Reviewed By davebo
Posted 05/02/99 01:03:18

"reTardeD, capital T, capital D"
2 stars (Pretty Crappy)

take the special effects and action out of the matrix and you've got... eXistenZ.

What with the matrix, existenz, and the 13th level, it seems the idea of our "reality" not being our own is this years theme as asteroid movies and computer generated ants were before. I just wish one of them would be good.

eXistenZ is surreal for surreality's sake. It isn't that innovative really, it just takes an idea and runs it into the ground like no movie before. The movie starts out with Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) introducing her new game to a group of invited beta testers. The game is called eXistenZ ("capital X, capital Z") and it puts you inside a virtual world where you play a character that has to go through a storyline. you're also forced to do things or say certain things so that the game can progress, like a real-life King's Quest. But someone attacks Allegra at the unveiling, and it seems there are purists out to kill her because virtual worlds are evil. So Ted Pikul (Jude Law) drives her away and their adventure begins.

She convinces Ted to play her new game and everything is going super (aside from the weak acting and dialogue of course) until they start playing games INSIDE the game. Now, just for the record i was never so lost that i didn't understand what level of the game they were really in, but what's stupid is that they just hopped from level to level, never resolving anything. I don't want to give any spoilers but the ending isn't designed to make you think or question our reality, it was just a cop-out ending for someone who couldn't resolve the story he started.

The only special effects in this movie are a cute little two-headed mutant which Allegra calls a "sign of the times." What times? when does this take place? what causes mutations? nuclear waste? radiation from something? Also a whole mess of biological gore, i assume that goes in the special effects category.

It had a lot of potential, and used none of it. Any statements it made about society have been made many times before.

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