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Movie Madness Podcast with Erik Childress

by Erik Childress

Movie Madness is a weekly podcast hosted by Chicago film critic Erik Childress presenting movie reviews, interviews, film festival coverage, DVDs, awards, box office and much more!

(NEW!)Episode 149: It's Not You, It's Us
On the latest Blu-ray edition of the podcast, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims reminisce on some classic TV, their updates and just how many incarnations of the Brady Bunch there were. They also look back on the origins of the Kevin Costner film, No Way Out, some classic sci-fi from Shout Factory and show disdain for the new Pet Sematary remake. But there is also some serious praise a NASA documentary, an animated sequel, a wrenching true-life survival tale and the latest masterwork from Jordan Peele.

Episode 148: Spider-Man Plays People For Fools (Box Office Mini-Episode)
Coming off of the long July 4 holiday week, Erik Childress examines how people getting burned on Toy Story 4 led them to underestimate the chances of Spider-Man: Far From Home; a film he has been saying for weeks was headed for an Avengers bump. Somebody was proven right. As we head into a go-between week at the movies while everyone waits for The Lion King, Erik analyzes the successes of what are likely to be the top two films again this week and delights at the titles most comparable to the responses to Ari Aster's Midsommar.

Episode 147: This Island Disney
Erik Childress travels back with Sergio Mims to catch up on the releases from Disney this year and has them contemplating the value of their Movie Club where other previously unreleased Blu-rays exist. Then they bring you into the present to look at some newly released classics from Criterion involving music, dance and the Russians. In-between the discussion looks into a pair of cult titles from Shout Factory and the legacy of the sci-fi classic (depending on who you ask) known as This Island Earth.

Episode 146: Toy Story 4 A Disappointment? Don't Be Dumb (Box Office Mini-Episode)
Catching up on two weeks worth of box office, Erik Childress examines the re-written headlines after Toy Story 4 did not live up to the guesstimators. Are people now lowballing Spider-Man: Far From Home as a result? He also looks at Danny Boyle's biggest opener to date as well as how the latest horror remakes and sequels are doing and urges you to check out an original one hitting theaters this summer.

Episode 145: We're A Long Way From America, Spidey
Comic book expert Erik Laws returns to the podcast to discuss the final chapter of the current phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Far From Home. What are the origins of Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio character and how does he fit into Peter Parker's story? Spoilers are certainly abound in this episode as the Eriks dive deep into the numerous twists and turns of this latest adventure including how such a fun series may have a darker political undercurrent running through it. That leads to some less favorable thoughts about Todd Phillips' Joker film in what is an otherwise pretty joyful conversation about the direction of Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Episode 144: Men In Black Gets The Shaft (Box Office Mini-Episode)
Erik Childress & Sergio Mims bypass all but some fun comparative stats on last week's box office losers. Then they prepare for Toy Story 4 and Erik goes over his new thinking on Spider-Man: Far From Home and what the re-issue of Avengers: Endgame with new end credit footage will mean for its run at Avatar's record.

Episode 143: Don't You Believe It!
Erik Childress and Sergio Mims go into the latest in Blu-rays and DVDs by discussing a film once advertised as one of the scariest movies ever as well as another horror film that was overlooked and is actually much freakier. They also discuss the origin of Batman's Joker, the "Morgan Fairchild Experience," two of the great filmmakers in Hal Ashby and Buster Keaton and another who, with only one film, may someday be looked back upon as well.

Episode 142: Summer Sequels Go Cold (Box Office Mini-Episode)
On this mini-episode of the podcast we check in on the box office. Though The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Dark Phoenix led the way, both could be part of a larger trend of sequel rejection. But is that entirely true or are they just bad? We begin to investigate. Also find out which films they have the most in common with audiences and critics and does Disney have a plan in place for Avengers: Endgame to beat Avatar's global record?

Episode 141: Get Your Ass To Cinepocalypse
Steve Prokopy joins this episode to talk about this year's Cinepocalypse Film Festival at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago which is quickly becoming one of the most noted genre fests in the country. Hear all about special guests ranging from Michael Ironside to Joe Bob Briggs, numerous archival screenings, one of the best horror films that premiered at Sundance this year and how a gory possessed dinosaur film became just another forgotten PG-13 curiosity..

Episode 140: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
After the event with Tom Skerritt at the Chicago Critics Film Festival, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims can't help but take another look at the new 4K release of Alien. Also discussed on 4K are the Batman films from Tim Burton & Joel Schumacher which leads into a dive of which of them were actually good. Twilight Time offers up some great westerns, David Lynch and Gaspar Noe get some praise for rough watches and as revenge pictures go, Liam Neeson has an underrated one, Olivia Wilde a much overlooked one and a third tries to beat Quentin Tarantino and fails miserably..

Episode 139: Not-So-King of the Monsters (Box Office Mini-Episode!
In the first mini-episode of the podcast, Erik Childress serves up a number of unique stats correlating to the recent releases at the box office. Along with Sergio Mims they breakdown the potential failure of Warner Bros.' Godzilla: King of the Monsters, how Rocketman is faring compared to other rock biopics and while Ma may be part of a success story beyond Blumhouse, Tate Taylor's ignorance in his oeuvre remains astounding.

Episode 138: Dragged Across Marwen!
For the latest batch of new Blu-rays, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims offer a pair of documentaries about wildly different filmmakers, discuss the latest from Criterion highlighting an action legend and a 60 year-old film that is more relevant today than ever. They also tie-in the cinema moments that traumatized them as kids, how audiences reacted to Alien in the summer of 1979 and the ongoing debate of great art vs. artists with baggage. Then to wrap things up, there is even a defense of Robert Zemeckisí Welcome to Marwen, particularly in the light of some atrocious sequels being offered from the same studio.

Episode 137: Shouting Love For The Factory!
Shout! Factory is one of our favorite companies here on the podcast. Their mixture of genre classics and modern ones is a constant pleasure, no matter the quality of the film themselves. So as their release output piled up over the past few weeks, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims decided to dedicate an entire show to 18 of their recent titles. Vampires, werewolves, witches, serial killers, viruses, giant insects, rats, poison ivy, kung fu and a Manitou. What more do you need? Cause there is more.

Episode 136: Goodbye Oscar, Hello Emmanuelle!
Catching up once again on Blu-rays, Erik Childress & Sergio Mims talk up some titles you may have missed in theaters during awards season. Mixed in with new titles from Twilight Time and Indicator, plus some Warner Archive titles that make Sergio giddy, they get into what happened with Steve McQueen's Widows and proclaim their love again for Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk. But Creed II is not the only sequel they will discuss as it is time to turn off the lights, lock the door and get into a lot of...discussion about the one, but not only, Emmanuelle.

Episode 135: We're In The Endgame
The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in earnest in 2008 with Iron Man and it is now concluding with Avengers: Endgame. Comic book expert Erik Laws joins Erik Childress to discuss this epic journey through every beat of its epic conclusion. Spoilers are abound here so you are warned because the only way to talk about it is to read between the lines of what Endgame pays off in nearly every scene. References to both the series and the comics, Alan Silvestri's winks to past scores, and relationships that come full circle with all the excitement and emotion it can dish out. Even the Eriks' favorite movies are shouted out and one of them may have been close to a heart attack. Learn about all this and more through a jam-packed show.

Episode 134: Summer Box Office Predictions (2019 Edition)
Erik Childress' annual box office predictions are here. He runs down his choices for the 20 films on a path to make the most money this summer while Sergio Mims throws in his two cents as well. Can anything possibly challenge Avengers: Endgame to lead the way? Can three movies alone from Disney top two billion in domestic sales? Will Aladdin be more Beauty and the Beast or Dumbo? How much do the Men In Black and X-Men series have in the tank? Is Pikachu really a thing? Can any comedy crack $100 million not counting Tarantino, Hobbs or Shaw? All these questions and more will be answered as they go through the entire summer down to nearly every last title.

Episode 133: Shield The Cobra
Sergio Mims joins Erik Childress to play a little catch-up with Blu-ray titles released from Shout Factory, Kino, Mill Creek and Universal. They delve into that literally ancient John Wayne controversy, explain why Cobra is one of the greatest movies ever, disagree over a Belushi/Aykroyd film but agree wholeheartedly on one of the great TV shows and how the Oscars blew it this year.

Episode 132: The 2019 SXSW Film Festival!
Erik Childress returns from his 17th year covering the festival in Austin and has in store some long lead previews including the latest from Seth Rogen; one opposite Charlize Theron and another producing for the great Jacob Tremblay. But there are also reviews for Kevin Costner, Tatiana Maslany and Nick Kroll, a reminder of one of the year's best performances from Elisabeth Moss and everything leading up to the film that was not only the best of SXSW but the best film Erik hasseen to date this year. On top of it all is a preview of the Chicago Critics Film Festival taking place this May once again at the Music Box Theatre.

Episode 131: DY-NO-MITE! WillieÖDynamite!
Getting caught up on the latest in Blu-rays is what Erik Childress and Sergio Mims do for you. They go through some recently praised horror along with the taboo remnants of yesteryear involving The Group and a certain Boss. Though the past comes back with the terrific remake of A Star is Born they also have time to talk Hitchcock, Charles Burnett and the long-awaited third commentary track of Mr. Mims.

Episode 130: The Marvel Us
Marvel's first female superhero headliner arrives in theaters with a lot of excitement and its share of unnecessary toxic controversy. Erik Childress is joined by Erik Laws who went in with excitement and come out addressing not just the controversy swirling around ungrateful manbabies but also a real sense of disappointment. The Eriks attempt to navigate the middle ground and articulating where Captain Marvel comes up short in its storytelling and characterizations without being called out by one quotient and embraced by the other.

Episode 129: The 2019 Sundance Film Festival
It was Erik Childress' 17th year attending the Sundance Film Festival and he saw 30 films Tune in to hear him tell you about the best, the worst and a bunch in-between. Along the way he reveals a favorite encounter he had with one of the fest volunteers and discusses with Sergio Mims the controversy over a certain banned blogger and his failed attempts to get reinstated. Plus, a special interview by Sergio Mims of Academy Award winning director, Barry Jenkins, about his latest work, the great If Beale Street Could Talk.

Episode 128: One Small Step...AND THEY BLEW IT!
Erik Childress and Sergio Mims bring you the first NEW Blu-ray show of 2019 as they take you through the inspiration for Martin Scorsese's Hugo, some icky obsessions courtesy of Shout Factory and catch up on some titles from Twilight Time. They also discuss the 25th Anniversary of Schindler's List, their muted thoughts on a Billy Wilder classic and then get into angry detail at how Damien Chazelle's First Man was screwed by its studio, audiences, awards and politicians alike. But first, the box office returns to Movie Madness and Erik takes you through the beginning of some new angles on how to look at the numbers.

Episode 127: WHY IS THIS NOT ON BLU-RAY? (Chapter 3)
Before Erik Childress and Sergio Mims get to films you CAN get on Blu-ray FOR 2019 they continue their ongoing crusade to get films out that are still not available yet in the format. Sergio has some classic releases you may not be aware of. Erik has some more modern titles from major filmmakers that are yet to be released in the format they deserve including one major television title. They also call out studios for choosing not to release Blu-ray versions of recent critically-acclaimed award winners. They run down nearly 20 titles and throw out some others for good measure. Will we see them finally in 2019?

Episode 126: The 2018 Oscars (Nominations)
The first podcast of 2019 is an overview of the awards season with Erik Childress. He takes you back to the pre-Thanksgiving conversation with Sergio Mims as they did some extremely early prognostication. Then he brings you back to the days before the Oscar nominations to present analysis of who is still in the running and who is likely to get nominated. Tune in for his full predictions for this year's Oscars.

Episode 125: Last-Minute Gift Guide For 2018 (Part 2)
On the final show of 2018 Erik Childress and Sergio Mims want to make sure you have not overlooked anything on your cinematic shopping list for Christmas (and after.) A bunch of great cult titles and TV shows from Mill Creek, THE best action film of the year, an overlooked gem from the Chicago Critics Film Festival and Sergio's candidate for one of the Blu-ray releases of the year. Plus we talk some Criterion, a little Kino including a derided film they believe is worth another look, and what would a Blu-ray show be without some classic comedy, sci-fi and horror from the great Shout Factory.

Episode 124: Does Aquaman Sink Or Swim? Or Just Stinks?
Just two episodes ago Erik Childress and comic book expert Erik Laws were delighted talking about the surprise that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was. Now it is DC's turn in the spotlight and, boy, things are not nearly as delightful. More like disappointment and disgust as you will hear as their discussion goes from dismay to shock to outright anger. Everything from its Arthurian roots to '80s film homages get the business here as they breakdown how DC got it so very wrong once again.

Episode 123: Last-Minute Gift Guide For 2018 (Part 1)
We're clearing out the year-end releases and telling you about a lot of our favorites if you're still stuck for Christmas ideas for the movie lovers in your family. There's a little Capra and a lot of critters, creepy roommates and creepier moms, a racist congressman, Spike Lee's KKK and a Coen Bros. 4K. Plus we have a title we can scratch off our Not-On-Blu-Ray show, an underrated remake and a really special release paying full tribute to a comic legend.

Episode 122: Up Into The Spider-Verse!
Did we really need another version of the Spider-Man story? The skepticism was high with host Erik Childress but he is joined by comic book expert Erik Laws to discuss what turns out to be one of the biggest surprises of the year. They discuss the various incarnations of the Spider-Man mythos on display in the film, the array of animation styles employed and are generally giddy about its place the current comic book film evolution.

Episode 121: Shampoo & Schlock: Are There Still Films For Adults?!
Sergio Mims returns to help guide us through a swath of new Blu-rays. Along with Erik Childress they take sides in the Blindspotting vs. Sorry to Bother You debate. The evolution of the Rambo Trilogy is discussed as well as appreciation for Terry Gilliam and the new 4K edition of Superman. From their appreciation of the awfulness of Maximum Overdrive to the respect of The Day of the Jackal, the duo also get into other films of the 70s and the chicken-and-the-egg factor that drives Hollywood to make films for adults.

Episode 120: Holidays Mean Movies...And Money!
The Holiday Movie Season is upon us so that means one thing - MONEY! Erik Childress and Sergio Mims examine the potential of the final months of 2018 and which films will come out on top? There are sequels, franchises and reimaginings, but will there be a surprise or two - at the top AND at the bottom? They take you through a sometimes impossible season to predict as we get warmed up for the all-encompassing awards season as well.

Episode 119: Why Can't Halloween Be Every Month?
Horror dominates the latest Blu-ray round-up with Erik Childress and Sergio Mims. They dig into a number of William Castle productions from Mill Creek and Indicator, a pair of great releases from the '80s, a beautiful new edition of one of the classic science fiction films ever and you can find out what really freaks out both of them out from Creepshow and beyond!

Episode 118: Heretic of the Exorcist
John Boorman's Exorcist II has been considered for decades to be one of the worst sequels ever made and by some views one of the worst FILMS ever made. Not so says how.com's Peter Sobczynski who for years has been an ardent defender. He joins Erik Childress on the show to discuss Shout Factory's new Collector's Edition as well as its rocky history and The Exorcist series in general. You will also hear William Friedkin tell the story of the first time the film ever screened for the public!

Episode 117: Horror Or Not To Horror!
On what could be considered a bit of a pre-Halloween episode, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims run down a number of new Blu-ray releases ranging from the horror of 9/11 to a less-talked about film with Bill Paxton from 1984. They also get into whether what some consider a new horror classic should be labeled horror at all as well as reevaluate American Psycho in that the more routines change the more they stay the same..

Episode 116: The 2018 Toronto Film Festival Recap!
No fancy names. Just a straight recap of this year's Toronto Film Festival which Erik Childress has been attending since 2004. A better-than-average fest this year with some genuine surprises and, as always, a few big disappointments. Get the scoop on recent releases like A Star is Born and First Man, David Gordon Green's Halloween update, the latest from Alfonso Cuaron, Barry Jenkins, Steve McQueen and much more.

Episode 115: Are These Pipes Clean?
The Movie Madness Podcast returns to its regularly scheduled broadcast getting caught up on the latest in Blu-rays and physical media with Sergio Mims. On this episode they cover an array of Criterion as well as the latest from Indicator and Arrow. They delve into the great new Universal Monsters blu-ray set, why Solo: A Star Wars Story failed at the box office and the bizarre circumstances that led Erik to see the infamous Cabin Boy which definitely has one supporter on this show.

Episode 114: Remember That Summer?
Erik Childress is joined by David Fowlie for a special episode involving movies about the summertime. We probably all remember where we were during our most memorable seasons but how about the films that best represent that warmest of them? Each of them count down five films that feel like the kind of summers that can be universal to all of us from the past and maybe even the future as well.

Episode 113: From Blus to 70mm
Erik Childress and Sergio Mims go over their excitement for this year's crop of films at the annual 70mm Film Festival at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago. But first it's Blu-ray time as they examine the history of Jack Ryan, go through a number of choice indies you will want to see, bring an '80s political thriller into the present and finally express some love for a Robert Redford heist film and the first starring vehicle for Brandon Lee.

Episode 112: Black Harvests & Klansmaen
Over at WHPK Radio, Erik Childress talked with Sergio Mims about the Black Harvest Film Festival which he programs and produces every August in Chicago, including highlights and low-lights. Then they delve into two very different and dangerous missions in theaters right now (Mission: Impossible - Fallout and Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman) and what each film does so well.

Episode 111: Walk Him And Pitch To The Piranha
Sergio Mims again joins Erik Childress to discuss new Blu-rays and it turns into an argument about baseball. But they regroup after Criterion's great new contribution to America's pastime to talk about flying piranha, blind monsters and human ones before bringing the entire episode full circle with some Hamm.

Episode 110: He Pulls A Knife, Disney Pulls A Gunn
The ongoing saga over James Gunn's abrupt firing from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is a disturbing one that has far-reaching implications beyond our thoughts on the films themselves. Erik Childress and Sergio Mims breakdown the story and why it matters how this all started. They discuss his conduct, Disney's ultimate reaction to it and how they may have painted themselves into a corner. Who might be shameless enough to step the current empty director's chair? They can't help but toss out a few suspects for the position as well if they choose not to rehire him.

Episode 108 & 109: Why Is This Not On Blu-Ray? (Chapter 2)
Back on Episode 80, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims ran down an extensive list of titles big and small that have yet to make their Blu-ray debut. At least in the U.S. Well it is time for the mid-year check-in and they are back with a list of 20 titles each that you may be stunned have yet to be upgraded into the HD format. This three-and-a-half-hour episode is split over two parts because they have a lot to say about these movies and are hoping to catch the attention of the studios who own the rights to them.

Episode 107: Virgin Springs and High Chappaquiddicks
It's Blu-ray time again as Erik Childress and Sergio Mims delve into a great new release from Criterion with one of the greatest comeuppances ever. They also look at some children fantasies from Kino and Shout Factory as well as maybe an adult one as well. Plus they find a way to connect tragedy and comedy with Ted Kennedy and Mel Brooks.

Episode 106: The Sequel Strikes Back
July 2018 is a particularly sequel-heavy month with a new one each week, but thanks to Mark Dujsik the show is going back to look at which sequels actually bested their predecessors. But with a twist. Erik Childress and Mark set one particular rule as to which to choose their personal top 10 lists and then each justified a further set of rules that may also have you thinking beyond the obvious choices..

Episode 105: Chldhood, Adult & Modern Romance
15 titles in store for you on the new Blu-ray episode including some classics from the Warner Archive, a couple long overdue titles freshly released by Indicator as well as some new 4K releases from Paramount. Sergio Mims and Erik Childress discuss the greatness of one of Albert Brooks' early films, their differing takes on one of the most acclaimed comedies of 2018 and the Mission: Impossible series and try to figure out why there is such hatred towards Forrest Gump.

Episode 104: Ant-Man & The Wasp...'Nuff Said
The title says it all, right? But Erik Childress and comic book expert Erik Laws have plenty more to say about the history of the Ant-Man comic including the troubling past of Hank Pym and how the film incorporates different versions of its characters. They also talk about the leaps of a particular VFX technology, how they hope the current version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends with the continuation of the Infinity War and also catch-up a bit on their thoughts about Deadpool 2.

Episode 103: History Repeats Itself...Plus Killer Bunnies!
Sergio Mims returns to catch everyone up on the latest in Blu-rays in an episode that highlights a special release which reminds us how far we've come as a country. Unless we are doomed to repeat it. From Geronimo to D.W. Griffith to Peter Pan and Black Panther, Erik Childress also talks about the little-discussed bombing of A Wrinkle In Time while leaving plenty of time to discuss deadly rabbits and a hot welding aerobic ninja.

Episode 102: Cinepocalypse Comes To Chicago...Again!!
The 2nd Cinepocalypse Film Festival takes place from June 21-28, 2018 at the glorious Music Box Theatre in Chicago. Sergio Mims interviews director and cinematographer, Ernest Dickerson, who is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the fest. Then Erik Childress talks with fest programmer, Steve Prokopy, about some of the noteworthy films playing, special guests and retro screenings including a 70mm print of a film you will not believe

Episode 101: Legends, Dinosaurs, Terrorists and Jackasses
Over the hump on the podcast we return to the odds to update you on the latest in Blu-rays and DVDs. Returning champion Sergio Mims is back to discuss a 4K set 65 million years in the making, the latest from Olive Films and Clint Eastwood and his personal recollection of how he forced himself to see '70s disco cult classic, Thank God It's Friday. It's all wrapped in a tidy bowl that brings us back around to some newly released editions of classic John Landis.

Episode 100: This One's For You, Dad
On this very special 100th episode of the Movie Madness Podcast, Erik Childress invites Mark Dujsik, Jim Laczkowski and Sergio Mims on to talk about one of the most important people in their lives. Their dads. It is a Father's Day conversation for everyone full of memories of who their dads were and the love of movies that formed an everlasting bond that will not be broken even after their passing. It's an episode full of laughs, tears and a roundup of choices of five films from each of them that they would loved for their dads to have seen.

Episode 99: These Pleasures Arenít Guilty
With all the controversies these days, it's nice to have some old-fashioned debate about movies we like - that you might not. Erik Childress is joined by Ian Simmons of the Kicking the Seat podcast to each run down ten films that are likely to get your eyes rolling, your blood boiling or, just maybe, your head nodding in agreement. They range from simple pleasures to passionate counterpoints. You may not agree with most of their choices, but if it inspires one to take a second look at something or know that there's a kindred spirit out there for the positive then it will be worth the couple hours. Or you may just think we're both nuts.

Episode 98: You'd Do It For 4K
It's 4K Day on the podcast with Erik Childress and Sergio Mims going over some very memorable modern action films going the way of the latest and greatest format. They shared their complicated feelings for Ridley Scott's Gladiator along with their unshakable love for Mel Gibson's Braveheart as well as the everlasting power that makes Die Hard one of the all-time greats. Then Sergio takes us back into the archives with guns, a big rat and his appreciation of a brand new western set from the folks at Indicator/Powerhouse.

Episode 97: Going Solo: A Star Wars Discussion
It's the movie event of the summer. The third one at least. And just like with The Last Jedi, Erik Laws and Sergio Mims join Erik Childress to take you all the way through the latest "Star Wars Story." They talk about its troubled production history, how Sergio was once at a studio when a director was fired and how the film measures up to Rogue One and true fan expectations.

Episode 96: The Awful Truth of P.T. Barnum (and Hobgoblins)
Catching up on Blu-ray releases, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims go over popular musicals forty years apart and why The Greatest Showman ultimately fails. They also dig into some classic exploitation releases from their youth courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome, Shout Factory and MVD. They also discuss the resume of Jean Claude Van-Damme and what made Cary Grant so great.

Episode 95: The 2018 Chicago Critics Film Festival
Erik Childress is not only a podcast host, he also produces a film festival every year. Now in its sixth year at the Music Box Theatre, the Chicago Critics Film Festival brings some of the best films on the festival circuit - handpicked by the city's film critics - to a local audience. Sundance, SXSW, Toronto and more are all represented here during the week of May 4-10 and Erik discusses with Sergio Mims (producer of the city's Black Harvest Film Festival in August) some of the highlights as well as some of the ins and outs of programming a film festival.

Episode 94: For Kids And No Kids
Blu-ray time continues as Erik Childress and Sergio Mims take you from the height of giant creature cheesiness over to films for kids that will either make them smile or traumatize them. They also reminisce about those other kids. The ones in the hall and revisit a film that adults are now likely sharing with their own kids. Then they can't help but knocking down the babies out there somehow upset with The Last Jedi.

Episode 93: Infinity War & Beyond
Likely the biggest summer blockbuster of 2018, Avengers: Infinity War has been the subject of great speculation by fans. Who will live? Who will die? Comic expert Erik Laws and Erik Childress will tell you. Donít worry though, because you will be warned within this epic discussion when the spoilers will kick in. Before and after though, the Eriks delve into the history of Thanos and breakdown how the film's ending is both effective and somewhat hollow. What side will each of them fight for? Prepare yourself for a debate nearly as long as the film itself, but certainly a fun and spirited one.

Episode 92: Welcome to the ĎBurbs
Itís Blu-ray time again as Sergio Mims joins Erik to take you on a sprawling arc (even the Joan kind) through recent titles you will want to check out. From a pair of watered-down true stories about bad men down to the everyday concerns of the suburbs from paying for college to weird neighbors. They put another woefully-mishandled small town mystery on your radar as well as a couple action films that Sergio just loves for their interrogations, chases and downhill ski shootouts.

Episode 91: The 2018 Summer Box Office Spectacular
Itís the annual Summer Box Office show! Erik Childress breaks down his predictions for the 20 films he believes will be the tops in theaters this summer and then goes beyond just as a bonus. Sergio Mims is on hand to challenge some of those thoughts. They certainly agree what will be the champion of the summer, but can it be the biggest film of the year? Itís all here as they discuss Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story as well as Sicario Deux and all the non-sequels as well. They even bring in some outside market research thanks to Olivia Obineme from WHPK Radioís South Side Weekly. Do you agree or disagree with their findings?

Episode 90: Suspiria by a Phantom Thread
Back to the new Blu-rays we go with Sergio Mims as they discuss horror, true stories and a number of comedies that just never worked. They talk both the new restoration of Dario Argentoís Suspiria but also the making of a Stephen King adaptation. They preview some upcoming Shout Factory titles and express their disappointment with films from Alexander Payne and Aaron Sorkin. But wrap it up with their appreciation of Paul Thomas Andersonís latest and the history of one of Howard Hughesí most infamous creations.

Episode 89: Donít Mess With South By Southwest
Last month, Erik Childress attended his 16th SXSW Film Festival and it was one of the best ones in years. It opened with A Quiet Place which has gone on to become one of the biggest success stories of the year. There were some wonderful surprises by a number of films still waiting for distribution deals. But greatest of all was the host being in the same room with his cinematic idol during a special screening at the festival. Erik tells the whole story to Sergio Mims and also shows a lot of love (and a little shade) to the films he saw.

Episode 88: Ooops. They Did It Again!
We turn back to catch everyone up on Blu-rays and DVDs you may have missed. Thought it seems everyone Erik turns with Sergio Mims they are discussing someone who did something that may not be cool today. In related that was then, this is now they discuss the morality class favorite, The Incident, and other films from Twilight Time, discuss a trio of Disney favorites. They delve into HBOís The Deuce and a whole batch from Paramount.

Episode 87: The Films That Formed Us!
On this first of what we hope to be many special episodes of the podcast, we begin a new segment of the show dedicated to varying Top 10 lists. Only this one is not a countdown but a count-up. Erik Childress and Sergio Mims choose ten films from their childhood which helped form their appreciation of cinema and may have also contributed to who they became as human beings. Itís a funny, emotional episode that may spinoff into additional episodes but the youth of Erik and Sergio is a great place to start and will have you thinking about your own lists.

Episode 86: Shouts! Boos! Courtrooms! And Blus!
Sergio Mims joins Erik Childress to continue their catch-up on an array of new Blu-ray editions including many from Shout Factory, a couple courtroom dramas, some solid fare from Warner Bros. and the film where Sergio watched an entire audience boo it upon its initial release three years before Sam Elliott nearly caused 9/11.

Episode 85: Going Back To Sundance
While Erik Childress prepares to head to Austin for South by Southwest, he takes you back to this yearís Sundance Film Festival. A surprisingly solid list of films goes from documentaries about some of our most beloved entertainers, tales of youth and revenge of the women. Plus you will hear about what could be Carey Mulliganís finest work to date and what may be THE horror film of 2018!

Episode 84: Sergio Goes Back To Jail/b]
Back to the Blu-rays we go as Erik and Sergio talk the 50th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead along with a number of wonderful new gems from Criterion. Sergio gets to talk about being in the minority of a film he loved in 2017 and then joins along with Erik in their love of the holidayís surprise hit, Wonder. They get into the weeds a little talking about the first post-scandal Woody Allen film but get right out by talking about Sergioís experience as an assistant director on Jamaa Fanakaís Penitentiary as well as his first Blu-ray commentary track.

Episode 83: The Reign of the Black Panther
The anticipation level was through the roof and it audiences have turned it into an all-timer at the box office. Now Sergio Mims and comic book expert Erik Laws join Erik Childress to put Ryan Coogler's film in greater context. What led up to it and can it take its historic status to the next cultural level. Spoilers are few but the discussion is multi-faceted. Is this a movie of the moment or a springboard to an industry in transition for the better?

Episode 82: It's Yor's World. We're Just Living In It
Erik Childress is joined by Sergio Mims to do their first official Blu-ray show of the year. They are hoping to catch everyone up on some recent releases from Twilight Time, some favorites of Sergio's from Indicator, mutual favorites of theirs from Shout Factory and Arrow and then conclude talking about a Blu-ray Erik has been waiting 35 years for.

Episode 81: Call Me By My Name (In Your Envelope)
Two films expected for a number of Oscar nominations are Call Me By Your Name and The Post. Erik Childress and Sergio Mims dig in on both of them and discuss their various issues with both of them. After that, Erik digs in on his annual Oscar predictions. What is getting nominated? Who is getting snubbed? He breaks down the big eight categories and then reveals his choices for all of the technical categories as well.

Erik Childress and Sergio Mims kick off 2018 with a variation on their regular segment. This time instead of talking about the latest in Blu-rays they are wondering when they will actually get a chance to say that certain films are even on Blu-ray. You may be shocked at the vast array of titles that have yet to receive the upgrade. While titles are now being converted into the next evolution with 4K, others remain dormant on DVD with inferior quality. This special episode will be the first of a bi-annual segment asking for a call to arms to studios to release some of these great films and give them the treatment they deserve.

Episode 79: The Last Jedi and the Evolution of Star Wars
Erik Childress is joined by regular guests Sergio Mims and Erik Laws on this very special show to examine the lasting impact of the Star Wars franchise from its skeptical beginnings to its current Episode. They discuss The Last Jedi at length from their initial thoughts to its overriding themes and everything down to sound design and the bittersweet impact of Carrie Fisher's final appearance. They can not always ignore the politics from 1977-to-2017 but this is a joyful, fun on-location discussion about the most anticipated film of the year.

Episode 78: Afraid of a Rotten Superman? Go To The Tree!
Not only is Sergio Mims back to dish on another round of Blu-rays but he takes some extra special time on some extra special releases. Erik Childress was also ecstatic to catch up on some overdue releases that range from Superman to zombies to Miyazaki. Plus one of the most entertaining films of the year (or mostly according to one) and an agreement on one of the best and too often overlooked films celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

Episode 77: Justice League, or Kirby Your Enthusiasm
DC is at it again. Interpret that anyway you want, but comic book expert, Erik Laws, is back to discuss the new Justice League film with Erik Childress. Together they go deep from the cartoon incarnation down to every nook and cranny of getting the team together, how Joss Whedon's influence may have affected the final product. Not to mention Danny Elfman's score, what Zack Snyder may have against Superman and a wide array all adding up to whether or not the film is a success or another bust.

Episode 76: I've Gotta Be Me
Not only is Sergio Mims back to dish on another round of Blu-rays but he bookends this episode with talk of a pair of forthcoming worthwhile documentaries on PBS. First he interviews Samuel D. Pollard, the director of Sammy Davis Jr.: I'vGotta Be Me and then concludes with his admiration for Frederick Wiseman' latest film, Ex Libris. In-between Erik Childress and Sergio discuss some new Criterion, Mill Creek and Kino as well as a documentary about film scores and their own love of an art that seems to have devolved a bit.

Episode 75: The 2017 Holiday Box Office Preview & Predictions
The final movie season of the year is here and with that Erik Childress takes you through his predictions for the big hits and potential misses at the box office. Only this time he is joined by Sergio Mims to offer his two cents on Erik's predictions as well as his thoughts on what he believes could be a very lackluster season for the wide release - in quality, if not bucks. They cover it all from the biggest releases to the limited films hoping to make strides with awards as well as with paying customers.

Episode 74: The Blu-ray Throwback (Vol. 1)
It may sound like just another Blu-ray show. That's because it is. But it's one that takes you into the archives to circle back on titles Erik Childress and Sergio Mims did not get to talk about in the moment. So many titles. Only so many minutes. But in this first volume of the Throwback, Erik & Sergio talk about some golden oldies from the likes of Twilight Time, Olive and Kino, three studios who continue to do fine work on films that may have escaped your radar over time. Give a listen and then give a watch.

Episode 73: Thor: The Jokey World(s)
The holiday movie season is here and Marvel is kicking it off with Thor: Ragnarok. Erik Childress again welcomes comic book expert Erik Laws to offer his thoughts on a film they both had high hopes for. Though the film is being advertised as the "best reviewed Marvel film of all-time" is it possible doth praise too much?

Episode 72: From Spielberg to Python and Back Again
It's a Spielberg kind of show. At least it begins that way as Sergio Mims joins Erik Childress again to discuss a whole new batch of Blu-rays, including a pair of Spielberg classics and what they mean to them, a new international company, the latest from Twilight Time and Arrow as well as a 90-year title from Flicker Alley. The guys also discuss how streaming services aren't offering old films and why anyone would want to be a historian for a particular film.

Episode 71: Recapping the 2017 Toronto Film Festival
Erik Childress spent another week at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and saw over 30 movies. On his regular appearance with Sergio Mims on WHPK Radio, they weren't through his rankings talking about all the good (and great) films that he saw, while leaving a little time to mop up a few of the dogs as well.

Episode 70: What Is It Good For?
Sergio Mims rejoins the podcast to catch everyone up to date on the latest in Blu-rays. We talk enthusiastically about two of the best documentaries of the year and debate a slew of Sundance titles now available from Lionsgate. There's also a great Halloween title you must check out and Erik Childress may have figured out, at long last, why he just isn't that big of a Beatles fan.

Episode 69: Best Summer Ever (1984 Edition)
The Movie Madness Podcast returns with another edition of the Best Summer Ever. RogerEbert.com's Peter Sobczynski returns to take us through a mutually-treasured summer involving ghosts, gremlins, video games, buckaroos and some unique movie musicals. Peter and Erik Childress countdown their ten favorite films of the summer and share some lasting memories as well..

Episode 68: To Maurice From Warp-O-Scope
Sergio Mims is back to talk about the latest releases on Blu-ray with Erik Childress. Together they discuss Jerry Lewis, Elizabeth Taylor's speech patterns, and how Kurt Russell makes everything better. Not to mention their disdain for Alien: Covenant, a weird production known as Dracula in Vegas and the process known as Warp-O-Scope. A lot of great titles you are gonna want to check out after you listen..

Episode 67: Guardians of the Guardians - Vol. 2
One of the biggest hits of the summer and year, James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is now available on home video. Comic book expert Erik Laws re-joins Erik Childress to catch up on a conversation they missed upon release. Take a listen and see how each of their perceptions of the first film reflect upon their thoughts of the sequel..

Episode 66: A Little Mad and A Little Blu
Sergio Mims returns to make everyone aware of some amazing Blu-rays coming out this month. Along with Erik Childress they cover mad scientists, troubled relationships, Steve Martin, re-discoveries from the '70s that can't be made today and "the Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies" culminating with an admiration of Bobcat Goldthwait's directorial career.

Episode 65: The Dunkirks of Detroit
This special episode of the podcast re-broadcasts a discussion on WHPK Radio between Erik Childress, Sergio Mims and Collin Souter. During it they disagree over the impact of Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit but unite over Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and going against detractors with questionable arguments about both. Before that though, Erik offers his feelings over the recent events on Charlottesville and reminds us of the one thing we should all be united over - hating Nazis.

Episode 64: Tough Guys - Then & Now
Rarely does the regular Blu-ray visit from "the walking Wikipedia of film knowledge" Sergio Mims produce a theme, but we couldn't help notice a bit of one in this episode. Come listen to stories about Peter Sellers, Lionel Stander and James Garner. Sergio & Erik have fun breaking down the exasperated aura of John Wick and how Life finds a way to be cruel.

Episode 63: Best Summer Ever (2001 Edition)
2001 was the summer of Pearl Harbor, Rush Hour 2 and Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. Do you remember any good movies from that summer? Erik Childress and Mark Dujsik surely do as they wade through a season where franchises were born, others continued and some died before ever getting started. It may not have been the best summer but this special episode makes the most of it..

Episode 62: A Start To Saluting Women Filmmakers
This episode of Movie Madness brings an update to the summer box office where Dunkirk starts strong but Wonder Woman finishes in triumph. Erik Childress guides you through the meaning and importance of those numbers and offers some perspective on the top grade at Cinemascore..

Episode 61: Whatever A Spider Can...Kinda?
Spider-Man is finally a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and people are showing love to the Homecoming. Comic book expert Erik Laws joins Erik Childress to discuss the history of the franchise(s), the latest film's connection to the comics and whether or not it actually lives up to the praise it is receiving. A spirited discussion ensues.

Episode 60: From Logan to Romero
So many Blu-rays. So little time. Except here on Movie Madness where Sergio Mims is back to take us on a journey from one of the best films of the year to one of the absolute worst. When you are done taking notes, Sergio & Erik Childress pay their respects to a true loss to the film world, Mr. George Romero.

Episode 59: Best Summer Ever - 1982
Movie Madness goes for a second trip to the Best Summer Ever, this time chosen by Ain't-It-Cool-News' Steve Prokopy. Along with Erik Childress they talk about the 35th anniversary of one of the most iconic summer movie seasons ever and each share the ten favorites that have endured for them over the years.

Episode 58: The Big, Healthy Streets of Fire
Sergio Mims returns to run the gamut of Blu-ray releases from a timely thriller from the 1960s to a group of '80s titles for adults and cults alike. It all leads up to an appreciation of Walter Hill's Streets of Fire. Before that though, Erik Childress takes you through the summer box office and how the success of Kumail Nanjiani's The Big Sick could be a big thing.

Episode 57: Sofia the Beguiled
Sofia Coppola has remade Don Siegel's 1971 version of The Beguiled in her own image. Is it a fresh feminist take on a harsher male fantasy or has she taken the term neutered to a whole new level? Peter Sobczynski joins Erik Childress to discuss both points of view on this special episode of Movie Madness.

Episode 56: Catching That Early Buzz
This episode brings us to the midpoint of the summer box office and the news isn't good for a number of films (and studios.) After that though, Sergio Mims returns to bring everyone more stories and new Blu-rays. He also talks with Erik Childress about how early buzz can affect one's view of a motion picture ranging from Donnie Darko to La La Land and how occasionally a fresh perspective can alter one's opinion.

Episode 55: Best Summer Ever - 1988 Edition
A new segment comes to the podcast where Erik Childress and guests countdown their favorites movies of the summer. The first guest is Collin Souter who has chosen 1988, the summer of the bad sequels but the great "R"-rated comedies. They also discuss one of the great movie controversies in history that is just as relevant and important today.

Episode 54: Rumble Through A Blu Summer
The summer box office only has a few big winners so far, but how does it shape up to 2016 at this point and Erik Childress discusses a new statistic that could signify this year's champion. After that, Sergio Mims is back to discuss a lot of older titles new to Blu-ray and even sneak in a few recent titles.

Episode 53: Keep Circulating The MST3K
Erik Childress is joined by Peter Sobczynski to talk about the return of one of the greatest television shows ever, Mystery Science Theater 3000. They talk about its history and how the new episodes measure up, discuss their favorites and take some time to mourn the loss of Zombie Nightmare co-star and beloved Batman, Mr. Adam West.

Episode 52: It's a Dark, Dark Universe!
On this episode, Sergio Mims returns to catch everyone up on some of the Blu-rays that may have fallen through the cracks recently. Before that, Erik Childress catches you up on the Wonder Woman phenomenon at the box office, how Universal's Dark Universe may or may not be in peril and condemns the coverage of A24's wide release of It Comes At Night when it should be getting praised.

Episode 51: Everyone Loves Wonder Woman. Why Not Me?!
Wonder Woman Fever is sweeping the world and Erik Childress welcomes comic book expert Erik Laws back into the fray. They discuss not only the film but also a bit of the character's history, the degrees to which sexism has reared its ugly head around the project and to agree that it is a definite step up in the DC Cinematic Universe. But to what degree?

Episode 50: Hey, We Made It To 50!!
This episode, Sergio Mims returns to catch everyone up on some of the best (and not-so-best) Blu-rays out there to check out. Before that though, Erik Childress brings you up to speed on how the Memorial Day box office went and how Dwayne Johnson disappointed him with his whole "critics vs. fans" defense of the Baywatch disappointment.

Episode 49: Me Everyone No One (Linklater, Haynes & Payne)
The founder of the Now Playing Network, Jim Laczkowski, joins Erik Childress to play another round of Me, Everyone, No One where he is faced with making the tough choice on which director is his favorite, whom he will gift to the world and which will be eliminated from our memories forever. Play along as they breakdown each director's career and a tough choice has to be made.

Episode 48: We're Playing With Blu Fire!
Erik Childress is back after producing the 5th Annual Chicago Critics Film Festival to catch you up on how the summer box office is fairing just before Memorial Day weekend. Then he talks with Sergio Mims about releases from Twilight Time, Criterion, Olive, Shout Factory, Universal, Warner Bros. and a particularly special release from Kino for all you Cinemax lovers out there.

Episode 47: Guardian of the Summer Box Office
It's that time of year again! The 2017 Summer movie season is here and Erik Childress does his annual breakdown of the potential for hits and misses from May to August. 25 films and then some as a full summer preview turns into how one movie studio may have blown a big opportunity for what is destined to be one of the summer's best movies and could have been one of its biggest surprise hits..

Episode 46: All These Things...
On this episode, Erik Childress returns to tell you all about the final lineup of the Chicago Critics Film Festival (which he is a producer of) as well as a sneak preview of some upcoming episodes. Then regular all-star Sergio Mims returns to catch you up on releases from Shout Factory, Disney, Warner Archive and Twilight Time.

Episode 45: South by Southwest by 2017
On this episode, Erik is joined by Steve Prokopy of Ain't It Cool News to talk all about this year's South by Southwest. They talk in-depth about Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, Joe Swanberg's Win It All, Harry Dean Stanton in Lucky plus James Franco's highly-anticipated film version of the making of Tommy Wiseau's The Room, The Disaster Artist. All that and a couple wonderful surprises from a very good year for the film festival.

Episode 44: Paramountís Ghosting
This episode the box office reporting returns with questions as to why Paramount was being selective in who got to see Ghost in the Shell. Then DVD Guru Sergio Mims returns to catch up on a number of titles from Disney, Lionsgate, Mill Creek, Olive Films, Paramount, Shout Factory and Universal.

Episode 43: I Left My Heart In San Franchise
The Chicago Critics Film Festival has announced its first preview and producer Erik Childress tells you where you can buy your passes. Then he is joined by Sergio Mims to get you all caught up on the latest Blu-rays from Arrow, Kino, Criterion, Lionsgate, Broad Green and Universal. Finally itís the return of Patrick Bromley of FThisMovie.net to play another round of Me, Everyone, No One. Which franchise will he erase from existence?

Episode 42: All You Need Is Logan!
Erik Childress catches you up on his trip to the Sundance Film Festival and many of the films he saw with an assist from Nick Digilio and WGN Radio. Then the debut of a brand new segment (or game) to the podcast with comic book expert Erik Laws. Is it about comic books, movies or something entirely different? Tune in to find out on Me, Everyone, No One.

Episode 41: Me, Everyone, No One & Sundance
Erik Childress catches you up on his trip to the Sundance Film Festival and many of the films he saw with an assist from Nick Digilio and WGN Radio. Then the debut of a brand new segment (or game) to the podcast with comic book expert Erik Laws. Is it about comic books, movies or something entirely different? Tune in to find out on Me, Everyone, No One.

Episode 40: To Franchise Or Not To Franchise
Erik Childress has returned from Sundance, but on this episode must first address the growing list of franchise entries that studios are besieging the marketplace with. Patrick Bromley of FThisMovie.net joins him to talk the best and worst of them as well as to discuss this yearís upcoming FThisMovie Fest. Before that though, Sergio Mims is back like John Wick to catch-up on the latest movies you can catch up with on DVD.

Episode 39: Here Come the Oscar Nominations (and Predictions)
On this episode, Sergio Mims returns to go over the latest releases from Twilight Time, Olive Films, Shout Factory, Warner Bros. and so much more. Then Erik Childress will break down the Best Picture race and offer his final predictions in all of the feature film categories from Director to Visual Effects.

Episode 38: The Oscars & Those Damned Statistics
The first Movie Madness of 2017 gives you a rundown of Erik Childress' picks for the Best & Worst films of 2016. He is joined again by Sergio Mims to bring you the latest in Blu-ray & DVD titles. But the Oscar race continues and it is time for a real breakdown of the numbers now that the "Big 7" are in. Who has jumped into the Top Five?

Episode 37: Going Rogue On Awards Season. And Star Wars!
The final Movie Madness of 2016 gives you the long-awaited awards breakdown and who the frontrunners now are for the Oscars. Collin Souter also returns to talk the highs and lows of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And a special thank you to all our listeners, there is a chance for a very special prize. Tune in to hear how you can win something great courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 36: Movie Madness Stocking Stuffers
In this special standalone episode of the podcast, Erik Childress is joined by Sergio Mims to provide some last-minute Christmas suggestions on the Blu-ray front for everyone. They also catch up on some recent titles and offer up their choices of some of the best releases of the year. Including their number ones.

Episode 35: Grieving By the Sea Without Pitt or Jolie
Erik Childress is back to catch you up on the box office over the Thanksgiving holiday. He is then joined by Sergio Mims to discuss the latest Blu-rays from Twilight Time, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony and more. Then the founder of the Now Playing Network, James Laczkowski stops by to discuss Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester by the Sea as well as films about grief.

Episode 34: We Give Thanks to Movies - Now More Than Ever!
This week gives you a pre-Thanksgiving (and pre-Black Friday) look at some great new Blu-rays coming out which we talk to Sergio Mims about. We take a look at just how those Arrival numbers measure up at the box office. Finally we have a sobering conversation with Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.com of how the evolution (and maybe devolution) of movies may matter ever more in Trump's America.

Episode 33: Let's Get Some Strange!
This week's epic episode tries to sober us out of the election results by talking with Sergio Mims about some great new Blu-rays from Shout Factory, Kino and Lionsgate amongst others to help cheer you up. Then comic book expert Erik Laws returns to go deep on the Strange - Doctor Strange! - and discusses whether or not it lives up to its high praise in the Marvel universe.

Episode 32: Cubbie Blue, Blu-rays and Box Office Blues
Erik Childress breaks down the lackluster Autumn movie season, charting the winners & losers and then takes you through a preview of what may come out on top during the holidays. Then he is joined by Sergio Mims to talk about new Blu-rays including Bubba Ho-Tep and new titles from Sony, Warner Bros, Mill Creek, Kino along with revisiting the documentary Weiner. But the Cubs have also won the World Series for the first time in 108 years and Erik shares his memories of the game and the person he wishes he could share it with.

Episode 31: Rare Exports: A Happy Pre-Election Halloween!
It's Halloween week! That means after catching up on some new classic Blu-rays from Kino and Twilight Time, Sergio Mims sticks around to offer an extensive list of Halloween favorites and gems you may want to add for your viewing enjoyment.

Episode 30: Two Weeks at the Chicago International Film Festival (Part 2)
This week we wrap up talk of this year's CIFF with RogerEbert.com's Peter Sobczynski after another round of Blu-ray talk with Sergio Mims and a look at the failing autumn box office. Erik Childress looks at the numbers, the festival and begins to gear up for Halloween movie watching.

Episode 29: Two Weeks at the Chicago International Film Festival (Part 1)
Ain't It Cool News' Steve Prokopy stops by to talk about choice movies playing Chicago's premier film festival. But first, Erik Childress analyzes the disappointments of the fall box office and is then joined once again by Sergio Mims to talk new Blu-rays by Criterion, Olive Films, Warner Bros., Universal and HBO.

Episode 28: A Girl, A Train & All Those Twists
Erik Childress is joined by Sergio Mims to talk about some of the latest Blu-ray releases from Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Kino, Shout Factory and Bayview. Collin Souter stops by to talk the best and worst twists in movies. Which category will The Girl on the Train fall into?

Episode 27: What a Disaster: A Prologue to Deepwater Horizon
This week Erik Childress does a quick analysis of the box office before getting to Sergio Mims for their weekly DVD discussion. After that, Sergio sticks around to kick off a new segment as they analyze the history of the disaster film, a title that may follow around the new Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg effort in more ways than one.

Episode 26: Going Back to Toronto
Erik Childress returns from Toronto to catch up on the latest Blu-rays with Sergio Mims and announce a special update to this regular segment. Then he is joined by Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.com to talk about some of the best films they saw at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Episode 25: The Winners, the Losers and the Paramount
Sergio Mims joins the podcast once again to discuss the latest in Blu-rays, but not before Erik Childress breaks down the summer box office and where studios may continue to be going wrong with their releases.

Episode 24: Nate Parker and the Birth of a Controversy
This week's episode foregoes the regular segments such as box office and Blu-rays when Erik Childress has a frank discussion with Sergio Mims about the Nate Parker sexual assault case from the past as well as the future of an audience's relationship with The Birth of a Nation..

Episode 23: You Found This Footage Where?
After explaining why it would be wrong to forget about Pete's Dragon, Erik Childress talks with Blu-ray and film history expert, Sergio Mims, on a new batch of titles. Then he is joined by critic and film producer Scott Weinberg to discuss the world premiere of Found Footage 3-D.

Episode 22: The Fantasia of a Bruce Campbell Festival
After Erik Childress is done analyzing the future prospects of Suicide Squad's run at the box office he talks with Steve Prokopy about the Fantasia Film Festival and then with Josh Goldbloom about the returning Bruce Campbell Horror Fest.

Episode 21: Ghostbusters & Other B.S.
After Sergio Mims goes over what is new on the Blu-ray front, Erik Laws joins the discussion to share in the disappointment of Suicide Squad..

Episode 20: Ghostbusters & Other B.S.
Erik talks once again with Sergio Mims about the latest Blu-Ray releases, along with summer movie recommendations and box office analysis!.

Episode 19: Ghostbusters & Other B.S.
This week, Erik Childress looks at how weird the box office this summer and then gives his thoughts on the new Ghostbusters reboot with Hitfix's Drew McWeeny as they discuss all kinds of B.S. about haters, critics and the industry.

Episode 18: Meet Me Halfway Out of a Bad Year
This week Erik Childress creates a mock ballot for his choices of the best of 2016 so far and gives the latest look at the box office. Sergio Mims is back to talk new Blu-rays and a bit about "the Spielberg brand."

Episode 17: Exorcising the Neon Demon
Another epic episode starts with dissecting the summer box office slump. Then Sergio Mims talks an array of new Blu-rays and DVDs. Finally Jim Laczkowski stops by to trade thoughts on the latest from Nicolas Winding Refn.

Episode 16: Serenity Now, DePalma Later
This week Erik Childress talks to Peter Sobczynski about the Brian DePalma documentary as well as the retrospective at Chicago's Music Box Theatre. The box office is examined again as well, but not before an examination of the Orlando aftermath.

Episode 15: Hollywood's Free Fall and Other Reasons To Stay Home
This week's episode chronicles the beginning of the worst summer box office in a decade, a conversation with Sergio Mims about new Blu-rays to check out as well as one with Patrick Bromley of FThisMovie.net about Junesploitation.

Episode 14: Catching Up and Ready to Listen
This week's episode has Erik Childress dissecting the Memorial Day Weekend box office, has another visit from Sergio Mims to discuss new Blu-rays and is hoping to hear from the listeners as to what they want to hear on future episodes.

Episode 13: Why Are We Fighting? Love Will Set You Free
This week's "epic" episode of Movie Madness features guests Sergio Mims talking about a number of great Blu-rays to save you from the Money Monster as well as comic book expert Erik Laws for an in-depth conversation about why Captain America: Civil War works as well as it does.

Episode 12: Summer Box Office Prediction Edition
This week your host, Erik Childress, concentrates on one thing and one thing only - the summer box office. What has he got in the Top Ten? What films may bomb? How many will make $100 million? Will he be wrong? More importantly, could he be right? Where will your money go?

Episode 11: Forget Keanu. Remember Dolemite
This week Erik Childress gives his thoughts on Alien Day, rails against the decision to platform a Tom Hanks film and then is joined by WHPK Radio partner, Sergio Mims, to catch-up on some Blu-ray titles you may enjoy rather than rushing out to a lackluster lineup before the summer movie season kicks off.

Episode 10: Singing the Praises of "Street"
Movie Madness returns this week with a catch-up on how the box office has fared, a bunch of Blu-ray recommendations, reviews of a couple movies you may want to skip and one that guest Collin Souter agrees should be sought out immediately so its finds more audiences.

Episode 9: Let the Midnight Special...
This week, Erik Childress discusses the latest Jeff Nichols film at length with Jim Laczkowski. He also recommends some new DVDs to check out and tears into the box office of Batman v Superman and the mythical divide between critics and audiences.

Episode 8: Dawn of the Dead: Batman vs. Superman Edition
This week Erik Childress catches up on DVDs, talks about what is going on with The Divergent Series at the box office and an in-depth near-90-minute conversation with comic book expert, Erik Laws, about the latest Zack Snyder/DC Comics pairing.

Episode 7: South by Southwest 2016
This week Erik Childress talks live from Austin, TX with Ain't It Cool News' Steve Prokopy about all of the great titles from this year's SXSW Film Festival.

Episode 6: The Chicago Critics Film Festival is Coming!
This week, Erik Childress flies solo as he prepares for SXSW. He talks about the week's box office, recommends some DVDs worth binging on a weekend when studios where hesitant to show their new films and then previews the first seven films announced for this year's Chicago Critics Film Festival at the Music Box Theatre.

Episode 5: Knight & Day: The Latest from Terrence Malick
This week, a brief recap of the Oscars along with last weekend's box office, the top DVDs to check out this week, a review of Zootopia and a lengthy debate over the merits of Knight of Cups (or lack thereof) with Peter Sobczynski.

Episode 4: 9-9-9 Oscar Down
This week, Erik Childress looks at Eddie the Eagle and then is joined by managing editor of RogerEbert.com, Brian Tallerico, to discuss the failures of Triple 9 as well as this year's Oscars. Predictions and analysis aplenty.

Episode 3: Crisis of Faith in the Risen Witch
Erik Childress flies solo this week discussing his experiences with The Witch and Risen while also given his top Blu-ray recommendations and how Deadpool is trying to become an all-timer in front-loaded box office history.

Episode 2: Deadpool of Money
This week on Movie Madness, Erik Childress goes through the week's new DVD/Blu-ray releases and recommends his top three. He talks to comic book expert, Erik Laws, about Deadpool and what it could mean for the DC Universe as well as examine this week's box office and where Zoolander 2 and How To Be Single measure up.

Episode 1: Hail Caesar and the Debut of Movie Madness
Erik Childress kicks off the debut edition of Movie Madness with a return from the Sundance Film Festival and his Top 10 films from there. He is joined by Collin Souter from RogerEbert.com for an in-depth discussion of the Coen Bros.' Hail, Caesar! as well as Patrick Bromley from www.fthismovie.net to discuss a very special movie-viewing event. Even a little box office is thrown in for good measure.

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Movie Madness Podcast with Erik Childress


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