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Whom Can You Trust? A Guide To Your Film Critics (2002 Update) (a.k.a. Criticwatch)
by Erik Childress

About a year ago, I wrote a feature article entitled, “Whom Can You Trust? A Guide To Your Film Critics.” To say it made waves would be an understatement, so due to the overwhelming demand from readers like you, we've turned the idea into an ongoing feature of the site - “Criticwatch.” The concept is simple - some film reviewers are trustworthy. They'll tell you exactly what they think of a film and make sure that you know whenever a stinker is in your midst. Other film critics though, such as Bill Zwecker, Joel Siegel, and the gruesome twosome of Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and the LA Times' Kevin Thomas, seem to have something good to say about every film - and they make sure they get their name in every trailer and print ad as a result. So you can be sure that we’ll keep an eye on all of those familiar names littering the newspapers and commercials, some of whom have earned our respect and others who threaten to suck away the very trust that makes film criticism a worthy endeavor to begin with. So, give it a look and check out who’s doing the most whoring. Will Peter Travers finally start asking for a commission of box office sales? Will Kevin Thomas finally turn up to a preview screening in a red silk bustier, inviting publicists to line up and 'have a go'? (UPDATED 01/11/02)


Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) (53)
Travers has long been the Rolling Stone film critic, but wasn't always a shill. For a long time he was a respected writer, but over he last few years it's become more and more clear that he's in the studio's pocket. Highlights of this year so far include:

Solaris – Mind-bending. A hypnotic blend of psychological thriller and love story. Clooney brings raw intensity to his role…rooted in a fierce romantic yearning. Solaris is a mind-bender in the best sense of the word: The spell it casts follows you all the way home.
Enigma – Jagger, Stoppard and Director Michael Apted deliver a riveting and surprisingly romantic ride. The film is mind-twisting fun, with first-rate performances.
The Kid Stays in the Picture – Riveting, great fun and compulsively watchable. This stuff is golden!
Far From Heaven – Riveting, rapturous fun! Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid give the performances of their career.
13 Conversations About One Thing – A haunting and hypnotic film. Funny and touching. Alan Arkin is flat out perfection!
Lovely & Amazing – Funny and touching!
The Good Girl – Sly, comic and touching.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Heartfelt and Hilarious!
Italian for Beginners – Sweetly Sexy and Funny!

The Believer – It will pin you to your seat! The most potent and provocative film of the year!
Auto Focus – Potent and provocative! Kinnear is dynamite! With profane laughs and stinging drama, Auto Focus ranks with Paul Schrader’s best films.
Storytelling – Fearlessly Funny and Bracingly Provocative!

Secretary – Terrific! A film of startling humor! Spader and Gyllenhaal are electric!
8 Mile - 8 Mile is a cinematic event. Eminem’s presence is electric. He’s a knockout.
Tadpole – A sinfully funny knockout! It’s something special. Bebe Neuwirth nails every laugh.
24 Hour Party People – A blast! Roaringly funny, defiantly sexual and relentlessly in your face. Here’s the real deal in a rock movie. I couldn’t have liked it more.
Bowling for Columbine – Volcanically funny!
Comedian – Funny as hell! It’s gold, Jerry, gold.
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys – Darkly funny Artful and surprising! Deeply felt performances from Kieran Culkin and Hirsch and dazzling animation from Todd McFarlane
Igby Goes Down – The darkly hilarious, unexpectedly heartbreaking new film that should make Kieran Culkin a star. Yes, he is that good. Like Holden Caufield in J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Igby is adolescent rebellion incarnate. The thing with this movie; it keeps springing surprises.
The Last Kiss – An exuberantly unleashed comedy. Keeps the surprises coming!

Insomnia – The first film of the summer that should be remembered in the Oscar race. Thoughtful, gripping and steeped in action that defines character. Chistopher Nolan has raised the bar on summer thrillers. He matches his “Memento” achievement with another TRIUMPH of style and substance. Pacino delivers a BRILLIANT performance in a film that will keep you up nights. Williams brings a scary intensity to the role that'’ ELECTRIFYING. It’s taut, tense and TERRIFIC.
Road To Perdition – A triumph. Hanks is quietly devastating and it’s a thrill to watch Newman.
Bloody Sunday – A triumph! Look for Bloody Sunday to take on the giants in the race for Best Picture! James Nesbitt may be the actor of the year!

Birthday Girl - A Sexy Ride! Nicole Kidman Brings Erotic Heat To Her Role
Unfaithful – It’s a scorcher. Diane Lane is a Force. Diane Lane’s slow-burning fiercely erotic performance charges the movie. A seductive tease of a thriller.
The Man from Elysian Fields – A seductive morality tale. Jagger is terrific!

Orange County - It’s the new year’s first happy surprise! Fun at full tilt. A wow cast
Super Troopers - Raucous Comic Teamwork
We Were Soldiers - We Were Soldiers…Has the impact that transcends politics
Last Orders - A Bawdy delight! Gorgeously acted by a british cast to rival Gosford Park!
Kissing Jessica Stein - A smashing romantic comedy…It’s a winner!
Panic Room - Panic Room will make you jump out of your seat. A high-style testament to the cool things movies can do to make us jump out of our seats in the dark
Triumph of Love – Sensual and Charming!
The Cat’s Meow – A bracing comeback for Peter Bogdanovich!
Spider-Man – America is caught in the web. Get the news out fast, Spider-Man soars as the movie firecracker to beat this summer.
The Mystic Masseur – Engrossing! Captures the book’s bracing humor and humanity.
The Importance of Being Earnest – A Freewheeling comedy!
Sunshine State – A ray in the sky of movie muck! Edie Falco sparks the film! Angela Bassett is stunning! You can feel the heat that ignites this gripping tale and the humor and humanity that root it in feeling! John Sayles lets it rip!
Read My Lips – A spellbinder!
K-19: The Widowmaker – A salute is in order for Kathryn Bigelow…She achieves real majesty.
Full Frontal – Slapping the system that feeds him, director Steven Soderbergh crafted a fascinating and striking film!
Signs – A dazzling white-knuckler! Mel Gibson gives one of his best and most surprising performances.
The Cockettes – Wildly entertaining.
Blue Crush – Thrilling! The surfing footage is flat-out spectacular!
One Hour Photo - …truly, deeply scary.
Sweet Home Alabama – Reese rules! (Good one, Pete!)
White Oleander – Michelle Pfeiffer is sensational.
Punch-Drunk Love – Sandler’s performance as a shy salesman given to sudden bursts of anger becomes tender and moving as he stumbles into love. Sandler can act, beautifully.
Roger Dodger – Campbell Scott is sensationally good.
Die Another Day – Brosnan hits this one out of the park.
Adaptation – An indescribably funny, altogether remarkable movie from the creators of Being John Malkovich.
Y Tu Mama Tambien – Hot-Blooded!
Gangs of New York – The best picture of the year. A landmark film from director Martin Scorsese. A hot-blooded and haunting epic for the ages.

Kevin Thomas (Los Angeles Times) (31)
Seemingly content with taking second place, Kevin Thomas is in a position to be an important player in the movie industry but seems more happy to just get his name associated with every movie in release. He's not quite the hack that Travers is, and there are others (like Siegel and Zwecker) that are right behind him and coming on up, but it's a shame that the film critic seat at one of the largest print outlets in the country is taken up by a guy who'll sell his soul for a quote. Thomas' season highlights include:

A Walk To Remember - Shane West and Mandy Moore give winning portrayals
Dinner Rush – A Triumph
Ararat – A triumph! Richly rewarding! Director Atom Egoyan interweaves the strands of his plots and themes so tightly as he explores the complexity of redemption.
Pinero - A Compelling and Vibrant Celebration! A Breakthrough role by Benjamin Bratt
Monster’s Ball - Riveting! Mesmerizing! Halle Berry combines a dazzling beauty and a soaring talent!
Storytelling - A Virtuoso Work In Every Aspect
Shiri - A dynamic, visually stunning and superior political thriller
40 Days and 40 Nights - Consistently Engaging, Clever & Insightful! A frothy comedy with Subtext! Josh Hartnett reveals his versatility!
John Q - An All-Stops-Out Rabble-Rouser! John Q reveals what it means to be a father and a husband in the fullest, most uncompromising sense of the words. Denzel Washington is at the top of his form
Showtime - Fresh, Funny and satirical! Deniro and Murphy play off each other Hilariously.
Festival In Cannes - Dizzying…Glamorous…Radiantly Beautiful! Henry Jaglom has created a classic farce, rich in humor and emotion
Kissing Jessica Stein - Outstanding! Romantic comedy at its sharpest and most sophisticated
The Debut - As illuminating as it is entertaining…a winner all around!
Blade 2 - Nonstop action! More enjoyable than the original. Snipes is larger than life though never lacking a human dimension
Enigma – A grand romantic entertainment that sweeps the viewer along in its swiftly escalating suspense.
Tuck Everlasting – A sweeping romantic fable made with such skill and sensitivity that its appeal spans generations.
Baran – An irresistible blend of warmth and humor. A rich emotional experience.
Rain – Sensual and breathtaking! Rain knocks you off your feet.
The Sum of All Fears – The Sum of All Fears is absorbing…It has vast scope…
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys – Imaginative! Beautiful! Entirely Beguiling!
Like Mike – A Sure-fire heart-warmer: lively, funny, family-friendly, emotion-charged and uplifting.
American Adobo – Delicious! An intimate, good-humored comedy, outrageous humor…Lots of heart.
What To Do In Case of Fire – Provocative, energetic entertainment. Thoughtful and lots of fun.
The Kid Stays in the Picture – Engaging! Witty, colorful and poignant!
Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat – He is so funny…outrageous humor!
Me Without You – Friel and Williams excel!
The Good Girl – One of the year’s best films…One painfully funny line after another, some laugh-out loud funny, others more ironic or reflective.
Brown Sugar – Brown Sugar is a sly and sophisticated romantic comedy with a depth of characterization matched by its appreciation of the world of hip-hop…as satisfying as it is sleek…
Friday After Next – Hilarious!
Empire – Engrossing and utterly uncompromising! Director Franc. Reyes has brought to Empire an uncommon aura of authenticity! John Leguizamo gives one of the best performances of the year. As the film shifts into high gear it reveals how much more thoughtful and perceptive it is from the usual genre movies…
The Hot Chick – Schneider may be obnoxious and unhandsome, but he is, more important, talented and fearless.
Two Weeks Notice – It has the wit and charm of a classic romantic comedy. The chemistry between Bullock and Grant proves to be sensational.


Jeffrey Lyons (WNBC-TV) (28)
Brotherhood of the Wolf - A Masterpiece
Black Hawk Down - A Tour-De-Force
The Sum of All Fears – See this one!
We Were Soldiers - It’s Powerful…
Hart’s War - A Compelling, Thought-Provoking Film
K-19: The Widowmaker – A powerful, compelling drama with intense intelligent performers. You will see sides of Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson’s acting craft you never saw before; strong yet compassionatem nuanced and stoic. It is a highly-dramatic true story.
Big Fat Liar - A Fast-Paced, Funny Comedy!
Showtime – Funny and Fast-Paced
Dragonfly - Stunning! Intriguing!
A Rumor of Angels - An Intense and Moving Experience
Ice Age - I loved Ice Age. It’s Wonderful
Birthday Girl - An edgy thriller with a sexy performance by Nicole Kidman
Panic Room - The Most terrifying thriller of this type in years
Enigma – Absorbing and Passionate
About a Boy – Absorbing and touching! You’ll see a side of Hugh Grant you never saw before!
Hollywood Ending – A sweet, sly and witty comedy.
Who Is Cletis Tout? – The funniest, wittiest crime comedy since Get Shorty.
The Emperor’s New Clothes – Witty, sly and thoroughly entertaining!
Serving Sara – Serving Sara is undeniably funny…
Die Another Day – The stunts and nonstop action will astonish you!
The Banger Sisters – Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn give terrific performances!
White Oleander – Robin Wright Penn nearly steals the movie giving her customary brilliant performance.
Frida – One of the year’s best films! Salma Hayek gives the performance of her career.
The Kid Stays in the Picture – Sure to be one of the best films of the year!
The Emperor’s Club – Sure to be one of the year’s best. Inspiring, life-affirming and unforgettable!
Evelyn – One of the year’s best films.
25th Hour – Powerful and compelling. Edward Norton gives one of the most poignant performances of his career, under Spike Lee’s intelligent direction.

Joel Siegel (Good Morning America) (33)
I Am Sam - A Wonderful Movie about the power of the human spirit
John Q - John Q. is a powerful human drama. Truly one from the heart.
Showtime - Real Funny!
Comedian – Seriously funny!
Undercover Brother – Undercover Brother is hysterically funny!
The Rookie - The Rookie is a great family film
Changing Lanes – This is a terrific film! A suspense thriller that’s about something – about boundaries, about morality – you have no idea which way the story will turn. Changing Lanes is one heck of a ride!
My Big Fat Greek Wedding – A feel GREAT movie!
About a Boy – Funny! One of the year’s best! Hugh Grant at his absolute best!
Stuart Little 2 – One of the most fun family films this summer.
The Sum of All Fears – Excellent…
Bad Company – Chris Rocks! (NOTE: This is the exact lame-ass moronic comment that Siegel used to describe last years “Down To Earth” starring Chris Rock.)
The Bourne Identity – The best spy thriller in years! Matt Damon has never been better!
The Emperor’s New Clothes – I love this movie!
Minority Report – Minority Report does for science fiction films what Saving Private Ryan did for World War II Films, REDEFINES THE GENRE.
Men In Black II – Funnier than the first!
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – The movie’s even more magical than the first.
Analyze That – Analyze That is even funnier than Analyze This.
Road to Perdition – Knocked me out.
Austin Powers in Goldmember – Mike Myers is a comic genius!
Signs – A suspense-filled Twilight Zone thriller.
Full Frontal – Julia Roberts is great!
Red Dragon – Astounding, astonishing! You’ve got to see this movie!
The Weight of Water – An intelligent, absorbing thriller!
Far from Heaven – Far from Heaven is movie heaven.
8 Mile – Great filmmaking.
The Emperor’s Club – An amazing performance. Kevin Kline ages 30 years in a matter of moments using Hollywood’s rarest and most coveted special effect: great acting.
Die Another Day – I give this 007 a 10.
Solaris – This is one of those movies I wanted to stand up and applaud in the middle of, just for taking chances.
Adaptation – One of the year’s best. It’s Oscar time and this one is a contender. Nicolas Cage could get two Oscar nominations, one for best actor and one for supporting actor.
Antwone Fisher – More than one of the best films of the year, this is a film that can change people’s lives. Denzel Washington directs with the same meticulous care and overriding intelligence he brings to his acting. Antwone Fisher’s story is powerful, heart-breaking, life-affirming and true.
Catch Me If You Can – Movies don’t get much more fun than this. One of the best films of the year.
Narc – One of the best films of the year. Andrenaline pumping! (actually spelling in paper) Oscar caliber performances from Ray Liotta and Jason Patric
25th Hour – 25th Hour is Spike Lee’s best work. Edward Norton is absolutely electrifying.

Gene Shalit (The Today Show) (17)
Birthday Girl - Birthday Girl is lit up by Nicole Kidman’s seductive performance
Hart’s War - Excellent. A Maze of tension, suspense and surprise. The star of this excellent movie is the movie
The Rookie - A true story whose heart is in the right place
Changing Lanes – Changing Lanes is by turns crooked, affecting, and cynical, winding up with a gratifying, satisfying finish. For a change!
Hollywood Ending – Hollywood Ending is inspired hilarity. Woody Allen is a creative genius.
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – A wonderful film. Corral your kids and treat them to “Spirit.”
Lilo & Stitch – Lilo & Stitch crackles and cackles with laughter and spunk!
K-19: The Widowmaker – An extraordinary epic of the sea. A suspenseful and thrilling film…This is a powerful accomplishment, a tribute to the director, Kathryn Bigelow and to her near-flawless cast.
Road To Perdition – A masterwork. Road to Perdition leads straight to year-end honors.
Spy Kids 2 – The most joyously imaginative movie of the summer! Just about every minute is funny or ingenious…in a word, Fun-tastic!
Simone – Al Pacino is the perfect fit for this visionary comedy. He reigns as one of our finest actors.
The Four Feathers – A rousing, panoramic adventure on a grand scale. Fierce desert battles, bribery, cunning, unrequited love and selfless heroism.
Sweet Home Alabama – Another sweet success among Reese’s pieces! (Oh Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick!)
White Oleander – Riveting.
Analyze That – Billy Crystal is the fastest fun in the west.
Star Trek: Nemesis – Exciting! Inventive twist – plus the unexpected shoot sparks of surprise throughout the picture.
Chicago – A knockout!

Leah Rozen (People) (15)
Birthday Girl - An entertaining romantic thriller with just enough surprises to keep you guesing. Nicole Kidman does it again! Confident, compelling…sexy!
Ice Age - Way Cool!
Death To Smoochy - Death To Smoochy is the most inventive, darkly nasty, take-no-prisoners comedy so far this year.
The Salton Sea – So jam-packed with twists and turns, the ride itself is a kick
The Bourne Identity – A gripping espionage thriller!
Minority Report – Dazzling! Minority rules! This is…filmmaking at its best.
Austin Powers in Goldmember – A grooveable feast!…Powers is undeniably one of the screen’s great comic creations.
Blood Work – A well-crafted, crisply paced film.
Italian for Beginners - A Delightful, Charming Romantic Comedy
Mostly Martha – A tasty treat! A delicious romantic comedy! The tastiest film about food and sex since Big Night.
White Oleander – Four terrific actresses in full bloom. A harrowing coming-of-age story.
Real Women Have Curves – Remarkable! Ferrera glows in this winning coming-of-age comedy.
The Emperor’s Club – The king of movie Hollywood doesn’t make enough of.
Treasure Planet – An intergalactic spectacle! It has imagination, humor, and the animation is ravishing.
Analyze That – Lisa Kudrow shines.

Leonard Maltin (Hot Ticket/Playboy) (15)
I Am Sam - It’s a delightful film. This may be the best part Michelle Pfeiffer has ever had. I am sam is a fabulous showcase for sean penn
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – One of the most beautiful and exciting animated features ever made.
Lilo & Stitch – Hot! It’s fresh and new and different. I love the use of watercolors – and the celebration of Hawaiian culture.
Insomnia – Hot! Insomnia is the best movie I’ve seen this year. Al Pacino is one of the finest actors alive…and Robin Williams makes a great adversary with a FINELY-TUNED performance. This is Hilary Swank’s best work since “Boys Don’t Cry.”
Cherish – Fresh and original!
The Bourne Identity – Hot! A smart, sophisticated caper that never stops moving.
Blood Work – Eastwood still has what it takes. A really good performance.
The Good Girl – Jennifer Aniston scores a bull’s-eye in one of the best films of the year.
White Oleander – HOT! A terrific movie.
The Transporter – Hot! Heart-pounding action from start to finish…fun.
Comedian – Terrifically enjoyable!
The Emperor’s Club – The Emperor’s Club has surprises up its sleeve. It grapples with an issue as timely as today’s news, but approaches it with sly intelligence.
The Wild Thornberrys – Fresh and funny! Ideal family entertainment.
About a Boy – A first-rate comedy-drama! Hugh Grant couldn’t be more perfect!
Two Weeks Notice – Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are a perfect match.

Larry King (Larry King Live) (10)
We Were Soldiers – “A magnificent film, a classic true story that will hold you from start to finish. Beautifully acted, wonderfully photographed and compellingly directed.
The Other Side of Heaven – I loved this movie! An astonishingly beautiful film and an amazing story!
The Sum of All Fears – Hypnotic. Top drawer. Slam-Bang Thriller!
Windtalkers – This is a great film. Top-drawer action.
Insomnia – A HAIR-RAISING psychological thriller. Guaranteed, your eyes will never leave the screen. RIVETING.
K-19: The Widowmaker – A masterpiece! Your eyes will never leave the screen! Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson are incredible.
City By the Sea – City By The Sea is a gritty brilliant film inspired by a true story.
The Emperor’s Club – Goodbye Mister Chips, Hello Mister Kline. What a wonderful film. Kevin Kline is extraordinary.
Evelyn – A wonderful film with a performance by Pierce Brosnan that has Oscar written all over it!
Analyze That – A laugh-out-loud riot-painfully funny!

Harry Knowles (Ain’t It Cool News.com) (6)
Brotherhood of the Wolf - A Remarkable Film! As Cool As They Come!
Super Troopers - Funny, Funny, Funny Stuff All Over This Movie! Tickle Your *!@# with a feather…funny!
The Cat’s Meow – An absolute delight!
CQ – I love this film! Roman Coppola makes magic first time out.
The Sum of All Fears – This one is perfect. A great film, great entertainment. One of the best spy films period.
Reign of Fire – The most entertaining movie of the summer.

Michael Medved (KRLA and SRN Radio Network) (6)
We Were Soldiers – “**** Sure to count as one of the best of 2002. A new summit in Mel Gibson’s career”
The Rookie - **** Dennis Quaid is Brilliant
The Other Side of Heaven – Skillfully crafted, heartfelt, and altogether refreshing!
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – A true cinematic spectacular
Little Secrets - ***1/2
Jonah: A Veggietales Movie – One of the year’s most entertaining films…Delightful, imaginative and stunningly original


Earl Dittman (Wireless Magazines) (23) (Lengthy Paramount Reviews = 8)
Collateral Damage - A First-Class Suspense-Filled Thriller!
40 Days and 40 Nights - A sexy, fresh and wildly hip comedy! The makers of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Notting Hill have done it again!
We Were Soldiers - A modern-day classic. Truly magnificent and absolutely unforgettable! Mel Gibson’s most stunning and mesmerizing performance to date.”
High Crimes - Fantastic! Full of unstoppable suspense
Changing Lanes – This is one film you need to see!
Murder By Numbers – The Hottest Suspense Thriller In Town! Bullock is incredible. She gives one of the most astonishingly powerful and fiercely moving performances of her career.
The Sum of All Fears – The Sum of All Fears is what great filmmaking is all about. It grabs you by the throat and never lets go! An astonishing and thrilling motion picture.
Scooby-Doo – You’ll howl with laughter.
Hey Arnold!: The Movie – A hysterical, entertaining treat for the whole family! Action-packed, suspense-filled and chock-full of laughs, Hey Arnold: The Movie is 100% pure fun and absolutely cool.
Spy Kids 2 – Hysterically funny and wildly entertaining. A thrill-a-minute spy adventure.
Men In Black II – An electrifying, laugh-filled, hi-energy experience. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are sensational!
Undisputed – Electrifying! Jaw-Dropping! Wesley Snipes is incredible! It will knock you out of your seat! It’s unforgettable!
K-19: The Widowmaker – A cinematic triumph that has Academy Awards written all over it. You’ll be engrossed by the power and intensity of K-19: The Widowmaker, from the moment it lights up the screen to the final flicker of its last frame. Harrison Ford is an extraordinary actor who gives a passionate, Oscar-caliber performance in a magnificently moving motion picture. Director Kathryn Bigelow has constructed a hard-hitting and thought-provoking drama that will leave you breathless and completely in awe.
One Hour Photo – It will haunt your very soul.
Serving Sara – Serving Sara is a sexy, zany and over-the-top road movie that breaks all the rules…This is one wildly wacky and terrifically twisted comedy! Matthew Perry is delightful and outrageously hilarious. Elizabeth Hurley is sizzling and sexy. Cedric the Entertainer delivers a hip and hilarious gut-busting performance. Reginald Hudlin has directed another wild and outrageous comedy.
Analyze That – Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal are outrageously hilarious! Their performances are what comedic legends are made of.
The Four Feathers – The Four Feathers is an exquisite, breathtaking epic! ****! An astounding, unforgettable motion picture which is both heroic and remarkably passionate. It is a phenomenal cinematic achievement! You will feel compelled to see it over and over again.
Wes Craven Presents: They – A flawless, breathtaking, terror-filled thriller…A must see!
Brown Sugar – Brown Sugar almost single-handedly redefines the date movie…slick, sexy and slammin’, like a soulful “When Harry Met Sally” with a hip-hop beat.
Formula 51 – Formula 51 is a high-octane, adrenaline-pumped action comedy packed with wit and style!
Friday After Next – The funniest Friday ever!
Maid In Manhattan – Maid in Manhattan is the funniest romantic comedy of the year.
Narc - …An incredible bold artistic achievement! A stunning, visually compelling work of a brilliant filmmaker…Narc is the most incredibly moving film you will have seen all year.

Be sure to keep an eye on Earl Dittman for the following upcoming Paramount films: The Wild Thornberrys, Narc & The Hours

Shawn Edwards (FOX-TV – Kansas City) (22)
40 Days and 40 Nights - “Terrifically cool, totally fresh and thoroughly entertaining! Josh Hartnett and Shannyn Sossamon set the screen on Fire! Destined to become a new classic!”
Showtime - The Laughs Never Stop! Murphy and DeNiro are a comedic dynamic duo in this insanely funny and incredibly entertaining movie.
Harrison’s Flowers - **** Powerful compelling and important
The Scorpion King – Action-Packed! It Will totally blow you away! A thrill-a-minute joyride!
The Sum of All Fears – The Sum of All Fears delivers intrigue and suspense at a very high level. It’s a skillful game of cinematic chess that’s cleverly played out on the screen.
Undercover Brother - **** Undercover Brother is Right On!
Scooby-Doo – Super Doo-per funtastic!
Mr. Deeds – Mr Deeds’ screams fun and delivers non-stop laughs!
Hey Arnold: The Movie – You’ll love this movie!
Men In Black II - ****! It’s twice the action and twice the laughs!
The Powerpuff Girls Movie – Fantastic! ****! The best animated feature this year!
Spy Kids 2 – Entertaining, hilarious and action-packed
XXX – 100% pure excitement. You’ll need a safety harness to stay in your seat.
One Hour Photo – Brilliant, daring and original! Robin Williams earns what is sure to be an Oscar nomination for his poignant and exceptional performance.
Red Dragon – A suspenseful masterpiece!
White Oleander – A **** Classic! One of the year’s best films!
Welcome to Collinwood – Absolutely hilarious!
Paid in Full – Powerful, edgy and intense!
Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights – Brilliant!
Evelyn – A perfect holiday film
Two Weeks Notice – The year’s most refreshing film. A perfect combination of comedy and romance. Hugh Grant keeps the laughs coming and Sandra Bullock steals your heart.
Maid in Manhattan – A total crowd pleaser!

Bill Zwecker (FOX-TV) (19)
Red Dragon – Delightfully frightening! Anthony Hopkins does it again – better than ever! A true must-see!
I Spy – A must-see laugh-riot! Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson are perfect!
We Were Soldiers – “A must-see film for our time and all time! One of the best war films ever made…a powerful message about heroism, survival and integrity.”
Die Another Day – One of the Best Bond Films Ever!
Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights – The funniest holiday movie of all time!
XXX – The best action movie of the summer. You won’t want to miss this one! (You mean, a must-see?)
Possession – The most romantic film of the year! Absolutely phenomenal. Gwyneth Paltrow gives us yet another terrific performance as does Aaron Eckhart in an Oscar-worthy star turn.
One Hour Photo – An oscar-worthy tour de force that will haunt you for a long, long time after leaving the theatre.
Unfaithful – Amazing. Will keep you thinking long after it ends. Richard Gere is outstanding.
Solaris – Fascinating! A film that will keep you thinking for a long time. George Clooney as you’ve never seen him. A tremendous performance.
Ice Age – n/a
High Crimes - Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd are sensational. A fast-paced thriller with a great twist.
The Bourne Identity – A great thriller! Non-stop action, terrific tension. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole way.
Changing Lanes – A Brilliant Picture! Changing Lanes takes you on a wild ride.
The Emperor’s Club – Brilliant, Poignant and timely. Truly inspiring!
The Scorpion King – The Rock is the Action Hero for the New Millennium!
Like Mike – A fun summer movie for the whole family.
Analyze That – A great romp.
Narc – Jason Patric gives the performance of a lifetime!

David Sheehan (KCBS-TV) (21)
I Am Sam - Exquisitely fine oscar-quality performances by sean penn and michelle pfeiffer. I am sam radiates with a touching humanity
The Count of Monte Cristo - Action Galore, Done with great Style and Finesse!
Dragonfly - A great movie! Totally absorbing! The most rewarding movie of the year!
Simone – Highly intelligent and highly entertaining!
40 Days and 40 Nights - Highly Erotic, Comedic Fun! Josh Hartnett Reveals an appealing comic style
Showtime - A truly hilarious mix of gags, guns, giggles and clever character comedy. Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro make the year’s most Dynamic Comedy Duo
Changing Lanes – A Dynamic saga of moral dilemma and high-tension drama.
Murder By Numbers – Bullock scores with a solid show of strength, power and appeal.
Unfaithful – Shocking. Powerful, provocative.
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood – A total delight!
Lilo & Stitch – A magical marvel…celebrating family and friendship. The perfect mix of action and heart!
Signs – Scary, suspenseful and full of surprises.
Possession – Gwyneth Paltrow is performance perfection, surpassing her Shakespeare in Love brilliance.
Moonlight Mile – An emotional triumph!
Sweet Home Alabama – Romantically delightful! Reese Witherspoon shines brighter than ever!
White Oleander – White Oleander is a compelling and truthful movie with Oscar quality performances by Michelle Pfeiffer and Alison Lohman
Maid In Manhattan – An enormously enjoyable romance with something to say and a lot to feel.
Analyze That – One of the funniest movies of the year!
Drumline – It’ll have you dancing in your seat! Indescribably delightful…Incredibly inspiring.
Antwone Fisher – A masterful emotional journey. Inspirational and dramatic at the same time, with a sharply focused directorial debut by Denzel Washington and an equally impressive acting debut by Derek Luke.
Two Weeks Notice – Touches the heart and the funny bone at the same time.

Mark S. Allen (KMAX-TV/UPN-TV (Sacramento) (18)
A Walk To Remember - This Movie has something for everyone!
Crossroads - Britney Spears jumps off the screen in a solid performance
We Were Soldiers - A must-see film! This is an amazing story well told
Scooby-Doo – The first must-see family film of the summer.
Panic Room - This movie puts the ‘thrill’ back in thriller! Jodie Foster Is Extraordinary!
The Scorpion King – Non-stop, Rock-Solid Action!
The Sum of All Fears – The most important film of the summer! Ben Affleck is Jack Ryan at his best! Chillingly realistic and uncompromising in its accuracy.
Mr. Deeds – Awesome!
XXX – This summer’s biggest thrill ride will leave you glued to your seat!
The Four Feathers – Brilliant! A remarkable tale of patriotism and honor.
The Banger Sisters – Very real & very funny!
Moonlight Mile – With this film, Jake Gyllenhaal will emerge as a major force in American film.
Tuck Everlasting – Enchanting and beautiful. A hit for the whole family and worthy of being seen for generations.
Maid in Manhattan – The perfect date movie!
Star Trek: Nemesis – More than just a great Star Trek film – it’s just a great film!
The Wild Thornberrys – Breathtaking action!
Narc – This movie and these performances will win many awards! A must-see sure-fire Oscar contender.

Jeanne Wolf (Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood) (13)
Crossroads - Britney Spears delivers big time on the big screen. If you love Britney you’ll love this wacky road comedy with a heart.
Dragonfly - A moving journey into the unknown
40 Days and 40 Nights - “Hilarious!”
Showtime - A Hilarious Comic Odd Couple. Lots of Laughs along with some heart-stopping action.
Big Trouble - You’ll have no trouble laughing big!
Enough – A powerhouse performance by Jennifer Lopez drives this edge-of-your-seat thriller.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding - ****
Mr. Deeds – Hilarious and romantic.
The Four Feathers – Stunning and powerful! This classic adventure burns up the screen with epic scenes that rank with Lawrence of Arabia! Heath Ledger is unforgettable as a man struggling to prove his courage and Kate Hudson is luminous as the woman he loves.
Moonlight Mile – A powerful and wonderfully moving exploration of love and loss in a movie that will stay with you.
Tuck Everlasting – Exciting and deeply moving with unforgettable performances by a stand-out cast.
Brown Sugar – Funny, sexy and romantic.
Two Weeks Notice – Just what you want in a movie; romance, sizzle and laughs.

Tony Toscano (KJZZ-TV) (12)
We Were Soldiers – The First Oscar-Worthy Film of 2002….not to be missed. In his best performance to date, Mel Gibson is superb.
Resident Evil - It’s terrifiyng Scary Fun
High Crimes - Riveting! High Crimes is a fast paced thriller that will keep you guessing to the end
Unfaithful – Provocative. This film will have you talking about it for weeks.
Windtalkers – The combination of Woo and Cage is pure magic.
Mr. Deeds – The funniest film of the summer. Adam Sandler is sweet, touching and very funny.
Halloween: Resurrection – Better than Halloween: H20! It brings the horror film back to its roots!
Stuart Little 2 – Big on laughs…Take the whole family.
The Banger Sisters – Goldie and Susan are electric.
Moonlight Mile - **** Simply one of the best films of the year.
Knockaround Guys – Smart and funny!
I Spy – I Spy is a blast.
Star Trek: Nemesis – Star Trek Nemesis is a thrilling adventure that will have your heart racing.

Bill Bregoli, Westwood One Radio Networks (13)
Brotherhood of the Wolf - A Haunting, Unique Vision. Truly Original!
Death To Smoochy - Wickedly witty and deliciously dark – Robin Williams rips up the screen
Murder By Numbers – Edgy, entertaining and fascinating.
Abandon – Edgy, scary and whip-smart.
Star Trek: Nemesis – Action, intensity and loads of fun!
K-19: The Widowmaker – Tense, gripping first-rate drama. Absolutely riveting! Harrison Ford is simply brilliant.
Ultimate X: The Movie – It’s one big action rush!
Undercover Brother – The summer’s laugh-a-minute surprise comedy hit!
Signs – Jaw-dropping suspense!
City By The Sea – DeNiro is as tough as nails.
The Ring – A fascinating fright fest with a knockout performance by Naomi Watts.
Two Weeks Notice – This is the season’s must-see romantic comedy. Sweet, sexy, sassy fun! Sit back and watch the sparks fly.
The Wild Thornberrys Movie – Fast and furious fun.

Jim Svejda, KNX/CBS Radio (11)
Snow Dogs - Warm, Charming and Very, Very Funny!
The Count of Monte Cristo - The First Great movie of the year
Big Trouble - One of the year’s funniest comedies.
Sex and Lucia – One of the most erotic movies ever made.
Signs – One of the best movies of the year. Engrossing, terrifying and intelligent.
The Country Bears – A sheer delight and the summer’s best family film.
City By The Sea – Powerful and poignant, City By The Sea is driven by Robert DeNiro’s finest performance since The Deer Hunter. (So better than Raging Bull, The King of Comedy and Midnight Run?)
Moonlight Mile – Moonlight Mile is a stunning acting tour de force.
Tuck Everlasting – A magical fantasy, beautifully acted and beautifully filmed.
All or Nothing – Brilliant!…affirms Mike Leigh’s Stature as one of the greatest directors of our time.
Treasure Planet – A rare and amazing film that both illuminates and improves as a classic.

Paul Clinton (CNN) (12)
I Am Sam - I Am Sam is heartbreaking, uplifting, brilliantly acted, and profoundly moving
Ice Age - The funniest movie this year
Spider-Man – The first blockbuster of the year. Spider-Man is guaranteed to blow you away!
The Sum of All Fears – You’ll find yourself totally caught up in this exhilarating adventure! The Sum of All Fears is brimming with adrenaline…non-stop action takes you all over the planet.
Signs – Thrilling. Frightening. Funny. Heartbreaking and deeply moving. You’ll have to see it twice.
City By The Sea – DeNiro is truly magnificent. Fast paced, thrilling and deeply moving.
Moonlight Mile – Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon and Jake Gyllenhaal all give oscar-worthy performances.
White Oleander – Alison Lohman gives a stunning Oscar caliber performance in her feature debut.
The Santa Clause 2 – Absolutely, utterly delightful!
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – A thrilling spectacular adventure. An outstanding cinematic achievement. Rip-roaring fun. It just gets better and better.
Treasure Planet – A truly wonderful tale combined with stunning animation.

Jim Ferguson (FOX-TV/ KMSB-TV) (10)
Crossroads - An enjoyable film that really touches on the crossroads, in young people’s lives. Britney Spears and her acting debut are wonderful
We Were Soldiers - Fantastic…Mel Gibson at his best
Death To Smoochy - Hilarious! Robin and Edward are sensational
High Crimes - A winner
Unfaithful – Outstanding. Intense. A must-see film.
Hey Arnold: The Movie – A fantastic, adventurous journey!
Red Dragon – Brilliant! Anthony Hopkins is sensational as always. He serves up another tasty meal.
Abandon – A who-done-it with a great twist. (ANOTHER ONE! YOU JACKASS! DON’T TELL US THERE’S A TWIST!)
Knockaround Guys – Dennis Hopper and John Malkovich are unbeatable!
Star Trek: Nemesis – One of the best Star Trek journeys ever. The crew returns in one of its most unique journeys. This intergalactic adventure has it all: cast, effects and a great story.

Thelma Adams (US Magazine) (11)
Snow Dogs - A Doggone Good Time! Fun Fur the Whole Family
About a Boy – The best comedy of the year!
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – Gorgeous…a fun ride for the whole family.
Igby Goes Down - **** Hilarious!
The Four Feathers – A fabulous romantic epic…they don’t make movies like this anymore.
Sweet Home Alabama – Y’all will love it!
White Oleander – Michelle Pfeiffer deserves an Oscar for her most powerful performance to date.
The Ring – Grab this ring! The scariest movie of 2002…The Ring will disturb your dreams for weeks to come. Naomi Watts illuminates the screen.
Real Women Have Curves – See it now: The next Big Fat Greek Wedding!
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – We’re just wild about Harry! With its flying cars, talking spiders and a dazzling duel of wands, Chamber makes us believe in magic.
25th Hour – Knife-sharp. Norton deserves a best-actor Oscar nomination for his performance.

Jeff Craig (Sixty Second Preview) (8)
Harrison’s Flowers - **** A Stirring tale evoking passion and courage
Stolen Summer - ****! A Terrific Film!
Changing Lanes - **** Changing Lanes is a spellbinder.
The Sweetest Thing – A Sinful delight.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding - ****
Possession - **** The most sophisticated big-screen romance in years. Possession deserves to be remembered and appreciated for many years to come.
Simone – A landmark event! The technology is mind-boggling. (Is Jeff aware that the cat is out of the bag that Simone is played by a REAL person!)
The Four Feathers – The Four Feathers is the kind of stirring adventure story that’s been absent from the screen for too long.

Clay Smith (Access Hollywood) (13)
Signs – It’s the most fun you’ll have being scared this summer. You won’t just be on the edge of your seat…you’ll be jumping out of it!
Blue Crush – An adernaline rush! Make sure you catch the last big wave of the summer.
Swimfan – A suspenseful end-of-the-summer surprise! (This guy recommended SWIMFAN!!!)
The Banger Sisters – Hawn and Sarandon are a match made in heaven.
The Ring – You’ll have a spooky good time!
Treasure Planet – Disney has not only updated a classic…but given it a futuristic twist that will endure for generations to come.
About a Boy – The best movie I’ve seen this year! I was upset when it ended, that’s how much I fell in love with these people!
Moonlight Mile – Hands down, one of the very best films of 2002.
Sweet Home Alabama – The funniest, most romantic comedy of the year! You will fall absolutely in love with Reese Witherspoon!
Two Weeks Notice – Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock are the year’s best romantic comedy duo!
Friday After Next – This is the funniest Friday film yet!
The Hot Chick – Rob Schneider is outrageous and at his comedic best!
Adaptation - …smart, sophisticated and funny…with an ending that will take you totally by surprise! (Can anyone take an Adaptation recommendation from this guy seriously when you look at his comments for Sweet Home Alabama, Friday After Next and The Hot Chick?)

Mike Sargent (WBAI Radio) (8)
Queen of the Damned – Erotic, Scary, Gothic and Exciting. Move over Dracula the Queen has arrived!
Murder By Numbers – A smart, sexy white-knuckle thriller! A 10.
The Sum of All Fears – Intelligent…exciting…a great summer movie! Ben Affleck proves he’s got the right stuff. His portrayal of Jack Ryan is pitch-perfect. The best spy thriller to come along in far too long.
Hey Arnold: The Movie – Move over Spidey, Arnold is in town! Hey Arnold is a trat for all ages. Don’t miss it!
K-19: The Widowmaker – Harrison Ford is the first true Oscar contender for 2002. He gives the most nuanced and believable performance of his career and proves why he is one of the best actors of our time.
City By The Sea – An incredibly moving tale of fatherhood, childhood and redemption. DeNiro is at the top of his game. Emotional and unforgettable.
Abandon – Don’t give away the ending! (Thanks jackass for letting us know there’s an ending to GIVE AWAY! SHE KILLED THE BOYFRIEND! THERE! HAPPY?)
Equilibrium – Forget The Matrix! This movie will blow you away!

Steve Oldfield (FOX-TV) (6)
Changing Lanes - **** A Terrific, First-Class Film. Smart, wickedly funny and dead-on. I Loved this film.
Unfaithful – Stunning. Diane Lane is brilliant, giving the performance of her career.
The Bourne Identity – A great film! A real heart-pounder! Don’t miss this one.
Halloween: Resurrection – One hell of a fun movie!
K-19: The Widowmaker – A powerful and important film. Gripping. Masterful direction by Kathryn Bigelow.
Red Dragon – Red Dragon is chilling to the bone chilling! Ralph Fiennes is incredible…terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time. Smart and scary. Riveting! Excellent performances. Go see it!

Joe Leydon (San Francisco Examiner) (10)
All About the Benjamins - A wild-and-woolly, wall-to-wall comedy
Clockstoppers – Exciting
Minority Report – Stunning. Be prepared to be blown through the back of the theater. But also be prepared to go back for a second look.
Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat – This is very funny stuff…
One Hour Photo – Comes closer than any other thriller in recent memory to achieving the Hitchcockian ideal of mortal terror in broad daylight.
City By the Sea – DeNiro is at the very top of his form.
Femme Fatale – Ingeniously twisty and audcaiously TWISTED. Brian DePalma’s most stylish film in years. It’s worth seeing twice.
Standing in the Shadows of Motown – Splendiferously Funky…I’d give it an Oscar. ****
Drumline – The surprise of the season. It’s going to be big!
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie – Laugh-out-loud lunacy!
The Hot Chick – Laugh-out-loud funny!

Sandie Newton (CBS-TV) (6)
Crossroads - Britney Lights up the screen. A very confident and charismatic debut for Britney Spears
Dragonfliy - “Kevin Costner delivers a very passionate, heartfelt performance!”
The Importance of Being Earnest – Enormous Fun! Absolutely A+!
The Sum of All Fears – Heart-stopping action! Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman ignite the screen with perfect chemistry.
The Bourne Identity – Smart, sexy and stylish. A razor-sharp thriller that sets a new standard for espionage films.
Moonlight Mile – A moving and passionate film with pitch-perfect performances from Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon!

Richard Reid (Northwest Cable News Seattle) (6)
Enough – Jennifer Lopez Rocks! Enough packs a powerful punch.
Stuart Little 2 – This summer’s littlest hero is also the funniest!
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever – Smart, lethal and sexy…one hell of a wild ride!
Moonlight Mile – Dustin Hoffman delivers the most heartfelt performance of his career.
Red Dragon – Taut, riveting and scary! Mesmerizing from the very first frame. Ralph Fiennes gives Anthony Hopkins a run for his blood money!
Brown Sugar – Fresh, fast and right on righteous…You’ll never look at your best-friend the same way again

Julia Dahl (Marie Claire) (6)
40 Days and 40 Nights - Josh Hartnett melts hearts in this racy romance
John Q - This man-against-the-system story is as inspirational as they come
Crush – A Funny Girls’ Night Out Film!
World Traveler – Phenomenal!
The Importance of Being Earnest – A Must-See!
Personal Velocity – One of the best films about the inner lives of women, ever.

Bill Diehl (ABC Radio Network) (5)
The Time Machine - An action-packed, mind-blowing time travel adventure.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding – I love this movie!
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones – A stellar adventure. It soars. ****.
Windtalkers – Stunning and emotionally charged.
K-19: The Widowmaker – A riveting drama of heroism and courage.

Mike Cidoni (ABC-TV) (7)
I Am Sam - One of the year’s best pictures
Undercover Brother – Solid, indeed!
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood – Simply divine. Funny, touching, absolutely fabulous!
The Banger Sisters – Fresh, funny, fabulous! Hawn, Sarandon & Rush make for the season’s comic dream team…
Red Dragon – Simply delicious! Fans of The Silence of the Lambs are in for a real treat.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – The magic is back! A deeper, darker downright delightful sequel. A simply bewitching adventure.
Analyze That – Final analysis: It’s even funnier than the first.

Pat Collins (WWOR-TV) (6)
Showtime - This year’s best new comedy odd couple
Panic Room - Jodie Foster Is Terrific
Barbershop – A first-class cast of memorable characters. Ice Cube scores in the role of his career.
The Ring – Not since “The Exorcist” or “Rosemary’s Baby” has a movie been so truly frightening.
Brown Sugar – A funny romantic comedy that everyone will love.
Maid in Manhattan – The best romantic comedy since Pretty Woman

Jeffrey K. Howard (The Movie Guys/ABC-TV) (7)
The Sum of All Fears - A gripping, taut thriller with surprises at every turn.
Halloween: Resurrection – The most terrifying movie of the summer! So scary you’ll be watching it from between your fingers and underneath the seats!
Blue Crush – The ultimate summer movie!
Red Dragon – A fresh and thrilling approach by director Brett Ratner. The chemistry between Hopkins and Norton is electric!
Below – A suspenseful, spine-tingling ghost story…U-571 meets Poltergeist.
Treasure Planet – Set your course for Treasure Planet and hang on for the adventure of your life!
Wes Craven Presents: They – Don’t see it alone!

Elaine Blythe (Film Advisory Board) (5)
Hey Arnold: The Movie – Finally, a big screen hero for all of us! Arnold saves the day by saving his neighborhood!
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course – An exciting film every family should see.
Little Secrets – One of the finest family films! Bound to be a classic.
Pokemon 4Ever – Outstanding, the best one ever! Kids will love it!
The Wild Thornberrys – An award-winner that all ages can enjoy. Talking with animals has never been this much fun! It’s an action adventure filled with heart.

Paul Starke (Pure Oxygen) (4)
Murder By Numbers – Eerie and Shocking!
Insomnia – A SUPERB SUSPENSE FILM that keeps you guessing to the very end.
Bad Company – A perfect summer movie full of thrills and laughs.
Sweet Home Alabama – The perfect date movie! Reese Witherspoon is absolutely delightful!

Paul Fischer (Dark Horizons) (4)
The Sweetest Thing – A Comic Gem. Inventive, sweet and genuinely hilarious.
The Sum of All Fears – The Sum of All Fears is classy and exciting moviemaking, engrossing and intelligent, a perfect summer film.
One Hour Photo – An intelligent and intoxicating thriller.
I Spy – Undoubtedly one of the funniest films of the year.

Ted Baehr (Movieguide) (3)
Clockstoppers - It is a fun movie with terrific values! A must-see!
Stuart Little 2 – The best family film this year.
The Country Bears – The Country Bears is FUN, FUN, FUN.

Mose Persico (CFCF-TQS, Canada) (4)
The Mothman Prophecies - …jolts you off your seat
We Were Soldiers – Truly a Must-see! A remarkable film which takes you on a compelling emotional journey!
Signs – Mel Gibson at his finest!
Maid in Manhattan – The ideal and perfect movie for the holidays!!

John Procaccino (CBS-TV) (3)
Dragonfly - A Unique Blend of Suspense and Inspiration. A thrilling adventure.
We Were Soldiers – A Triumph of Filmmaking, a triumph of storytelling and a loving tribute to brave men and women. An overwhelming and deeply moving film experience. Mel Gibson is the best he’s ever been.
The Scorpion King – Pure fun, pure action, pure entertainment.

Terry Lawson (Detroit Free Press) (5)
K-19: The Widowmaker – As intense as action movies get. Proof positive that a summer movie can be wildly entertaining and intelligent. Harrison Ford has simply never been better. Liam Neeson is one of the best actors on the planet.
Martin Lawrence: Runteldat – Lawrence is a gifted stand-up.
City By the Sea – It’s great to see one of the BEST AMERICAN ACTORS, Robert DeNiro, back at the top of his game.
Treasure Planet – The one holiday thrill ride the entire family will want to take together.
Adaptation - **** It’s the most original, exhilarating and hilarious movie of the year.

George Pennacchio, KABC-TV (Los Angeles) (5)
Panic Room - Creepy, scary and nail-biting…An Entertaining Movie Ride
Spider-Man – Pure spun gold!
My Big Fat Greek Wedding – One party you shouldn’t miss.
The Emperor’s Club – So inspiring, you’ll want to reconnect with that teacher who made a difference in your life!
Maid in Manhattan – A great romantic comedy. Maid in Manhattan is a terrific time at the movies!

Anderson Jones, E! Online (5)
Resident Evil - A killer thriller
The Sweetest Thing – Hilarious. Diaz is a knockout and a scream.
The Rules of Attraction – The most electrifying, intensely entertaining movie you’ll see this year!
Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights – Heartwarming!
Solaris – Extraordinary! A remarkable achievement for Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney.

Jordan Riefe (United Nations Radio Network) (3)
Changing Lanes - Changing Lanes is smart and suspenseful. Provocative and thoughtful, it packs a powerful punch.
Spider-Man - …Unforgettable.
Blue Crush – Blue Crush is what summer movies are all about.

Patrick Stoner (WHYY-TV Philadelphia) (3)
Austin Powers in Goldmember – More laughs in one minute…than in some whole films!
The Four Feathers – Honor…Friendship…And love. When was the last time you saw a movie about something that matters?
Red Dragon – Simply spectacular! Norton and Hopkins as equals – it’s an acting feast.

Sara Edwards (NBC-TV) (4)
Orange County - The Next Generation of Stars will win you over in Orange County
We Were Soldiers – Mel Gibson’s Best Performance since Braveheart.
Sweet Home Alabama – Reese rocks! A sweet and sassy performance!
Two Weeks Notice – Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock are the romantic comedy ‘dream team’!

Bob Strauss (LA Daily News) (5)
Pumpkin – One of a kind! As nervy as American comedy comes.
The Man from Elysian Fields – Garcia’s richest role in years!
The Truth About Charlie – The richest, most exciting series of original images in any movie this year.
Ararat – A beautiful and essential experience! Egoyan is a great film artist operating at the peak of his intellectual powers.
Adaptation – This must-see film is the most clever, best-acted movie of the year, with Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper working at the top of their games.

Carrie Rickey (Philadelphia Inquirer) (3)
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder - Ryan Reynolds is simply hilarious
White Oleander – Remarkably potent. Undeniably powerful.
The Truth About Charlie – A love story for movie lovers.

Sheila McClure (AP Television) (2)
The Sweetest Thing – A Funny Funny Film. Cameron Diaz’s mission for love is a hilarious joy ride.
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever – Banderas and Liu are an excellent action team.

Betsy Pickle (Knoxville News-Sentinel) (2)
Halloween: Resurrection – Smart and scary!
Knockaround Guys – Well acted and well written. A compelling story!

Carla Meyer (San Francisco Chronicle) (2)
Sorority Boys – Big laughs!
Brown Sugar – Funnier than “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

Victoria Snee (KDAF-TV (WB) Dallas) (3)
The Sweetest Thing – Cameron Diaz Sizzles…She proves once again why she is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars!
Enough – Gripping and powerful.
The Wild Thornberrys – A heartwarming, imaginative adventure that children and adults will love!

Tom Sander (South Florida Sun-Sentinel) (2)
Clockstoppers - …Way-Cool Special Effects…The film is that rarity, a show not only suitable for all ages, but able to entertain them…Clockstoppers will fulfill your wildest fantasies about being a different kind of traveler
Bad Company – Thrills, suspense, fun and laughter!

Holly McClure (2)
The Count of Monte Cristo - I Absolutely loved this movie! This thrilling adventure has everything
Dragonfly - “Intense surprises and an intriguing ending that will keep you guessing!”

Helen Raptis, KATU-TV/ ABC-TV Portland (2)
Death To Smoochy - Robin Williams is a raving riot!
Big Trouble - An All-star cast gives all-star laughs

Sam Rubin (KTLA-TV) (2)
Unfaithful – Unforgettable. You can’t help but leave the theater and talk about this movie.
Austin Powers in Goldmember – Solid gold fun!

Joanna Langfield (The Movie Minute) (2)
The Banger Sisters – The Banger Sisters is irresistible…
Analyze That – Seriously funny and offers up the most belly laughs of any movie this year.

Byron Allen, Entertainmentstudios.com (2)
Showtime - Showtime is a hilarious must-see comedy
The Hot Chick – The season’s most hilarious comedy!

Be sure to keep an eye on these names for the following upcoming Paramount films: Star Trek: Nemesis, The Wild Thornberrys, Narc & The Hours

Amy Longsdorf (Allentown Morning Call/Camden Courier Post) (3)
The Sum of All Fears - Ben Affleck gives an intense, driven performance. He is the perfect Jack Ryan. The Sum of All Fears features another powerhouse performance by Morgan Freeman. He is magnificently compelling. This movie, once and for all, certifies Freeman as one of the best actors on the planet.
K-19: The Widowmaker – Let the Oscar Watch begin! K-19: The Widowmaker is one of the most absorbing action films of the year. It’s first-rate, pulse-pounding entertainment that keeps you hanging on every twist and turn. Liam Neeson is nothing less than magnificent. Harrison Ford delivers an astonishingly calibrated performance that ranks among the best of his career.
The Four Feathers – The Four Feathers is a knockout, guaranteed to sweep you away! The performances are filled with passion, and the action is breathtaking.

Diana Jordan (FOX-TV) (2)
We Were Soldiers – Powerful, Passionate…stunningly beautiful…using the true story of real heroes led by Mel Gibson in his heartfelt role as soldier and family man.
The Four Feathers – Brilliant, breathtaking and inspiring!

Guy Farris (Northwest Cable News) (2)
The Sum of All Fears - Ben Affleck effortlessly masters the role of Jack Ryan, Morgan Freeman is one of the world’s greatest actors. They give masterful performances in The Sum of All Fears. A twisting-turning, heart-pumping ride! An electrifying free-fall from start to finish!
Serving Sara – Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley keep the sparks flying and the laughs flowing! Perry proves why he’s one of America’s finest comic actors. Hurley pranks it up in the best Lucille Ball fashion.
The Wild Thornberrys – The perfect holiday treat for the whole family.

(Also See: Earl Dittman and Mark S. Allen in QUOTE WHORES who have quotes for nearly every Paramount film released this year.)


Jan Wahl (KRON-TV)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood – Fabulous, wonderful, terrific, witty, wise, amazing, life changing, fun, uplifting, wonderfully acted, wild…I’m giving it my highest rating…4-Hats!

Bruce Handy (Vanity Fair)
One Hour Photo – Will likely do for snapshots what Psycho did for showers (Is this guy fuckin’ kidding?)

Terry Shropshire (Rolling Out)
Serving Sara – The funniest movie of the summer!

Gary Schendel (ABC-TV)
Moonlight Mile – Susan Sarandon’s performance is the finest of the year…by a mile.

Jan Stuart (New York Newsday)
The Man From Elysian Fields – A superb Mick Jagger elicits genuine Sympathy for the Devil.

Bruce Westbrook (Houston Chronicle)
The Tuxedo – This Tuxedo is tailored for action.

Elizabeth Barr (Buffalo News)
Enough – A butt-kickin’ good time.

Melinda Ennis (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
The Truth About Charlie – The film keeps you guessing about almost everyone until the superbly imaginative climax. (Did this woman ever see CHARADE?!!!)

Richard Corliss (Time Magazine)
Treasure Planet – This planet is a treasure!

Ty Burr (The Boston Globe) (2)
Tuck Everlasting – An exemplary new Disney film!
The Hot Chick – The Hot Chick is pretty damned funny! (also a Disney film)

Mary Kunz (The Buffalo News)
The Hot Chick – I have to praise Schneider…It’s a little like watching Tom Hanks in Big!


Clever, non-stop action…with heart. - David Germain (Associated Press)
Hilarious family entertainment that doesn’t forget there are adults in the audience. - George Thomas (Akron Beacon Journal)
Pure fun!!! - Hank Stuever (Washington Post)
This is definitely the Scooby crew come-to-life. No team of stars could have done it better! You’ll love this movie. - Mike Szymanski (ZAP2IT.com)
The Ideal Summer Movie…Scooby-Doo had me howling – Katherine Monk (Vancouver Sun)

The Sum of All Fears
The best Clancy to ever hit the big screen. - Colin Boyd (KZON Radio)
The Sum of All Fears equals this summer’s hottest thriller! - Amy Palma Ernst (FOX-TV)
Tom Clancy has finally found his Jack Ryan – Ben Affleck IS Jack Ryan. Buckle up for a chilling yet ultimately thrilling ride. - Janice Bangs (ABC-TV)

Sorority Boys
A Wigged-out raunchy college comedy that holds its own among the American Pies – Troy Goodman, The Salt Lake Tribune
Animal House meets Some Like It Hot – Dennis Harvey, Daily Variety

National Lampoon’s Van Wilder
‘Van Wilder’ shines…One can’t help but compare this movie to ‘American Pie’ – Ain’t It Cool.com
Hands down the funniest movie I’ve seen this season – Jonas Schwartz, BoxOffice Mojo
National Lampoon’s Van Wider is the Animal House of the new milennium – KIIS Los Angeles
One of the smartest and funniest comedies ever – Cineman Syndicate LLC
Hot! – WBZ CBS
Outrageous! – Cinemascene & Black Cat Media
An instant classic – KBRV Dallas
Van Wilder will have you rolling in the aisles – Daily Texan
“Animal House” meets “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Steppin’ Out Magazine
You’ll LOVE every sticky minute of it! – Cal State Hayward Pioneer

A Back to the Future for a new generation – Paul Saucido, LATV Live
This movie has everything; action, adventure, comedy and a great soundtrack. Clockstoppers is a hit movie for all ages – Virginia Anne Newton, TV Guide Channel
Clcokstoppin, Heart-thumpin, fun-filled adventure for the whole family – Kevin Dee, FMITV
Every girl in America should ‘hypertime-it’ to see Jesse Bradford In This Film – Renee Shapiro, ABC-TV
An Entertaining Pleasant Surprise. A fun movie that will appeal to older children, teens and their parents – Malcolm Ritter, The Associated Press

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