Cruel Intentions

Reviewed By davebo
Posted 03/15/99 15:19:39

"Dangerous Liasons - Talent + Buffy"
3 stars (Just Average)

Its not original, its not great, but its a movie. I'll give it that much.

After viewing Cruel Intentions, i can't say that much effort was put into creating a new and innovative plot, but its very hard to come up with original ideas nowadays i guess. This movie would be great if you're into watching soap operas and can actually stomach shows like dawson's creek. As for me i tend to demand a little bit more from the movies i call "good."

Cruel Intentions, remember Dangerous Liasons? Well its kinda like that but without good costumes, sets and acting. Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her step-brother Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) are two fucked up teenagers who get a kick out of screwing with other people's lives. Sebastian decides it'd be a hooot to try to have sex with Annette Hargrove, a pro-celibacy square, or straight edge or sXe or whatever the numbskulls call it these days, who can keep up with all the crazy lingo. Anyway, Sebastian persues her, only to find that he's broken the curse of his miserable life and he's actually found true love, awww. But wait! There's predictable plot twists afoot! Will things work out for Sebastian? With Annette return his love? Do you know the muffin man?

There's nothing special about this movie, but i can't in all honesty say there's anything completely terrible at it. At least Matthew Lillard isn't in it. Like i said, if you dont' mind cheesy stories like soap operas and part of five, go see it, you might enjoy it. But there's better movies to be seen.

Dumb, predictable, target audience is teenagers, need i say more?

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