"I Want You To Hit Me. As Hard as You Can"

By Chef ADogg
Posted 10/05/99 00:41:25

I don't know if I'm the only one who notices this, but as of late there hasn't been too much happening cinematically that really works me up--it's customary, when I watch an especially good film (or even just a snappy preview for an especially good looking film), for me to yell "Fuck yeah!" as loud as I can.

There's been nothing around lately for me to exercise my lungs about. Every time I venture over to the movie house, it's the same lameass previews, proceeded by another dull, shameless exercise in cash-raking.

But the monotony of my small world has been broken--rocked, even. Shattered into miniscule pieces. By a two minute preview for a movie called "Fight Club."

Ever since I heard this movie was being made, my expectations were extremely high. David Fincher, the top rate talent behind films like "The Game" and "Seven," pairing up with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton--a triangular explosion of talent.

If this all seems a bit melodramatic and fluffy headed, I apologize--but Fincher has that effect on me. The man drops me to my knees on a regular basis with the beauty he finds in grime and the performances he coaxes from his actors. And "Fight Club" is shaping up to be his masterpiece.

A movie with no sturdy moral or narrative, chock full of surreal pop imagery and stocked with criminal amounts of talent, this is what I've been waiting for.

While the smart horror set were shooting fat loads over "The Blair Witch Project" and the intellectuals now dirty their pants in joy at the very thought of "American Beauty," I wait for "Fight Club"--it's not gonna be pretty, it's not gonna be for everyone, and it probably won't be the movie of the millenium.

It probably won't even be the movie I want it to be. But that's not even important. Because "Fight Club" once again gives me a reason to be excited, it's something to wake up my soul. Just the preview is a few fat blasts of cocaine, a shock right to your central nervous system.

If two minutes can throw me off this much, can hype me until my bones shake--if a little preview can make my teeth rattle, than just imagine the impact the movie will have upon my fragile little mind.

"Fight Club" looks like the type of film that will warp me, excite me, shock me. In other words, everything a movie should do.

In the end, it's more than just a movie--"Fight Club" is a grand wake up call. This is the hunk of celluloid that's going to remind everyone just how much films can, and should, be. No teens, no one liners, just great adult cinema.

Movies are thoughtless these days, cinema lacks brains. Filmmakers have lost to the key to what really excites--they've forgotten that to stimulate the mind is much more powerful than staging another smooth action sequence.

These days, it's all about who blows the most shit up. Filmmakers only do it because they can get away with it--as long as there are dumb teenage boys (and older males who should know better), Jerry Bruckheimer will be in business.

"Fight Club" is not that. It's not just one more middle aged asshole with a ponytail showing the world just how big his dick truly is. I haven't even seen the movie yet, but already I'm swept in. Because, like all great art, it feels like a revolution, it feels like a movement.

And maybe I'm too quick with the praise--there's no way to judge a movie by the preview, even with the talent behind a film like "Fight Club." The only way to really asess a film's merits is to WATCH the film.

But even if I'm wrong, even it turns out to be more Hollywood engineered smoke and mirrors, "Fight Club" makes me say "Fuck yeah" every time I think about it.

That has to mean something.

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