Lot Like Love, A

Reviewed By Peter Sobczynski
Posted 04/22/05 08:11:51

"As Kutcher-Peet romances go, it's no 'Butterfly Effect' or 'Identity'"
1 stars (Sucks)

“A Lot Like Love” is a dismal romantic comedy that introduces us to two of the most unlikable characters to ever grace the genre and then expects us to follow them around as they stave off their mutual affection towards each other until enough time has elapsed to get the film to feature length.

The guy is Ashton Kutcher, an ambitious dope whose foolproof idea to provide a lifetime of financial security is a plan to sell diapers over the Internet. The girl is Amanda Peet, a flighty would-be actress who is so dopey that she doesn’t think that selling diapers over the Internet is an awesomely idiotic idea. Over the course of seven years, they keep crossing each others paths without ever quite coming together even though they seem to be perfectly suited for each other, mostly because they each demonstrate the depth and personality of the people that you normally only see populating Dockers commercials saying nothing more profound than “Nice pants!”

The result is 95 minutes of charmless, witless agony that can’t even contrive vaguely plausible reasons for keeping the two apart–the best the screenplay can do is have them dismiss the idea of romance because she lives in Los Angeles while he resides in the far-away hinterlands of San Francisco. Both Kutcher and Peet have been amusing in the past but they strike zero sparks here–though even Tracy and Hepburn would have been challenged to find the charm in characters whose idea of a Meet Cute is an anonymous tryst in an airplane toilet and whose idea of witty flirtation is to endlessly spit water on each other .

By the end, when they finally do wind up in each other’s arms for good, it is a happy ending only in the fact that it means that we no longer have to deal with them for another minute.

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