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Bruce Campbell - Come Git Some
by Chris Parry

If you're a schlock horror freak (and let's face it, who the hell isn't?) then you know exactly who Bruce Campbell is. He's God. Well, he's not exactly God but his mainstay character, Ash of the Evil Dead series, sure as hell is. What is it that sets Campbell aside from the Freddie Prinze's and the Matthew Lillard's of today's "horror" world? Class. Well, talent too, but class especially. And it's that very class that saw Brucey give us some of his time to answer the questions that matter.

CP: What's the most bizarre rumour you've ever heard about yourself?
BC: That I was a woman.

Okay, so maybe not "the questions that matter", but questions none the less. Just deal, okay?

CP: Which five movies should an Eskimo watch to get a complete education in film?
BC: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Rio Bravo, Buddy Buddy, Emperor of the North, Glen or Glenda?

To say Bruce Campbell is a cult icon is an understatement. Take a look at any drooling fanboy hang out website (aint-it-cool-news.com for example) and see how many times Bruce is mentioned a month. Any time there's an upcoming movie the rumours fly; "it's gonna be Bruce! Bruce is gonna be Wolverine/Superman/Batman/Preacher/Wonder Woman" - alas, the rumours are seldom true.

CP: Which single role would you do a deal with the devil to have been given?
BC: Ahhh, but there are roles to come that may require a deal.

Why is Campbell a wet dream of wet teens? Because he's got stones. He's perhaps best known as the man at the centre of one of the most bloody and imaginative horror franchises in cinema history. When director Sam Raimi was scraping together the money to make his low budget classic Evil Dead his buddy Bruce Campbell snared the lead role principally because he was the most popular with the ladies.

CP: What's the weirdest thing you've ever been asked to sign?
BC: A breast. I agreed.

As the square jawed, blood soaked, chainsaw-wielding hero Ash, Campbell grounded this swirling, cartoonish piece of seminal horror. He was back for the even more fevered Evil Dead 2 and the epic third instalment Army of Darkness. Since his star-making roles in the Evil Dead films, Campbell has become a mainstay in the exploitation and horror market with films like Maniac Cop, Darkman, Escape From LA and From Dusk Til Dawn 2. He got in the saddle for his western TV series "The Adventures Of Brisco County" and is now taking the heroic Ash onto the Playstation with his video game "Evil Dead - Ashes 2 Ashes".

CP: Star Wars, Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica?
BC: None of the above. I'm not a fantasy guy...

Despite his earthy beginnings, Campbell isn't interested in just churning out exploitative Evil Dead off-shoots. In fact, Hollywood as a whole doesn't interest him a great deal.

CP: Harder to find - a good agent, a good script or Corey Haim?
BC: A good script - no question about it.

CP: Ever walked out of a film?
BC: Yes. Scream was the last one - after 20 minutes.

CP: What was the biggest fish you ever caught?
BC: 400 lb Marlin...and I'm not kidding...

And so it goes that Bruce Campbell, by misadventure or design, remains as he began; a cult icon, loved by the masses, chased by countless zombies and a deft hand with a blood-soaked chainsaw or shiny six-gun.

All that remains is the question on everyone's lips.

CP: Did you ever discover Kevin Sorbo's secret to eternal youth?
BC: Yes. Golf every Saturday.

link directly to this feature at https://www.hollywoodbitchslap.com/feature.php?feature=143
originally posted: 12/07/99 23:10:38
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