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New On Home Video: Tuesday January 13, 2004

Catch this column every Monday
by Randy Muselman

It's another week of new video releases. This time, we have Freddy VS Jason, the title which many horror film fanatics have been waiting for. Also this week, there is news of a home video release date for Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King. So sit back, relax, and click away on your mouse for all of the latest home video release details.

Welcome to another week of New On Home Video. There are many new titles out this week and some interesting titles indeed. Before we get started though, I want to drop some news in your lap.

New Line Cinema has announced a tentative street date for Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King. Remember too, that street dates change, nothing is cut in stone until just a few weeks before the title is actually going to be released in video stores. As of now, Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King is scheduled for a May 2004 release date on home video. Peter Jackson has announced as well that the extended edition will have an up to an additional hour of footage not seen in theaters. The edition scheduled for May, which is being released a full three months earlier than any previous Lord Of The Rings title is the theatrical release, or the version that you saw in theaters, which runs three hours and twenty one minutes.

Now, on to the weekly updates and news of whatís coming out this Tuesday, January 13, 2004.

The single biggest title of note this week is Freddy VS Jason. Everyone Iíve talked to in previous weeks has been waiting for this title with unabated anticipation. I really had some reservations about this film. Iíve not seen it prior to release on home video, but, after watching it, I have to say itís just plain old fun. Yes, itís very, very corny. There are some scenes that will just downright make you laugh your ass off, but, I think thatís the entire idea for the film. You wonít want to miss the scene where Freddy and Jason are fighting and one of them gets tossed around inside a building to the effects of a pinball machine.

Our staffís views ranged on this film, just donít take it too seriously, itís a slasher film after all.

Staff reviews for Freddy VS Jason include:

Scott Weinberg
Eric Snider

Also hitting home video this week is Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English. Iím not a big fan of Rowan Atkinson. Sorry, but, he makes me nervous. I guess itís the Bean character heís done in the past. I just canít seem to handle the silliness. So far, thatís what has kept me from seeing this film. Iím going to drop it in the DVD player tonight, and give it a once over, perhaps Iíll change my mind.

This film finds Rowan Atkinson playing the part of Johnny English super spy, super guy. Itís a spy spoof, which is different from films that Atkinson has done in the past. Still silly, Atkinson should feel right at home.

Staff reviews for Johnny English were pretty consistent. Click on the names for all the details.

The Ultimate Dancing Machine
Scott Weinberg
Joe Cooper

The third and perhaps last title of note this week is Swimming Pool. By saying that this is the final title of note, I mean no offense. There are many titles out there this coming Tuesday, however, the general public will most likely not recognize other titles that I will mention. Many of whom arrive straight to home video. That doesnít mean these are bad films, it just means you wonít have heard a lot about them.

Swimming Pool is a darker film. While many of our staff liked this film, I found it simply too boring. Perhaps I wasnít fair, but, going into this film I was already jaded to the outcome, I didnít expect much and therefore, truly didnít get much out of it. The pace just wasnít there for me.

Charlotte Rampling plays Sarah Morton, a mystery novelist. She seems to be pissed off at the world, certainly at her publisher (Charles Dance.) Heís signing on new and younger writers, and sheís feeling jealous and upset. Sheís no longer the center of attention in her mind. Her publisher offers her time at his home in France to get it together and write her new novel.

Sarah is just getting settled in when Julie, her publishers daughter arrives. No more peace and quiet, no subtle inspiration for the book. Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) is a teenager on hormones, going out with new men every night.

What I did like about this film is that there are many twists and turns that you just donít expect. Just when you think youíve got things figured out, Swimming Pool will turn things around and make you go ďWhat the Hell?Ē

Staff reviews for Swimming Pool Include:

Stephen Groenewegen
Greg Muskewitz
Erik Childress

Bring It On Again is the sequel to 2000ís Bring It On. If you enjoyed the first film, youíll most likely get a kick out of Bring It On Again. Keep in mind, this is a sequel. For me, this film just didnít have the energy that the original film had.

We find Whittier (Anna Judson-Yager) off to college. Sheís going to join the college cheerleading team. Disillusioned quickly by the snotty bitch(s) on the college team, Whittier quits and starts her own cheerleading squad.

This film is nothing out of the ordinary. Following Bring It On with the same plotline, weíve just moved into higher level of learning. There is nothing new in the script. We have the same old thing, just a different location.

No reviews from our staff for Bring It On Again as this is a straight to video release.

Other releases/re-releases, many of which are older titles will be hitting DVD for the first time this week include:

Buffalo Soldiers
Daddy And Them
Get Bruce
Hanginí With the Homeboys
1954ís It Should Happen To You
Iíve Heard The Mermaids Singing
The Loverís On The Bridge
Sleep With Me
Whoís The Man

TV Series that are headed for home video release this week include:

Green Acres: Season 1
Lost In Space: Season 1
MI-5: Volume 1 (From the BBC)
New Adventures Of Spiderman: Season 1 (Animated)

The Current Top 10 Rentals In Video Stores
1. Seabiscuit
2. Freaky Friday
3. The League Of Extraordinary Gentelmen (Widescreen)
4. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
5. Bad Boys II
6. Bruce Almighty
7. Jeepers Creepers 2
8. The Santa Clause 2
9. Alex & Emma
10. The Medallion

You can also check out the Complete DVD Release Schedule. As always, itís updated often and is one of the most comprehensive listings you will find.

That wraps it up for another week of the releases that will be hitting video shelves this Tuesday January 13, 2004. As always, if you have comments or questions, you can drop me an email.

This column is normally published every Monday. Due to a work related schedule, I wonít be available this coming Monday, so Iíve dropped it in early for you

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originally posted: 01/11/04 14:24:06
last updated: 01/30/04 20:06:22
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