Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Reviewed By nine
Posted 03/12/99 13:35:23

"This movie is Fantabulous with a capital F."
5 stars (Awesome)

So you are in the mood for something with a little zing? Fuck the miracle whip, see this movie.

You've got the good guys: a bumbling group of ever-cursing, but still endearing fools.
You've got the standard poker game loss.
You've got the nutty afro-sporting drug dealer.
You've got the house full of pot-growing burnouts.
You've got the menacing thug with his cute little child prodigy.
You've got some guns, some thieves, some mixed drinks, some mix-ups, some car chases, some passed out traffic cop, some shooting, some hitting . . .
Yep, this movie has just about everything to create a very good mess. With tastes of Scorcesse, remembrances of trainspotting, and a bite like Tarrantino --- this movie rocks.

And the camera work? Fuck yeah!

Or to put it simply: A good rush. SEE IT SEE IT SEE IT

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