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War of the Worlds (2005)
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by Peter Sobczynski

"Tom Cruise in 'Battlefield New Jersey'"
4 stars

In Steven Spielberg’s alien invasion epic “War of the Worlds,” the end of the world comes not with a bang, but with many, many bangs–each one louder and more exquisitely tweaked for maximum seat-rattling power than the next. By the time the end credits roll, in fact, I became convinced that a good portion of the audience that I saw it with was going to walk away from the theater partially deaf. However, I suspect that this may have been Spielberg’s plan all along–by making many viewers unable to hear themselves speak for several minutes, they might not get around to mentioning the severe third-act troubles that take what could have been a flat-out sci-fi classic and reduce it to a good movie that could and should have been better.

Based on the famous novel by H.G. Wells–previously adapted by the likes of Orson Welles (who scared the nation with his 1938 radio version) and George Pal (whose 1953 film remains a kitsch classic)–and updated from Victorian England to contemporary working-class New Jersey, the film stars Tom Cruise as Ray Ferrier, one of those self-absorbed types who peaked in high school and never really grew up beyond that. Now, he lives a selfish and solitary life and when his ex-wife (Miranda Otto) comes by to drop off their kids–sullen teener Robbie (Justin Chatwin) and pre-teen pre-neurotic Rachel (a creepier-than-ever Dakota Fanning–it is hard to figure out who is less happy to be around the others. You can’t really blame the kids for not wanting to hang around–Mom seems to be the perfect Earth-mother type while Ray is the kind of guy who, when confronted by the sight of mysterious clouds and strangely precise lightning strikes, is more concerned that Robbie took his prize muscle car out without permission. Clearly, Ray is in need of either Dr. Phil or a swift kick in the hinder with a motorcycle boot to put him back on the path to being a Good Dad and Caring Parent.

Since Dr. Phil was apparently otherwise occupied, a horde of aliens decide to the job for him by emerging from the clouds and lightning in giant tri-pod ship to crush everything in their paths and to vaporize all humans with their disintegrator rays. Ray survives the initial onslaught and manages to flee town with his kids, not to mention the only working car in the area, with the idea of taking them to Boston to return them to their mother. However, the invading forces grow in numbers and Ray and the kids are trapped in the middle of enormous firestorms that they survive only by a combination of luck and the fact that you and I both know that no one making one of the most expensive films ever made would dare kill off either a star of Cruise’s stature or a little girl. Eventually, Ray and Rachel wind up literally underground–holed up in the basement of a seemingly Good Samaritan (Tim Robbins) who gradually begins to show his increasingly deranged colors as the invaders grow near.

To this point, “War of the Worlds” has been a surprisingly effective epic thriller. Having given us numerous pleasant and friendly visitors from other worlds in films such as “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “E.T.” and “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence,” Spielberg seems positively giddy at the notion of bringing another group of aliens to Earth, only to have them fry everything that they see. Once again, he demonstrates that he remains the best director today when it comes to putting together extended set-pieces in which stunning special effects, elaborate choreography and razor-sharp editing are brought together for a virtual master class in the art of filmmaking–the opening attack sequence and a terrifying interlude upon a doomed ferry are among the most astonishing things that he has ever produced. Working with longtime collaborators such as cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, editor Michael Kahn and composer John Williams, Spielberg not only give us these dazzling sights, he does it with an off-hand grace that makes it almost seem easy even though it must have been a fiendishly difficult production to undertake.

And yet, like many of Spielberg’s best films, “War of the Worlds” is more than just a technological showcase. Instead of embracing the cliches of the alien-invasion genre–multiple character threads and numerous scenes showing well-known landmarks being reduced to rubble–Spielberg and co-writers Josh Friedman and David Koepp cleverly invert the formula–the only central characters are Ray and his family and we only see the events that they are able to witness for themselves. He is also disarmingly honest about the desperate lengths that people will go to in order to protect themselves and their families–everything from rioting to cold-blooded murder.

He also gets support from a caliber of acting not usually seen in films in which buildings are turned into rubble with alarming frequency. While I suspect that Tom Cruise’s recent bouts of weirdness and tone-deaf self-promotion may have turned off a lot of potential viewers, the fact remains that he can be a very interesting actor and few of his stature would have had the nerve to play someone as throughly unlikable as Ray is for the vast majority of the film–his desire to bring the kids to Boston is less a heroic gesture than an attempt to get them out of his life once and for all. Sure, he gets his triumphant arc in the end but for the most part, Ray is closer to a heel than a hero and such an approach is refreshing for a genre in which characters are usually painted in the broadest strokes possible.

Once they get into that basement, though, the last half-hour of the film quickly begins to go all to hell. Of course, the notion of a group of people staving off an alien attack in a basement will remind many of you of “Signs,” one of the many properties over the years to borrow from Wells’s original story. What will really remind you of “Signs,” however, is the way that “War of the Worlds” suddenly falls apart once the aliens are revealed, their plans are revealed and their weaknesses are discovered. I won’t ruin it for you except to say that Tim Burton’s criminally underrated satire “Mars Attacks!” did all those things in a far more logical manner than seen here and Burton’s film was meant to be a goof.

Things aren’t helped by the fact, having only given us tantalizing glimpses for the first 90 minutes, the aliens, when finally revealed, simply aren’t very menacing at all–they look like every 1950's-era B-movie monster (with the exception of Robot Monster) thrown into a pop-culture blender. Furthermore, while I can see why Spielberg would want to do something other than just have the aliens swoop in from the skies, the explanation for how they got here leaves a lot to be desired–without going into detail, I think that we are to believe that the aliens (whose place of origin is never mentioned) have been planning to destroy Earthlings from a time before such things actually existed. If that were true, you would think that in the ensuing million years of downtime, they might have discovered what could be their collective Achilles heel.

Don’t get me wrong–“War of the Worlds” is a good and solid sci-fi spectacular and definitely worth seeing, especially at a theater with a top-notch sound system and an enormous screen. In any other summer season in recent memory, it would have gone down as one of the few highlights. The trouble for Spielberg is that he is releasing his effort in the middle of what appears to be a minor revival of the genre film, thanks to the likes of “Sin City,” “Batman Begins,” “Land of the Dead” and even the better-than-expected “Revenge of the Sith.” For all of its efforts, this one comes up a little short in comparison. That said, it is probably the most sheerly and viscerally entertaining film Spielberg has done in a long time and if all you want is a superior piece of eye candy, “War of the Worlds” is a more than effective example

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originally posted: 06/29/05 00:19:00
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User Comments

10/29/16 morris campbell I love alien movies but this sucks donkey dicks watch the original instead 1 stars
8/29/13 Tammy Woodall I'm not really into Science Fiction movies, but this movie had me watching it regardless. 4 stars
9/16/12 VLTampa The sound the aliens make in this movie makes my skin crawl. 4 stars
3/14/11 Katie Fogle Dakota Fanning was great, but I'm not really a fan of alien movies. 3 stars
1/10/11 Quigley One of the most underrated blockbusters in history. People need to watch this film again. 5 stars
10/24/10 Zaid Flawed..flawed...flawed and Tim Robbins scene is unnecessary 2 stars
9/26/10 art the only MENACE in this movie was DAKOTA FANNING! 1 stars
6/21/10 christy spires This movie is awesome and it really makes you wonder about life on other planets!! 4 stars
3/07/09 SandySue Excellent! Can't go wrong with Spielberg & Tom together! 5 stars
2/11/09 Stewart Another terrible special effects movie. Stupid characters and a cliched story. 1 stars
2/04/09 Faraz J Fun watch. 4 stars
10/25/08 Martian ack ack ack 1 stars
10/12/08 blythe brown this movie's obvious unrealism, in certain respects (and bratty children)hurtItGreatly 2 stars
3/30/08 Raika One start because that's the lowest I can give. 1 stars
3/02/08 ladavies I can't stand Tom Cruise, but I saw this movie anyway... and kind of liked it 3 stars
2/13/08 2hoursdead Can I PLEASE strangle those two whiny, bratty children? PLEASE?? I'll pay! What crap! 1 stars
10/24/07 Ivana Mann If you enjoy Dakota Fanning screaming like a bat for two hours, then this movie is for you. 1 stars
10/23/07 Beau A very entertaining movie, Dakota Fanning is a very talented girl! 4 stars
9/08/07 H. A complete waste of time and money and a completely unnecessary movie 1 stars
8/15/07 Jusquick Brilliant acting amazing effects and I chewed all my nails off, thanks Mr S! 5 stars
8/13/07 Annonomiss What, Colin?! Nothing about 911 in this dreary sad waste of time movie. Bad. (period) 1 stars
6/30/07 Lyrical poet If you haven't seen it don't read muwhobbit 's reveiw because she tells you the ending 4 stars
6/07/07 Danielle Ophelia Summer movies don't get much better than this. Spielberg films do. 4 stars
5/15/07 Booksworm I never thought I'd say this, but David Cornelius and I actually agree on something. 5 stars
5/11/07 Browncoat Matt,you are an idiot.The acting was great,the plot was well developed,and the fx rock! 5 stars
5/01/07 Tracey Chambers not even entertaining by accident 2 stars
4/23/07 Matt What A joke! No story line, bad acting, and a worse ending make all the great fx for naught 1 stars
4/18/07 Stevo UK ''It's not a war - it's an extermination!'' Really? I thought it was a Gay rights parade... 2 stars
4/16/07 Reesefire Black If you didn't like the ending to this movie, then you completely missed the point. 5 stars
4/03/07 Double M One of Cruise's weakest movies, the same goes for Spielberg.. yet it's still good enough.. 4 stars
4/02/07 Guido Sanchez Really a useless, silly film with a terrible ending dragging it down to 1. 1 stars
3/19/07 dude pretty good 4 stars
3/13/07 man screw Independance Day? not by a lomg shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 stars
3/02/07 Sam Soule Really good, thriller. But ParkerHale85, you could have used better language, your childish 5 stars
2/16/07 Vip Ebriega A solid Steven Spielberg movie. His best by far. 5 stars
1/30/07 action movie fan very good remake-the best film of 2005 4 stars
1/22/07 jeannie karlsen I HATE TOM CRUISE I HATE THIS MOVIE IF THERE WERE A '0' STAR I'D GIVE IT! 1 stars
12/12/06 Decimeo1 well it was a GREAT movieacrors was the BEST!! 5 stars
11/21/06 jdean62 The worst.. The LAST Cruise movie I will ever see and lost all respect for Spielberg!! 1 stars
11/12/06 ParkerHale85 hmm...i would say this film sucks cock, is a cock and is fucking retardidly shit 1 stars
10/31/06 pete.chesworth Good scenes but left me feeling that it could have been so much better 3 stars
10/18/06 David Pollastrini great fx 5 stars
10/15/06 Charles Tatum Plays more like an FX highlight reel than a plot driven movie 3 stars
9/25/06 Donny good when you turn off your mind 3 stars
9/18/06 Joyster not worth the money spent 1 stars
8/16/06 anthonyuk true to the original but somewhat disappointing 3 stars
8/13/06 Sharon tim robbins was hott but the movie is gay gay gay gay gay gay gay!! 3 stars
8/10/06 Dragon The Artist Exquiste remake, very awesome aliens& FX!! 5 stars
7/15/06 rick james it sucks grabarge collector 1 stars
7/10/06 David Cohen Cruise actually does a good job, its the script that fails in this forgettable movie 3 stars
6/23/06 drydock54321 irritating characters, especially those two kids. I'd like to punch them in the nose. 3 stars
6/11/06 Dave Webber Great effects but major plot holes 3 stars
6/02/06 Carol Baker This is a pretty good movie for a remake. It follows the book and is a good update on the 4 stars
5/29/06 Agent Sands Despite the shittiest possible ending, it has some good, tense moments. 4 stars
5/25/06 dr.mendonca.correia@oninet.pt Martians walking so easily on Earth?! Who was Spielberg's consultant for this turkey?... 1 stars
5/13/06 Ron Green Great special effects! I was on the edge of my seat throughout this movie. 5 stars
5/04/06 emma awesome 5 stars
4/25/06 Jack A Steven Spielberg rocker 5 stars
4/02/06 Quigley one of my favorites. Spileberg made this movie not just awesome, but chilling. see it. 5 stars
3/14/06 rupert yes its bad tho still better than starwank revenge of the shite 2 stars
3/10/06 Reklc No plot, stereotypical ending... and Cruise just survives everything,bah- 3 stars
2/26/06 Larry Brown No story, Tom Cruise simply walks thru the movie so that we can see people get vaporized. 1 stars
2/19/06 Tanya excellent until you get to the last 15 minutes then hollywood kicks in 3 stars
1/31/06 Savannah The best movie in the WORLD 5 stars
1/24/06 Paul Best "alien invasion" sequence ever seen 5 stars
1/22/06 Ronin My expectations were higher. Unfortunately it's just so so. 3 stars
1/19/06 Mike Pulido Spielberg's films are usually worth the price of admission 4 stars
1/18/06 MrsVoorheesBabyBoy Aside from some Visual effects, This was a steaming pile of shit. 1 stars
1/01/06 R.W.Welch Nice try but no match for the '53 classic. 3 1/3 sporks. 3 stars
12/31/05 Quigley you people have no clue. the CG destruction was epic. better than Star Wars 3? by a mile 5 stars
12/30/05 Jeff Anderson Terrible, enough said. Cruise's disgraceful ego was bad enough, but THIS! Don't bother!!!!! 1 stars
12/27/05 Tombstone not worth a damn 1 stars
12/21/05 Ethan M. After all the hype this movie put out, I was dissapointed. 3 stars
12/20/05 Carolyn Rathburn good grafics, love Dakota 4 stars
12/19/05 Stephen Kent Best movie ever created 5 stars
12/16/05 sunking alien ships must have risen through all the holes in the plot. Awful!! 1 stars
12/15/05 Danny Sucked big, fat, hairy ass. 1 stars
12/13/05 Indrid Cold Spielberg shows us why he's the master in several brilliant scenes, but the plot sucks. 4 stars
12/11/05 gray "good film 'cept those annoying people that kept getting in the way" 4 stars
12/11/05 Bad Critic I expected more. 3 stars
12/11/05 Ahnold Spileberg has lost ability to create believable characters. He's a big-budget hack now. 3 stars
12/06/05 Quigley an unforgettable theater experience. cruise wasn't bad, and the effects were spetacular. 5 stars
12/05/05 Monday Morning All EFX, no substance. Chubby rain...that's what to be scared of. 3 stars
12/02/05 Zenny visually amazing, otherwise pretty good 4 stars
12/01/05 George Utterly awful,just a Cruise vehicle,Stick with the original movie! 1 stars
12/01/05 MrsVoorheesBabyBoy Sucked Balls 1 stars
11/29/05 Robert Quinn unforgetable and intense action 5 stars
11/27/05 Hans Voerknecht What a waste of money and time and talent 2 stars
11/26/05 Christine Hosie better than expected,fast paced,lots of action 5 stars
11/24/05 Idiot_for_LMP Didn't want to see but glad I did. Worth It for Fanning alone 4 stars
11/23/05 cr good story, good visual effects, and unrentless action= a spielberg classic 4 stars
11/23/05 merp Yeah this ones a blasting ride, with focus on human element rather than large scale wonder 4 stars
11/13/05 Lanie Richardson Great movie! Dakota Fanning was unbelievable! 5 stars
10/30/05 Quigley this movie was jsut incredible. with spileberg directing, harldy anything goes wrong. 5 stars
10/28/05 Gretchen Seitz Right watchable. Possibly best performance by a scientologist since SWIMFAN 4 stars
10/26/05 deadwiz Pretty fun, enjoyable at least. 4 stars
10/25/05 Richard Brandt Almost 30 years after CE3K, Steve's still remaking "The Searchers" 4 stars
10/25/05 Nick_Voro Overrated bec of Spielberg but hype aside it meets one’s expectations. Fanning is amazing. 5 stars
10/25/05 The EZ1 Enjoyable, loud summer popcorn flick. 4 stars
10/19/05 Agent Sands Riveting up until the pat ending. One scene of HILARIOUS comic relief. 4 stars
9/19/05 Jonathon Holmes so entertaning that I almost forgive Cruise for being an an asshole...ALMOST! 5 stars
9/14/05 Pinkline Jones Cruise plods big time in this sick-making and pointless colostomy gurgle 1 stars
9/13/05 Beth Blackburn It was freaking awesome!! Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning are just a perfect match! 5 stars
9/09/05 Ric Genuinely terrifying; this is Spielberg's most entertaining movie since The Last Crusade. 5 stars
9/05/05 Barney Fife III *sigh* More Spielberg crap. 1 stars
9/04/05 Daryl Walker The fillm is a terrifying sci-fi masterpiece. 5 stars
9/03/05 Quigley what is wrong with you people? this movie rules so much! spielberg is the man. see it! yes! 5 stars
9/02/05 Eagle Movie has great FX but story and plot subpar 3 stars
8/27/05 Tom Burns One of the best remakes i have seen in awhile. 5 stars
8/24/05 Eden Brilliant first 2 acts but the third kills film 4 stars
8/23/05 Courtney McCarty THIS MOVIE WAS KICK ASS!! and all those who hated it have serious movie scoring issues. 5 stars
8/20/05 chris hagopian Slightly disappointing but still worth a look 4 stars
8/16/05 Frenzy Idoit story, dumber ending 1 stars
8/16/05 Mark Radburn War Of The Worlds is a kick-ass movie 5 stars
8/14/05 paris hart Fantastic fun movie,chilling and intense with gr8 performences NOT BORING 5 stars
8/12/05 Frenzy No story, poor acting, bad ending 1 stars
8/12/05 chrislyn d best 5 stars
8/10/05 jessica awesome and excellent 5 stars
8/08/05 Bubba Fish A below-average plot, with above-average action sequences makes it well... average. 3 stars
8/05/05 Nate Frary I liked it, but I have a hard time watching most Spielberg movies more than once. 3 stars
8/03/05 Steve Wentworth If you've read the book or heard the musical version, you're in for a BIG disappointment. 2 stars
7/30/05 E Canfor-Dumas Poorly scripted, lacking in logic or believable characterisation; terrible ending... 2 stars
7/28/05 Thurisaz Brilliant in reintepreting so much of the novel without ruining it. For fans, made by fans. 5 stars
7/28/05 guy hedul kick ass secial effects 5 stars
7/27/05 Obi Wan Very Good Movie...but the 3rd act kinda let me down 5 stars
7/26/05 manuel A wonderful tracking shot in the car has me going back. 5 stars
7/26/05 Laura Lee Macleod for all the special effects- average, silly ending 3 stars
7/26/05 Ty Spiceland It starts off great, but falls apart about halfway through 3 stars
7/25/05 george vlahos best photography i can remember seeing since forgiven 5 stars
7/25/05 Suke Epic scenes, forced human story. Is it worth $10.75? 3 stars
7/25/05 John Bale More Spielberg than H. G. Wells, some excellent SFX however 4 stars
7/24/05 Stan Parker Sci Fi at its best. Although I thought Rays Kids were the worst thing about the movie. Ando 5 stars
7/23/05 Steve Newman Fantastic film, special effects, story, acting, aliens, dead bodies - all awesome - go see 5 stars
7/23/05 Quigley spielberg delivers and he delivers well. truly a jaw-dropping unforgettable film experience 5 stars
7/21/05 Jordan this movie was nothing like the book and tom cruise have kis w/o his gay lover rob thomas? 2 stars
7/20/05 Sir Dude This was much better than the old one. Tom Cruise did a great job in this movie. Go see it! 5 stars
7/19/05 Ex-Fan Fucken awesome, apart from the iffy finale, preety good fucker 5 stars
7/18/05 steve if i hear another person say 'post-911 world' i will vomit blood (the movie rules btw) 5 stars
7/18/05 War of the Worlds fan The narrow focus on Cruise and lack of scenes showing tripods firing death rays, ruined it 3 stars
7/18/05 herkos akhaion spectacular 5 stars
7/17/05 daveyt really wanted to enjoy it, effects overshadow content... 3 stars
7/16/05 mohd lal amer it is very fantistiec movie 5 stars
7/15/05 kevin completely unbelievable but pretty 3 stars
7/15/05 yo holy,fucking,shit. This is fucking crazy 5 stars
7/14/05 Aye Total crap? there is sumthin rong wit u ppl. This film is intense! 5 stars
7/14/05 Phil Nobbs Intense, gripping summer entertainment. Could have been longer, the finale is a bit rushed. 4 stars
7/14/05 bdboudreaux Plot holes a plenty and just plain insulting 1 stars
7/13/05 Spielberg rules Best movie of the year, fun and thoughtful 5 stars
7/13/05 Marty Aron It is a great movie! My son Jason and I are getting it ASAP! 5 stars
7/12/05 yo HOLY SHIT, this movie was so fucking good.GOD DAMN 5 stars
7/12/05 Frenzy Wast of money and time! 1 stars
7/12/05 Dirk the movie sucks big time... and that camera working after the EMP?! bwahaha 1 stars
7/11/05 shawn an absolute joke. this is from the guy who made jaws??? no way. 1 stars
7/11/05 sbpat21 ruthlessly frightening 4 stars
7/11/05 Koitus Bridge and ferry scenes were AWESOME! Very realistic, anxious moments / screenplay. 4 stars
7/11/05 kabir911 Independance day anyday, totally boring apart from 10 minutes of action !!??? 2 stars
7/10/05 KELLEN MATHERS Lots of action but not much plot 3 stars
7/10/05 slanes The special effects are awesome and so is the acting. 5 stars
7/10/05 ty mills excellent film, keeps you on the end of your chair 5 stars
7/10/05 8=====D badass! 5 stars
7/10/05 Jack Zane This film was so bad I was sick to my stomach. There is NO justice if it breaks even. 1 stars
7/10/05 Peteca Un bolazo, mucho ruido y pocas nueces, livianita, livianita 2 stars
7/10/05 me frog the ending sucks, but the ending is about two minutes 5 stars
7/10/05 Zefram Mann The imagery in this movie will kick you in the nuts, and won't stop till near the end. 5 stars
7/10/05 bullit16 Creepiest, most intense, most "wow"-inducing movie I've seen in a long time 5 stars
7/09/05 mickey rolda good parts just did not jell to make a great movie 3 stars
7/09/05 Rick Cabral The scariest film I've ever seen 5 stars
7/09/05 Daveman A paranoid right-wing fantasy, you'd be forgiven for thinking Ann Coulter wrote it. 2 stars
7/08/05 Dayvee Great special effects, but that's about it. 3 stars
7/08/05 Nevermind the repeat reviewers, this is Close Encounters' evil twin. The Grinch 5 stars
7/07/05 NA NA NA movie sucks,tom cruise is the luckiest man in this movie,sucks all ass 1 stars
7/07/05 Uncle Salty WORTHLESS, don't waste your time or money 1 stars
7/07/05 ELI FUCK Y'ALL!! The ending was illogical, but who the hell CARES?? The rest of the movie rocks 5 stars
7/07/05 John some good sequences somewhow make up a disapointing whole 3 stars
7/07/05 C. Burke This film had as much to do with 9/11 as Iraq. It sucked by the way 1 stars
7/07/05 Jack WTF! Square dancing in LA? 2 stars
7/07/05 Dave Great Special effects but horrible story, terrible pacing, and unbelievable ending ruin it 2 stars
7/07/05 DJP Steven has lost his way - story too flawed for his past achievements 2 stars
7/06/05 AP I kept hoping maybe tom cruise and the kids would die. 2 stars
7/06/05 Christine Hernandez The aliens went thru the trouble to bury tripods, but not R&D the blood compatibility? 2 stars
7/06/05 Elizabeth Blackey Great action; made me jump out of my seat a lot. Weak on plot and lame ending. 4 stars
7/06/05 andre sucky 2 stars
7/06/05 Nicholas Sheldon It's sad. Spielburg has lost his sense of wonder since JP & Private Ryan. 3 stars
7/06/05 Alex Worst movie i've seen in 1 or 2 years. and the pie was waiting for them in Boston. WTF? 1 stars
7/05/05 Aaron Grossfeld Worst remake I have ever seen! 2 stars
7/05/05 Ole Man Bourbon Mars Attacks! was better and more plausible 2 stars
7/05/05 Marlene Spielberg's worst 1 stars
7/05/05 Tyrantis Again, BEST ALIEN INVASION MOVIE EVER! 5 stars
7/05/05 Byzantine_101 Was'nt too bad but... Special effects & big name actors can't make up for the lack of plot! 4 stars
7/05/05 Giri has the movie come to an end? why did the martians die? why did i go to watch the movie? 1 stars
7/04/05 roy silly 1 stars
7/04/05 Charlene Javier Worst Spielberg movie since The Lost World. 2 stars
7/04/05 AE Smart horribly disturbing... Cruise had me wishing the martians had better aim... 2 stars
7/04/05 Ross Sewage This film is pretty bad. My suspension of disbelief is that the script was approved. 2 stars
7/04/05 Titus Good acting, good effects, but still a pretty stupid movie. 2 stars
7/04/05 Chris Tucker It Just Plain Sucks. 3 stars
7/04/05 Brian Awesome spectacle, good acting, massive plot holes, poor science, ridiculous ending 4 stars
7/04/05 Farren Minns Great film, but shame about the sugary sweet ending. 5 stars
7/04/05 tj This movie disrespected my wallet and intelligence, someone get me spielberg on the horn! 1 stars
7/03/05 Mark Outstanding! One of Spielberg's best. 5 stars
7/03/05 Robblebeary one word: crap 1 stars
7/03/05 Todd Danieley Most Visually and Audibly Film I have ever encountered. Incredibly Shocking. 5 stars
7/03/05 edsdv awesome, thrilling, that's steven in great form 5 stars
7/03/05 M Chilling and all round great acting, ending is let down, typical hollywood! 5 stars
7/03/05 ALDO well worth watching....In the cinema..... 4 stars
7/03/05 goatfarmer superb: most credible alien invasion movie 5 stars
7/03/05 y2mckay an impressive display of sound and fury that falls apart the minute any scrutiny is applied 3 stars
7/03/05 Lord Jiggy Remove the Cruise-bashing, watch it for what it is...good film, strange pacing, good acting 4 stars
7/03/05 Evelyn Demirchian Amazing film, disturbing at times but truly a Spielburg masterpiece 5 stars
7/03/05 Jesse Special effects are great, story is good, supportive science is weak as hell. 4 stars
7/03/05 matt absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
7/03/05 Tediboy I'd rate it an 8 out of 10 for excellent special effects & scary aliens! 5 stars
7/03/05 Vic i like to..however it was a let down and strayed from the story line ppl werre expecting 2 stars
7/03/05 Aaron W. This is one of the three worst movies I've ever seen! 1 stars
7/03/05 Melissa I was blown away by this movie...usually alien movies are cheesy, this one was awesome. 5 stars
7/03/05 Ornith Entertaining, but stays with the book's anticlimatic ending. 4 stars
7/03/05 Dan R. Good suspense for the first hour... pretty good acting... everything else sucked. 2 stars
7/02/05 Nixon what a crap movie. dakota fanning is so annoying with 1 stars
7/02/05 Agent Sands TERRIFIC first hour. DULL ending. 4 stars
7/02/05 Mxt One of Spielberg's laziest movie 3 stars
7/02/05 Mahone a tedious and extremely boring film 2 stars
7/02/05 Kankasaur Our microbes kick ass and their microbes suck...USA! USA! USA! 2 stars
7/02/05 kaz good acting and FX..no story.. 3 stars
7/01/05 BahamutFlare Great Acting, some errors but based on the novel... it was done well. 4 stars
7/01/05 dude (astoria.mung.net) Thank you! I kept thinking this is the first real post-9/11 film made and it just brothered 4 stars
7/01/05 Captain Craig WAR? What war? I must have blinked. 3 stars
7/01/05 kendrick excellent, could not keep my eyes off this movie, this blows all the rest out of the water! 5 stars
7/01/05 MaXine Harker I "knew it was a snake when I picked it up" and was not disappointed when I got bit!! 4 stars
7/01/05 BoyInTheDesignerBubble A throwback to the silly monster flicks of the 50's. 4 stars
7/01/05 gyro_44 Ending is a cop-out (maybe better explained in the book); rest is spectacular and scary. 4 stars
7/01/05 Uncle Phucker For being P-13 this was well done and very freaky. 5 stars
7/01/05 Seana This movie blows all other alien invasion movies away. The acting of Tom Cruise and Dakota 5 stars
7/01/05 green gremlin Great effects...could have done with a better script 4 stars
7/01/05 JACK B SMELLY I THINK I SAW THE WRONG movie, other THAN THAT..............COOL 5 stars
7/01/05 David Hollands After...oh my, 16 YEARS, Spielberg finally gets back in the groove. An entertaining ride. 4 stars
6/30/05 Naka GLORIOUS. Fascinating for putting a human face on the carnage. 5 stars
6/30/05 Eddie Just a remake w/better effects seen it before 3 stars
6/30/05 werwer Total Crap 1 stars
6/30/05 Eden Even though it had alot of changes from the book, it was oddly still faithfull. 4 stars
6/30/05 TJ Nelson Worst movie I have ever seen 1 stars
6/30/05 Phil Buckley-Mellor Not perfect but the most terrifying film I've ever seen 5 stars
6/30/05 David Against All Hopes 3 stars
6/30/05 Sonya A. Willis Independence Day + Signs=I expect better from Spielberg 4 stars
6/30/05 ERIC BELOW AVERAGE 2 stars
6/30/05 Mitch great movie with a horrible ending. doesn't explain anything. 4 stars
6/30/05 Intelligent One total crap. matrix + independence day + son being alive at end = super crap 1 stars
6/30/05 allen plot holes Matt LeBlanc could pilot a spaceship through. an ending to snicker at. 1 stars
6/30/05 Ganesh Bhat Shockingly disappointing Movie. Am still recuperating. 2 stars
6/30/05 ajay good movie, would've kicked ass with a decent ending 4 stars
6/29/05 John Shannon Put all Spielberg's flicks in a blender, and you'll get this. A giant BLAH. 3 stars
6/29/05 Amy Teitter Steve Spielberg Takes Another Crap on the Big Screen and wastes another 2 hrs of my life 1 stars
6/29/05 Burt Ward another awesome spielberg film. 5 stars
6/29/05 Jim The Movie Freak Koepp still can't write a third act to save his life but still an excellent film 4 stars
6/29/05 Gary Steaming pile of dog sh*t...this movie is ET for teens.not a compliment! 1 stars
6/29/05 Dave One of Spielberg's worst films. 2 stars
6/29/05 Wayne Demers Great acting, story, special fx, and sound fx. Lousy ending. 4 stars
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  29-Jun-2005 (PG-13)
  DVD: 22-Nov-2005



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