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2 Hearts rate me!
211 1
5B rate me!
A.X.L. rate me!
Abandoned: Angelique's Isle rate me!
Active Measures rate me!
Aeronauts, The 4
Alice (2019) 5
Alone (2020) 3.5
Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days 4.11
Ammonite 3
Amusement Park, The 4.5
Anna and the Apocalypse 4.08
Antebellum 1
Architects of Denial rate me!
Armed rate me!
Army of the Dead 2.13
Asako I & II 4
Becoming Astrid rate me!
Better Days 4
Big Brother 3
Bill & Ted Face the Music 3.64
Bisbee '17 rate me!
Black Bear 3.71
Blink of an Eye rate me!
Bliss (2019) rate me!
Blithe Spirit (2021) 3
Blood on Her Name 3.86
Bloodthirsty rate me!
Bodied 5
Bombshell 3.08
Booksellers, The 3
Booksmart 4.92
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm 3.77
Boss Level rate me!
Boy from Medellin, The rate me!
Britt-Marie Was Here rate me!
Bunuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles 3
Burden rate me!
Buy Bust 4
Captain, The (2019) 4
Catcher Was A Spy, The 2
Censor rate me!
Chaos Walking 2
Charlie Says rate me!
Chasing the Dragon 2: Wild Wild Bunch 3
Cherry rate me!
Chhapaak rate me!
Chick Fight 2
Chinese Portrait rate me!
Citizen K rate me!
City Hall (2020) rate me!
Color Out of Space 4.44
Combat Obscura rate me!
Come Play 4
Come True 4
Coming 2 America 2.86
Conjuring, The: The Devil Made Me Do It rate me!
Corpus Christi rate me!
Cracked Up rate me!
Craft, The: Legacy 1
Crawl 2.4
Cruella 1.5
Cunningham 3
Da 5 Bloods 4.21
Dara of Jasenovac rate me!
Day Shall Come, The 3
Dead Don't Die, The 2.81
Death of Dick Long, The 3
Deerskin 3
Depraved 5
Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings 5
Detour 5
Devil All the Time, The 2
Divine Fury, The 3
Djinn, The rate me!
Dream Horse rate me!
Dry, The 4
Dutch (2021) rate me!
Earwig and the Witch rate me!
ECCO rate me!
Edie rate me!
Fanatic, The 1
Fantastic Fungi 3
Fantastic Woman, A 5
Farewell Amor rate me!
Fatman rate me!
Finding You rate me!
First Man 4.12
Forgotten Carols, The rate me!
Francesco rate me!
Freaks (2019) 3.71
Freaky 3
French Exit 4
Friedkin Uncut rate me!
Gangster, the Cop, the Devil, The 3
German Youth, A (2019) rate me!
Girl Who Believes in Miracles, The rate me!
Godard Mon Amour rate me!
Godzilla vs. Kong 4
Good Traitor, The rate me!
Gosnell rate me!
Greener Grass 2
Half Brothers rate me!
Heavy Trip 5
Held rate me!
High Flying Bird 4
High Note, The 2
Holler 3
Honest Thief 1
Honeyland 5
Hope Gap rate me!
Hostiles 4
How Long Will I Love U 3
Human Factor, The rate me!
I Am Greta rate me!
I'm Thinking of Ending Things 4
In Fabric 3.71
In The Aisles rate me!
In the Earth 3
In the Heights 5
Infamous (2020) rate me!
Infidel rate me!
Infiltrators, The rate me!
Informer, The rate me!
Irresistible (2020) 2
Island, The (2018) 4
Isn't It Romantic 3.33
Jathi Ratnalu rate me!
Jay Myself 5
Jexi 4
Kajillionaire 2.5
Killerman 3
Killing of Two Lovers, The rate me!
Kindred rate me!
Kingmaker, The 4
Koko-di Koko-da 4
La Familia rate me!
Landline 3
Last Black Man in San Francisco, The 5
Last Call (2021) rate me!
Last Vermeer, The 3
Late Night 2.4
Les Miserables (2019) 4
Let Him Go 3
Lie Exposed rate me!
Lie, The (2018) rate me!
Lighthouse, The 5
Limbo (2021) rate me!
Little Fish (2021) rate me!
Little Joe (2019) 4
Little Things, The (2021) 3
Liyana rate me!
Locked Down 4
Love and Monsters rate me!
Low Tide rate me!
Lucy in the Sky 1
Luxor 4
Mainstream rate me!
Malang rate me!
Malcolm & Marie 1
Man Standing Next, The 4
Man Who Killed Don Quixote, The 3.77
Man Who Sold His Skin, The rate me!
Mank 3
Mardaani 2 rate me!
MDMA rate me!
Mermaid in Paris, A 3
Midnight Sky, The 2
Military Wives rate me!
Misbehaviour rate me!
Moffie rate me!
Monday (2021) rate me!
Monos 4
Monrovia, Indiana rate me!
Monster (2021) rate me!
Mortal Kombat (2021) 1.5
Most Beautiful Island 5
Moxie rate me!
Ms. Purple 4
Mulan (2020) 4
Music rate me!
My Son (2019) rate me!
Nancy rate me!
Ne Zha 4.14
Nest, The (2020) rate me!
New Mutants, The 3
Nico, 1988 rate me!
Night, The 4
No Man's Land (2021) rate me!
Nomadland 3.73
Ode to Joy rate me!
Old Guard, The 2.43
On the Rocks 5
Only Cloud Knows 3
Onward 3
Outlaw King 3
Outpost, The 4
Oxygen 4
Painted Bird, The 4
Paper Tigers, The (2021) 4
Papi Chulo rate me!
Paradise Hills 4
Penguins 1
People's Republic of Desire 4
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway rate me!
Peterloo 1
Photograph rate me!
Piranhas rate me!
Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2.42
Portal, The rate me!
Portrait of a Lady on Fire 4.86
Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton rate me!
Premature (2020) rate me!
Profile 3
Prom, The 1
Prospect 4
Proxima 4
Quiet Place, A: Part II 3.14
Race 3 1.86
Rapid Response rate me!
Relic rate me!
Report, The rate me!
Resort, The rate me!
Riot Act, The rate me!
Roads Not Taken, The 2
Roma (2018) 3.7
Rookies, The rate me!
Rosie rate me!
Run (2020) 4
Saaho rate me!
Samaritan rate me!
Save Yourselves! 4
Scandalous: The True Story of the National Enquirer 4
Seberg rate me!
Secret Garden, The (2020) 2
Separation rate me!
Serendipity (2019 rate me!
Shadow 5
Shadow in the Cloud 4.14
She Dies Tomorrow 3
Sheep Without a Shepherd 4
Shooting the Mafia 4
Shortcut rate me!
Sibyl rate me!
Slalom rate me!
Sometimes Always Never 3
Soorma rate me!
Spiral (2021) 1
Spirit Untamed 2
Spontaneous 5
Sputnik rate me!
Stowaway rate me!
Stray rate me!
Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street rate me!
Summer of '84 3.86
Supernova (2021) 4
Suspiria (2018) 3.14
Swallow 5
Swinging Safari rate me!
Sylvie's Love 4
Synchronic 3.71
Tax Collector, The rate me!
Tenet 2.85
This One's For The Ladies rate me!
Those Who Wish Me Dead 2
Thunder Force 1.86
Tigers Are Not Afraid 5
Tito and the Birds 4
Tod@s Caen rate me!
Together Together rate me!
Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula 3.71
Trial of the Chicago 7, The 3.93
Trigger Point rate me!
Trip to Greece, The 5
Trust (2021) rate me!
Truth, The (2019) 4
Tulsa rate me!
Uncut Gems 2.5
Undine rate me!
Unhinged 1.6
Unholy, The rate me!
Unthinkable, The 3
Venom (2018) 2.2
VHYes rate me!
Vigil, The rate me!
Vigilante, A rate me!
Villains 2
Violation rate me!
Vita & Virginia rate me!
Vivo rate me!
Voyagers 2
Waiting for Anya rate me!
Wander 2
Water Man, The 3
We Are Little Zombies 4
We the Animals 4
Weathering With You 3.3
Wendy rate me!
Whistlers, The 3
Wild Nights With Emily 2.71
Woman in the Window, The (2021) 1
Won't You Be My Neighbor? 5
Words on Bathroom Walls 4
Wrath of Man 4
Yes Day rate me!
Zombie Bro rate me!
"An unusual love story under an eccentric satire."
4 stars
Jay Seaver says... "SCREENED VIA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL BOSTON 2021: If "Strawberry Mansion" is not specifically what the average movie with deadpan surrealism and kitchen-table production design is going for, it is nevertheless one of the best recent examples of such things. It's lo-fi sci-fi that takes its silliness seriously, having fun with its clever story but seldom feeling like the filmmakers are amusing themselves at the expense of the audience." (more)
"Horse Things."
2 stars
Peter Sobczynski says... "I must confess that my memories of the 2002 film “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” are fairly hazy at best but that it at least made an effort to try to do something different from the other animated films of the time—it eschewed the rage for CGI animation by going the traditional route and while the heroic horse at the center was voiced by Matt Damon, that voice was only meant for us to hear his innermost thoughts as this was not a talking animal film. If I didn’t care for it that much, that probably has more to do with my general disinterest in horse-based narratives (with the exceptions of “The Black Stallion” and “A Day at the Races,” of course) that with the film itself (though I could have lived without the Bryan Adams songs on the soundtrack) and if I had to put it up against the other animated output by Dreamworks, I would certainly take it over most to all of the “Shrek” films. The film was not a success in theaters but fifteen years later, Dreamworks elected to reboot it in 2017 with the television series “Spirit: Riding Free” and has now brought that show to the big screen with “Spirit Untamed,” a film that evidently retells the origin story of that show with slightly better animation, more familiar names among the voice cast and little in the way of anything resembling genuine imagination or originality." (more)
"Dead from the neck up."
2 stars
Rob Gonsalves says... "It’d be nice if Athena Perample got a career bump from Zack Snyder’s mediocrity at length "Army of the Dead."" (more)
"Cruel Intentions"
1 stars
alejandroariera says... "“Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil, if she doesn’t scare you, nothing evil will.” Who would have thought that Mel Leven’s original song would prove to be so prophetic? For “Cruella,” Disney’s latest so-called reimagining of its vast library of characters and stories, defangs the “101 Dalmatians” villainess that was so perfectly voiced by Betty Lou Gerson in the original 1961 animated classic and snarkily brought to life by a fabulously campy Glenn Close in the 1996 live remake and its 2000 sequel, “102 Dalmatians.” Given Cruella’s penchant for skinning puppies and turning them into coats, the character lends itself perfectly for an almost gothic dark comedy. But as directed by Craig Gillespie (“I, Tonya”) and written by not one but FIVE writers —script by Tom McNamara and Dana Fox from a story by Aline Brosch McKenna, Kelly Marcel and Steve Zissis— “Cruella” is the kind of origin story that literally takes you to the very beginning: the future villainess’ actual birth. It quickly goes downhill from there." (more)

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