Bruckheimer and Scott on Black Hawk Down

By Thom Fowler
Posted 03/05/02 15:13:03

Jerry Bruckheimer and Ridley Scott were on hand for a special Q and A screening of BLACK HAWK DOWN at the Egyptian on Hollywood Boulevard Monday February 25, 2002. An audience member wanted to know what Scott and Bruckheimer look for in a porject.

"Elements of story," Bruckheimer states. "It starts with a good idea." "I like to do something no one else is doing," says Bruckheimer. "But that is hard. It is hard to be inventive and you can think you are the only one doing something, but then you don't know what everyone else is working on at the same time." Bruckheimer also mentioned that he likes stories where characters are battling obstacles and stories about personal triumph. "Audiences like an inside look into something they can't be part of."

Scott agreed that he looks for a good story too. When asked if he would make another ALIEN movie he said, "If it is the right story."

Bruckheimer said he never knows if a film will be a financial hit beforehand. "I knew with only two films out of the 30 I've made. BEVERLY HILLS COP and ARMEGGEDDON both tested so well with audiences, Bruckheimer knew they were golden. On the other had, he jokingly said, with DANGEROUS MINDS "you could shoot deer in that theatre by the time the screening ended."

Bruckheimer is currently working on BAD COMPANY with Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock, a "Kangaroo Chase" film for kids called DOWN AND UNDER and a picture about a murdered Irish journalist starring Cate Blanchett. He also has a number of TV projects going, including "CSI" and "Amazing Grace." Scott is working on a two hour HBO movie starring Albert Finney as Winston Churchill and Vanessa Redgrave as his wife Clementine. The film will explore Churchill's private life.

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