Reviewed By Scott Weinberg
Posted 03/19/05 16:39:20

"Remind me NEVER to visit the Philippines!"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

SCREENED AT THE 2005 SXSW FILM FESTIVAL: If, in synopsis form, the Filipino thriller "Cavite" sounds a whole lot like "Phone Booth" and/or "Cellular," rest assured that those comparisons are not lost among the filmmakers. But they've also been putting this thing together for several years, so it's more a case of creative coincidence than anything plagiaristic in nature. Plus the movie's not really all that similar to those two Hollywood hits, except perhaps on the surface.

Adam is back in his homeland of the Philippines to attend his father's funeral. The poor guy has all sorts of stresses and worries careening through his head (not the least of which is a pregnant girlfriend who wants to take a "break"), but nothing can prepare Adam for the day from Hell he's about to withstand. Fresh off his flight and right outside the airport, Adam's cell phone rings: it's someone seriously unfriendly.

Seems that Adam's mother and sister have been kidnapped by some ruthless political extremists - and Adam must act as the terrorists' puppet or his family will be killed. At first Adam reluctantly gives in to the villains' demands...but the stakes get raised real high real fast; before too long our hero has some truly impossible choices to make.

Tighly-paced and hyper-cut edited to create a breathless pace, Cavite starts out slowly and slowly spirals into a thing of true grit and intensity. Missing are the flashy touchstones of most American thrillers, and we're entertained by the story as much as we're fascinated by the weathered (and periodically nightmarish) Filipino landscape.

The less said about the plot specifics the better, but high praise is due co-directors Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llanna for never relying on stock kidnapping-flick conceits. Adam is sent on an increasingly more unpleasant series of tasks...and you just get the feeling that none of this is bound to end well.

Anchored by an excellent lead performance by (co-writer, co-director) Gamazon, "Cavite" throws your expectations to the wind and just hopes you'll come along for the ride. It's fast-paced and grittily entertaining, but never in that safe and generic way that most Hollywood thrillers shoot for.

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