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eFilmCritic's Ultimate Blu-ray Release Schedule (UPDATED 5/2/21)
by Erik Childress

Welcome to eFilmCritic's BRAND NEW BLU-RAY Release Schedule. UPDATED EVERY WEEK - you won't find
as thoroughly researched or comprehensive a list anywhere at your local video store or on the web. This is the BEST!!!

Receive an update each week by e-mail when the DVD Schedule is updated. Just drop a line to DVD@efilmcritic.com (even if you just have a DVD question) and each week you'll receive the latest updates and the latest links to purchase your DVDs from the "Best DVD Schedule anywhere on the web."


PURCHASE or PRE-ORDER your Blu-Ray DVDs just by clicking on the title and going directly to Amazon.com.


May 4 (2021)
13 Ghosts (1960 / Thir13en Ghosts (2001) (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
(*) Another Round (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
Big Fish (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony)
(*) Black Water (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
Cool As Ice (Blu-ray) (Kino)
F.T.A. (Blu-ray) (Kino)
For the Sake of Vicious (Blu-ray) (Dread)
Gate (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Ghost Waits, A (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Hellfighters (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Hemingway (Blu-ray) (PBS)
Hot Spot, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Judas and the Black Messiah (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (Umbrella) (International)
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
Last Married Couple in America, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Let It Ride (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Little Things, The (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
M. C. Escher: Journey to Infinity (Blu-ray) (Zeitgeist)
MacGruber (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
(*) Mask of Zorro, The (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
Mothman Prophecies, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
(*) Not Quite Hollywood (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
(*) Rainmaker, The (1956) (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
Regarding Henry (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Saw (Blu-ray 4K) (Lions Gate)
Scarface (1932) (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Scars of War: 4 Vietnam Stories (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
(*) Slither (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
Sonic Boom: The Complete Season 1 (Blu-ray) (NCircle Entertainment)
Speed (Blu-ray 4K) (Walt Disney)
Sweet Liberty (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Synchronic (Blu-ray) (Umbrella) (International)
Timeline (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Toy Soldiers (1991) / December (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Trances (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Virtuoso, The (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Wages of Sin, The (Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Vol. 10) (Blu-ray) (Kino)

May 11 (2021)
7 Seeds: Season 2 (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Action U.S.A. (Blu-ray) (MVD)
All About the Benjamins (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Babylon (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Cannon Busters: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Cool Lakes of Death, The (Blu-ray) (Cult Epics)
Drive (Director's Cut) (1997) (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Fast and the Furious, The: 20th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Final Stand, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Giants and Toys (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
His Dark Materials: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Horizons West (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Infinite Dendrogram: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
John Wayne Essential 14-Movie Collection (Paramount)
Justice Society: World War II (Blu-ray 4K) (Warner Bros.)
Justice Society: World War II (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
King Kong (1976) (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Land (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Legend of Hei, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Marksman, The (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Martin Margiela In His Own Words (Oscilloscope)
Mauritanian, The (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Merrily We Go to Hell (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Morgue (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
No Reason (Blu-ray) (Unearthed)
Quantez (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Reason I Jump, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Scavenger (Blu-ray) (Cleopatra Entertainment)
Senior Moment (Blu-ray) (Screen Media)
Tank (Blu-ray) (Kino)
They Won't Believe Me (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
To New Shores / La Habanera (Kino)
Wild Geese II (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Yearling, The (1946) (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)

May 18 (2021)
Above Suspicion (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Alienist, The: Angel of Darkness (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Baxter (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Children of Divorce (Flicker Alley)
Columbia Noir #3 (1947-1959) (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available May 17)
Cosmic Sin (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Day of the Animals (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Daydreamer, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Dragonheart: 5-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Drunken Master II (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Eyes of a Stranger (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Father, The (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Flowers of Shanghai (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Grizzly (Blu-ray) (Severin)
He Knows You’re Alone (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Hunted (2021) (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
It Happened Tomorrow (Blu-ray) (Cohen Media Group)
Karakuri Circus (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Mackintosh and T.J. (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Madame Rosa (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Minari (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Mission: Impossible (25th Anniversary Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
National Lampoon's Animal House (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Nekopara: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Nest, The (2020) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Outpost, The (Blu-ray 4K) (Screen Media)
Prince's Voyage, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Raya and the Last Dragon (Blu-ray 4K) (Walt Disney)
Raya and the Last Dragon (Blu-ray) (Walt Disney)
Sakura Wars the Animation: The Complete Season [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Santa Sangre (Blu-ray 4K) (Severin)
Santa Sangre (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Shithouse (Blu-ray) (IFC)
Snake Eyes (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Snoopy Collection (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Someone to Watch Over Me (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available May 17)
Son (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Star Trek: Lower Decks - Season One (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Sting, The (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Tom & Jerry (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Wildcats (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)

May 25 (2021)
12 Monkeys (Blu-ray Steelbook Edition) (Arrow Films)
Ace Attorney: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Ahiru No Sora (Premium Box Set) (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Ahiru No Sora (Seasons 3 & 4) (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Arion (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
Athena (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Baki (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Birds, The (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Chaos Walking (Blu-ray 4K) (Lions Gate)
Chaos Walking (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curley’s Gold (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Days of Heaven (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Deliver Us From Evil (2020) (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Django (1966) (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Don't Look Now (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Escape from Fort Bravo (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection, The (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Explorers (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Eye of the Tiger (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Final Countdown, The (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray 4K) (Blue Underground)
Funny Face (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Get Rich or Die Tryin' (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Groove Tube, The (Blu-ray) (Hen's Tooth)
Hand, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Honky Tonk Freeway (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Infinity Train: Book Two (Warner Bros.)
Kinky Boots (Blu-ray) (Liberator Films)
Last Action Hero (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony)
Last Castle, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Legend of Bagger Vance, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Lights of Old Broadway (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Love After Death (Blu-ray) (AGFA)
Million Dollar Mystery (Blu-ray) (Kino)
My Fair Lady (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount)
NEW GAME!: Season One + NEW GAME!!: Season Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Night at the Roxbury, A (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Night of the Following Day, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Nightmare Alley (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle - Part One [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Plunderer: Part One [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Ponette (BLu-ray) (Kino)
Psycho (1960) (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Rookies, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Rosemary's Baby (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Saint, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Smokey and the Bandit 3-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Super 8 (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount)
Supernatural: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Supernatural: The Fifteenth and Final Season (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Tender Trap, The (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Terror Express (Blu-ray) (Dark Force Entertainment)
Tupac Resurrection (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Tuxedo, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Weird Wisconsin: The Bill Rebane Collection [Blu-ray] (Arrow Films)

June 1 (2021)
Alfie (1966) (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Appare-Ranman!: The Complete Season [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Black Clover: Season 3 - Part 4 [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Blue Lamp, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Boogie (Blu-ray) (Universal)
But I’m A Cheerleader: Director's Cut [Blu-ray] (Lions Gate)
Chalk Garden, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
(*) Courier, The (2021) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee Complete Season Two [Blu-ray] (BBC)
Embattled [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Endangered Species (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Essential Film Noir - Collection 2 (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Face Behind the Mask, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Gambler, The (1974) (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Green Man, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
In & Out [Blu-ray] (Paramount)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2-Movie Collection) (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing - Season Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Little Rascals, The: Volume One (1929-1930) (Blu-ray) (Classic Flix)
Love Butcher, The (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
Mob Psycho 100: Season 1 [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Mommie Dearest [Blu-ray] (Paramount)
Mysterious Girlfriend X (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
President's Analyst, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Primal: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Rat Race (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Safe House (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Samurai Jack: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (Warner Bros.)
Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle!: The Complete Season (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Shoplifters of the World (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Six-String Samurai (Blu-ray 4K) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Smokey and the Bandit (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Spare Parts (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Stepford Wives, The (2004) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Surf II (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Trackdown (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Trigger Point (Blu-ray) (Screen Media)
Who Done It? (Blu-ray) (Kino)

June 8 (2021)
Adjustment Bureau, The / The Good Shepherd (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Assault On VA-33 (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
(*) Baphomet (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Becoming Evil - Serial Killers Of The Old West (Mill Creek)
Bruce Willis Collection - 8 Movie Set (Mill Creek)
Cartouche (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) City of Lies (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Contraband / Fear (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Critic, The (Complete Series) (Mill Creek)
Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (Blu-ray) (Screen Media)
Ferris Bueller's Day off (35th Anniversary Blu-ray Steelbook) (Paramount)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (Sony)
Finding Forrester (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Flashback (2021) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
(*) Fool For Love (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Fruits Basket (2019): Season One - The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Howl of the Devil, The (Blu-ray) (Mondo Macabro)
Human Condition, The (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Hunting Ground (Blu-ray) (Mondo Macabro)
Indiana Jones: 4-Film Collection (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount)
Jean-Claude Van Damme Collection - 8 Movie Set (Mill Creek)
Ken Burns' Baseball (Blu-ray) (PBS)
Le Magnifique (The Man from Acapulco) (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Lovebirds, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Lover of the Monster (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
Miami Vice / The Kingdom (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
(*) Nouchka van Brakel Trilogy (Blu-ray) (Cult Epics)
Number24: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Pretty in Pink (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Paramount)
Problem Child Double Feature (Mill Creek)
(*) Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement (Blu-ray) (Passion River)
Puzzle (1974) (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Scream (1981) (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
Some Kind of Wonderful (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Paramount)
Son of the White Mare (Blu-ray) (Arbelos)
Stylist, The (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
(*) Under the Sand (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Undercover Punch & Gun (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Unhealer, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Wave, Listen to Me!: The Complete Season [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
(*) Woman One Longs For, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
World Trigger (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Yourself and Yours (Blu-ray) (Cinema Guild)
Zeroville (Blu-ray) (MVD)
(*) Rock Dog 2: Rock Around The Park (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)

June 15 (2021)
Anything for Jackson (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Awakening, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Being, The (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
Body Slam (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) French Exit (Blu-ray) (Sony)
(*) Great War of Archimedes, The (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
In the Line of Fire (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony)
Kindred (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Last Train from Gun Hill [Blu-ray] (Paramount)
Lust For Gold: A Race Against Time (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Nobody (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Nobody (Blu-ray) (Universal)
One Piece: Collection 26 (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
One Potato, Two Potato (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Pasture (Mill Creek)
Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle - Part Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Queens Blade Rebel Warriors (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Railway Children, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Randolph Scott Western Collection [Blu-ray] (Mill Creek)
(*) Resurrection (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
(*) SAS: Red Notice [Blu-ray] (Lions Gate)
Sphinx (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Streetwise/Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Take This Job and Shove It (Blu-ray) (Kino)
To Love Ru Darkness (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
(*) Tous les Matins du Monde (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (2008-2009) (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Ultraman Zero Collection (2010-2012) (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Walking Dead, The: World Beyond (Season One) (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)

June 22 (2021)
Adam Resurrected (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Camino (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Career Opportunities (Blu-ray) (Kino) (Commentary by Erik Childress)
CB4 (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Eye of the Cat (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available June 21)
Feed the Gods (Blu-ray) (MVD)
For Those Who Think Young (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Half Baked (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Hammer Volume Six: Night Shadows (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available June 21)
Human Nature [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Hunter Hunter [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Invaders of the Lost Gold (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Irezumi (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Night of the Sicario (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
No Guns Life: Season 2 [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Secret World of Arrietty, The [Blu ray Steelbook] (Shout! Factory)
Siberia (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Signifyin' Works of Marlon Riggs, The (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Smile Down the Runway: The Complete Season [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Strangeness, The (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
Strike Commando (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Strike Commando 2 (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Ten Minutes to Midnight (Blu-ray) (Jinga Films)
Umbrella Academy, The: Season One (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Visions of Eight (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Wind Rises, The [Blu ray Steelbook] (Shout! Factory)
Years of Lead: Five Classic Italian Crime Thrillers (Arrow Films)

June 29 (2021)
Battle Beyond the Stars [Blu-ray Steelbook] (Shout! Factory)
Belle of the Nineties (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Bird with the Crystal Plumage, The (Blu-ray 4K) (Arrow Films)
(*) Bonneville (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Certain Scientific Railgun T, A: Part Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Dear Brother (1991-1992) (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
Delirium (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
Dororo (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Every Day's a Holiday (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Flight of the Intruder (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
General's Daughter, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Go West Young Man (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Goin' to Town (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Hatena Illusion: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
I'm No Angel (Blu-ray) (Kino)
In Harm's Way (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Just a Gigolo [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Klondike Annie (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Lady Oscar: The Rose of Versailles - Collection 2 (1979-1980) (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
Le Mans (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Little Rascals, The: Volume Two (Blu-ray) (Classic Flix)
Major Dundee (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Memories (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
My Little Chickadee (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Night After Night (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Night Terror (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Nyanbo!: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
Pariah (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Pickup On South Street (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
(*) Poison (Blu-ray) (Zeitgeist)
She Done Him Wrong (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Stardust [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Swordgai (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Video Warrior Laserion (1984-1985) (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
Watch, The: Season One (Blu-ray) (BBC)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: 50th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray 4K) (Warner Bros.)

July 6 (2021)
48 Hrs. (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
All Out!!: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Another 48 Hrs. (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
(*) Awakening, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Black Marble, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Bringing Up Baby (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
(*) Brotherhood of Satan, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Camp on Blood Island (Blu-ray) (Indicator)
Dark Spell [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
(*) Dead Zone, The (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
Emmanuelle: Black Velvet (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
Gleipnir: The Complete Season (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
(*) Hammer Horror Collection (1971-1972) (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
(*) Haunted (1995) (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
House On Sorority Row, The (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Icy Breasts (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Knights of Sidonia (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Last Time I Committed Suicide, The (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Mortuary (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Mr. Jealousy (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Phantom Of The Air, The (Special Edition) (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Rebelion De Los Colgados Aka The Rebelion Of The Hanged (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Road to Selina, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) School-Live! The Movie (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle - The Complete Season (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
(*) Silver Screams Cinema Collection (1945-1957) (Blu-ray) (Via Vision) (International Release)
Slow Dancing in the Big City (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Stranglers of Bombay (Blu-ray) (Indicator)
(*) Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street (Blu-ray) (Screen Media)
Terror of the Tongs (Blu-ray) (Indicator)
(*) Threshold (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Visions Of Escaflowne, The (Complete Series) [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Wet Backs [Blu-ray] (VCI)
Widow Couderc, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Yesterday’s Enemy (Blu-ray) (Indicator)

July 13 (2021)
Alias Nick Beal (Blu-ray) (Kino)
British Noir Collection III (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Certain Magical Index, A: Season One (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Deep Cover (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Ernest & Celestine [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
(*) Grisaia (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
House of Wax (2005) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Isekai Quartet: Season Two (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Larceny (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Mirror (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
(*) Monster Collection, The (Blu-ray) (Music Box)
Night, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
No Man's Land (2021) [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Pianist, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Saving Silverman (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
(*) Skin Deep (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Snatch (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony)
(*) Two If by Sea (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, The (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Web, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Working Girls (Blu-ray) (Criterion)

July 20 (2021)
633 Squadron / Mosquito Squadron (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Big Fix, The (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available July 19)
(*) Bordertown: Season 3 (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Bride Comes Home, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Close Range / Savage Dog (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Day of the Dolphin, The (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available July 19)
Dead and Buried (Blu-ray 4K) (Blue Underground)
Eight Legged Freaks (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Fire (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Flight to Mars (Blu-ray) (Film Detective)
(*) G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount)
(*) G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount)
Gilded Lily, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Go-Go Boys, The: The Inside Story Of Cannon Films (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Invincible (2001) (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available July 19)
Ishtar (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available July 19)
J.C. (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
La Piscine (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
(*) Listeners: The Complete Series (FUNimation)
Little Big League (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Nana (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Plainsman, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Rahxephon (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Sentai Filmworks)
Royal Deceit (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Stranger Is Watching, A (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar: The Complete Series (FUNimation)
Thunderbolt (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Time Guardian, The (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
(*) True Romance (Blu-ray 4K) (Arrow Films) (UK Release)
Unconquered (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out: The Complete Series (FUNimation)
(*) Whirlpool of Fate (Blu-ray) (Kino)

July 27 (2021)
Alias Jesse James (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Arte: The Complete Series (FUNimation)
Baise-moi (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Born for Hell (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Brotherhood of the Wolf (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Cat o' Nine Tails, The (Blu-ray 4K) (Arrow Films)
Chamber of Horrors (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Chihayafuru (Season 3) (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Clay Pigeons (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Daimajin Trilogy (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Dead Zone, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater: The Complete Series (FUNimation)
(*) Great Sacrifice, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Immensee (Blu-ray) (Kino)
L’Amour Braque (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) MM! (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Naked Massacre (Blu-ray) (Severin)
People Next Door, The (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
(*) Plunderer: Part Two (FUNimation)
Shenandoah (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Siege (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Skinned Deep (Blu-ray) (Severin)
State and Main [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Stranger on the Run (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Vengeance Trails: Four Classic Westerns (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)

August 3 (2021)
Coogan's Bluff (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Valdez Horses, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)

August 10 (2021)
Angel of Death (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
Chariots of the Gods (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Maid, The (Blu-ray) (Epic Pictures)
Pirate Treasure (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Superstars: The Documentary [Blu-ray] (MVD)

August 24 (2021)
Two Evil Eyes (Blu-ray 4K) (Blue Underground)

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