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Serenity (2005)
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by David Cornelius

"Good as a season finale, shaky as a stand-alone movie."
3 stars

Some of you have been anxiously awaiting a little sci-fi adventure titled “Serenity.” Most of you have not.

The film, for those of you in the “not” crowd, is adapted from the (very) short-lived TV series “Firefly,” which gained just enough of a rabid cult following to convince the folks at Universal to give a spin-off film a go, even though the series only ran for a few short weeks a couple of years back. They key to the series’ successful following - and the main reason, I’m guessing, Universal agreed to the deal - is that both the series and movie come from writer/director Joss Whedon, the guy who previously created the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series and its spin-off, “Angel.” Both series earned a devoted fan base that’s eager to follow Whedon anywhere he now goes, and Universal, seeing this (and seeing the decent sales for the “Firefly” DVD set), realized that if nothing else, this film will have a dedicated, if small, built-in audience. They’ll spend enough to cover the movie’s smallish budget, and whatever rest trickles in from curious non-fans will be a nice bonus.

I will admit, I am not a Whedon fan - but my wife is. A rabid one, in fact. So I’ve been able to vicariously follow this whole “Firefly” behind-the-scenes drama from a fan’s-eye point of view for a while now while also retaining my non-fan outsider status. Which is how I entered “Serenity,” with a decent knowledge of the film’s backstory yet without a single clue as to what this movie would be. I opted for a little experiment: I purposely avoided watching any of the episodes of the show beforehand, just to see if the film could possibly hold up to the general public, the folks who would have no clue as to what was going on. Could the movie stand alone (thus making it enjoyable for all), or would Whedon pull an “X-Files” and make this a fan-centric work that would ultimately put off any newcomers?

It turns out Whedon was smart enough to build his movie in such a way that the opening act plays as a nicely crafted introduction to the “Firefly” universe, clearly explained for those unfamiliar with the show, yet not so bogged down in exposition that die hard fans would become bored. In fact, there’s nothing here that plays prevents it from working as a stand-alone picture. Until the last half hour, that is - but I’ll get to that later.

The conceit of “Firefly” was that it’s a “sci-fi western” of sorts. In the future, humanity has spread out to a new solar system that consists of the inner planets, regulated by the strict Alliance government, and the outer planets, a place full of lawbreakers, swindlers, and bad seeds. You know, the Wild West of space. Following a nasty civil war in which the Alliance took over control of the outer planets, former outer planet soldier Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) now pilots the Serenity, a freight vessel whose crew is by-the-book in its ragtagness; they make do through robbery, piracy, and general lawlessness, although, being the heroes, of course, they always end up saving the day, etc., etc. For you anime fans, think of it as “Cowboy Bebop,” but with more cowboy than less bebop.

With its broad mix of humor, action, and quirky sci-fi inventions, “Firefly” was, essentially, a series built to be cancelled. Its fans cry that it was too smart for regular TV, but I argue that such a premise is simply too oddball to catch on with the public at large; this is a show designed for a cult audience in mind, and to hell with everyone else. I’m surprised it even made it on the air outside of the Sci-Fi Channel.

Anyway. Movies seem to allow for greater leeway in the Big Premise department than television, so “Serenity” has a better chance of catching on than “Firefly” ever had. Its bold, brassy approach works well on the big, wide screen, with enough clever action and sharp wit to make it highly entertaining popcorn.

The plot. Aboard the ship is a young psychic (Summer Glau) who, it turns out, has some connections to dark Alliance secrets; she’s dangerous cargo, apparently in possession of secrets so high level that the government’s sent their best assassin (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to take her down (and, lest we have no workable action sequences, the crew that’s with her).

Consider for a moment the casting of Ejiofor (best known for his stunning performance in Stephen Frears’ “Dirty Pretty Things”), as well as the appearance of David Krumholtz, who plays a kind of futuristic airwaves hacker named “Mr. Universe.” Add these people on top of the cast returning from the TV show - all of them noteworthy, especially the highly charismatic Fillion; the great Alan Tudyk as the wisecracking pilot; and Adam “No Relation” Baldwin as Mal’s hardass mercenary buddy - and you’ve got a film that actually values talent over name recognition. This is a film that practically demands a major star in order to make it sellable, and yet Whedon understood that sellable is one thing, watchable is something else. He’s given us a film populated with character actors, not a star among them (the most recognizable face is Ron Glass of “Barney Miller” fame), and we’re all the better for it. There’s not a mediocre performance in the bunch (this considering Whedon’s penchant for the occasional cornball bit of writing and, as I’ll discuss in a minute, the film’s problematic lack of character structure); it’s the cast that ultimately sells it for us, handling the serious and goofy moments both with equal aplomb.

The cast is to credit, but let’s not forget that as an action film, “Serenity” flies. Whedon shows a knack for action direction, with editor Lisa Lassek and cinematographer Jack N. Green adding a sharp, distinct look to the project. This movie has a lively rhythm to it, and the action, comedy, and mystery blend together in a way that just draws you in to this exciting world.

Until, that is, the final act, in which everything falls utterly and hopelessly apart. Blame for this lands squarely with Whedon’s screenplay, which starts off beautifully, yet by the last half hour, starts shooting off in all the wrong directions. The problem lies in Whedon’s decision to abandon the “this movie’s for everybody” policy that had made the rest of the film so dazzling and instead revert to a lamer, “season finale” feel.

You see, despite his ability to open the storyline up in such a way that it’s accessible to viewers unfamiliar with the TV series, Whedon ignores any self-contained character development. Newcomers don’t get much sense of the people populating the story; Tudyk, outside of a few scenes, becomes an extra in his own movie. Whedon’s looking at this movie in the scope of the series, and as such, things happen here that don’t feel earned in the shorter sense of just the movie.

And a whole lot of big things happen to a whole number of characters, so to avoid spoilers, I’ll simply lump all of these events into one thing I’ll call “X.” Death, romance, surprise character revelation - they’re all “X.” Here, any time “X” happens, it’s done merely for cheap dramatic effect, just to get the hardcore fan to scream “ohmigod, ‘X’ just happened, and that changes everything for me and my understanding of the series!! Now I must post about this on my blog!!” Whedon has a royal jones for cheap dramatic effect - his work on “Buffy” consisted of him constantly killing off major characters just to nudge the viewer. That sort of thing can work in the scope of a television series, as time can be spent building up to the major change, and then time can be spent dealing with its aftermath.

In a two hour movie, however, there’s not much time for “X” overkill. Here, one “X” would’ve been plenty. The movie takes a few moments to build up to and deal with the “X,” and it fits in the natural flow of the film’s plot.

But then, by the last act, Whedon decides that newcomers be damned, fans of the show need more payoff than merely one “X.” And so we get tons of them, as though he’s determined to have something huge happen to every player, whether or not it fits within the confines of the movie. Worse, this line of thinking creates a rush job effect: one “X” happens so quickly in the middle of the movie’s climax that there’s no time for the audience to absorb it properly. Nor the movie itself, it turns out, as the film eventually suffers from a schizophrenic nature that finds heavy, serious, tear-worthy moments intercut with action that’s tinged with smartass one-liners.

What Whedon really needed here was a writing partner, someone able to step up and tell him that as soon as the space zombies appear for a “Living Dead” standoff (don’t ask), that’s one idea too many. Here’s a finale that doesn’t quite fit with what came before; in his desire to cram in as many ideas as possible, Whedon shoves too many of them in our faces at the same time. And while they’re good scenes (the space zombie standoff does, for all its stupidity, have its nifty moments), they’re scenes that belong in another movie.

That being said, the rest of the movie is smart enough and thrilling enough to earn a recommendation. Fans of the show will undoubtedly go berserk over every frame of this beast, while you non-fans will find an enjoyable sci-fi diversion. “Serenity” is, until the last half hour, a pretty darn fun slice of genre goodness, a ripping adventure with a first rate cast and a nifty script. Even in that dreaded final act, in which the story veers off in all the wrong directions, the entertainment level is still up there, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

So don’t be afraid if you’ve never even heard of the show. It works, for the most part, for everybody. It may be flawed, but hey, it also thrills.

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originally posted: 09/29/05 19:07:17
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User Comments

10/04/12 mike miller A must see for any Firefly fan(like myself.) 5 stars
3/08/12 fuzzylizard Intelligent without being highbrow: characters discover simple but powerful message 5 stars
9/23/11 psychoillogic expressing anything positive about this flick exposes ones lack of movieviewing experience 1 stars
8/08/11 WENDY Not quite the ending I wanted but better than nothing 4 stars
1/09/10 Ben C Big fan, saw the movie without having seen the series went out and got the seriies 5 stars
11/03/09 Kurtis Serenity is a great conclusion to the short-lived series. Touching and exciting. 5 stars
9/12/09 Miriam This film is absolutely brilliant! It's funny, slick, emotional, and awesome! 5 stars
7/19/09 Leonis Boring and overrated! 8 on IMBD! Nerds/Buffy fans need to get a life or get laid! 2 stars
10/09/08 man huh? 1 stars
6/22/08 J Black OK, like the series better. Wish Firefly hadn't been cancelled 4 stars
5/06/08 Neil Foster If only everyone who saw it had watched ALL the Firefly eps first ! 5 stars
3/29/08 Chiya Recently discovered firefly. serenity was mostly just mal &river, but brilliant. Shiny. 5 stars
12/09/07 Russell Liscomb Note how everyone giving it one star has poor grammar skills and no valid argument? 5 stars
11/26/07 dude boring and confusing 1 stars
11/21/07 fools♫gold I agree with all who like this. And only people who give it 5 stars like it! :P 5 stars
10/04/07 Akbar For Firefly fans only, otherwise boring soap opera tripe 2 stars
10/01/07 JohnnyFaye Melcom Renolds is a great caption you, a man you can follow. 4 stars
7/21/07 ben dover amazing fuck off lucas you fat cunt 5 stars
7/16/07 Andy Just brilliant, and shiny to boot 5 stars
7/02/07 Transid Great admiration for Firefly, but dissapointed in this 2 stars
6/16/07 Tom Lifelong Star Wars fan, but sorry folks... Firefly/Serenity takes the cake! 5 stars
5/16/07 Letter Liked It, but loved the series so something was lacking 3 stars
5/15/07 Dave Didn't like it 1 stars
5/01/07 Dude Sith was way better 1 stars
5/01/07 Tracey Chambers great movie 5 stars
4/02/07 Guido Sanchez Not the show, but pretty damn good nonetheless. 4 stars
2/09/07 -Cruden- I saw only one episode before the times started switching around and still loved the movie. 5 stars
1/31/07 Jeff Anderson A great valentine for fans of FIREFLY(long live them)& a blast. JEWEL STAITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/28/06 Veritas Anyone who doesn't like this movie ought to be fed to Reavers 5 stars
11/27/06 Bella awesome awesome romp - very funny and touching. Bring on the sequel or bring back Firely 5 stars
11/26/06 sirina the story line sucked and it was way dum!! 1 stars
10/24/06 Drew G I probably have to see it again, but I wasn't blown away 3 stars
10/23/06 Browncoat If you have any brains,you loved it.If not, you don't count. 't 5 stars
10/17/06 AJ Muller in my Top 5 Best Flicks Ever.(seen 1 ep. before this)simply KILLER 5 stars
10/14/06 Ron Newbold There should be penalties for Fox cancelling the TV series! But the movie is fantastic 5 stars
8/25/06 michael just wish it was still on TV 5 stars
8/21/06 fozzybear loved the series,loved the film.if you don't get it,you never will!! 5 stars
8/13/06 Sharon pretty good I didnt expect much but it was awsome 5 stars
8/05/06 nicklor24 great movie, great action, they need to make a second one or bring back firefly 5 stars
5/22/06 sarah h can be made better 1 stars
5/19/06 UnpluggedCrazy Pretty much the best movie ever made. I may be biased, yes, but it's still impressive. 5 stars
5/03/06 ES Didn't make it thru this one. Bad acting, strained humur and no one worth mentioning in it 1 stars
4/19/06 Becky I love this movie!! Go browncoats!! I have it on DVD and it really gets better every time 5 stars
4/01/06 john smith would return of the jedi worked as stand alone? Serenity is a great sequel be satisfied...! 5 stars
3/31/06 Steve Newman Not sure what to make of this - would not watch again but glad I watched it 3 stars
3/28/06 mike turned it off after 30 mins. forwarded to cool fight scene in end 2 stars
3/19/06 Marlon Absolutely endearing, engrossing and entertaining--must have more! Sequel please... 5 stars
3/08/06 daveyt bought the box-set dvds, just watched film... blown away. Cheers Joss 5 stars
3/07/06 myzzy A must See movie!! its worth every penny 5 stars
3/03/06 Kris Hall stereotypically Western and Sci Fi setting allow to sit back and enjoy the ride 5 stars
3/01/06 kaz rawked my sawks 5 stars
2/20/06 Sonja Nikolic Whedon > Lucas. This from a Firefly virgin. 5 stars
2/14/06 Perry Mason At least one space opera filmmaker puts some thought in his work. 4 stars
2/06/06 Jim Snappy dialog, good plot and special effects, lots of Buffy and Angel villains 4 stars
1/20/06 Reklc Great sci fi movie! 5 stars
12/30/05 GBFH fantastic background noise 5 stars
12/22/05 gummy Serenity is the best SciFi movie i've seen in a LONG TIME!(i nevr saw a episode of firefly) 5 stars
12/21/05 Steve Does the series justice 5 stars
12/19/05 Dan Awesome movie! Loved it. 5 stars
12/15/05 Rob Proctor This and the series from TV are incredable. 5 stars
12/02/05 Blair K. Ivey This is a good movie. Not a four-star classic but certainly worth more than "Worth a look". 5 stars
12/01/05 Marty Welll thought out and well crafteded piece of work. 5 stars
11/22/05 Guy The best space opera since...well, it's actually the best of its kind! 5 stars
11/18/05 Indrid Cold Why are all these Babalon 5/Andromeda/Farscape things exactly the same? 3 stars
11/13/05 Jade Loved it!!! Need I say more? Well, I could actually go on for pages, but I'll refrain! 5 stars
10/29/05 Jared excellent 5 stars
10/23/05 Pale Dim brianorndorf is a moron. Intelligent fans can have a blast with this. 5 stars
10/22/05 Lord Chu AWESOME. The best movie ever, suckers. 5 stars
10/22/05 momacress Smart and action-packed. If it starred Brad Pitt it'd be a blockbuster by now. 4 stars
10/21/05 Suzz unrelenting gore, violence, noise, bad acting and idiot dialogue 1 stars
10/20/05 Ole Man Bourbon Star Wars meets Judge Dredd meets Jason X. IT SUCKS! 1 stars
10/20/05 marajade29sm FINALLY! This is what sci-fi adventure is supposed to be! Whedon is my master now! 5 stars
10/19/05 Rob G With DVD sales this will be in profit easy. Helloooo sequel! 5 stars
10/18/05 mike brianorndorf lacks ability to follow fast plot points. Never seen firefly, loved the movie. 5 stars
10/17/05 Bradley Timm Sci-fi is once again legitimate cinema. 5 stars
10/15/05 Walter Hillman The reviewer must be getting paid under the table. 2 stars
10/15/05 mirasol eagerly anticipated and not dissappointed! 5 stars
10/14/05 Pooly Pretty decent movie for a space drama. Check it out. 4 stars
10/13/05 Roy Smith How is this movie not making money? Fuck! 5 stars
10/13/05 Eula excellent film - I'd wanted more backstory on Book and Inara but it was still just fine! 5 stars
10/12/05 R White Best Sci-Fi for years! 5 stars
10/12/05 James K Chambliss Nice comeback for a series sadly mistreated. Send in a sequel! 5 stars
10/11/05 Elizabeth S Extremely entertaining! Cast is marvelous! 5 stars
10/10/05 jimbo CGI isn't as good as star wars serenity sucked 1 stars
10/09/05 Meritaten Pure Whedon - a breathtaking roller coaster ride from beginning to end! 5 stars
10/09/05 S Gyles THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! 5 stars
10/09/05 DMF Not perfect, but miles better than the competition! 4 stars
10/09/05 CA Goosmann I love the crew...sign me up 5 stars
10/09/05 ajay wasn't laugh-out-loud funny, but an enjoyable esperience. 4 stars
10/07/05 Titus I vote we eliminate Star Wars I-III and replace it with Serenity. This ROCKED. 5 stars
10/07/05 Bob Roberts absolutely f*cking awesome 5 stars
10/06/05 Jef Stellar. Great action, emotional, fearful...wonderful. 5 stars
10/06/05 S McBurnie Best SF movie I've seen in years. 5 stars
10/05/05 Amy Long One hell of a ride! Really cute guys! 5 stars
10/05/05 RevRob More TV Eps Please! (plus additional movies...) 5 stars
10/05/05 Jack Handy This movie was lacking plot, acting, plot, humor, plot, script, plot. 1 stars
10/04/05 Jeremy Absolutely the best movie I have seen all year. 5 stars
10/04/05 Mark This movie sucks 1 stars
10/04/05 Vince Outstanding 5 stars
10/03/05 Jonathon Holmes Half Outlaw Star, half Cowboy Bebop, all fun 4 stars
10/03/05 Elizabeth S Great fun! Stands alone for those unfamiliar with "Firefly" 5 stars
10/03/05 Brenden Rogers The best Sci-Fi I've ever seen 5 stars
10/03/05 bob Loved it, better than most stuff lately 4 stars
10/03/05 mwr Superb movie! 5 stars
10/03/05 strider3700 Great, when's the next one comming? 5 stars
10/03/05 Lynn Huls Joss Whedon at his best! 5 stars
10/03/05 Duckman Freckin' Sweer 5 stars
10/03/05 Mike Haggar It's Like Cowboy Bebop? More like Outlaw Star. I smell a Rip Off. 1 stars
10/02/05 Bob Roberts excellent 5 stars
10/02/05 McNab any sci-fi fan should enjoy it... bring me more 4 stars
10/02/05 Chico Dude Great movie, go see it 5 stars
10/02/05 Tamara Bycroft fantastic 5 stars
10/02/05 Wally Conger I couldn't have been happier with this FIREFLY "sequel." 5 stars
10/02/05 Surfaday Totally entertained - see it!! 5 stars
10/02/05 J. Marra The best in a long, long time by a far, far piece 5 stars
10/02/05 Susan A terrific movie - more, more! 5 stars
10/02/05 Michael Y. Better than Star Wars Episodes 1-3 combined! 5 stars
10/02/05 E. Milo witty, clever, original, and as far from stifling Star Trek morality as you can get! 5 stars
10/02/05 bullit16 Joss Whedon is a god. Best movie of the year, easily. 5 stars
10/02/05 KingNeutron I was really looking fwd to this, but OMG THEY KILLED KENNY! 3 stars
10/01/05 Dan Absolutely awesome and stunning sci-fi movie! Right up there with Star Wars! 5 stars
10/01/05 michaelb14 smart, witty, dialogue; characters you care about; great action; best scifi in a while 5 stars
10/01/05 Wildcarde1 more than mindless sci-fi action, real feeling 5 stars
10/01/05 KGWyly Long overdue successor to "Star Wars" 5 stars
10/01/05 Norma awesome is the right word! watch firefly though! 5 stars
10/01/05 J. O'Brien great sci-fi 5 stars
10/01/05 dj hanson the best sci-fi adventure ive ever seen!!! 5 stars
10/01/05 Heath This has all the elements of an excellent movie no matter what the genre. 5 stars
9/30/05 Green Gremlin Great sci-fi movies don't need CGI !!! 4 stars
9/30/05 Wyatt Allbright Leaves Lucas in the dust. Stunning, brutal, funny, intense and compelling Sci-Fi. 5 stars
9/30/05 what the fuck is wrong with you this movie is the most overrated peice of shit of all time the show sux and so does this 1 stars
9/30/05 Nick Smith Trek what? 5 stars
9/30/05 Jessica Guilford "Roller-coaster" pretty well sums it up. 5 stars
9/30/05 Trevor Hanson Excellent, shocking and unforgettable, there are scenes that are simply staggering 5 stars
9/30/05 Ashley C. The space battle beat ROTS. Fan gold. Action fun. Being a fan, I rate it 5. 5 stars
9/30/05 Keely333 Thank you, Joss! 5 stars
9/30/05 BrianWilly Pure, unadulterated awesomry. 5 stars
9/30/05 Jakub Wow, better than MENACE and JEDI?!?!?! THERE'S an accomplishment!!!!! 1 stars
9/30/05 Frank Lynch Best Gorram SF flick! 5 stars
9/30/05 cat It blows you away the first time you see it and is somehow even better the second time. 5 stars
9/30/05 GUSH!! OMG AWESOME OMG AWESOME OMG AWESOME the bestest movie ever...not. 1 stars
9/29/05 ellie totally amazing! 5 stars
9/29/05 Paul Rocks Such an awesome film, see it if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed 5 stars
9/29/05 Chris Original and Genera busting Action and Humor 5 stars
9/29/05 celticfeminist Fantastic and fun! 5 stars
9/27/05 Heidialyssa I have to agree that it was similar to the series. 4 stars
9/26/05 Mig Alonso About the same as the TV series 2 stars
9/16/05 kk Fantastic. TV show expectations were changed by JW, now he does the same to movies. 5 stars
9/14/05 Anthony Toledo Absolutely worth a look 4 stars
9/06/05 Chris Munoz Average....a big fan but dissapointed with certain aspects of the film. Missed oppurtunity. 3 stars
9/01/05 Igneous Triffic! A mantlepiece! 5 stars
8/30/05 Anthony Mangiarciana Awesome movie , we had a great time it was funny , sweet , exciting , scary and more 5 stars
8/25/05 robert murray absolutely brilliant 5 stars
8/25/05 Michelle It is incredibly amazing heart-stopping breathtaking movie 5 stars
8/25/05 jt best movie of the year so far 5 stars
8/25/05 Surzel outstanding 5 stars
8/25/05 J.A.A. Awesome. I've found Serenity. 5 stars
8/25/05 tony excellent 5 stars
8/25/05 sorcha silver Incredible - exceeded high expectations 5 stars
8/25/05 dorrie6 This movie surpassed all my expectations, including ones I didn't even know I had. 5 stars
8/25/05 Ste Amazing. Great action, great characters overall great film. You'll laugh you'll cry. See it 5 stars
8/25/05 Stephen Fletcher Fantastic, emotionally charged film, best I have seen in a long time. 5 stars
8/25/05 Ed Smith Saw it at the premiere on Monday. Was worried about the hype. Needn't have been. Fantastic. 5 stars
8/25/05 Douglas Hutcheson Must-see film! A roller coaster of emotions running up and down with humour and excitement! 5 stars
8/25/05 DSK Sometimes dark action packed sci-fi with heart and humour. Laughs and tears for all. 5 stars
8/25/05 Jane Burnett Surpassed expectations. A dynamic blockbuster with true (unschmaltzy) heart 5 stars
8/25/05 Jem Absolutely blew me away. Not what I expected... far, far better! 5 stars
8/25/05 jabby Wonderful Movie. A fast paced, exciting, intelligent and funny sci-fi movie. 5 stars
8/25/05 Jay Starr Wicked Awsome! 5 stars
8/25/05 Hannah It gives the world if SciFi just the kick its been needing. 5 stars
8/25/05 Earl Ferguson Real characters, compelling story, non-stop action, memorable music. Great entertainment. 5 stars
8/25/05 Angelique This movie is so much better than all the crap Hollywood has been coming out with! 5 stars
8/25/05 Duy Dinh Not just a good Sci Fi movie, but a good movie in all regards 5 stars
8/25/05 Diane G. fabulous, a great film 5 stars
8/24/05 Edith Simpson Awesome! Best movie this year! 5 stars
8/24/05 Shiny Very Very Shiny 5 stars
8/24/05 Denise M. FANTASTIC film! 5 stars
8/24/05 Geoff Roberts Hands down the best space SF movies in over 10 years 5 stars
8/24/05 Richard Kenneth Lenseth The best movie of 2005 if not this decade! 5 stars
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  30-Sep-2005 (PG-13)
  DVD: 20-Dec-2005



Directed by
  Joss Whedon

Written by
  Joss Whedon

  Nathan Fillion
  Gina Torres
  Alan Tudyk
  Morena Baccarin
  Adam Baldwin
  Jewel Staite

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