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By Thom Fowler
Posted 12/28/01 20:52:38

Can't get to Sundance? Then check out the Sundance Online Film Festival at I've been trying for days but their servers are always overloaded, so if you get to see something, post an overview on the webboard. And, as if the Quad and the Angelika weren't enough for culture hungry Manhatten, Landmark has opened up an indie boutique on the Lower East Side, thus completing their effort at worldwide, or at least statewide, domination of the art house market.

(Sub)Festival at

The Sundance Online Film Festival is a cavalcade of live action, animated and experimental shorts that only exist ... online. In six minutes or less, from the privacy of your home, you can find out if size really does matter in The Big Issue by Sara Mast or watch Stephen Marshall's Guerilla News Network and explore the dark secrets of the CIA's involvement in the drug trade and the Viet Nam war.

Let your brain go wiggy with a "Kafka-esque simulation of lifestyle within a capitalist culture" in More Inc. by Wesley Thomas Meyer or reconnect with the pain we suffered as a nation after the attacks on the World Trade Center in Twin Killing by Chris Ferrantello.

And then rate 'em! The highest rated shorts will receive a Viewer's Choice award at the Actual festival.

Landmark's Landmine Will Blow You Away

Landmark's new Sunshine Cinema at 2nd and Houston promises to redefine the art house aesthetic with modern technology, clean seats, elegant urban design and gourmet movie food. It's like the college film society grew up and got jobs.

Sunshine Cinema has been shuttered away for 50 years, hiding ghosts of its Vaudevillian past behind shelves of hardware store backstock. Built in 1898, Sunshine Cinema was formerly the Houston Hippodrome movie theatre and Yiddish vaudeville house. It is now once again a ray of sun shining on the growing indie market.

Landmark now stretches from the Nuart in Los Angeles, the chain's first endeavor that is still a landmark of the LA art houses to the shores of the East River. First run indie films now have at least one national house, increasing the accessibility to and the market for independant and non-traditional programming.

IFC Rant; the kinder, gentler HBS

Finally, if you can, check out IFC Rant. The Film magazine published by the Independant Film Channel. They are like Hollywoodbitchslap but they get paid.

Support the indie world and help bring cinematic hope to a depleted megaplex near you.

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