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About Schmidt
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by Kelly Palma

"Father of the Bride from HELL"
2 stars

Not your typical Jack movie in any way shape or form. From the trailer this movie looked very good. Remember kids packaging can be deceiving, About Schmidt is a good example. The wrapper and trimmings may look all neat and shiny - but inside it could be a real stinker.

About Schmidt is the story of man starting what he believes is the last chapter in his life. How, Schmidt (Jack Nicholson) deals with life after retirement, becoming a widow, learning of his wife's infidelities with his best friend and depression. Schmidt feels he has made no impact or difference on anything surrounding his life. It also showcases his relationship or lack of with his daughter Jeannie, portrayed by Hope Davis. The first part of the story drags on and on, it's not until the RV trip that you really get into the meat of the story. Schmidt sets off on a soul searching/self finding cross country trip in an RV to attend his daughter's wedding. Upon his arrival we meet Randall, Roberta and Larry Hertzel portrayed by a follically challenged Dermot Mulroney, hippie style Kathy Bates and a gum flapping Howard Hesseman. They make up the majority of the dysfunctional family that Jeannie is marrying into.

The story is mainly told through voice overs ala Schmidt's letters to his adopted son from Tanzania, Ngundu (phonetically that's NEW-GUN-DOO) through the adopt a child program. Ahh Sally Struthers must be proud. I wonder how many people will sponsor a child because of this movie...

This movie is all about Jack, Just Jack! everyone else is just window dressing. It's more of a character study than anything else, I would have preferred more dinner table scenes and dialogue and less voice overs.

Even though I'm not jumping for joy over this movie there are some things that did tickle my funny bone. Mulroney's Randall and his balding mullet hair style was hysterical. The attention to detail in Roberta's (Bates) home was phenomenal. She is very much a free spirit which they show by having various nude art pieces placed everywhere. One scene in particular which made me chuckle was the dinner scene. Right behind Schmidt there was a painting of a female nude from the waist down. Every time they showed Schmidt that's all I saw, your eyes were drawn to the upper left corner. It's what I like to call the coochie shot. Also in the dinner scene, there was a box of milk bones on the table. I never did figure out who exactly was eating them, but I'm pretty sure Roberta (Bates) didn't have any dogs.

Although this flick did make me laugh, it's simply not my cup of tea when it comes to the cinema. I did not need to see Kathy Bates floppy boppy breasts, nor did I need to see Jack drop trou. Jack, the NYPD Blue bootie call was not necessary. If it ain't pretty and you're old, Please just keep it covered up.

link directly to this review at http://www.hollywoodbitchslap.com/review.php?movie=6456&reviewer=88
originally posted: 02/02/03 19:55:19
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User Comments

6/21/15 David Hollingsworth A darkly funny, depressing, but brilliant movie 5 stars
6/17/11 Quigley Nicholson reveals again that he is an artist, an artist that few can match. Great film. 5 stars
5/18/11 Anonymous Surprisingly very entertaining and original 4 stars
7/25/09 the dork knight A drab, depressing portrait. Yes, the last scene is nice. 3 stars
7/14/09 faiche13 Not terribly exciting but yeah, I cried 3 stars
9/14/07 Alyssa Hale Jack did his best with what he had to work with, I guess. 3 stars
6/29/06 MP Bartley Nicholson should really be polishing his fourth oscar now. Warm, witty and poignant. 4 stars
6/21/06 TB He was just lonely old man 5 stars
12/11/05 Bad Critic Really overall just average. I expected more from Payne. 3 stars
11/21/05 Kurtis J. Beard Nicholson is a blessing. See this film and everything else Payne has done. 4 stars
10/04/05 Jesse Taylor Such a memorable movie. Nicholson is perfect. 5 stars
9/19/05 sbpat21 Perfect 5 stars
9/13/05 ray mero Never saw an over the hill business guy as freakish as Nicholson in this flick. 2 stars
8/06/05 Indrid Cold Is it just me, or is Alexander Payne the most reliable director of 21st century? 4 stars
7/31/05 Beth Kerrick Surprisingly entertaining, dry humor. Loved the letter to the orphan!! 4 stars
7/24/05 DM Slow but very well-acted. Great last scene. 4 stars
7/23/05 Carolyn Rathburn It was an alright movie, loved Kathy Bates courage. 4 stars
7/16/05 Charlene Javier Brilliant Jack. Brilliant film. 5 stars
7/04/05 R.W. Welch Sardonic look at retirement. Expertly acted, often funny. Often sad. 4 stars
2/05/05 Jeff Anderson Forget the godawful ANGER MANAGEMENT, this is & will always be Nicholson's finest work!!!!! 5 stars
2/01/05 BobbysRedQueen Jack's writing to his sponsered child was funny ! 4 stars
12/08/04 frosty Definitely a "thinky" movie. Good, though. 4 stars
10/21/04 T good God boring. cannot get all the way thru it. 2 stars
10/17/04 Miles Morley If you like full frontals of old women, this flicks yours! What a boring piece of... 1 stars
10/16/04 kitfo1 for once, Jack Nicholson acts, instead of just being Jack Nicholson 4 stars
10/16/04 Charlene Javier Bravo! 5 stars
9/29/04 Steve Newman disappointed - wont ever watch again 3 stars
9/25/04 Mel Gibson's Boyfriend Kathy Bates makes even crap like this almost tolerable 3 stars
9/03/04 T.B. It funny how he write about his job 4 stars
8/31/04 Pinkline Jones Not one of Jack's better films - ok 3 stars
7/15/04 Recurring Dream made me seriously think about what 'life' all adds up to in the end(?)...and i laughed too. 4 stars
7/04/04 Bruce Depressing and Boring. Wished he would just end it all. 2 stars
4/24/04 Carla boring, hardly funny 2 stars
2/14/04 beard its damn funny. BUT IT ISN'T 4 stars
1/28/04 chris. might be slow, but a great character study 4 stars
1/20/04 Betty White Brilliant, sad film with Nicholson & Bates tour-de-forces. 5 stars
10/17/03 Josh Standlee Pretty funny, yet I still miss Jack Nicholson as Jack Torance! 3 stars
10/02/03 the Grinch If you left it, you missed the payoff...cinematically uncomfortable, but very good 4 stars
8/13/03 Kooler Sly, subtle, brilliantly shot. Incredibly sad. 5 stars
8/12/03 Nancy295 Interesting but once was enough. 3 stars
8/04/03 Dark Barøn Touching. I've got to get a life before I become like Schmidt. 5 stars
7/09/03 6th Sense Slow moving and overrated! 2 stars
7/08/03 Roy Absolutely horrible. Not funny, not dramatic, just plain horrible. 1 stars
6/20/03 joker-smoker-toker blah! worste jack nicholson movie period! 1 stars
6/17/03 Erin I left in the middle I thought it was so stupid.Maybe I missed the good stuff if any 1 stars
6/12/03 Allen But did we have to see Kathy Bates undressed? Uuuulllllghhhhh!!!!!! 5 stars
6/09/03 Jack Bourbon Wow! What an ending. 5 stars
6/08/03 The Chronic Love Nicholson!! Whats not to like about the movie. 5 stars
4/10/03 Tam A slightly depressing film with an anti-climax of an ending, but Nicholson & Bates were gr8 3 stars
3/23/03 Winthrop J Applesmythe III hey, reviewer: it's (NNN-DOO-GOO) 4 stars
3/11/03 James Renwick Disappointing. Its as simple as that 2 stars
3/03/03 Eschenennock Manville Good interest-keeper for a film with anti-climactic ending. 4 stars
2/28/03 matt disappointing 2 stars
2/21/03 Jim the movie geek The depresssing bits probably won out over the uplifting bits. Jack was great. 4 stars
2/20/03 A. Kane Jack's great. A good low-key, subversive film. 4 stars
2/19/03 catatafish I kept waiting for Jack to lose it in typical Jack style and was angry when he didn't 3 stars
2/15/03 John Bale A gentle comedy about families and aging. Nicholson's top performance 5 stars
2/13/03 Andrew Carden Great Performances By Bates and Nicholson Light Up The Film 5 stars
2/12/03 r. dassow about shmidt is about shit 2 stars
2/12/03 mattski just too shapeless although the ending may well be secretly cynical in an awesome way 3 stars
2/10/03 Greyjack Two stars if you go to movies purely for escapism, five if you dig poignant character films 5 stars
2/08/03 jeffreyman Bergmanesque with laughs 5 stars
2/07/03 mr. Pink One of the best movies of 2002! Why the fuck is this underrated! Morons!!! 5 stars
2/04/03 Krysiek Interesting, though depressing. Gives food for thought. Not a comedy! 4 stars
2/03/03 gus pesimism raping optimism in the ass over a garbage can. awful (& i;m a pesimist) 1 stars
1/31/03 Suzz a rather average film not up to all the hype 3 stars
1/31/03 Phil M. Aficionado Somehow I expected more, but maybe less is what it is really all about. Go Jack! 4 stars
1/31/03 .Choadushouse. Humorous...yet incredibally powerful and depressing! Makes me never want to get old! 4 stars
1/29/03 Evan Who wants to see a movie about a pathetic person who doesn't progress. I sure don't. 1 stars
1/28/03 Bill Head [This should be called "I'm Old, Whoopty Fuck"] Kathy Bates is such a gynecological deformity. Nicholson is the green discharge. 1 stars
1/19/03 FrayLo there's so much more to jack's character that's not said but implied... great movie. 4 stars
1/16/03 Heather An acquired taste, great acting from Jack and you get to see Kathy Bates buck naked 5 stars
1/14/03 Jack de Nero more hollywood crap 1 stars
1/10/03 Butterbean A tad overrated. Kathy Bate's nudity explains why Nicholson looks like that in the poster. 3 stars
1/08/03 OMFG THIS IS TEH SUCKES 1 stars
1/08/03 J get this jackass wintermute off of this site, he's obviously a dumbfuck. 4 stars
1/08/03 Jack Nicholson is god I expected this to be a vehicle for The Jack, but it's much more. Movie of the year, man. 5 stars
1/08/03 Mr Math Wintermute rules! 3 stars
1/05/03 sarah nicholson actually ACTS. who woulda thunk it? 4 stars
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  13-Dec-2002 (R)



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