Bowling for Columbine

Reviewed By Old Monkey
Posted 10/15/02 12:01:16

"It's about time."
5 stars (Awesome)

Through shocking imagery, human emotion, comedic juxtaposition and sharp wit Michael Moore probes America to find the answer to the overwhelming amount of gun violence the country faces. At times you may find yourself uncomfortable with what is being said. That's what makes this film great.

Moore has been known for his politically motivated antics for years. With televisions shows like The Awful Truth (in which he took an Iraqi to a US weapons sites and had him ask to do an inspection) and TV nation, Moore has attempted to right many of the worlds wrongs. Or at least poke fun at them.

With Bowling for Columbine he doesn't fail to impress. Through the teary eyed interviews with people from Littleton, Colorado to Flint, Michigan we begin to see a picture of America that the media won't paint. The very real aftermath of our violence obsession. Moore makes attempts at trying to mend some of the problems behind these tragic events. The outcomes vary, but some will bring a smile to your face and some will make your blood boil with anger.

It's this very same range of emotion that makes Bowling for Columbine such a great film. It takes the viewer on a long journey searching for answers that may or may not exist. Moore has a way of making himself seem just like you. His victories and losses are yours too.

Although the spine of the film revolves around guns and gun violence, that's not the only bases it touches. Topics like pollution, welfare, and terrorism are all looked at and examined in their own context, as well as in the context of firearm related violence. In one sequence we're shown "A Brief History Of The United States". Americans (like myself) may find themselves sinking in their seats. Moore shows us that good and evil might not be as clear cut as some would believe.

In limited release right now, something tells me that the time for a film like Bowling for Columbine has come. I think that America may finally be ready to hear things that Michael Moore and people like him have been screaming for years. All I can say is: It's about time.

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