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by David Cornelius

"Sword? Check. Sandal? Check. Stupidity? Check."
2 stars

I have often declared my love for the sword and sandal epic as a genre, but what I have failed to mention is that many of these kinds of movies really, really blow. Like “Troy,” director Wolfgang Peterson’s colossal dud that’s “inspired by” The Iliad, in the sense that Homer’s story inspired himto make a movie but didn’t inspire him enough to make it a good one.

To get a sense of what’s gone wrong here, understand that Peterson requested that screenwriter David Benioff (“25th Hour”) remove all references to the Greek gods because Peterson thought they were “silly,” yet he thought it was OK for Helen to say lines like “I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of tomorrow!” Ugh.

The whole movie - all 162 agonizing minutes of it - is like that, folks. I admire its epic vision; the costumes, sets, cinematography, and visual effects are all quite impressive, presenting that grand widescreen feel that makes an epic an epic. But while “Troy” is a good technical film, it’s a horrible dramatic one. The script is loaded with groaners like the one above, delivered by newcomer Diane Kruger with all the verve of a soap star who just learned her lines five minutes ago. The storyline has been torn apart and rebuilt as a great big mess. The music - James Horner ripping off (quite badly) Hans Zimmer’s “Gladiator” score and, I think, the “Jaws” theme - is a laughable blend of crap and crud. And, hey, can Brad Pitt pick one accent and stick with it for more than five minutes at a time?

Seriously, this is Pitt’s worst performance ever, hands down. His Achilles is presented as an emotionally conflicted uber-hero, and Pitt doesn’t quite know what to do with the part. Frankly, neither do we. A Greek demigod retooled as a self-doubting soldier for hire? The result is scene after scene in which Pitt looks lost and confused, like a big dumb guy asked to solve a Rubik’s Cube. He comes out of his fog just long enough to shout stuff like: “You know what’s on that beach? Immortality! Take it! It’s yyyyyooooouuuuurrrrr’ssss!!”

There is also a scene in which, during the seige of Troy, we see Achilles climbing up the side of a wall. Instead of taking the stairs, which are right next to the wall. Hot damn, this is one dumbass movie.

I should probably mention the plot, for those of you who never bothered to read The Iliad in high school. Wacky Trojan princes Hector (Eric Bana) and Paris (Orlando Bloom) have come to Sparta to make good with King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson). Foreign relations are going just fine until the king’s wife, Helen, ups and runs off with hunky young Paris, probably because he spends the first part of the movie bare-ass naked. (Come on. Naked Orlando Bloom versus naked Brendan Gleeson? No contest. Hell, maybe in between sex sessions, he can give her tips on how to be fabulous.)

Anyway, Menelaus is a bit peeved at Paris, so he and Greek “king of kings” Agamemnon (Brian Cox, chewing more scenery than he can swallow) set out with ace soldier Achilles in tow to invade Troy. Many battles ensue, including one in which Achilles’ men start creeping along in such perfect unison that I swear I thought they were going to start singing numbers from “A Chorus Line.”

Aside from the whole no-gods thing, Benioff wiggles the story in a few other minor areas, such as whittling the war down to just a few days, and making the Patroclus character Achilles’ cousin and not his, um, “Greek friend.” Considering how crucial Patroclus is to the plot, you’d think this alteration would be a big deal, but so much dumber stuff is going on around it that you don’t really care. (Like, for instance, a death scene that has an entire battle of some tens of thousands of soldiers come to a halt just to watch this one guy be dead, like it’s the spotlight dance at the prom.)

There’s also this thing that Pitt’s Achilles has for sniffing hair. A lot. Considering Pitt is repeatedly shot as if he’s in a shampoo commercial, all flowing golden mane and slow motion and such, I’m wondering if this was the closest thing they could get to product placement. Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific. No? Too old a reference?

“Troy” does contain two very good scenes that belong in a better movie. The first is a battle between the cowardly Paris and the vengeful Menelaus. With practically no dialogue to scuff it up, and little directing flourishes to get in the way, this scene becomes one for the actors, especially Bloom (who, like half the cast, is too good for something this vapid). The young star goes from false bravado to shameful cowardice in such a convincing manner that we’re reminded just how cool this movie should have been.

Then comes a later scene between Pitt and Peter O’Toole. Yes, the Peter O’Toole. There’s plenty of dialogue, most of of mercifully not asinine, and O’Toole, a master of delivering the English language, simply sits down and shows Pitt how it’s done. As King Priam, lamenting the death of a son and demanding that his enemy show him some respect, O’Toole’s performance overcomes all obstacles. We come to care for his character and his situation, and the legendary actor rescues us from an otherwise dull work.

But ten minutes of quality do not matter when the other one hundred fifty two of them are so lousy. Peterson directs on autopilot (for a filmmaker with such a great reputation, we often forget that this is the hump that gave us “Outbreak” and “Air Force One,” laughable messes both), and the closest Benioff comes to recognizing the source material is a scene where Achilles is shot in the heel, although that ain’t what kills him. “Troy” is a Cliffs Notes version without the helpful observations, a classic fable reduced to soap opera cheese and action movie idiocy.

This is a sword and sandal epic so misguided that Richard Burton would have turned it down. Sure, it looks great, but did anybody bother to check the script first?

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originally posted: 01/06/05 12:44:33
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User Comments

12/28/17 Tom Philpott Eric BanaVICTH IS ABSOLUTELY USELESS AS AN ACTOR. Unwatchable. 1 stars
12/01/17 Hendrick Best Movie ever my top film ever it was truly an epic 5 stars
9/13/17 morris campbell good action thats about it 2 stars
2/12/16 Les Zador Magnificent epic; almost the equal of BEN-HUR and SPARTACUS. 5 stars
2/26/15 stanley welles visually competent but fails in every other aspect including its writing and storytelling 2 stars
5/26/14 Linnaeus The death of Hector was very moving. 4 stars
7/22/11 Brian People who call this film "a grotesque butchery" need to get out more. 5 stars
8/15/09 Jeff Wilder Better than King Arthur or Alexander. 3 stars
2/02/09 Art I thought the acting was so-so (better towards the end)but casting was good... 5 stars
12/13/08 Nijinsky Loved the Pitt Bana sword fight, the pirouettes were to die for. 5 stars
11/20/08 Ashwin Lobo every actor pulled his role brilliantly! 5 stars
9/05/08 Rada Sarbu Very good. Big scenes, big sets, big story, great actors. 5 stars
7/21/08 bored mom Zeus, the God of Thunder my ass. This movie has lost all credibility. 1 stars
6/19/08 Don A grotesque butchery of "the Iliad" 1 stars
4/07/08 A Brad Pitt fan For fangirls only. extra CHEESY with horrible acting (except for Bana) & dialogue. a mess 1 stars
3/20/08 Jeffrey James Jealous men that have an inferiority complex don't have the capacity to see the excellence 5 stars
3/01/08 Pamela White Epic filming but not historical 3 stars
2/04/08 Lorenzo A Classic. Great achievement. 5 stars
12/18/07 Joe V Brad & Orlando in leather. What's not to like? 4 stars
12/17/07 Eman Cruz nice movie..a lil' bit off the epic though.. 4 stars
11/18/07 Erica Munro Brad pitt's best movie this man makes killing look sexy! 5 stars
7/19/07 prashant its good movi 5 stars
7/15/07 the young one that's nicely said, if you want ti accurate then go make a ten hour film on the true events 3 stars
6/23/07 John M Petersen has gone the "Michael Bay" way since 95 but at least Bay's movies are entertaining 1 stars
5/14/07 Dave sucks 1 stars
5/12/07 Jemima Piraira ccccrrraaaaapppppppp 1 stars
4/27/07 John Mclane Actually, considering the budget and the names, it's quite terrible. Bana was great, though 1 stars
4/12/07 David Pollastrini Not great not terrible 3 stars
4/03/07 That was a sign of the apocalypse... .., Sure. They spent around 200 M. $ to make this garbage!! then it gained back 500 M. $!!! 1 stars
3/26/07 Achilles sucks Terrible! i was embarrassed for Brad Pitt and i dare him to act worse. R.I.P Tyler Durden.. 1 stars
2/13/07 Double M Woodenly-acted, overblown, inaccurate DISASTER. Bana was the ONLY good thing. For kids only 1 stars
12/16/06 Briseis very interesting adaptation of Greek Myth 5 stars
12/10/06 tanbir aliwal azad fantastic movie.worth wtching again 5 stars
11/12/06 cody better than alexander in story telling and direction if know what l mean. but still 3/5 3 stars
5/28/06 drydock54321 hard to believe nobody could kill him with all those soldiers fighting around him 3 stars
5/12/06 mr.seraph not a bad movie... but deffinately nothing special - not worth watching more than once 3 stars
4/30/06 Gabs hell, I enjoyed this despite it's problems and the lack of Iliad depth 4 stars
4/25/06 Bobby achilles and hector controlled this movie 5 stars
4/24/06 Anthony Feor This would have been better if there was more effort and no Brad Pitt 3 stars
4/07/06 Andy Good Movie 4 stars
1/20/06 John This is terrible!!!!! 1 stars
12/24/05 Paulie Did anyone actually bother to read the Iliad? 1 stars
11/17/05 John The Iliad is a great story and it 1 stars
11/07/05 cooler fucking shit shit shit.Can't even touch Braveheart 1 stars
10/19/05 Wisamane Are you guys fucking kidding me DRUM LINE GETS A BETTER RAITING THAN THIS, SUERB MOVIE 5 stars
10/10/05 Quigley brad pitt did an atrocious job of acting. battles were too LOTR envious, duels were sweet 2 stars
10/03/05 Kaliwind Eric Bana and Peter O'Toole couldn't save this film. The writing is godawful. 1 stars
9/21/05 Alistair Obvious special effects, pitiful music, hilariously camp camera 1 stars
9/19/05 Jonathon Holmes Bana and O' Toole's Oscar worthy performances can't save this dog of a film 1 stars
8/22/05 neno gr8 gr8 gr8888 movie !i love brad alot in this legendry role 5 stars
8/21/05 Aldo OK ...but just ok 3 stars
8/18/05 ES love that CGI enhanced 'special death blow' that Pitt uses = dear lord help us 2 stars
7/27/05 tony SHITSHITSHIT. just a waste of time. I hope there is a rating below total crap for this one 1 stars
7/22/05 Tyler Un-watchable!!! 1 stars
7/10/05 Peteca So good that I got the DVD! 5 stars
7/03/05 Doremimi Eric Bana saves this flick. Pitt is pretty, but SO miscast. Bloom couldn't be any gayer. 3 stars
6/01/05 babak it is a nice movie because of the magic presentation of brad pitt 5 stars
5/31/05 Lynette storyline so-so but a swell performance by Eric Bana 4 stars
4/25/05 Pippin007 Its OK!! 3 stars
4/18/05 Tadhg Simmons Homer is rolling over in his grave... 1 stars
4/17/05 Vince 's okay... Got Pitt in it. And Bloom. 's okay, see it once. 3 stars
4/15/05 Cassander Great to see Peter Otoole 5 stars
4/12/05 Quigley brad pitt cannot act, along with orlando bloom. but good battles save this inaccurate epic 4 stars
3/25/05 Denise tragic but good 5 stars
3/23/05 Nicole I liked it - but I really like an epic 4 stars
2/21/05 ELI not bad or good. just...odd 3 stars
2/18/05 Sharon Davis too much, too much of everything, worth watching tho 3 stars
2/18/05 Shel Just one word sums it up....Brad 5 stars
2/16/05 kathleen4691 Good battle scenes, a bit too much focus on Brad Pitt, otherwise entertaining. 4 stars
2/15/05 Miranda Lahr if you are really into the history movies than this is for you if not you'll get bored 5 stars
2/15/05 xxplosive Not as good as Gladiator but worth a look 3 stars
2/15/05 Joshua Lenti-Jones nice to see the epics getting screen time 4 stars
2/12/05 Ig nothing better than brad pitt in a skirt 5 stars
2/11/05 rebecca gilbert Highly revommended! 5 stars
2/09/05 Colleen Goldrick An Epic 4 stars
2/08/05 dema pretty entertaining but I will remember it for it's many flaws. 2 stars
2/07/05 Jeff Anderson As bad as ALEXANDER, but I'll say one thing. At least director W.P. knew what he was doing! 2 stars
2/06/05 Kenneth Helmick I thought it was pretty decent 4 stars
2/06/05 James Davidson Lots of action, usual good performance by O'Toole 4 stars
2/05/05 Cassandra Farrar big actors - small performances 2 stars
2/04/05 Valerie White I enjoyed it 4 stars
2/04/05 Alice Colwell worth a look but nothing great 4 stars
2/03/05 ss Fantastic Movie, A must go see 4 stars
1/31/05 Tammie Ramsey I loved the movie and all of my family/friends did as well. I fell in love w/Brad Pitt! 5 stars
1/31/05 Lance Wright Deadly dull. Not even a buff Brad Pitt can save it. 2 stars
1/29/05 Frank Tells good movie 4 stars
1/28/05 WILLIAM LOTS OF ACTION! 4 stars
1/28/05 randy no comment 3 stars
1/18/05 HL Surprisingly Entertaining...Pitt's Acting & Story..Very Good. 4 stars
1/13/05 Tjalda L. Schiel Russell, Russell, Where art thou? Helen, Helen, get lost. 2 stars
1/11/05 the Grinch Not flawless, but good historical epic. Those who think this is bad should see Alexander 4 stars
1/10/05 Dan GREAT ASS FILM! 5 stars
1/08/05 keithers.. made durning the epic craze after Lord of the rings...nothing special.. 2 stars
1/06/05 sbpat21 not very good 2 stars
1/06/05 Maalstrom boooooooooo! 2 stars
12/04/04 jonnyboy wat a waist of money man that makes me so angry 1 stars
11/26/04 king of cool how can anyone not like this great sword and sandal movie!!! cost 200 million!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/26/04 james fghfgh 5 stars
11/17/04 Danish Cookie Only idiots like Pitt will like this crap 1 stars
11/08/04 lotrEEproper owns this shi& i agree absolute wank,but no as bad as HPCOSecrets 2 stars
11/07/04 Jim This movie sucked to da funken max and it sucks balls. 2 stars
11/06/04 Sarah I love Troy its my fav movie of all times i also love LOTR and i put them both on a high sc 5 stars
10/31/04 Jimmy James typical hollywood dreck. 2 stars
10/30/04 seb wank 1 stars
10/29/04 Excel This is a movie that was made to be mocked. 1 stars
10/29/04 Scott Roen well done - very impressive 4 stars
10/09/04 Big fan I loved orlando blooms acting 5 stars
10/06/04 shazia excellent movie 5 stars
10/05/04 kp masterpiece BEST ACTION FILM EVER 5 stars
10/03/04 Adrienne I thought it was a really good movie! Romance and action all in one!! 5 stars
10/03/04 Captain Caveman The worst thing I've laid eyes on this year and I saw Rosie O'Donald naked last night 1 stars
10/02/04 Daveman Its challenging story, opulence and O'Toole's performance make this often silly film worthy 4 stars
9/29/04 buu afds 5 stars
9/25/04 NJ Cup Winner 95-00-03 Orlando Bloom ruins everything he comes within ten feet of 1 stars
9/20/04 Sonia Pretty good beginning, but poor storyline, worst score (the female voice), unconvincing. 1 stars
9/13/04 Rakel The script was truly awful, I was cringing half the time 2 stars
9/10/04 Tyrantis They shortened the 10 year war to 18 days and it still felt like it took FOREVER. 1 stars
9/10/04 jeff the story is kinda lame, overall an okay movie. 3 stars
8/15/04 Jessica was the best movie ever 5 stars
8/14/04 naresh kadasi it is worth to watch the he movie 4 stars
8/10/04 Sarah Brad Pitt is so hot and does not seem miscast at all.He's blistfully perfect. 5 stars
8/05/04 Lisa Utterly, boring crao that not even the godlike beauty of Brad Pitt can save. 1 stars
8/02/04 chaitanya hair rising fight between pitt and bana. 4 stars
7/21/04 Shams Huque A bit bland, but good entertainment. More Sean Bean dammit! 4 stars
7/17/04 legend The face that lanuched a thousand ships? I think not. Bad cast. 2 stars
7/15/04 S.F O'toole is great.Pitt is constipated. Nazi Helen with blonde hair/ blue eyes.Bloom is pussy 3 stars
7/14/04 Gray tries to be both a drama and an action fails at both 1 stars
7/12/04 Mark C So wooden it creaked. Great action scenes though. 2 stars
7/08/04 Kitty Troy was the best movie ever 5 stars
7/08/04 Stevo So close to being really good . . . but why Pitt? 3 stars
7/03/04 Dani Please, don't try to find a guy named Troy! Great movie! 5 stars
7/03/04 Peteco Really good 5 stars
7/02/04 dr you guys are obviously jealous of brad pitt the movie was great!brad was great 5 stars
6/25/04 M Pitt looks great and Bana even better, though too shallow and tedious. 3 stars
6/25/04 Alex average acting, average directing 3 stars
6/22/04 SF. O'toole rocks! bloom, pitt suck! helen of troy doesn't look greek! 3 stars
6/21/04 Micky LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! PATROCLUS IS THE BEST! 5 stars
6/21/04 Dick Logan Good cinematography, too long, and a bit cheesy. 4 stars
6/15/04 Gary Hudman An incredible waste of time and money. 2 stars
6/12/04 Melina watch it for brad's butt and eric's chest! 5 stars
6/10/04 herkos akhaion Cox and O'Toole very good, the rest awful 2 stars
6/08/04 Gazza E Better then I expected. Breathtaking fight between Bana and Pitt. 4 stars
6/06/04 Daveman Adequete but too fucking long 3 stars
6/06/04 Recurring Dream it looked pretty but I didn't care much unfortunately 3 stars
6/03/04 Joy Pitt was miscast, but Eric Bana gave a great performance 4 stars
6/03/04 beverly Eric was good, Brad pitt was goo too but Rose Byrne top all of them 5 stars
6/02/04 Elizabeth The review was very accurate, I thought this movie was terrible. 2 stars
6/02/04 Faye Donahue The film was a disappointment to say the least..... it could have been an epic!! 3 stars
6/01/04 nick2k not bad...alot better than gladiator. long live hector!!! 3 stars
6/01/04 Tom Well done, especially given context (we know the story,ending) 4 stars
6/01/04 A F Bloom kinda fit his character(Lil bitch boy). Who were we supposed to sympathize with? 3 stars
6/01/04 The Chronic Miscast, didnt convince me. not pitts best 3 stars
6/01/04 Susan I could have written a better script myself...it was so bad, we laughed our way through it! 1 stars
5/31/04 DC Very enjoyable fim. Not Oscar worthy, but fun to watch. 4 stars
5/31/04 Peteco It was really good 4 stars
5/31/04 gorillabear no cohesion--just scene upon scene--decent overall 4 stars
5/29/04 Parker love Pitt, love Peterson's Das Boot, walked out after 20 minutes, this's irredeemable shite 1 stars
5/28/04 amy hollywood ruins another epic by turning it into a love story 3 stars
5/28/04 Millie Maelstrom Aside from interjection of modern "feminist" "values", a good telling of Trojan War story. 4 stars
5/27/04 Inga Shallow as a spring puddle 3 stars
5/27/04 Mark D. Fulwiler Not great, but entertaining 4 stars
5/27/04 john no brainer, fun, buff Brad, Gladiator copy etc. 4 stars
5/27/04 April Ann Malubay its a goog film 5 stars
5/27/04 pal average 3 stars
5/26/04 FyreCascade AWESOME! love the fight scenes w/ brad too : ) 5 stars
5/25/04 Alex Very good considering the essential need to excise the gods from Homer's plot. No need for 4 stars
5/25/04 john bale Digital FX's can't replace acting and if you want an epic go see Lawrence of Arabia 3 stars
5/24/04 Obi Wan Very good movie...it's not Gladiator but it does hold it's own! 5 stars
5/24/04 gray tries to be a drama and an actions and fails at both+no real good side 3 stars
5/23/04 christy great film, great action, great visuals, great story 5 stars
5/23/04 Daveman The only redeeming facor is the cool one on one fight choreopgraphy. 2 stars
5/23/04 MIKE from MNY As good as Braveheart 5 stars
5/23/04 Movie Expert Much better than Return of the King because at least it is within realm of possibility 5 stars
5/23/04 Equus Really poor revision of Homer's classic. Bad dialogue, bad acting, bad history. 2 stars
5/23/04 Jason Wells Its like Gladiator meets Lord of the rings but gone badly wrong 3 stars
5/23/04 Eros Not worthy of pirating 1 stars
5/21/04 rosa the greatest story ever ruined. 1 stars
5/20/04 b grdner excellent..McCullough's SONG OF TROY was a source..excellent film, faithful to Homer.. 5 stars
5/19/04 elizaveta Bana stole the show! What can I saw, I love epic-style films. I believe I'll re-read Iliad 5 stars
5/19/04 Rootwoman A dumbed-down, dull disappointment. 2 stars
5/19/04 Debra Very much worth it! Eric Bana was right-on in his performance. 5 stars
5/19/04 Garry Thompson Brad Pitt stud flick 1 stars
5/19/04 marzio arigoni@rtsi.ch Simply Boring, Pitt out of role, and the original story was better! 2 stars
5/19/04 Stephen Spielborg Why is The Hulk fighting that vampire anyway? 1 stars
5/19/04 CJ Troy is a great film that captures the ambiguity of war offers great character studies. 5 stars
5/18/04 JEREMY BAD-Orlando B. is gay!! look out for two up and coming writers/directors-indy films 2 stars
5/18/04 JERRY shit 1 stars
5/18/04 Str8Dog Was ok, could have been much better 3 stars
5/18/04 ALI HBOUS A sweeping epic adventure 4 stars
5/18/04 Heath Took a lot of liberties with the story, but still a pretty decent movie. 4 stars
5/18/04 raluca ban it is a good mouvie!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
5/17/04 Julie a really great movie, much more than just blow em up summer fare 5 stars
5/17/04 JoeManco What the hell happened to Wolfgang Petersen? This movie was TERRIBLE! 2 stars
5/17/04 Lisa We left the theater! 2 stars
5/17/04 Christina homoerotic nonsense 2 stars
5/17/04 Anne Yeaaaaaa............Sean Bean didn't die. . . . AGAIN! 5 stars
5/17/04 Masanori Kikuchi Story became worse than history. Direction is horribly bad. 2 stars
5/17/04 Marianne The Trojan War condensed to 4/5 days! What does that tell you? A snooze. 2 stars
5/16/04 Troy Butler Although majorly flawed, entertaining nonetheless (especially on the big screen) 4 stars
5/16/04 Maalstrom good try but nothing new 3 stars
5/16/04 bob shit 1 stars
5/16/04 Jack Bourbon The dialogue was pretty bad, but the plot and direction were surprisingly fun 4 stars
5/16/04 Koitus Cast from "Braveheart" and "LOTR" = not as good in Troy. Great beach attk. scene, though! 4 stars
5/16/04 true review Bana's performance worse than Hulk, if Pitt wasn't it in it would be in theatres 1 day 1 stars
5/16/04 jennifer Best movie I have seen this year! 5 stars
5/16/04 Sean Destroyed the Iliad 1 stars
5/16/04 Marce Troy = Brad's naked ass and his band of half-naked men. Not that I'm complaining! ;) 4 stars
5/16/04 Idiot's Mouth Seriously--this is crap. Very, very, lavish crap. Like a dump with gold leaf and roses... 1 stars
5/15/04 Sano12 Bana's performance worth price of admission 4 stars
5/15/04 John Flaherty Hollywood needs to stop thinking they are smarter and more talented than the orginal author 1 stars
5/15/04 Wolf O'Toole and Bana were awesome, but Cox felt like a miscast to me. 5 stars
5/15/04 Heidialyssa It would have been better with the gods included as it is in the Iliad. No where near LOTR. 3 stars
5/15/04 Vectorz Worst movie this year 1 stars
5/15/04 John no style - a terrible script - boring and TERRIBLY inacurate adaptation of HOMER - 1 stars
5/15/04 BrianWilly AWESOME. Compelling war drama and timeless tale. 5 stars
5/15/04 Dan Surprisingly deep, multifaceted script. Good adaptation of Homer. Better than Braveheart. 5 stars
5/14/04 ANUS Throw in a volcano, couple of fucking homosexual hobbits, and you can call this ROTK 4 stars
5/14/04 Idiot\'s Mouth Homer's Achilles WAS shallow...Pitt is the perfect choice. Read the book instead. Save $9. 3 stars
5/14/04 jack don't expect too much 3 stars
5/14/04 RICH C I just saw"Bridge on the river Kwai" last night. Jesus! what a MOVIE!! - go watch it! 3 stars
5/14/04 Brian meh...it was alright... 3 stars
5/14/04 Zaharin Hamid aka The Movie Samseng It was fucking boring! I hate it! Also what's with all the "matrix style" moves? 1 stars
5/14/04 sumixam Good movie, not that far short of great 4 stars
5/13/04 BigPoo Rocks Harder Than Your Mom 5 stars
5/13/04 Angolmois If I were a clueless slut, I'd hate this movie, but I'm not so it's awesome. 5 stars
5/12/04 john great looking film, not great but worth your time 4 stars
5/12/04 Cameron Slick Dramatic scenes fail, 1v1 fights are swell, acting is okay, grandiose is succeeds 4 stars
5/09/04 clay great fights and very sexy 5 stars
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  14-May-2004 (R)
  DVD: 04-Jan-2005


  13-May-2004 (MA)

Directed by
  Wolfgang Petersen

Written by
  David Benioff

  Brad Pitt
  Eric Bana
  Orlando Bloom
  Brian Cox
  Brendan Gleeson
  Sean Bean

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