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Alien 3
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by Dr. Isaksson

"A Film that borders on being a Victorian Novel"
4 stars

In May of 1992, I was so excited that a new 'Alien' movie was coming out. I was young and full of expectations. The trailer for the film certainly gives you the impression that you're in for an epic masterpiece. It promises "Three times the danger. Three times the terror!" However, "Alien 3" falls short. I went into the theatre with great expectations only to come out completely depressed. Not because the film was bad, but because the film had so much potential to be a great finale to the series.

Director David Fincher's first feature film Alien³, is chocked full of suspense, gore, dark hallways, unknowing victims and a great looking, slimey, pissed off Alien. Sounds like a winning combination, but when you piece the film all together these elements were unfortunatly handled much better by the previous two Alien directors.

Alien³ begins with a hacked up sequence where we see the 'Sulaco' traveling through space carrying Ripley, Hicks, Bishop and Newt back to Earth. But while actors names are coming onto the screen, we get shots of the inside of the 'Sulaco'. All is quiet except for there being an Alien Egg hanging onto a wall. AND IT HAS HATCHED! How? When? Where? I don't have the slightest idea where that egg came from because the queen had pulled off her egg sack in Aliens and couldn't have laid it. Did Bishop bring it on board? He knew about it being there but who brought it? Not a clear explaination. Then the film gives us snippets of Ripley and Newt in thier Cryogenetic capsules. Newt's capsule gets cracked by the face hugger and Ripley lets out a harsh gasp while sleeping. Then a fire breaks out in the 'Sulaco' and the three humans are ejected into space in a little emergency shuttle. A bad start considering the other two films prided themselves on a slow, erie introduction.

Ripley, Hicks and Newt have a hard landing on a strange planet. Right from the start we are confronted with the knowledge that Hicks and Newt are DEAD. This still pisses me off to this day! A big mistake on the part of the writers. Killing off Hicks and Newt just makes Aliens a little pointless. I mean, how can you enjoy Aliens when you know that even though Ripley helps Hicks get to the dropship and then goes face to face with an Alien Queen to save Newt, that in Alien³ the two just end up dead? It only hurts the impact of Aliens when it hands us that crap. Especially since they didn't have to kill off Hicks. Michael Biehn was never an A list actor and I'm sure if the producers weren't so cheap they could have gotten him at a reasonable rate. Biehn even said that he would have loved to do Alien³ but was never asked. That sucks!

Well Ripley wakes up from hypersleep again to find out that she isn't on Earth, but a distant planet far from Earth inhabited by a bunch of prisoners who reside in a defunct mining factory. (Supposedly these men are most wretched criminals ever and that's why they are there! Now I have two problems with this concept. Why in the hell would the government pay to have bunch of horrible criminals sit on some crappy planet? Did anyone ever hear of the death penalty?) Anyways, Ripley is terrifed that maybe an Alien is to blame for her ejection from the 'Sulaco'. Acid stains tip us of to that truth. Then there is an uneeded and gruesome scene where the prison's doctor named Clemens (Charles Dance) cuts open Newt's chest to check for any abnormalities. (Just Fincher trying to be edgy I suppose.) While preforming the funeral for Hicks and Newt, one of the prisoners dogs is attacked by the face hugger from the 'Sulaco'. Thus, an Alien is born from the canine host. Ripley meets the other prisoners. A strange array of guys who have devoted themselves to Christianity. (Many of which seem to come from England.)Ripley meets Dillon (Charles S. Dutton), the leader of the pack. A big, rough, black man who has accepted Ripley's arrival and promises to keep the prison a tolerable place for her to stay in while she waits for 'The Company' to come pick her up.

However, the Alien has grown, (a bit too fast) and begins to slide along the dirty corridors of the prison, killing unsuspecting prisoners and soon, Ripley's warnings of an alien life form residing with them are taken seriously when one prisoner is found hacked to pieces in one of the ventilation fans. Ripley has now become despondent and throughout the film carries an effective sadness which is unusual and hard to pull off in a Sci-Fi. But considering that the Alien has killed everyone and everything she had ever had a chance to care about, this emotion is justified.

Before long, a few more prisoners are killed and before anyone can decide if there is in fact an Alien among them, it just shows up and starts killing them. Now it's just a question of how do they go about destroying this Alien, when they have no weapons and no way of escaping. Ripley now must take command of these prisoners and find a way for them to kill this Alien before it wipes them all out. Will they be able to trap the Alien and kill it? And can Ripley keep 'The Company' from getting it's hands on the 'Ultimate Killing Machine'? This is the situation that unfolds for us all to see.

Alien³ Is wonderful to look at and has all the great gore you could ask for. David Fincher fills the film with great visuals. He manages to keep the dark, creepy feeling intact and even puts a stylish spin on the camera techniques. Fincher somewhat echos the style of Ridley Scott's Alien better then James Cameron was able to do in Aliens with it's stronger camera closeups and blodier killings. However, Alien³'s action is unequally placed towards the last 30 mins of the film, making much of the ending a mass of bad editing and confusing action. And the host of victims are hardly worth caring for and so that depleats much of the suspense. (Except for Ripley, I didn't care about the other guys.) This leads me to the actors. Charles Dutton does a fine job portraying Dillon. Charles Dance as well handles his charcter Clemens with a honest strength. But it is Sigourney Weaver who really gets to shine as Ellen Ripley. She plays Ripley with a somber, stubborn strength. Her face bears the look of one who has suffered. Of one who has lost hope in life and this is surprizingly more effective then anything else in the film. Weaver's fantastic performance outshines the shaky dialogue and messy plot. Her performance also has a much stronger resemblance to the Lt. Ripley of Alien. She's more controlled no matter what the circumstance. Much different then the screaming, pushy, bitchy, freak-out, Lt. Ripley in Aliens. This being said, Alien³ is still disappointing when you compare it to it's two predecessors. However, like the other two Alien Films the music is a standout. Elliot Rosenthal creates a fantastic score which is a mix of the distorted screech of Alien and the pounding intensity of Aliens. Only Rosenthal uses synthesizers and drum machines with his score creating a nice change that doesn't sound too off the path. Very good.

I must say that the idea of the prisoners being converted Christians was an ill conceived and dumb idea which stemmed from the original story by Vincent Ward. In his story, Ripley and Hicks land on a strange planet inhabited by Monk-like people who worship an unfamiliar God. Just thinking of Ward's concept for an 'Alien Film' makes me wish he had been given the Directing reigns as originally intended. Vincent Ward had planned on giving us a planet where Monks walked along vast green fields, with strange animal species unknown to earthlings walking all about. Ward also dreamed up some amazing concepts for the Alien itself. In one of his visions he planned on having one Alien take form inside an incubation-type container and be born made of glass. (Now that I would have liked to see!) But 20th Century Fox thought his ideas were too far fetched and so they fired him (and Ward kind of left) from the project and David 'Madonna' Fincher came on board. Fincher amazingly took a very difficult situation and managed to come up with a pretty good film. As long as you don't think too seriously about the concepts it fails to pull off. (Like why did they have to shave their heads becuase of a lice problem? I mean, that far into the future and they can't afford any cheap lice shampoo? Gimme a break!)

Alien³'s final concept of Ripley dying to save the human race could have made a grand closure for the series but after all of Ripley's struggles to survive it makes Alien and Aliens seem slightly worthless. The ending left me empty. I didn't see Ellen Ripley's death as a sacrifice. I saw it as a major fuck over. Poor Ripley, all that damn work to get away from that fuckin Alien and then she has to die? Dammit that sucks. But in a way, I guess that is the only direction it should go.

Alien³ comes across like a strange, bleak, melodramatic Victorian Novel. Fight as the lead characters might, 'Death' will catch up to them and lead them by the hand to it's shadowy Underworld. To me, it was like seeing a Bronte novel gone Sci-Fi.

"Alien³" comes across as hollow and depressingly short on redemption. Nobody gets the upper hand. But I suppose that is it's most admirable feature. With Alien³, reality gets to slap you in the face. We can't all get out the victor. **** 4 Stars

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originally posted: 07/09/02 01:58:57
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User Comments

9/16/17 morris campbell dull dreary sequel 1 stars
7/17/11 Flipsider Not a bad movie but it takes the series in the wrong direction after Aliens. 3 stars
5/03/10 Jeff Wilder Good directiion. But undone by a non-existent script and terrible story. 1 stars
10/29/09 bronson K-Pup, what are you, 10? This movie as well as YOUR review, SUCKS! 1 stars
8/18/09 Jon B Dark and brooding, but merely a gorier rehash of the original 2 stars
4/12/09 K. Sear Destroys the ending of "Aliens". I pretend it doesn't exist. 1 stars
1/04/08 Mo Ripley HAD to die... she finally got laid (I mean on film, post-'Alien' events) 2 stars
7/16/07 smartest guy in the room best installment for people with sophisticated taste; understated brilliance; blow me! 5 stars
5/17/07 Hicks EAT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALIEN³ burn it in to the sun!!!!!! 1 stars
4/20/07 toddword Sigourney co-produced-she created,and cared about the character.Why should she have lived? 4 stars
4/17/07 Steven Cotton better than Alien 4, but not as good as the 1st and 2nd 4 stars
3/24/07 toddword it provided a great dramatic role for a great dramatic actress-why tear it down? I mean,a w 5 stars
2/16/07 David Pollastrini worse than the 4th one. 2 stars
2/03/07 Vip Ebriega Fine sequel with a couple of dissapointments. 3 stars
12/05/06 Enid Gave a depth to the previous two movies that took the series out of traditional horror. 4 stars
10/24/06 Jeremy Davies worst of the series 3 stars
8/29/06 David Cohen Pretentiously overloaded with ham-fisted symbolism, better than the second film though 3 stars
3/09/06 Dk A good edition to the franchise 4 stars
2/13/06 ronald shit 1 stars
1/01/06 Wiseman way better than the first, the first one wasent even scary. 5 stars
12/24/05 Rob Larmer This movie is great if your a die hard fan of the series, but it is no doubt the worst. 4 stars
11/30/05 CONSTANTINE AWESOME, This IS The More Verstatile/Innovative Of The Qaudrilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/24/05 cr good visual effects and ok story, a major dropoff from Aliens and ripley dies 3 stars
11/20/05 Kibble Definitely the series' low point, barring AVP, of course. 2 stars
11/12/05 toddword I thought the film was visionary,in it's own way 4 stars
10/25/05 Crumbcake Didn't do anything for me at all...and the ending was stupid. 2 stars
10/24/05 K. Sear It's just too damn obvious. 3 stars
10/23/05 Suk-R-Punch Without a doubt, the lamest and least interesting of the series...yes, even 4. 2 stars
10/18/05 Gumbo Just a big, boring chase around dark, dank tunnels - no likeable characters (save Ripley). 2 stars
10/16/05 Crapture Hey, K-Dog, this film bombed...um...BECAUSE IT SUCKED...and so does your mum...zzzzzzzzing! 2 stars
10/15/05 OodlesofOs I already saw this movie...when it was just called ALIEN. Thumbs down! 2 stars
10/13/05 gasp :::yawn::: Is it over yet? What was the plot? Oh yeah, it didn't have one...just running. 1 stars
10/12/05 Bryant Gumby Boring and bad. 2 stars
10/11/05 Johnny Cake This movie sucks the big twat bomb! 2 stars
10/09/05 Klondo Hicks and Newt live. Fuck this movie. 3 stars
9/15/05 drippy Me no likey. 2 stars
9/06/05 JubJub The suckiest of the series (AVP doesn't count...in any context). 2 stars
9/02/05 Mailk Murky, dull, depressing, bland, pointless, slow-moving, and anti-climatic. 2 stars
9/01/05 Edward After the glory that was ALIENS, the series hits rock bottom. So sad. 2 stars
8/31/05 unlimited Yes, K-Dog (how original a name!), you ARE the only one, bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 stars
8/30/05 Vasquez boring and bad - not worth the time and the ending sucks 1 stars
8/29/05 Brisbane I already say ALIEN back in '79...and it was a lot better then. 2 stars
8/28/05 Blissful Johnny Great-looking film, but the script is non-existant and the performances are flat. 2 stars
8/28/05 Jabberjaw 'Sorry, but this is by far the series' low-point right after ALIEN VS. PREDATOR. 2 stars
8/27/05 hicks A depressing mess of a film... 2 stars
8/27/05 Joker Slow-moving, murky-looking, and worst of all - NO LIKEABLE CHARACTERS! Thumbs way down! 2 stars
8/26/05 cam-ron A boring and bad rehash of the first film...get off Fincher's cock, ass monkeys. 2 stars
8/25/05 Termite I think K-Dog sucks and has no taste. 2 stars
8/24/05 Copper Better than it's made out to be, but still pretty rotten, 'sorry. 2 stars
8/24/05 salamone Yes, the workprint version is superior, but this is still the weakest of the bunch. 1 stars
8/23/05 Eden Watch the director's cut. A bit clumsy but good, darker sequel 4 stars
8/22/05 MC Serch "We need an idea for a third ALIEN!" "Hey, let's just remake the original! Only duller!!" 1 stars
8/20/05 marv This film was unsuccessful because THIS MOVIE WAS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/16/05 ES Great up until the superintendent dies then its a swear fest that distracts from the movie 2 stars
3/31/05 Richard Box The more you view it the better it is. very bleak but still very good. 4 stars
3/22/05 indrid cold Not as bad as "Resurrection", but still pales compared to Alien and Aliens. 3 stars
9/28/04 Aaron Smith Yuck!!! Not only is it not interesting, but the profanity is terrible. 1 stars
7/20/04 Patjng Yeah alien3 rulez 5 stars
7/13/04 Shams Huque Assembly Cut is superb! 5 stars
6/19/04 Spiderfan50 FREAKIN' AWESOME! The driector's cut is possibly my favorite ever. 5 stars
6/16/04 franknutz see the directors cut it is immensely better and makes this a great film 4 stars
4/17/04 Father Merrin Under-rated sequel. I liked it. Its darker & moodier than the others. Pretty good film! 4 stars
4/06/04 Spiderfan729 Debatably the best of the 3 for me. My love for ALIEN still has me deciding... 5 stars
3/20/04 Jack-pyschO-Lantern I wouldnt consider this to be the best one but, at least it returns to its roots ex. ALIEN 4 stars
3/16/04 Spiderfan729 Certainly not up to Alien or Aliens but better than that crap they call ressurection. 4 stars
2/29/04 R.W. Welch Pretty slow going; mostly stock stuff cobbled together. 2 stars
12/08/03 john boring and the alien isn't in it that much 1 stars
10/31/03 American Slasher Goddess Pointless and depressing, but well acted and it does manage to draw you in. 3 stars
9/17/03 Lord Durvok II A worthy installment to the series, better than its follower. 4 stars
9/09/03 Jack Sommersby Underwhelming but watchable. 3 stars
9/05/03 I Would Depressing and full of annoying baldy prisoners who have say fuck at least every 5 seconds. 2 stars
8/06/03 Alice Worst Alien sequel ever 1 stars
8/05/03 Double G i take dump and alien like creature come out, alien are good toliets. COLIKO!!! 5 stars
7/26/03 alien assassin Morbid and unrelentingly depressing. This film should have been aborted. 2 stars
5/18/03 bastard_guy180 Eery, left everything on a deadly and depressing note... sinical but i loved it. 5 stars
4/15/03 Andrew Carden The Film Has Lost It's Spark...but Weaver Is Still Amazing, and The Effects Are Dazzling. 4 stars
3/31/03 Dave What was the point? 2 stars
3/11/03 Estevan Lapena would have rather seen the Workprint. Check IMDB 2 stars
2/19/03 rabbit greatly underrated. forget happy hollywood fairy tales, this is a tragedy - and a fine one. 5 stars
2/16/03 xchristx people think this movie sucks because 1)no big guns 2)newt & hicks killed. simple as that. 4 stars
2/11/03 y2mckay Watchable for Fincher's directing, but FUCK the writers. Ripley and Newt made it home! 2 stars
1/03/03 Jack Sommersby Well-made but pointless and uninteresting. 2 stars
12/22/02 3man A terrible disappointment. 2 stars
11/04/02 Vicious it ruined the series. i hate this film. omit it from memory 2 stars
8/28/02 Stalky14 Single-handedly makes the first two and itself completely pointless. 1 stars
8/26/02 Martin I like Sigourney Weaver....but.......this movie just didn't do it for me 3 stars
7/24/02 CVJ The series getting a bit too predictable at this stage 5 stars
1/06/02 krash I love this film!I also love alien aliens and alien resserection 5 stars
12/28/01 Jake This is a hit and miss..kinda depressing but good action and effects keep you entertained. 4 stars
10/16/01 Shane Robert Myers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't like it the two first times but... I get the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 stars
10/03/01 Phoenix A dark, boring, and weak entry in the series. 2 stars
10/01/01 travis mr.hat was right that dog did not have to die.AN AlRIGHTMOVIE 4 stars
9/05/01 spaceworm Subract points for leading to "Alien Ressurection" 3 stars
8/08/01 E-Funk Dark and visually engaging, David Fincher's installment to the Alien series is very good. 4 stars
8/06/01 Mr. Hat (formerly Joe Zappa) That guard dog didn't deserve to die! Plus, nobody cares when someone dies! 2 stars
7/28/01 Steve Very boring and stupid to begin with, but compared to the second, is just total shit 1 stars
7/27/01 Henry Ginsberg Big disapointment . 3 stars
5/09/01 Jake This is a hit and miss..kinda depressing but good action and effects keep you entertained. 4 stars
3/13/01 Sthenno Good atmosphere,tense,directing and music,but the Alien looks cheap and the plot stinks. 4 stars
2/24/01 *~Danielle*Ophelia~* (formerly KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi) Good continuation of the series, but it still lacked something... 4 stars
2/12/01 CJ O' Callaghan this film got undeserved criticism.Great atmosphere, and set.And a stunning soundtrack. A1! 5 stars
1/31/01 jordan at least as good as the second movie, but not as good as the first, of course. underrated. 5 stars
1/24/01 dave Underhill Alien lost nothing in each sequal ok the ideas a complete rip off but cool as!! 5 stars
1/18/01 fifu pretty bad i dind't like the computerized aliens in this one 2 stars
11/19/00 Insider there are no and there won't be suche well directed film in the alien saga ever 5 stars
11/12/00 The EVIL Penguin First, a classic. Second, better. Third, the worst 2 stars
10/25/00 dan underrated - this is a very good movie 4 stars
10/24/00 Viking Only a sicko could include Newt's autopsy in the script 2 stars
7/11/00 Matthew Bartley Oh dear what went wrong? K-Dog's review is a joke right? 2 stars
7/03/00 Stephen Anderson This movie gives the original two a bad name. 1 stars
6/07/00 TERRIE SMITH Not nearly as effective as the first two films; series starting to wane. 3 stars
4/16/00 JDC Good script, visuals; it's just a different kind of movie, more drama than horror 5 stars
4/15/00 BB-15 What's with you people? It's almost as good as the first two! 5 stars
3/17/00 DrB Starts with a screenwriter's contrivance (the egg that got away!). Still, some good scenes. 2 stars
2/06/00 Kyle Broflovski After the glory of "Aliens", the series hits a glum note. Proceed with caution. 3 stars
1/19/00 K-Dog Hello. I have finally seen the light. This movie is shit! ALIENS is so much better. 1 stars
1/08/00 John Markham Rubbish. I find it sad that people wasted a part of their life making this shit. 1 stars
11/21/99 Jedi15 It's not as bad as you think. Very disturbing movie. Far fetter than #4. 4 stars
11/18/99 msf6 K-dogGO FUCK YOURSELF!THIS MOVIE SUCKED1&2 were so much better 4 was better than this SHIT 2 stars
8/10/99 Japtalian I hated this movie. Why did this asshole kill off Ripleys' shipmates? 1 stars
7/17/99 Krishna Manohar Alien 3 was the best movie in the whole series. Anyone telling you otherwise is dumb. 5 stars
6/27/99 Chris Gianaras Lucas is right. Shouldn't a horror movie be scary? 2 stars
4/29/99 Rob Mckechnie K-Dog is right! i've never come out of a cinema more disturbed than after this. 4 stars
4/19/99 Lucas jackson compared to the first two this movie was shit!!!!!! 2 stars
4/12/99 Jon Jackson Alien 3 was bullshit, a bad episode of Roc. 2 stars
3/17/99 Madcap oh come on people, the alien was a pissed off dog, the acting sucked and Ripley was asleep 2 stars
1/24/99 YellerDog The trilogy lives! Death to Resurrection! 5 stars
1/22/99 C Dub The Alien/s saga derailed - highly mediocre 3 stars
12/30/98 JDC great introspective of Ripley. Fuckin' losers who wanted it to be Aliens: bite me 5 stars
12/07/98 Shadow Raider Great movie, suckiest ending. Better than Scream, The Relic and Anaconda! Dreary and fun! 4 stars
11/23/98 Ray Russ Ridley as Christ *and* The Virgin. The Holy Trinity many cool metaphores and dead priests. 4 stars
11/12/98 Jules K-Dog, you're not alone. I really liked this one. Dreary... scary... ORIGINAL! 4 stars
11/01/98 MR HOLLYWOOD !! This really blows the roof off!!,Fincher is great at suspense,WHATS WITH THE ENDING ??!!... 4 stars
10/26/98 Silent Rob An interesting direction, for a series with no set destination. 4 stars
9/06/98 BBReBozo Not the abortion people wanted it to be. 4 stars
8/24/98 {{{OZ}}} Umm, okay. Starting to squeeze blood out of the stone. 3 stars
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  22-May-1992 (R)
  DVD: 06-Jan-2004


  02-Feb-1993 (MA)

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