Reviewed By davebo
Posted 12/07/98 19:26:33

"'I wish i never saw it.'"
2 stars (Pretty Crappy)

If this is an accurate documentary of American teenagers, i'm moving to Canada.

The only thing that would have made this film watchable is if if turned into Scream halfway through and all the main characters got killed. I suppose everyone did a good job of "acting" like contemptable idiot teenagers, but is that really a good thing? It just wasnt' fun to watch. I could probably make a movie that accurately depicted the average day of a bunch of people who sit around an office all day on computers, but why would I? You'd just end up bored and disgusted by how lame the characters are :)

I'll give this movie 2 stars because it did complete its goal, but it was still a horrible movie experience for me.

This movie is phat, yo. That's a bad thing in my book.

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