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Blade: Trinity
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by Jay Seaver

"Playing vampires - acting like zombies."
2 stars

Getting back to something's roots is generally thought of as a good thing, but that may not be the case for New Line's Blade franchise. Part of the problem is that the general public considers Blade's roots to be the first movie, while screenwriter/director David Goyer is all too aware that Blade was a comic book character first.

Not that there was a "Blade" comic before the success of the first movie; the character first appeared in a 1970s horror series named "Tomb of Dracula". It's a clever reference when the movie starts with vampire archeologists uncovering said resting place; less so when one character actually whips out a copy of the series' first issue. But comics are Goyer's thing (in addition to the Blade movies, he also did scripts for Hellboy and Batman Begins, with The Flash in development), and a couple of the sillier comic tropes get some use: Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristoferson) gets the Jean Grey "For Crying Out Loud, Is He Dead Again" Award, and his daughter Abigail (Jessica Biel) places in the Green Arrow "Seriously, The Compound Bow Is The Best Weapon For Urban Combat Ever" category (ah, the trick arrows). Wacky ideas about evolution abound.

The latter is kind of disappointing, since one of the good things Trinity mostly retains from its predecessors is the idea of taking a supernatural story concept such as vampires and placing it in a science-fictional context. Neither the humans nor vampires are terribly interested in musty books or prophecies; the vampire hunters are more likely to genetically engineer a virus to take the bloodsuckers out. That the science used is chuckle-inducing is somewhat forgivable, since the science-over-superstition theme is a good one that deserves to appear in better movies.

So what goes wrong? Well, there's the cast. Or, more specifically, the performances.

After the movie ended, it was not hard to imagine a day early on during shooting when Ryan Reynolds looked around, realized he could walk away with the movie and nobody else would offer any resistance. Wesley Snipes, for all anybody can tell behind his dark glasses, could very well be sleepwalking. Jessica Biel doesn't seem to have much to do other than stand around with her bow, looking good; maybe she'll be Jennifer Garner when she grows up. Parker Posey angrily chews scenery as the villainous mastermind, perhaps distressed over what a once promising career has come to. Dominic Purcell goes the "too full of himself to be truly malevolent" route as Drake. Natasha Lyonne has a lifeless extended cameo as a blind geneticist. They're in a movie about vampires, but aside from Posey and Reynolds, they might as well be zombies.

Ah, Ryan Reynolds. The character he plays, Hannibal King, was more noteworthy for his iron will than his smart mouth in Tomb of Dracula (King was a "vampire detective" who resisted the urge to drink blood or use his vampiric powers), but here is written to Reynolds's strengths. Sort of "what if Berg from Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place was a badass vampire hunter?" He gets just about every good line in the screenplay and delivers them in sarcastic, laid-back style. This could be the part that makes him a movie star in the way that Van Wilder didn't. It's an entertaining performance, but is it a Good Thing for a comic sidekick to so completely dominate an action movie?

Ultimately, these weaknesses have to be laid at Goyer's feet. He's not a bad screenwriter, but his work here suggests that he does his best work with a strong collaborator. Snipes, if you remember, was pretty darn good in the first two Blade movies, but offers nothing in this one. Same with the rest of the cast. He also seems to subscribe to the premise that anything is cool when you film it in slow-motion; there are actually two shots of Abigail putting her headphones on, because she likes to listen to MP3s as she dispatches the undead. It's comical. The action scenes also don't have the same zing as they did in the first movie (it doesn't help that Drake has the annoying habit of turning into a CGI monster just when things are getting good).

It's an open question how good a movie this would have been if Guillermo del Toro had directed it instead of doing Hellboy; maybe he would have been able to coax something out of Snipes, or curbed some of Goyer's fanboy tendencies. Or maybe not. At any rate, this will probably be the last Blade movie, although there's talk of spinning Reynolds and Biel off into a "Nightstalkers" movie. I must admit, I might go for that, although I'd maybe like someone else in charge of it.

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originally posted: 12/29/04 20:35:05
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User Comments

2/20/17 morris campbell pretty good nothing more 3 stars
7/22/08 JM Synth Lame; Biel and especially Reynolds don't help matters 2 stars
6/21/08 David V This trilogy went from badass to just bad. 1 stars
4/14/08 Andrew I was very dissappointed in the ending of this shit. Blade didn't make it! He died. 1 stars
3/02/08 John Millheim very cool, the best Blade out there 5 stars
7/13/07 MaDmAN All big bad "Drake" could do was threaten babies and little girls weak movie all around 3 stars
6/07/07 pete pretty good, enjoyed the comedy and action, but could have been alot better 3 stars
4/11/07 rimrhino Liked Reynolds, hated Purcell, Snipes still kicks ass, but it's time kill the series. 4 stars
1/30/07 William Boyle Boring and witless. A video game pretending to be a film. 1 stars
1/20/07 del The absolute bottom-of-the-barrel worst of the three...and that's saying something. 1 stars
9/27/06 Los Angeles Free Home Insurance plan Home L0ans 4 stars
9/02/06 Dragon The Artist Ditch the "scientfic" aspects,political correctness, & that campy depiction of Dracula.CRAP 1 stars
8/01/06 dan a disapointing end to what could have been a great trilogy 1 stars
7/02/06 Jim National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Vampire Hunter. Better than X3 anyway. 4 stars
4/06/06 Troy M. Grzych This movie lacks all of the fine craftmanship of "Blade 2" 3 stars
3/31/06 Michele these movies are always fun 4 stars
3/30/06 Soha Molina great movie 5 stars
3/29/06 Josh Standlee I am a true believer that Wesley Snipes is a god! Dracula was scary as fuck! 5 stars
3/27/06 Danny Johanson This movie has some great one liners, the plot may suck, but hell, its a good mindless fun 3 stars
2/26/06 Steven Lewis Worst of all three films but "decent" action. 2 stars
2/20/06 Steve Newman Blade 1 and 2 were excellent - this was crap 2 stars
2/02/06 van zwaar entertaining budget film wasnt expectin much so wasnt dissapointed(cockjugglin.....) LOL 4 stars
11/07/05 rob amazin flm wish more were being made 5 stars
10/20/05 jamie i love this movie so stop trashing it :P 5 stars
9/12/05 drippy 'Saw this last night...easily the worst of the series...and that's saying something!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/31/05 ES It was alright, fun and violent & now we have the premise of Blade as the bad guy in #4 4 stars
8/29/05 Brisbane "2" was the only one worth watching...long live DEL TORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/17/05 Maalstrom The series just gets worse, retire the franchise already 2 stars
8/08/05 Maalstrom Was lacking in both story and action. Unispired. 3 stars
7/09/05 Moctezuma Seriously disappointing 2 stars
6/28/05 The Talking Elbow WHY DID YOU DO THE MATRIX HAND-TAUNT!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
6/24/05 Mr Fluffy Man. AvP is just looking better and better 1 stars
6/21/05 the dude "epic" peice of fucken crap, it sucks like vamp balls. let's down 1&2 1 stars
6/09/05 Naka Snipes is on his way out. And thank god. 1 stars
5/27/05 Indrid Cold Just as good as the first two: lame plot, good action, Snipes is badass. 3 stars
5/26/05 angela hicks i think that the Blade: Trinity movie was even more awesome than the other Blade movies. 5 stars
5/23/05 tatum Snipes doesn't even give the flick a chance; what a jerk 2 stars
4/29/05 Heather Tarlecky This movie was the greatest 4 stars
4/20/05 Krisan just an example of how sequals just arent as good as the originals 3 stars
4/16/05 Sharon Davis Nothing special 3 stars
4/15/05 shatonjia They should have stopped after the first Blade. 2 stars
4/12/05 Junior LaRoche Heard it sucks, but was really surprised with it. Not as good as the other ones tho. 3 stars
3/31/05 Blade: great, Blade 2: Fantastic, Blade Trinity: Decent, but not great Joseph 3 stars
3/25/05 Denise good 3 stars
2/04/05 Mikolai Should be titled "Dracula: The Gay Blade" 2 stars
1/17/05 Roy Smith Again Does what sunlight, garlic, and holy water could not do... 2 stars
1/07/05 Al Guy They even ruined Blade. Sad. Fighting with an MP3 on. Stupid. 2 stars
12/27/04 Archanist_101 Not as GOOD as the first two films... The fight scenes + Jessica Beil were worth it!!!!!!!! 3 stars
12/25/04 Maurice EVO decent movie, nice special effect, and a nice babe 4 stars
12/22/04 mike schaeffer Snipes wants to sue New York. Movie-goers ought to sue him. 1 stars
12/21/04 Kay forget Blade, I want to see a Hannibel King movie 4 stars
12/17/04 ENTS The second one's better. Am really disppointed.with this one. 2 stars
12/13/04 KayCe Whitacre Don't like Comic Book movies? DON'T GO! Best BLADE ever! IT ROX! 5 stars
12/12/04 BrianWilly Watch it for the humor and senseless violence, not for...well, logic. 3 stars
12/12/04 Koitus The rating is "generous." Great fight scenes, but nothing really new; similar ending 2 #1 3 stars
12/12/04 Andy its awesome i dont believe anyone could give it a smaller rating than awesome 5 stars
12/11/04 Aren Decent Film, weakest of the 3. Still v/ entertaining though 4 stars
12/11/04 KingNeutron Nice debut for Paul Levesque; the dog was truly a nice touch for his char. 4 stars
12/11/04 Jerry Easily the worst film of the trilogy. Silly dialouge, poor characters, and very unoriginal 2 stars
12/11/04 Me the best one 5 stars
12/10/04 othree kinda weak Blade stilla solid some of casts' acting was eh lite storyline, good begining 3 stars
12/10/04 Captain Highcrime Holy Cow!! Two members of The New Main Street Singers are vampires?! Didn't see that coming 3 stars
12/09/04 luke good movie best of the three 5 stars
12/09/04 Hyoun Lim it was an average movie 3 stars
12/09/04 Gray fun 4 stars
12/09/04 Juan SUCKED!!!!!! 1 stars
12/08/04 walter save your money! , it seemed like a low budget film id see on sunday afternoon noncable tv 1 stars
12/08/04 Kristina Williams It could have been worse. Imagine Stifler instead of Van Wilder in this. Ugh. 3 stars
12/08/04 Whoop Whoop Enjoyable fun. 4 stars
12/07/04 Ray Just bad 1 stars
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