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Dracula 2000
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by Cochise

"A disappointing missed opportunity."
3 stars

This is a film from Wes Craven, so it should be good. And it is, almost. Unfortunately, it fails.

WARNING - In order to review this film and discuss its meaning, I have to reveal the ending. So . . . if you don't want to know what happens in the end, please don't read this until after you have seen the film.

A team of high-tech thieves break into a vault, and instead of finding money, they find something they did not bargain on. Dracula in his coffin. They steal the coffin, and soon, the terror of the undead is unleashed. Dracula kills or makes vampires out of the thieves. Dracula then goes to New Orleans to find the woman to whom he is mysteriously linked. And when Dracula is in New Orleans, the vampire hunters come looking for him.

This film could be good as the classic, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” However, because the film makers chose to make a typical B-grade horror flick, this opportunity was sadly missed. (Actually, according to the director in the commentary on the DVD version, he wanted to make the film more character orientated, but he had to make certain changes that, in my opinion, drastically reduced the reduced the quality of this film.

The basic premise of the film (which could have given Dracula a multi-dimensional conflicted character and even made him a sympathetic bad guy) was that Dracula, in life, was Judas Iscariot. Dracula felt that Jesus had betrayed him, forcing him to live as the undead. Dracula’s motivation for killing people and creating immortal vampires was to take revenge on Jesus. (Sort of a perverse twist to Jesus’ promise of eternal life.) Dracula’s motivation is only touched on in the film (mainly, I think, because a lot was deleted, and some of the motivation remains. (The scene where Dracula prays to Jesus is the scene that was cut down, and the film suffers drastically as a result. - See the deleted scenes on the DVD for more information on this.)

In the end of the film, I believe that Dracula seeks forgiveness from Jesus. (This might be because the original idea (see deleted scenes on the DVD) was that Dracula was repentant. Some of this idea was not completely removed, so that part some this idea of repentance still appears in the actor’s performance. Now you can decide for yourself if Dracula was repentant or not.

There are a few moments of comedy in the film. However, I’m not sure if those bits are intentionally funny, or if they are funny because they are just stupid or corny. One of these bits that I thought was funny was the look on the characters face on the airplane when he is leaning on the coffin and he first notices the smoke. (I think maybe that bit was intentional. Congratulations to the actor if it was.)

Some will say the film is rubbish, but I think if you take it for what it was meant to be and appreciate it on its own terms, it is enjoyable to watch.

The acting was totally believable (Dracula is very good), and the special effects are well done. The presence of Christopher Plummer validated the film to me.
I enjoyed the special effects: the wolf was good, the morphing of Dracula when he walks through the door on the airplane was particularly impressive..

The Dvd special edition has special features which should be especially interesting to film buffs. Looking at the original, and then looking at the deleted part of Dracula’s praying scene gave me an insight into how the film missed the opportunity to be a truly memorable one.

The film is not very good, by any artistic or critical standard. However, I have to admit I did enjoy it.

The director failed to make Dracula a complex character, and missed the opportunity to make a memorable horror film. Therefore, the film is destined to be a typical trite summer horror flick, soon to be forgotten.

link directly to this review at http://www.hollywoodbitchslap.com/review.php?movie=4658&reviewer=228
originally posted: 02/02/03 07:39:32
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell passable better than dracula 1992 3 stars
12/21/10 Josie Cotton is a goddess BLAH! 3 stars
9/25/08 Shaun Wallner Great Action!! 5 stars
3/29/06 Dethbyhashi Such Horrible Hollywood Christian Shit!!!! 1 stars
8/12/05 ES best explanation for Dracula and his weaknesses I've yet seen= very cool 4 stars
7/18/05 Brandy Harrington It sux. 1 stars
1/28/05 Mmmm...Blood Stupid! I hate Hollywood! 1 stars
6/10/04 Nikolai I found the biblical connection intriguing, and the visuals leading there are polished 4 stars
5/01/04 Vicious Hyde from that 70's show deserves better 2 stars
1/12/04 American Slasher Goddess A vampire Scream clone, but passable. 3 stars
11/24/03 Thiago average movie. starts off well but ends pretty bad. Gerard is really cool though. 3 stars
10/11/03 rodekat Gerry is a verry good actor and 'the more i watch the movie the better it getsGerry WAAAW , 5 stars
9/30/03 Samuel Justus One of the worst Vampire movies ever!!! 3 stars
8/18/03 Anastasia Beaverhausen Nice direction and casting, I have seen worse 4 stars
3/03/03 sophie i normally dont like vampire films, but this was good, and plus gerard butler is fuckable. 5 stars
2/24/03 judasfan not nearly as bad as people say - the origin alone was genius. good stuff, mate. 4 stars
2/18/03 Robert Ortiz If you 4 stars
2/06/03 blearg blamen yes jeri ryan sucks bib star bad Attitude i bet 5 stars
2/06/03 123 the beginnings are cool and creepy, but it lost its touch after a while 4 stars
2/04/03 Jack Sommersby About as entertaining as donating plasma. 1 stars
6/11/02 Jim Not bad, but don't watch it more than once or the stupidity really starts to shine thru. 3 stars
4/08/02 Chris totally stinks. 1 stars
1/27/02 Andrew Carden Shadow Of The Vampire Was Better Then This. 1 stars
1/17/02 Pimp Makus It blew except for the way they made the main dude Judas. 2 stars
11/03/01 Jim You were expecting Shakespeare? Snappy vampire action, nice twist at the end. 4 stars
10/28/01 Bizzotch McQueen Fuck Fucking stupid & boring and crummy looking. Why Vitamin C's boobies and not Jeri Ryan's??!! 1 stars
9/23/01 otto The source of his power! He was an apostle! Once you know how, you never forget. 3 stars
9/16/01 Bri Dumb, needs more boobs. Vitamine what? 2 stars
8/28/01 Amy An absolute waste of usually good actors 2 stars
8/20/01 JesseL One of the worst Dracula movies ever. First one since Blackula that I did NOT like 1 stars
7/19/01 Roy Smith If you hate creativity you won't like this movie. 4 stars
7/06/01 othree visually interesting at times, suck story, liked the spin on Judas thou. 3 stars
6/22/01 WOW! My god, how can you rate this piece of donkey shit as good?! Too much fucking sex! 1 stars
5/04/01 Rachel Ross it is the best movies ever and anyone that think other wise sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 5 stars
3/28/01 viking Not another remake !!!! 2 stars
2/28/01 *~Danielle*Ophelia~* (formerly KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi) Stupid Bloodsuckers...GET OUT OF MY WALLET!!! 2 stars
2/22/01 Cris Hello Dracula! 5 stars
2/04/01 brownsuga23 As a women who saw the film I have to say, Butler was carismatic, cute & utterly inviting 3 stars
2/02/01 Bill Tambor Should go straight to garbage not video 1 stars
1/27/01 christmas28 Excellent and well-done...creative and inventive. 4 stars
1/18/01 Ground Zero Don't waste your money on this crap-on-a-crut 2 stars
1/18/01 malcolm good try, interesting twist on the myth 3 stars
1/17/01 Anthony Typical Wes Craven Crap- Do something different!! 2 stars
1/16/01 Aurora Well, at least they put a new spin on where Dracula came from. 3 stars
1/12/01 Wafer The twizzlers I ate and and the nap I took were the best parts of this movie(No Shit) 1 stars
1/11/01 Boy In The Designer Bubble My autistic cousin loved this movie. 2 stars
1/08/01 Jules Why do almost all vampire movies have to suck? 1 stars
1/07/01 Dracula 1981 Dude! Where are Jeri Ryan's boobies? Even Jonny Lee Miller sucked =^( 1 stars
1/04/01 Stuntman whoa... I'm shocked that the producers made a travesty out of a legend 2 stars
1/03/01 shogun Dracula is supposed to be a legend, not a B horror flick. And don't explain shit 10 times. 2 stars
1/01/01 Boy In The Designer Bubble Oh Dracuala, are you going to bite me now? ZZZZZZZZZZ 1 stars
12/29/00 Emily at the risk of sounding like a thug, i have to say, this movie was wack. not cool at all. 1 stars
12/27/00 LoudChris Why did this movie try to be serouis? The pain.... The sweet pain of a vampire movie... 3 stars
12/26/00 Jeff I paid for homoeroticism and got Jerri Ryan in a nightie. More naked Drac, please! 1 stars
12/24/00 Gia Wow. I'm speechless. This movie sucked even more than I thought it would. 2 stars
12/24/00 MovieFreak Nothing terrible, but no oscars here either. Just go not expecting much and have fun. 3 stars
12/22/00 Bob shomb Can you say CRAP THAT CAME OUTTA THE TOILET? 1 stars
12/18/00 Joe Cool 3 qualities 1- BusTiTing out Vamp babes 2- ugly Vamp Dude 3-Scantilly clad Vamp Babes 5 stars
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  22-Dec-2000 (R)
  DVD: 12-Apr-2011


  15-Mar-2001 (M)

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