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New On Home Video: Tuesday February 3, 2004

New on Home Video is updated every Monday Evening
by Randy Muselman

This is an absolute crazy week for video releases. There are over sixty, yep, SIXTY releases hitting home video shelves. Guys like Brian, one of our staffers is probably on the brink of an orgasm just thinking about all those hours of video he can watch. Give the man a stiff drink, a big ole hooter (of either variety), a big screen TV and he just as well have died and gone to heaven.

There's so much product out there this week it's really hard to pick a place to begin, regardless, lets see what we can do for all of you videophiles.

One of my favorite titles this week is Secondhand Lions starring Robert Duvall, Michael Caine and Haley Joel Osment ( I wonder if he still sees dead people?) This is just an absolutely great family film. By the time I finished this film, I just had that all over "good" feeling you get when you watch something that's done really well. BUY THIS TITLE You won't be sorry, it'll be one you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Matter of fact, I think I'll watch it again tonight.

Eric Snider says:

It's an altogether funny, charming piece, with much to hold a viewer's interest in an uncomplicated, childlike way. The presence of a lion is bound to keep us watching, as are little elements like a mysterious picture in the attic and Uncle Hub's nightly sleepwalking. It also has an old-fashioned cliffhanger-style adventure story running through it, as Garth tells Walter about his and Hub's exploits in the Middle East during World War I. For much of the film, if we let ourselves, we can become young and curious, too, just like Walter. It's a good feeling.

Read Eric's Full review

Another title that I like is Lost In Translation. Buy This DVD
Starring Bill Murray (nominated for Best Actor), it's all about a man who's in Japan to film a commercial. He speaks no Japanese, and I think I can put myself in his place, I'd feel mighty alone in that situation. He meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johannson) and while spending time with her, realizes that things could become complicated.

Erik Childress says:

Lost in Translation is the kind of film that leaves you in awe while you’re watching it and then scrambling to produce the right emotion during its final scenes. You think about it for hours afterwards, not even realizing that you’re on the verge of shedding tears for both how beautiful it is and the eventuality of its characters. I suppose in that respect, it does haunt its viewers. Sofia Coppola has created something really special here; for herself, an appreciation for two great actors and for audiences everywhere who need to be reminded what a great romance truly is.

Other staffers who reviewed this title are: Ryan_A, Stephen Groenewegen, Scott Weinberg, Collin Souter, Eric Snider, Y2McKay, Jason Whyte

Also out on home video this week is The Fighting Temptations Buy This Title

This movie is well, OK. It's not great, the music is pretty damn good, but, that's about all I can say for the film. Cuba Gooding Jr. is cast in the lead role and I'm just at a loss to wonder why an Oscar winner can't seem to land some really decent scripts instead of going for films like this. Regardless, this movie is fun and you'll have a few laughs.

Erik Childress says:

It takes a minute for every ounce of malt liquor to finally get to the film’s will (aka: the plot) where Aunt Sally will leave an inheritance to Darren if he can reform the Church choir and win the National Gospel Championship. In his efforts to get the band together, he comes across nightclub singer Lilly (Beyonce), who whaddya know is the little girl he once fancied (as a young boy) and is disliked just the same by the shrewd stickler, Paulina (LaTanya Richardson), who kicked out Darrin’s mom so many years ago. Paulina is such a hateful, scheming wench that she’s even got her brother (Wendell Pierce), the Church Reverend under her ass (since a thumb just isn’t big enough to describe her control.) Poor Rev. Lewis is astonishing proof how a lack of pussy can turn you into one so quickly.

Don't forget to read Erik's full review.

Also hitting home video this Tuesday is My Boss's Daughter Buy This Title

When a young man (Ashton Kutcher) agrees to housesit for his boss, he thinks it'll be the perfect opportunity to get close to the woman he desperately has a crush on - his boss's daughter. But he doesn't plan on the long line of other houseguests that try to keep him from his mission. And he also has to deal with the daughter's older brother, who's on the run from local drug dealers. Personally, this film just wasn't for me, hey, maybe the teens out there will like it, but, I myself just said noper.

Scott Weinberg Says:

Slapstick comedy genius David (Airplane!, Top Secret!, Ruthless People, The Naked Gun, BASEketball, etc.) Zucker directs his first truly awful movie from a woefully bad screenplay (courtesy of Anger Management's David Dorfman), jamming photogenic automatons Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid into a unending parade of limp physical comedy, annoying "misunderstanding" gags and truly uninspired moments of gross-out.

Complete reviews include Scott Weinberg, Eric Snider

It seems like every other week we get a movie that's targeted just for the ladies out there, and this week is no exception. While I watched the film, from a guys standpoint, hey we can deal with it. Gotta keep mama happy don't we? No! No! I'm not trying to be politically incorrect, it's just well, girl movies are well, GIRL movies and this is one of them. It's Under The Tuscan Sun Buy This Title

Erik Childress Says:

Welcome to Frances Mayes’ life, successful book critic and literary teacher to boot. And in case you weren’t aware – she’s pretty damn hot for a 35-year old. (Lane is 38.) It’s pretty telling that a screenplay written by a woman goes through so much trouble to tell us something that’s fairly obvious to any male with an active libido (or who saw Lady Beware.) In case you are neither, you’re going to be reminded time and time again of this as in the first five minutes when a former student asks if he can French kiss her and another gentleman queries if she cooks in the nude. Ah, those American men are charmers.

Don't forget to read Erik's full Review. Eric Snider also has a complete review of this film.

Now we get to the point where we tell you everything else that is hitting home video this week. There are a ton of titles out there becoming available. Studios are getting smarter, they realize that we as consumers WANT those older films on DVD format to replace our VHS tapes that are just sitting there losing quality as they age. Not to mention, on many re-releases you get those great extras when you purchase DVD's. Other titles available this Tuesday include the following.

Allegro Non Troppo Buy This Title
American Splendor Buy This Title
The Animal: Uncut Special Edition Buy This DVD
The Black Pirate (1926) Buy This DVD
Black Widow Buy This DVD
Bon Voyage Buy This DVD
Crimes Of The heart (1986) Buy This DVD
Diary Of Anne Frank (1959) Buy This DVD
Diary Of A Country Priest-Criterion Collection (1954) Buy This DVD
Down Periscope Buy This DVD
Dying Young Buy This DVD
Fairly Odd Parents: Superhero Spectacle Buy This DVD
Flesh & Blood Buy This DVD
Follow Me Boys (1966) Buy This DVD
Gaslight (1944) Buy This DVD
The Gods Must Be Crazy I and II Buy This DVD
Goodbye Mr. Chips Buy This DVD
The Good Son Buy This DVD
Grand Hotel (1932) Buy This DVD
The Great Ziegfeld (1936) Buy This DVD
Hawk's Vengeance Buy This DVD
L.A. Law - The Movie (2002) Buy This DVD
Lucky 7 Buy This DVD
Maitresse (Criterion Collection) 1976 Buy This DVD
Martha, Inc. - Story Of Martha Stewart Buy This DVD
Mask Of Death Buy This DVD
Midnight Madness Buy This DVD
The Misadventures Of Merlin Jones Buy This DVD
Mrs. Miniver (1942) Buy This DVD
The Muppet Show: (Featuring Bob Hope / Dom DeLuise / George Burns) " TARGET="_BLANK">Buy This DVD
Mutiny On The Bounty (1935) " TARGET="_BLANK">Buy This DVD
My Fair Lady: Special Edition (1964) Buy This DVD
My Science Project Buy This DVD
Nell (1994) Buy This DVD
Only The Strong Survive Buy This DVD
Perfect Harmony (1991) " TARGET="_BLANK">Buy this DVD
Planet Of The Apes: 35th Anniversary Edition Buy This DVD
The Rage Buy This DVD
Rain Man: Special Edition Buy This DVD
Raw Deal " TARGET="_BLANK">Buy This DVD
Return To Oz Buy This DVD
Ruby Bridges Buy This DVD
Selma, Lord, Selma Buy This DVD
Sin Buy This DVD
Superman: The Last Son Of Krypton (animated) Buy This DVD
The Thorn Birds Buy This DVD
Those Calloways Buy This DVD
Vanishing Point (1971) Buy This DVD
Welcome To Sarajevo Buy This DVD

Well now, that finishes up the titles that are coming out on home video this Tuesday, sure are a bunch of them suckers. Some darn good ones, and well, some darn bad ones? For those of you who always collect television series, here are a list of titles that are coming out just for you.

Doc: Season 1 Buy This DVD
Gilligan's Island: Season 1 Buy This DVD
Good Times: Season 2 Buy This DVD
Red Dwarf: Series 3 Buy This DVD
Red Dwarf: Series 4 Buy This DVD
What's Happening: Season 1 Buy This DVD

And the top ten rentals around the country according to Billboard.com are as follows:

1. S.W.A.T.
2. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Widescreen)
3. Seabiscuit
4. American Wedding
5. Freaky Friday
6. Jeepers Creepers 2
7. The Order
8. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl
9. Bad Boys II
10. Alex & Emma

WHEW!!!! Well, that wraps it up for another week of what's new on home video. Of course, we love to hear from you so drop us a line with any comments. Until next week, take care.

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originally posted: 02/03/04 00:59:57
last updated: 02/03/04 01:14:40
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