Dinner With Mr.Lucas

By Thom Fowler
Posted 10/15/00 22:54:34

If you watch E! or read People, you probably think every moment of a celebrity's life is glamorous and paparrazzi ridden. Maybe Madonna makes good press like that, but George Lucas just quietly goes about his day to day life here in Northern California without so much as a ripple of conversation passing through wherever he happens to be.

I caught up with George over dinner a few weeks ago at a restaurant in Marin County.

I was at a table with some friends of mine, having a nice bottle of Murphy Goode Fume' Blanc and the spinach salad, talking about my writing projects, the slow pace of life, the difficulty of getting the ball rolling on ANYTHING and the general chaotic nature of things when our conversation was interrupted by some shuffling at the table next to us. George needed me to move so he could get into his chair.

He's not as big as looked in the Special Edition Box Set. He's lost a lot of weight and he looks great. But his seat was barely 2 feet away and the angle of the table was slightly acute. I was wearing my "instantly cool" yellow lensed mad dog sunglasses. When you put them on, no matter who you are, you look instantly cool. Evidently, they also make George Lucas appear. I looked up at George through my yellow lenses and moved just slightly to allow him the room he needed.

It was a fairly routine moment. But one of my friends was speechless. He'd grown up just miles away from LucasVille but was such an enormous fan of Star Wars that he couldn't get over the "myth" of the man even though the idea of someone being hungry and eating in a restaurant was not foreign to him. At some point, my friend called me 3C-PO. I think he needed a minute to lean over and say "OHMIGODGEORGELUCASIVESEENALLTHESTARWARSMOVIESYOUARETHEGREATESTMANONEARTHIWORSHIPYOUIMNOTWORTY!" so we could all get back to dinner.

He ordered the risotto. He didn't have much to say during dinner. but paid careful attention when our conversation turned to the state of public education. Our waiter was a History teacher by day. George started an educational research foundation so I suppose thats why he was so interested. He didn't ask us about it, but did wait until we had finished talking before paying his bill and leaving.

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