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Thin Red Line, The
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by Slyder

"War don’t ennoble men, war turns them into dogs"
5 stars

They say that the greatness of a film is measured by the test of time. You watch a film, you fall in love with it, you cherish it, and then it fades from memory for some time, until you remember it and you watch it again, hoping to relive and experience the same impact that it had on you all those years back. Sometimes, some films will not live up to those expectations anymore, their power to project and inflict those moments of joy, sorrow, happiness, sadness, has been diluted, watered down, and then you realize that you have “outgrown” such film, and all that remains is the nostalgia. But the films that matter, the ones that we call “classics”, are the films that still retain their power and their resonance after several viewings over time, through all those years. And that certainly categorizes Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line”. Whether people like it or not, this is a film that since 1998 has refused to age and still remains relevant and powerful to this day, more so than its counterpart from that year, Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan.” Whereas “Ryan” dealt with the physical tortures of war and the importance of “fighting the good fight to earn your place in life”, “The Thin Red Line” went deeper than that, questioning the importance and the legitimacy of war itself and what purpose it has for man, and how this destructive human act contrasts with nature. I can’t think of any war film that has even dared to ask those questions, and it’s because of this line of thought, along with great performances, superb cinematography and steady direction that makes “The Thin Red Line” stand apart from the rest and cement itself as one of the greatest films ever made.

A word of caution: This isn’t your typical patriotic rah rah bullshit war movie. If you’re looking into this movie just for the guns and the explosions, you might as well go watch “Private Ryan”, for this is an altogether different beast we’re talking about.

Still want to see it? Then here we go; and so it begins as a crocodile slowly but stealthily immerses himself into the waters, on the lookout for its prey and always looking menacing, as it slowly disappears from the surface. Malick begins the film questioning “the war in the heart of nature” and “why does nature vie with itself, the land contend with the sea?” It’s amongst these first lines and the scenes of the jungles of the Polynesia where we see the power of nature, and how its flora and fauna interact in such peaceful and “natural” ways, and the local tribes, men and women and their families, whom have not known anything else but the land that they live in, joyfully living their lives without any worry, any anger, or any sense of competition. It’s here where we meet two soldiers whom have gone AWOL, one of them being one of our main characters, Private Witt (James Caviezel in his breakthrough role). He witnesses this “Eden” first hand and is overwhelmed and amazed by it. It isn’t long however when a Navy PBR spots them and soon they’re back in the barracks of the main transport ship, and back to the reality of war, in this case, World War II and the fight against the Japanese. The war has reached a crucial battle in the island of Guadalcanal, and it’s now up to the Allies to deter the Japanese control of the Pacific and turn the war around in their favor.

It is amongst the disembarkation and the long battle against the Japanese over the highest piece of land in the island where we meet several interesting characters. And it’s these characters and their interactions with each other that make this movie work.

We have First Sergeant Welsh (Sean Penn), who tries to befriend and protect Witt apparently from his own naïve, punkish attitude. Welsh is Witt’s counterpart and also his beacon of light and a constant source of fascination. Whereas Welsh shows a weariness and contempt towards the political machinations that have provoked his war as well as humanity in general, Witt always seems to have a shining optimistic view about the human spirit; he’s a soldier, but he always looks out for his fellow soldiers and also takes care of the men that are wounded in battle, be it American or Japanese soldiers, and is a firm believer in making a difference.

We have Welsh’s superiors, Captain James Staros (Elias Koteas) and Colonel Gordon Tall (Nick Nolte), whom are in charge of the regiment. Their relationship is a lot more volatile: Tall is a power hungry dog of war in the hunt for his own piece of glory, and willful to do whatever it takes to achieve victory and further his cause, even if it means killing a large part of his regiment. Staros, a lawyer and an academic, on the other hand, takes care of his men but is also aware of the worthiness of the mission and how it stacks up against the human cost and at what point does such cost becomes unacceptable.

And then we have Private Bell (Ben Chaplin), a former officer turned private whom longs for being home with his beautiful wife (Miranda Otto) and uses her erotic and romantic memories of them being together as motivational fuel to stay alive and return back to her.

There are several other characters in the movie, but each one is readily identifiable and relatable. All react in different ways to the violent environment that has been created around them, and this is where Malick’s genius in this film lies. Not only is he capable of constructing devastating battle sequences without lapsing into gory overkill, but also makes you meditate and think about the path of destruction and death that war leaves within the regiment and the environment, the randomness of violence, and more importantly, how these soldiers in their efforts of fighting the enemy are easily capable of turning themselves into senseless beasts, with no trace of remorse or humanity or even compassion; the process of dehumanization is shocking and horrifying. Not only that, he also analyzes the after-effects that war has on the losing side, and courageously strips away the flags off both armies and looks at them as two groups of men, both with their own sense of righteousness who went to fight for a cause that ultimately does nothing to alleviate their own self-imposed sufferings.

Malick also explores to great lengths the contrast between the villagers of the island, and the soldiers themselves. They fight for a cause, a material cause (“Property! The whole fucking thing is about property!” Welsh snarls at one point), and its thanks to this man-made belief that has made these men gather up their rifles and bombs and fight and kill others whom do not share this belief. Yet the villagers do not seem to have such ambitions or beliefs. They are perfectly content with what they are and their own place in nature, and they revel in it rather than fight against it. In a pivotal scene, right after the Allied landing on the island, we see the battalion quietly and carefully displacing itself through the jungle, at the same time, a villager walks by them without any care or worry, as if nothing was going on. This begs the question, who lives more at peace, the villagers, or our own ideologically driven society? Yet this doesn’t mean that the villagers themselves are immune to what’s going on in their land. Later on, Private Witt goes to one of the local villages and sees it all desolate, people whom once he held hands with, and now refuse to approach him due to fear, the fear of what he represents, of what he has brought. It’s a scenario of biblical proportions, but one that rings true and is worth reflecting on. Why do we have to fight ourselves? Why do we have to impose our beliefs over others, and even over nature itself? Does our knowledge make us better men or worse men if it drives us towards conflict and war? If war is hell, what does that say about our beliefs telling us to go to war? Or are we in fact evil by nature?

Malick’s vision is aided of course by the work of cinematographer John Toll (Braveheart), and both manage to bring out some of the most beautiful and horrifying images ever committed on the screen. Their contrasts of the natural world and how it compares to the battered and smoke-filled battlefield is quite amazing to watch. It’s also quite inventive how they project each one of the characters on screen, especially every time a soldier of higher rank comes to the forte; the camera always looks up towards him, as if the person we were looking at was some sort of God-like personification. This is mostly evident whenever Colonel Tall appears on the screen; he’s always depicted from the ground up.

There are some flaws in this film however, as the third act can comes off with mixed results. Malick tries to maintain the attention going by trying to make the lives of these men at base camp interesting, and by itself it works well, but considering how these scenes come after an hour’s worth of excitement, it can be a little boring depending on one’s view. It also doesn’t help that the buildup to the final battle sequence is rather rushed. The other complaint is about the limited appearances of John C. Reilly, John Savage, George Clooney (a cameo basically) and Adrien Brody. The cameo appearance by Clooney does tend to be a bit of a distraction to the film considering that he only appears briefly in the movie and by its end basically. John Travolta also makes a cameo appearance but at least his was at the beginning of the film and was rather substantial therefore it wasn’t as distracting. I had said before in my original review that Malick’s erasure of the main character of the novel (this film was based on the James Jones novel of the same name), Private Fife (Brody) was actually a plus since it had the effect of bringing the rest of the characters forward. Now I don’t think it is the case anymore because 1) Brody himself, for obvious reasons, and 2) the knowledge that he was the main character in the novel makes you want to know more about him, and the fact that his presence is greatly reduced in the film makes for a frustrating and glaring distraction. Personally, I can’t help but sympathize with Brody after he vocally complained about how his character was greatly chopped out of the film; his addition could have been an asset to the film.

The rest of the cast is perfect however. Nick Nolte gives one of his best performances as the ruthless, ego-driven Colonel Tall. Elias Koteas is also great as the compassionate Captain Staros. Ben Chaplin shines as well as the lovelorn Private Bell, and his face shows a certain fragility that seems to belie his survival instincts. James Caviezel is also great as the ethereal Witt and makes a great counterpart to Sean Penn who also manages to be effectively moody as Welsh.

Despite the hiccups and problems in the final third, “The Thin Red Line manages to succeed in part to Malick’s reflective yet unflinching vision of man’s violent traits and its effects on nature itself. It was a welcome and grandiose return from the master filmmaker that we long thought had been resigned to the history books ever since he vanished for 20 years after the release of his equally brilliant Days of Heaven. 13 years after its release, it still remains a powerful and original film that will reward viewers looking for more than just the gunfire and the explosions; a human face amongst the rubble. 5-5

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originally posted: 01/26/04 17:59:42
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell good but not 4 everyone 4 stars
6/09/15 stanley welles a dazzling and beautiful war movie 5 stars
2/28/14 Tardkiller TM owes me 3 hours and 8 bucks. More narrative to be found in most grade school dioramas. 1 stars
11/13/13 mr.mike Liked it more the second time. 4 stars
8/24/13 Fire With Fire Pretentious,trippy,grossly inaccurate insult to those who fought and died at Guadalcanal 1 stars
4/10/11 Bronson Fastfowarding the home scenes worked for me 5 stars
11/08/10 Bob Hey Paulapalooza, Joe Ticket is right. Opinions can't be wrong. 3 stars
12/24/09 Jeff Wilder Less a war film than an existentialist parable. 4 stars
11/30/09 Silkworm Big actors names - Very Slow Dull Film 2 stars
5/29/07 outdoorbob another fantasy of war as any combat vet will tell you, see SPR instead. 2 stars
12/14/06 MP Bartley Lush and absorbing, but everything after the taking of the hill feels redundant.It's no SPR 4 stars
8/12/06 Jimbob Simply Stunning, best movie Ever 5 stars
8/09/06 Greg Fantastic,my favourite film ever,powerful and moving 5 stars
12/27/05 whitfield comparing TTRL to cookiecuttercrap like Saving Ryan's Privates insultsanyone with filmsense 5 stars
10/27/05 noops a boring war film 2 stars
10/25/05 roy holt best war film ever made 5 stars
8/30/05 ES Swims in a sea of pretentiousness, trying to relate WWII to vietnam all at a snail's pace 1 stars
7/02/05 sweetgrrl1972 Really. Really. Boring. 1 stars
4/12/05 darren deeply emotional. great score. ridiculous "cameos" 4 stars
3/26/05 indrid cold Blown away by Saving Private Ryan, but more reflective and poetic. 4 stars
3/08/05 Uncle Phucker Best Word War II film ever. Cannot wait for The New World. 5 stars
11/11/04 jellica it was very sad but i did not cry 5 stars
9/12/04 sam bonner 2 good scenes, otherwise one of the worst war movies ever 1 stars
9/04/04 jeff i found it slow and boring, "saving private ryan" wanna be. sucked 2 stars
7/09/04 Daveman Beautiful but too long and weak on plot and character development. 4 stars
7/01/04 Mike Lacking a good plot but best. cinemetography. ever. 5 stars
5/04/04 Todd Restler The most visually impressive movie I've ever seen 5 stars
3/11/04 lili its cool 5 stars
2/20/04 Denise Duspiva No emotion 1 stars
1/26/04 Chloe Brody Adrien...Sean, what more could you ask for?! 5 stars
12/26/03 J One the best war dramas ever since I seen Platoon! **** out of 4 5 stars
11/24/03 homer J. Simpson an artistic master piece 5 stars
10/16/03 Jon read the book 5 stars
9/27/03 MGuettler exceptional film and the book is even better 5 stars
6/18/03 magus this film changed my life 5 stars
4/25/03 z the best i have seen in years 5 stars
2/27/03 jim nice review, i give the reviewer a 5 too. 5 stars
1/25/03 Jack Sommersby Superior to the cliche-filled "Saving Private Ryan". 4 stars
1/22/03 Pinkline Jones zzzz yet another one-sided War Movie 2 stars
1/06/03 Vince it's ok. Nick Nolte is shit in my opinion though. 3 stars
11/08/02 Charles Tatum Better than "Saving Ryan's Privates" 5 stars
5/23/02 Piz trades intellect and feelings for pure blood and guts, well put together 4 stars
5/17/02 viking a war film to please pseudo intellectuals and drive every else nuts !!! 3 stars
4/18/02 natasha the acting is incomparable, the artistry is beyond mere words 5 stars
4/17/02 Sam Blows old war cliches out of the water bringing a fresh approach. 5 stars
4/08/02 CAT Saving Private Ryan is better, this movie had bad pacing and lacked in areas 3 stars
2/27/02 Shrike You need a brain to appreciate the philosophy, and to think the original cut was 5 hours 5 stars
1/15/02 Murray Castles God what a mess. Read the book and watch SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. 2 stars
1/07/02 Andrew Carden Beautifully Done With Realistic War Scenes. 5 stars
10/01/01 Zatoichi Jones Thinking man's Saving Private Ryan 5 stars
9/09/01 Ricky War! Huh! What is it good for? 5 stars
7/20/01 Matthew Bartley Hmm, grass...more grass...hey, yet more grass! 3 stars
5/28/01 cinkcool SO LONG AND SOOOOOOO BORING 1 stars
5/21/01 Kendra Moore The movie was just a little confusing, but I still liked it because Jim Caviezel is in it. 4 stars
5/04/01 ChiefAlDog Beautiful psychological examination. Shows how doubt/fear arose even in our patriotic war. 5 stars
3/26/01 Ichabod Crane TEEN MOVIE CRITIC II IS A STUPID FUCKING COCKSUCKER. A RIP OFF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
3/19/01 Sudeep One helluva movie...beats saving private ryan hands down ,any day of the year. 5 stars
3/07/01 Mike Much better than Saving pr, this is art, not hollywood 5 stars
2/13/01 swapneel the best philosophical war movie since platoon 5 stars
11/21/00 Pionek Wieczysty More slick & "Hollywood" (i.e., Stedicam shots) than SPRyan...but good. 5 stars
11/02/00 Cristopher Revilla Ryan is war movie, thin red line is humanitarian move, you fucking assholes!!!! 5 stars
10/26/00 Colonel Carter not good 1 stars
10/21/00 Gremlin Action scenes are cool. The movie has too many slow gay parts though. 4 stars
10/20/00 Rick Dyspeptic Ted Danson in'.Ryan'? Urgh.Give me Woody Harrelson chirping"I blew my butt off!" 5 stars
8/09/00 Terrie Smith Fairly interesting film; too many characters involved but the battles scenes were well done 4 stars
8/04/00 Viking Makes "A Zed and two Noughts" look as fast paced as "Speed" 3 stars
6/27/00 Purple Monster At least "Private Ryan" seemed authentic !!!! 3 stars
6/20/00 Tojo I laughed, I cried, I wish I died... 1 stars
6/18/00 Greyjack Possibly my favorite film ever. As with most great art, you'll either love or hate it. 5 stars
6/12/00 DAVID Movie had a few nail biting moments but drags at times with stuff we dont wanna see!!!!!!! 3 stars
5/17/00 Zatoichi Jones The thinking man's Private Ryan 4 stars
5/08/00 kristm@msn.com If you think it sucks, you're missing the point 5 stars
5/04/00 P.Rodriguez I was doing my Info Tech project formulas in my head while watching this Shit. 1 stars
3/31/00 Arnaldo Cruz powerful and at the same time,beautiful scrip,super than private Ryan 5 stars
2/14/00 Hunley Needed a really good editor to cut another hour out of it to be really good. 3 stars
2/03/00 Matthew Bartley Just fucking end!!! Said absolutely nothing about war 2 stars
1/26/00 PervertedPixie Poetic and visually sublime. Not as focused as Private Ryan but alot more heart felt. 5 stars
1/19/00 k.tomkowski Directorial masterpiece and beautiful photography. The script could be better. 4 stars
1/06/00 Murray Castles The most disappointing film I have ever seen. Malick is no Spielberg. 1 stars
1/06/00 JussMatt I felt like a POW being tortured watching this. Too long, Too Shitty, Somebody Shoot Me!!! 1 stars
11/18/99 bishopj@pumpkinsfan.com Not a Spielberg fan, but Saving Pri. Ryan was better. Still good though. 4 stars
11/09/99 C.A.T.M. Did I mention this film is Fucking Awesome? 5 stars
10/27/99 Pat Lawlor Makes Saving Private Ryan looks like Disney 5 stars
10/27/99 Ralf Behet Brilliantly filmed, but unfocused and pretentious. Still worthwhile 4 stars
10/26/99 Keiros Hamburger Hill with a lot of Calvin Klein adds 2 stars
9/05/99 Weird Andy Simultaneously meditative and terrifying. 5 stars
8/18/99 KK Talk about a black hole. What an insult to veterans of the Pacific Theatre. 1 stars
7/31/99 Obi Wan I've Been Fucking Robbed!!!! Movied sucked Roseanne's Ass!!! 1 stars
7/30/99 Matthew Bartley Wow grass!!Lots of it!!...and thats it really 2 stars
7/29/99 4ever Surpassed SPR in its depth, cinematography, music, and thought 5 stars
7/23/99 Bozo The longest; the most boring; God it was agony 1 stars
7/23/99 Hagbard Celine Guess I just didn't get the Zen voice-overs. Got tired of looking at shots of tall grass. 3 stars
7/20/99 Tristynn umm.. I guess I missed something.Boring...SPR kicked this movies ASS!!! and some... 2 stars
7/06/99 Angie very strange movie....not what i thought it would be...the scenes were beautiful. 3 stars
7/03/99 J-Dogg OVERLONG and boring, but it's poetry is what grasped me. 3 stars
6/18/99 Jude Best movie of the year, better than Saving Private Ryan. The OST is moving and make me cry 5 stars
4/23/99 gibb slick movie 5 stars
4/19/99 bb It was okay if you just want to kill time 3 stars
4/09/99 Keith Calder Beautifully shot. Everything else sucked. Pretentious without any real depth. 1 stars
4/03/99 Albert Snoooooooze. Go back in hiding, Malick. We'll just watch Badlands. 1 stars
4/02/99 Lily Wow, I really wish my grandfather was alive. questions... 5 stars
3/22/99 Matthew Bartley Dull,overlong and pretentious 2 stars
3/21/99 Ah Dooey Hey Katie, ypu're right. 5 stars
3/09/99 Katie Completely overrated! 1 stars
3/08/99 Karen This movie spent the whole time patting itself on the back. SUCKS!!!! 1 stars
3/08/99 Cathy & Kevin Way too long. No Plot. Boring. Got caught up on our sleep. 1 stars
3/07/99 Film Review Definately better than SPR, and that's difficult. Sound and music is pinnacle. 5 stars
3/04/99 Vick Di Brecci Lacks the momentum and urgency of SPR but better in other ways (acting, dialogue,...) 4 stars
3/03/99 Steve Kelley This movie somehow became pseudo-intellectual reviewer's chance to show off. 2 stars
3/03/99 Andrew Feland One reviewer said it best: Malick never met a leaf he didn't like. 2 stars
3/02/99 Babu I have enjoyed it up to the brim due to the Dolby Digital effects. First attack too long. 5 stars
3/01/99 BillyZ233 Terrific acting and an incredible feel to it . I loved this thing and I will see it again. 5 stars
3/01/99 EmmetOtter Very long and boring. 2 stars
2/27/99 Jerry-93 Better than Days Of Heaven. The inclusion of overt homosexual tension made this a pisser. 2 stars
2/23/99 little jerry Criticised for being obscure when what struck me was its simple clarity.Welcome back Terry. 5 stars
2/20/99 Shanandler Bong Good sound, okay acting, NO PLOT TOO FUCKIN' LONG!!!! 3 stars
2/18/99 The Graduate Very strong and beautiful, and the lack of traditional plot or main character worked well. 4 stars
2/17/99 Piz Very good movie, terrible ending, tried to be all things to all people 4 stars
2/03/99 Joel Rick Most of the film was BORING !! 2 stars
2/03/99 grunter Makes "Saving Private Ryan" stick out like the cartoon that it really was 5 stars
1/30/99 Vick Di Brecci Good, not great. I preferred Saving Private Ryan 4 stars
1/27/99 MickCollins It's been 20 years,someone remind Terry how to edit. Plus,could we see more naked natives? 1 stars
1/27/99 Melody 1 of the better movies I saw last year 5 stars
1/25/99 Danielle Boucher To long, to moralistic 1 stars
1/23/99 Cory Clawson Very intense and at times, very symbolic 5 stars
1/22/99 Mr. Film Clearly people who like this movie are much smarter than the rest of us schmucks. 1 stars
1/22/99 Tristan The best war movie I have seen since Full Metal Jacket. 5 stars
1/21/99 Brunetta Amazing! Brilliantly plotted with one of the most original arguments ever! 5 stars
1/21/99 toby Works on many levels that few seem to be grasping. Great cinematography, Nolte's awesome. 5 stars
1/20/99 Angus This movie is about 2hrs&45min too long. artsy crap pretending to be a war movie.Boring 1 stars
1/20/99 Henry Stewart Incredible, more about fear than it is about war. Definitely not for all tastes, though. 5 stars
1/20/99 Robin Bellamy Good locations, Good SFX, Bad use of top notch actors as extra, No story, Poor editing!!!!! 1 stars
1/20/99 CLC Jason S-you are so right. what a waste of money. classic crappy movie making 1 stars
1/19/99 loborojo@hotmail.com if u dont mind having your butt hurt then watch dis thing. its gud! 5 stars
1/18/99 donkey_dew Beside Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List being the greatest movies ever made. 5 stars
1/18/99 You know who Come on, Jules. If you can't see this is PERFECTION, you should stop reviewing. 5 stars
1/17/99 Brendan Great movie you can't say anything bad about it! 5 stars
1/17/99 Amazed This film is not 180+ minutes. Get the facts before you review a film. 5 stars
1/16/99 Jeff good--but the cameos are distracting--better if made with a no-name cast 4 stars
1/16/99 crawdad The cinematography makes me want to see it again. Stunning. 5 stars
1/16/99 Jon Great Movie. Better Book. 5 stars
1/16/99 buddy Great film, I cared about these people unlike SPR where I couldn't remember their names. 5 stars
1/16/99 Jason Stein Biggest Dissapointment of the year!!!! 1 stars
1/16/99 Glitter I thought it was beautiful to look at, but there was no character depth or plot. 3 stars
1/16/99 mark Its Saving Private Ryan meets every Calvin Klein commercial. 1 stars
1/14/99 Joe Ferrara Well, not to wax too lyrical, but a lyrical epic. Almost every frame is a thing of beauty. 5 stars
1/12/99 jvt If you refuse to think don't see this movie. You'll probably walk out with the other morons 5 stars
1/12/99 Devon Good film. A bit long, but worth it. Jim Caviezel was awesome as Pvt. Witt 5 stars
1/12/99 Steve Kelley, SJKelley5@aol.com There's a point in a 3-hour poem when you want to strangle the poet. 1 stars
1/11/99 LT Terrence Mallick needs a large dose of get-over-yourself 1 stars
1/11/99 Mr Showbiz Jim Caviezel turns in a breakout performance, and Sean Penn and Nick Nolte also shine. 5 stars
1/11/99 Charles von Waldenberg III It was too long, incoherant, pointless and pretentious. Anyone get the point? 2 stars
1/09/99 Johny Miles above of Private Ryan, a great film 5 stars
1/08/99 crc this movie was a joke. i laughed at john travolta, and clooney. and nolte-pleeease. boring 1 stars
1/06/99 Vincent U know nothing about Terry Mallick Tiffany- get a clue 5 stars
1/05/99 Tiffany It REALLY wanted to be an art film along the lines of Apocalypse Now. It fell MILES short! 1 stars
1/05/99 Vincent 1- the film is under 3 hours 2- it's a NEW adaptation of the book NOT a remake of the film 5 stars
1/03/99 Landru Overrated. Full Metal Jacket was a better depiction of combat. 3 stars
1/02/99 Critic Deluxe Typical stereotypes from Hollywood writers. Technical inconsistencies detract. Good action 4 stars
12/29/98 sin chul lee korea 5 stars
12/25/98 Cage Not as good as Private Ryan, but extremely well done.. Moving. 5 stars
12/24/98 Binky One word sums it up. Wow. 5 stars
12/06/98 Dick Richie Long, but what a great film. Lots of subplots, all riveting. 5 stars
11/21/98 RaidersFan Ben Chaplin makes a great American.This is an incredible movie!!! 5 stars
11/20/98 Richard Hill Astonishing. Don't expect "S.P. Ryan". More subdued, hypnotic. Harrelson, Penn great. 5 stars
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  25-Dec-1998 (R)
  DVD: 28-Sep-2010


  18-Feb-1999 (MA)

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