by Aayiah, l miss her! 3 stars
8/18/05 Indrid Cold Beautiful atmosphere I suppose, but really really boring. 2 stars
8/16/05 ES People who raved about being JM thought this movie was 'dull and wierd= ya right guys 4 stars
8/08/05 tatum Good cast, second rate execution 3 stars
7/09/05 Moctezuma It's all right. It does have a fucking kick-ass soundtrack, though 3 stars
6/22/05 sasah bote good 5 stars
1/16/05 Feliciano this movie blasts away interview with the vampire 5 stars
1/07/05 Ryan Dortmans Worst... movie... ever... 1 stars
10/23/04 sven Much better then the interview with the vampire. And it's greath that's Modern 5 stars
7/12/04 TLN Like it alot...a vampire 'chick flick' Loved Townsend 4 stars
6/13/04 valerie hart brill very classy with fantastic music sexy and slick stu is hot! a GREAT MODERN VAMP FLICK 5 stars
6/11/04 Daveman Much more fun and imaginative than the first film. 3 stars
4/10/04 valerie hart i thought it was a fantasic film with great music and with class and style. 5 stars
2/10/04 Jingo P. Proof that horror movies, even those based on such great books, are utterly failing. 2 stars
1/18/04 Gopher Avenger Vampires. Blood. Sex appeal. DAMN good music. Based after a good set of books. Thunbs up. 5 stars
11/24/03 Thiago "Queen" is fun. Stuart, Aaliyah and Vincent are inspired. Check it out. 4 stars
11/13/03 unkown its brill im watching it again 5 stars
10/31/03 I Would Takes the worst book of the series and manages to be better than IWTV 2 stars
9/05/03 Juanita This makes a mockery of a sham of the books-but Townsend is HOT! 1 stars
8/24/03 Jen I have read the book, and I had no idea a book could be so butured in it's portrayal. 1 stars
7/23/03 Kit It was nothing like the two books. In fact, it ruined the actual book for me..-.-; 1 stars
7/15/03 Asiana125 when i 1st saw tha movie i wasnt impressed but as i saw it more 4 stars
7/14/03 Alida Louis+Daniel didn't appear... and can't believe they cut off the Lestat x Louis scenes! 2 stars
7/10/03 Eloise satisfactory.....there's alot worse vamp flicks out there 4 stars
7/02/03 Vicious This film is why i hate goths and vampires (one reason anyways) 1 stars
4/13/03 Jon I really wanted to like this movie. Too bad it failed in so many ways. 2 stars
3/17/03 Goofy Maxwell Damn it all to hell! I watched this godforsaken mess 4 aaliyahs last 15 min? Sadly it sucks 1 stars
3/12/03 The Talking Elbow This movie didn't suck, it was entertaining, and better then most vamp. movies. 5 stars
3/05/03 Dina Smith Hee hee. I love vampires. Stuart Townsend. I'm drooling. 4 stars
3/03/03 Jack Sommersby Colorful and interesting, but just too dmn stiff and overly mannered. 2 stars
11/04/02 Vicious vamp/goth faggotry. I hate this film and anyone who likes it with all my heart. 1 stars
10/27/02 Zargo it's entertaining enough. sad about aliyah's death 4 stars
9/24/02 Julianie Ferguson great performance by aaliyah, but they should have sticked to the story from the book 2 stars
9/08/02 othree learning Lestats history was interesting, the rest sucked omg ass, Aaliyah was beautiful 2 stars
6/11/02 Eloise nice looking man redeemed whole film, YEY! 5 stars
5/27/02 angel fucking great, lestat is gorgous 5 stars
5/18/02 Chowie pretty shit, aaliyah was only in it for like 20 mins!! 1 stars
5/18/02 Carmen This movie was ok. Aaliyah's walk was da' bomb! 3 stars
5/12/02 Cleo now why oh why was she walking as if she had just dislocated both her shoulders 3 stars
5/12/02 Me Me Didn't anyone check out the way that alliyah walked. 2 stars
4/26/02 Jessica EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Sucks Ass! 1 stars
4/22/02 D I like Vampire shit anyways, but it kicked ass, it had awesome effects. 5 stars
4/22/02 Natalie Brilliant movie i luved it it rules 5 stars
4/21/02 Danielle I loved Stuart Townshend's portrayal of Lestat. The book is different than the movie though 4 stars
4/21/02 Asia The movie sucked in a BAD way.none of the charectors are deplicted correct......... 1 stars
4/21/02 Mickey What????? 2 stars
4/20/02 sim the fiilm is soo fucking good u got to see it 5 stars
4/19/02 Chris up on the hill Wonderfully filmed, amazing effects,fast-paced. 5 stars
4/19/02 jean paul remember that feeling you got when you watch matrix 5 stars
4/16/02 beamie so so, could have been better, but was a good movie. 4 stars
4/14/02 Steph It was good - for an adaptation, the soundtrack kicks ass and Stuart was good as Lestat 4 stars
4/14/02 Kris Best Vampire movie Ive seen, cant wait for it to come out to buy. 5 stars
4/13/02 Lewis The score rules, and it feels as though you are in a WW Masquarade game. 5 stars
4/13/02 Nathan Wolfenden SO TOTALLY F@#KED!!! Return it to the can and forget it ever existed. Worst film ever! 1 stars
4/13/02 Arisa What a ridiculous and crappy group of vampires.No depth, no story.Aaliyah is great though. 2 stars
4/12/02 Karen Lytollis a bit more than average-Im a big fan 4 stars
4/10/02 Akasha I was in the Cinema yesterday. And I like this film very much! I've read the book, too. 5 stars
4/09/02 Jo Don't know about Lestat but Marius was one hell of a sexy beast. 4 stars
4/09/02 kristen green queen of the damned was great and I liked the music I could not stop bouncing my head. 5 stars
4/05/02 Marlee Pappas I luv Buffy but Rymer puts a BIG! eww on vampires. 2 stars
3/29/02 troika More like "King of the Bombs". 1 stars
3/23/02 phantom honestly the worst piece of shit in years 1 stars
3/17/02 J. Lyons Okay movie, but Aaliyah's part didn't impress me much. 3 stars
3/16/02 Rampage One word: BOOOOOOORIIIIIIIING 1 stars
3/11/02 Veronica Foxx aka The Raven-Haired Temptress Too bad Aaliyah didn't have a better movie as some her final work. This was rather poor. 1 stars
3/10/02 Rgtp Crap, Crap, and worse than Crap 1 stars
3/10/02 Alex i have never liked aailya her death ddint make me like her any more and this movie didnt 1 stars
3/09/02 Cat I liked that movie! then again Lestat was damn sexy...and hey it was aaliyah's last movie 4 stars
3/05/02 Jamesiegod What do you expect? I liked it, so slap me! 4 stars
3/04/02 gromm If you liked the book, don't bother seeing this. Horrible acting, and the plot is way off. 2 stars
3/03/02 parkallan This made the top box office list because of stupid people like myself.... 1 stars
3/02/02 Napalousa Not as bad as it could be but sadly not as good as it could be either. 3 stars
3/01/02 Shaun Quismorio Filled with clichés and cheap special effects. No atmosphere whatsoever. 1 stars
2/27/02 Todd SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
2/26/02 Melissa Daniel-Louis finds Lestat in the 1980's; he bites Louis' interviewer afterward.SW is right. 1 stars
2/26/02 daniel regarding what the review calls an inconsistency- louis was the interviewee, not lestat. 1 stars
2/26/02 Xalt Eh. Didn't get much reaction besides mild interest. 2 stars
2/26/02 Greyjack Wasn't totally awful, just pretty awful. Some nice atmosphere, I guess. Overall: bleah. 2 stars
2/25/02 Hank Graham Yes, it *WAS* that bad--worse than the book, which I hated 1 stars
2/25/02 Nyartholep Wasn't _that_ bad. Still, nothing special, and it has it's problems 3 stars
2/25/02 shelley smith What happened to the whole story about the twins? I won't forgive them for this film. 1 stars
2/25/02 KMG I would rather walk into Roger Ebert's fart, than watch Townsend "act" again. 1 stars
2/24/02 gdb Like most movies, would most likely have been worse if I read the book. But I didn't. 5 stars
2/24/02 John Timon did the screenplay writers read any of the books? 1 stars
2/24/02 Andrew Carden Boring and Lame Vampire Flick. Many Corny Lines and Many Confusing Subplots. 1 stars
2/24/02 Bendrix Betrayed Lestat's character- God awful film 1 stars
2/24/02 silver raven do yourself a favor and read the books. the movie is just an excuse for a good soundtrack. 1 stars
2/24/02 Kiakim wonderful! 5 stars
2/23/02 lizzietizzie It was decent... a bad combo of the books... but good for entertainment... 3 stars
2/23/02 asdfk; So harsh, the criticisms. Yet it was entertaining. 3 stars
2/23/02 Rogue despite Aaliyah, the movie wasnt all bad...neat effects 4 stars
2/22/02 Madolan Ivy Sorry-- liked it. Sexy vamps, great sets, decent actors-- but needed more vamp backstory. 4 stars
2/22/02 Jesus Christ I condemn Aaliyah. 1 stars
2/22/02 Heather Love the Books, BUT They MAKE AWFUL movies 1 stars
2/22/02 Jimmy James oh. my. god. 1 stars
2/21/02 Cheryl This isn't a movie, this is a music video. 100% cheese! 2 stars
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  22-Feb-2002 (R)



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