Modelling, acting and now Motherhood - How does Angela Lindvall Do It?

By Thom Fowler
Posted 05/21/02 03:20:02

Angela Lindvall, whose face has graced the covers of important fashion magazines and appeared in the campaigns of a bunch of big name designers. She is, as they say in the fashion world, “ a big deal”. Lindvall takes on the dual role of Sex Kitten Super Spy Dragonfly in the film within the film and the more human actress, Valentine in Roman Coppola’s debut feature, CQ.

CQ is an over the top campy romp and altogether personable film about a self-obsessed cinema student and film editor Paul (Jeremy Davies) who falls in love with the character Dragonfly in a film he is editing.

CQ also marks Lindvall’s acting debut, which came, like her modeling career, as a bit of a surprise.

Coppola was without his key character, Dragonfly until shooting started. He had a French actress in mind for the role but was unable to secure her commitment. Coppola put the word out he needed a Dragonfly and his sister and photographer friend recommended Lindvall who was reluctant to pursue the opportunity. She had never acted before and she was afraid she’d ruin the whole film. “I told him my fears and he said, ‘You shouldn’t let your fears hold you back. This could be an opportunity to do something different outside of fashion.’ So I was like, “okay.”

She thought it might be a break from fashion but what ended up happening is that she just worked double time. She flew from the CQ location in Luxembourg to London, Paris New York, Los Angeles and then back to New York for fashion shoots.

She didn’t really know what to expect but she was glad to have worked with a director like Coppola her first time out.

“With fashion you are with different people every day and this was a chance to work with a set amount of people for a period of time. And everyone was so great. Roman was such a great person for me to start with. He’s very easy to work with and such a personable guy. One of the most genuine people I’ve ever met really. Everyone was so nice and very helpful for me it being my first time. Roman and Jeremy (Davies, who stars as the cinema student, Paul) were helpful to give me some pointers.”

“They were really funny too. Jeremy is a very serious guy. He kind of kept to himself until the very end of the shoot. He ends up being one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. When we were doing the car scene together and we were locked in a car together for hours shooting and he was just making me laugh. “

“Roman helped me get into the character. We read the script. He let me know what was happening before. He would tell me if the tracking was a different way. It was very intimate environment with very nice people and I think that helps.”

Lindvall took her experience of the film into the real world. She thinks CQ has something more to offer then just her pretty face.

“The kids in that generation were political and really involved in what was going on but the kids in this generation don’t know where to go with it. They are not so politically involved. My generation has so much to do and so many concerns and I think there is a lot that kids could be involved in with their world and their environment. “

Being a new mother of ten week old, William Dakota has perhaps made her more sensitive to quality of life issues on a macro-scale. Even if you could afford the best healthcare, no doctor in the world is going to be able to clean an ocean or plug a hole in the ozone layer. She is starting a new venture called “Collage” that will tie together a website (to be called CollageWorld) and a magazine which deals with social and environmental issues from a pop-culture perspective. The magazine will provide information and resources for kids to get involved with the world to make a positive difference on issues that affect us all.

“It [will] connect organizations and socially responsible companies to one place.”

At 23, Lindvall has set a lot of big, noble, goals for herself but she’s being careful to balance it all out.

She is taking tentative baby steps towards this new career as an actress. “I’ve had a couple scripts come my way but I don’t know if I’m going to take another role anytime soon. I think I’d have to take some acting classes first. I’d also have to balance the schedule. I’m not going to go jumping at every script because its not something I’m desperate to do, really.”

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