Jason Lee thinks Art more important than Award

By Thom Fowler
Posted 02/16/01 20:48:35

Jason Lee, star of the recent Cameron Crow film, Almost Famous, weighed in his discontent that Almost Famous was not nominated for Best Film and continued to give his opinion about art for arts sake and how Oscars, like Elections, are won through big campaign spending.

Lee posted this message to the View Askew productions web board.

"I'm very dissapointed about the Oscar noms announcement today.
It's all bullshit if you ask me. I disagreed with half of it. Almost Famous was overlooked bigtime, and why? Because Dreamworks didn't put any money toward any kind of Oscar campaign. BUT, the real questions is; should a studio have to buy an Oscar, or should people nominate and vote from the heart? It's all about hype and "the buzz", and money, and "what's in", and all that other crap. Jesus, stop me before I start sounding like Jeff Bebe. Anyway, my dreams have faded, and I'm that much more jaded. I've said before, "I hate what the Academy stands for, and how it all works, but if I won an Oscar I'd dig it". I honestly don't know how strongly I feel about that now. Sure,it's an acknowledgement, but how honest is that acknowledgement, and where does it come from? And should we even care? Do we do it to get statues and Cover Story spots on ET, or do we do it for ourselves? That is what counts in the end, because it's all about the work, and staying true to that. That's where my head is, and where it'll always be. DAMN STRAIGHT!"

Damn Straight, indeed, Jason.

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