Comfortably Numb In the Sundance Snow

By Thom Fowler
Posted 01/18/02 14:45:38

The Lost Film Festival had their Bridal Shower last night after a screening of "Boom- The Sound of Eviction" about the radical transformation of San Francisco during the Dot Com Boom and the fallout from the bust. The film even features a comment from Madrone, the organizer of the Reclaiming Samhain Cell that puts on the 10,000 person pagan Samhain (pronounced so-wen) ritual every year in San Francisco. With a Spanish translation in the works, the film has potential to make its way around Mexico, South and Central America as a reflection in the US of greater class struggles in other Hispanic countries.

And Now, The News.

In spite of Phillip Hoffman’s difficult and bleak film Love Liza, it was picked up by Sony Pictures Classics. There was some nervous speculation that it wouldn’t fly but now Hoffman can rest easy.

Gerry, The Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck conspiracy was a stinking diaper for buyers for the first few days. Its experimental and improvisational nature turned off a lot of critics. But what do critics know. Thinkfilm snatched up the movie so we’ll all get a chance to see a different kind of genius at work.

The crowd at Sundance is becoming increasingly tedious and uninteresting. The hype has broken, the schwag has been depleted and the festival has settled into a nice, comfortable drone. I’ve finally had a chance to see movies just for their own sake.

While the celebs are still out in force, including a very pregnant Julianne Moore, the most noticable thing on Main street is the trail of frozen vomit and dog shit. Parties are good place to network and do business but many of the festival goers looking for a good time just don’t know when to quit.

The circus never sleeps though. Where there are artists there will be motion. The world gets another spin tonight when Main Street will become inexplicably the center of Sundance. Tonight is the long anticipated Lost Film Festival Wedding. While distributors are busy inking deals behind closed doors and the Aspen set have returned to their comfortably numb estates, The Lost Film Festival, with tremendous support from the independent community, will stage the Wedding between Hollywood and Indiwood. “They’ve been living in sin for so long, its time to make it legitimate”, says Scott Bieben, the festival director.

On the queer front, By Hook or By Crook is a moving buddy film about girls on the edge. Or as Silas Howard, star and director said, “This film is for people who have too much spirit for this world, and you know you are.” John Waters heartily congratuled Silas and Co-star Harry Dodge after the premiere to which everyone “who doesn’t have an invititation is invited.”

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