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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
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by David Cornelius

"Finally, a Yakov Smirnoff for this generation."
1 stars

While recently discussing Sasha Baron Cohen with a colleague, I described the comic behind the cult TV hit “Da Ali G Show” as “a black hole of comedy.” He’s the sort of inexplicably popular performer around which a dark void sucks in all chances at humor, wit, or entertainment - the sort of wasteland-of-funny that makes you wish you were watching a Wayans Brothers project instead. Cohen proved this by following his “Ali G” work with some hideously obnoxious voice work in “Madagascar.” The only time I found him remotely amusing was earlier this year, in “Talladega Nights,” where somebody else wrote his material.

So no, I was not at all looking forward to seeing Cohen’s heavily praised mockumentary with the ain’t-it-heeelarious title “Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” despite claims by many of my fellow critics that it was the funniest movie ever, or, at least, in a very long time. And yet I dutifully sat through “Borat” in its entirety, all eighty-four lousy, limp, brainless, unbearable minutes of it. I never laughed, I never chuckled, I never cracked a smile. Even if you factor in the potential for increased expectations due to all that hype, and/or you factor in all the anti-Cohen sentiment I carried into the viewing, it still comes down to one thing: not only is nothing in this movie is good at all, but everything - every single stinking frame - is downright awful. “Borat,” plain and simple, sucks.

For those unfamiliar with Cohen’s work, Borat Sagdiyev is one of his kooky-accented characters he made up for “Da Ali G Show.” Borat is a Jew-hating, woman-hating, gay-hating idiot with a giant mustache who hails from a village in Kazakhstan, where he is famous for his television journalism. Cohen’s other characters are a British-Jamaican wannabe rapper and a German homosexual. [Note: I have since been informed that this character is actually an Austrian homosexual, not a German one. Which is still not funny, but I suppose it’s not funny one country over.] The theme to Cohen’s characters is that they all have goofy accents, are very stupid, and try and fail to adopt Western culture - this last point apparently makes them hilarious to Cohen, who finds much comedy in the idea of a foreigner struggling to be “hip.” Considering a main point of “Borat” is to expose the bigotry of others, there’s a bit of irony in Cohen delivering such potentially racist material himself.

Of course, we’re supposed to be in on the joke, and every time Borat says something anti-Semitic, we’re meant to giggle, because Cohen is actually Jewish, so he doesn’t really mean it, he’s just saying what a racist would say, and isn’t that a hoot? But this backfires: couldn’t you say that “jokingly” stating that all Kazakhstanis are either whores, imbeciles, or both is just as hateful as the sort of Jew-bashing Borat does throughout his movie?

Ah, you say, but Cohen’s taking it to such extremes that we’re not to believe that Cohen really thinks that of actual Kazakhstanis, it’s all just a joke, lighten up, dude. This is a valid point. Yet I can’t shake the nagging feeling that at the core of such punchlines, there really is some I’m-better-than-you-because-I’m-Western-and-you’re-not feelings stirring about, especially if you factor in Cohen’s other characters.

But more than that: Cohen’s work is remarkably lazy. Whipping up a few crazy-foreigner accents? Trying to make unsuspecting people cringe when you say stupid things? That’s it? And that’s the catch to “Borat.” It’s not that the movie is offensive or shocking - in fact, the movie is ultimately neither of those things. It is merely unfunny, an unfunniness that grows into total boredom, and eventually into spite. This is the sort of comedy that’s so lazy you actively hate it.

In “Borat,” we watch as Borat and his producer travel to America to learn more about the “U.S. and A.” (Ha ha! He gets words wrong! Just like stupid foreigners! Hilarious!!) The jokes spring up when Borat, whose cameras follow him documentary-style, comes across everyday Americans, then says or does something extremely offensive. How will the man on the street respond to such things?

The intent, as mentioned, is that we get to watch people with their guard down, dealing with a man with limited English and horrible world views - will they agree with his bigotry, and if so, to what extent? As such, “Borat” is less about the crazy foreign guy and more about us, the ugly Americans.

The problem with all of this is that Cohen, his screenwriting crew (four others are also credited with writing what is supposed to be an almost entirely improvisational piece. Hmm…), and director Larry Charles (the former “Seinfeld” writer) have very little real material with which to work. There’s nothing smart about how Cohen works in scenes such as a meeting with a group of feminists, or chatting with a car salesman; instead of digging deep and thinking up things that might actually get to the core of these people’s beliefs and challenge them, Cohen’s Borat simply says a bunch of stuff hoping to piss them off. At a dinner party, Borat excuses himself, then returns from the restroom with a bag full of something you would not want to see at a dinner party. What does this tell us about anything? When the other guests get ruffled by this (or, say, by his comments that one woman at the table is unattractive), are we supposed to think, “oh, they’re being ruffled, how rude of them?” “Oh, hey, Borat’s being gross, and ha ha, they have to put up with him now?” “Borat” is the story of a guy being an asshole around other people who do not want him to be an asshole. How is that funny?

Consider the scene in which Borat is invited to sing the national anthem before a rodeo. He begins this appearance with true comic potential. Borat comments to the right-wing crowd how Kazakhstan supports Bush’s “war of terror,” slowly increasing the dementia of his comments, eager to see just how far he can keep the crowd applauding. (There’s a mixed reaction to his cheer of “May your George Bush drink the blood of every man, woman, and child in Iraq!”) But just when you think Cohen is about to expose something sinister about Middle America, he cuts in with a bastardized version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” (the lyrics are replaced by a faux Kazakhstani anthem), which earned a chorus of boos. What could have been a fun jab at mob mentality winds up being nothing else than proof that people don’t like it when a jerk takes the stage for too long and tells bad jokes.

But at least there we can attempt to comprehend Cohen’s (idiotic) intents, unlike other sequences, like one early in the film in which he meets with a comedy coach. Why? Apparently to watch him squirm as Borat mangles the jokes he suggests, and to laugh at the kind of punchlines the coach thinks is top stuff. But what does this have to do with, well, anything? The scene, like every one before and after it, is overlong, off the mark, and utterly tiresome.

Even when the movie gets scary, finding people willing to agree with Borat’s beliefs - including the old guy who’s OK with hanging gays, or the gun shop owner who doesn’t blink at Borat’s request for the right gun “for defending from Jews” - the movie doesn’t know what to do with such people. And so it just sits there for a few seconds, then nervously cuts away, obviously showing that Cohen had nothing else to offer (or perhaps just wanted to get the hell out of there, a wise move).

Because of this, “Borat” gets stuck relying on an increasing amount of faked footage. A drive with a handful of drunk frat boys spouting misogynistic rhetoric, a slapstick scene set in an antique shop (in which Borat “accidentally” breaks things), an uncomfortable meeting with Pamela Anderson, etc. These bits are poorly staged, unconvincing, and unfunny, and it shows just how desperate Cohen is for his premise to work - he’s forced to come up with people to mock, because his other targets just aren’t hitting the right notes for what he wants. Again: lazy.

[Update: Since posting this review, it has been revealed through several sources that I was right about Anderson, wrong about the shop owner, and in between on the frat boys, who have gone public with how they were chosen from a larger group of frat boys, liquored up, and told what to do; their words, however, were all them, all real. I will admit an error in jumping the gun and assuming more in this film was staged than actually was, but I also remain steadfast in believing that a good comic wouldn’t need to go through all that effort. Plus, the film presents them as more legitimate than they are, which again shows a desperation to show Cohen as being funnier on-the-fly than he really is.]

The rest of the film is filled with scripted idiocy regarding Borat’s quest to meet Anderson, his falling out with his producer (Ken Davitian), a possible romance with an overweight, black prostitute (whose very appearance is supposed to be side-splitting, because when you run out of jokes, toss in a fat black hooker, I suppose). There is also a running gag about Borat driving an ice cream truck across the nation, sometimes with a bear. All of this material is clumsily edited and poorly acted, with the occasional heavy reliance on nudity and gay jokes for cheap comic effect. With “Borat,” we can see Cohen nervously sweating in comic desperation.

The biggest tell in all of the film, however, comes early, in an interview with Alan Keyes - yes, that Alan Keyes. Knowing what we know of Keyes’ politics, a conversation with Borat about the nature of homosexuality should be a comedy goldmine - just let Keyes talk and your jokes are in the bag. Cohen’s set-up is to have Borat explain a gay experience he didn’t know was a gay experience, and see how Keyes reacts. Should be solid; Keyes’ manic anti-gay rants are always worthy a guffaw or three. But no, all we get is Keyes telling Borat that he’s met a couple of gay men, and then cut to the next scene.

That’s it? That’s all Cohen and his crew can milk out of the moment? Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Cohen truly is a black hole of comedy. Not even Keyes’ own stupidity can escape to deliver us a laugh.

This must explain why all of his pre-movie media appearances (in which Cohen insisted on remaining in the Borat character) have been overly scripted, rehashing the same three jokes over and over on every network. The man just can’t do funny on the fly - which is death for a movie that’s designed to be all about doing funny on the fly. Sure, the movie itself is a mess all over, but it’s Cohen’s mix of ineptitude and laziness that propels this to become one of the worst comedies in recent memory.

link directly to this review at https://www.hollywoodbitchslap.com/review.php?movie=14895&reviewer=392
originally posted: 11/07/06 22:11:34
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User Comments

4/27/20 Cory Greer Stupid but funny.. like so stupid, it's subversibly smart :) 5 stars
2/19/15 Chris Jarmick brilliant, but some scenes of gross humor too long 4 stars
8/02/14 Sarah Morgan I've seen it so many times but it's hilarious 5 stars
4/15/13 Ryan Possibly the funniest comedy of the decade. Awful review by a humorless critic. 5 stars
1/13/13 Charles Tatum The most overrated comedy since There's Something About Mary 2 stars
10/22/12 Roshawn Rochester I laughed so hard that I HAD to watch it two times in a row!! 5 stars
9/09/11 Shannon Dagesse Can u say horrible could not sit through it so stupid 1 stars
9/08/11 Pret Disgusted to be related to the same species that produced this 1 stars
5/29/11 Dorothy Didn't think it was so funny 3 stars
2/08/11 Lundon Bond It was good but I still laughed harder at Bruno 4 stars
9/12/10 David Gresh I laughed hard. 4 stars
9/08/10 Hiroshi Stupid crappy film. 1 stars
8/27/10 Zephyr J What is 'satirical' about onscreen defecation? 1 stars
6/19/10 Josie Cotton is a goddess Lauged until my lungs hurt! 5 stars
6/07/10 User Name If you get the joke, it's a riot. 4 stars
5/18/10 ikkin74 Hilarious!! 5 stars
1/10/10 David Too many recycled sketches. Fans of Cohen will love it though. 3 stars
1/03/10 FrankNFurter Love the dinner party/black hooker scene & the naked chase in the hotel. The rest...so-so. 3 stars
11/15/09 Josh I have never laughed harder in a movie during my first viewing than when I saw this 5 stars
7/07/09 *Holy_J@lapeno* ITS NICE!!!!!!!!!!! Great success! 5 stars
6/12/09 meep braindead slop for the braindead masses 1 stars
3/04/09 flip It's supposed to be offensive and vulgar... its a reflection on the U.S! 4 stars
1/30/09 Ashley This was the laziest "comedy" I've ever seen. 1 stars
1/16/09 Aesop I wanted to hate it, and look away. But I just couldn't do it. Niiiiiiice! 5 stars
1/07/09 Haley Leggitt the funniest movie i've seen in years!!! 5 stars
11/23/08 George Very, very offensive. Highly recommended 4 stars
9/27/08 Samantha Pruitt very funny, and very offensive! awesome! 4 stars
9/25/08 Annie G Pushing against the edge of hateful rather than funny and often steps over the line. 3 stars
9/04/08 Rachel Couldn't stop laughing in theaters, but lost some punch upon a rewatch. 4 stars
8/11/08 Jon G highly addictive 5 stars
6/10/08 Dawn MCPike funny but he is a weird dude! 3 stars
5/26/08 Franco Fratello Though the movie is meant to look like a poorly shot video, the concept was very good. 4 stars
5/20/08 sebastian rea one of the best comedic film achievements ever! Showing how ignorant americans are! 5 stars
5/10/08 kcmo im jewish and even i found it funny 4 stars
5/06/08 yourcriticsucks I don't see how anyone can NOT laugh even once with this. Either you can't laugh or u lie 4 stars
4/24/08 frieda moudy Very funny! 4 stars
3/30/08 kelsey lee hilarious! 4 stars
3/10/08 Aliens #1 Fan well done well done 3 stars
3/02/08 ladavies Too embarrassing to watch 2 stars
1/28/08 Rollie Cornelius seems to bash every popular movie for the sake of bashing popular movies. 3 stars
12/08/07 Flickman Nice concept, poorly done. Cohen needs to be impaled alive 1 stars
11/17/07 marina good movie 5 stars
11/16/07 Paul Crutchfield Funny, cheesy, but the second half was disgusting and uncalled for. 3 stars
11/12/07 Dan the Man The people giving this movie 1 star need to pull the cork out of their arse 5 stars
10/23/07 ghr3 Target audience: 14 yro boys 1 stars
10/20/07 fools♫gold very very very funny funny funny. But, nothing disturbing in truth. (this is American shit) 4 stars
10/14/07 Suze I agree with review.Didn't laugh once.Scene at the church is disturbing even for Christians 1 stars
8/15/07 Ashley Crazier and more hillarious than I thought!! Loved it!!! 5 stars
7/29/07 ben dover hilarious far better than unfunny american shit 5 stars
7/03/07 Russ Gladchenko A cheesy, but still pretty funny comedy with some very unusual humor. 3 stars
7/02/07 Tanya g very well done comedy 5 stars
6/29/07 Will An exploitative, dishonest, and unfunny film, clearly directed at the male a 1 stars
6/28/07 Pier This review is another cultural learning... 5 stars
6/22/07 Anonymous Extremley stupid and very cheesy. Probably only appeals to 12 year old kids.. 1 stars
5/28/07 mr.mike cohen reminds me of peter sellers 4 stars
5/21/07 SeattleSteve Overrated. A few yucks but not that funny. 2 stars
5/16/07 Yamis I want my 90 minutes back of my life 1 stars
5/08/07 Jennifer i would be offended if this movie DIDN'T offend me! 5 stars
5/05/07 Indrid Cold Maybe it's comments like "funniest movie I've ever seen" that set me up for a let down. 3 stars
5/02/07 Tienna i didn't laugh once - but I couldn't take my eyes away. 5 stars
4/27/07 Total Crap AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!! The Jews they SHAPESHIFTED! Brilliant! 5 stars
4/27/07 Wyatt If you're offended by Borat, its purpose was fulfilled. Get over yourself. 4 stars
4/22/07 Adrian I had some funny moments, but it was a very bad movie 1 stars
4/21/07 Indiman Thouroughly brilliant satire. Genius. Not surprisingly not well taken by those it satirizes 5 stars
4/19/07 Stevo UK Borat is fucking ace. Don't like Ali G, but this kicks arse. 5 stars
4/17/07 Tracey Chambers very funny. if naked men and talk about bodily functions doesnt gross you out. 5 stars
4/17/07 Matt A bit hit-or-miss, but overall it's pretty funny even if it ain't no classic. 4 stars
4/15/07 JeromeBosch Isn’t comedy supposed to be funny? This was not. 1 stars
4/15/07 vince its the worst movie ive ever seen!!! i heard it the funniest movie made but its not! it suc 1 stars
4/14/07 CAB not funny at all, ocars worthy my ass!!!! 2 stars
4/02/07 Guido Sanchez This really was not funny - in fact too much of it seemed set-up. 2 stars
3/28/07 E. I. The film is stupid, vulgar and not funny. 1 stars
3/28/07 Phil M. Aficionado Crude and silly and contrived. Bad combination. 2 stars
3/27/07 Monday Morning Way overrated. 3 stars
3/22/07 Taylor Fladgate Horrible...3 funny scenes in the whole movie..."I'm a wild & crazy guy!" been done before 2 stars
3/21/07 yulia Stupid film! Not funny. To see stupid Americans, I don't need a film! 1 stars
3/18/07 Ryan_A "I am Khazak; I follow the Hulk..." Occasionally brilliant, but just as often not. 4 stars
3/15/07 Blitch Lay on the tripe for a triple dumb treat 1 stars
3/14/07 TreadOnBorat Some funny bits, lotsa unfunny bits 2 stars
3/12/07 JB Very funny, Childress needs to buy a sense of humor 5 stars
3/10/07 Roy F. Moore Theatrical toxic waste. Avoid this like the plague. 1 stars
3/09/07 Amandanine Fans of this movie get suspiciously upset at people who don't like it. Hmm . . . 2 stars
3/09/07 Norma Lehigh A Moroughly bixed thag - a preal mit and hiss roposition. 3 stars
3/07/07 lenka Appallingly insensitive and defenselessly vulgar. Very disappointing. 1 stars
3/06/07 Phyllis Thank you for your review; I totally agree. Question: what is wrong with other reviewers? 1 stars
3/06/07 action movie fan crude, funny adolescent human a r-rated 3 stooges /abbot & costello 4 stars
3/05/07 Max Erik Childress: Despised "Borat". Rest of world: Loved "Borat". Guess who's wrong? 5 stars
3/05/07 Donny M Good once thats it. 2 stars
2/28/07 THE REAL DEAL This movie broadened the scope of what the FCC deem acceptabe for to. FU Cornelius 4 stars
2/28/07 Kimo This suit is black.... NOT.... just like this review is good.. NOT..... 5 stars
2/08/07 The chode Overrated. 2 stars
1/27/07 Tyrone Thank you DC. I worry about the future of America if this film is so popular. HailSouthPark 1 stars
1/26/07 Jake No wit, no intelligence, no laughs. He's a self-involved manipulator of innocent people. 1 stars
1/26/07 jack i cant trust any reviews from you-retire! 5 stars
1/19/07 Cait Awesome movie! Mini-ipods are for girls! 5 stars
1/18/07 Chiendog I'll never get tired of rating this piece of shit on movie sites. Yech! 1 stars
1/11/07 Richard Brandt If you don't like this movie...you're player haters! 4 stars
1/10/07 George Is this a comedy? Never laughed 1 stars
1/10/07 Mimi A bag of poop? If you´re not a teenage boy, you won´t laugh. 1 stars
1/09/07 johnnyfog Wake up! He's not funny, he never was, he's just an asshole! 3 stars
1/08/07 Kol Isha The point is, it's so bad it's good! Hits a nerve, huh, Cornelius? 5 stars
1/05/07 JamesCole Did not laugh once. Boring, pointless, and extremely stupid. Enjoy. 1 stars
12/29/06 Brutus Some funny parts, but overall very vulgar and ugly 1 stars
12/21/06 Thomas Wynn Very funny. great satire 4 stars
12/15/06 jojo it was all dat an da biggest, bestest, saltiest bag of dips! 5 stars
12/14/06 William At last! A critic whose criticism doesn't sound like studio-paid hype. 2 stars
12/09/06 Craig Yeah guys, Middle America is evil because they didn't call the PC police on Cohen. Grow up. 1 stars
12/08/06 Mike (I am the "Retard" in the movie) really! Some of the movie is really funny. Other parts are REALLY bad! 2 stars
12/08/06 the man this reviewer is either a humorless idiot or he is trying to draw attention to his review 5 stars
12/03/06 pippi Borat "sucks"? Now THAT is funny. 5 stars
12/02/06 Ned It was great -- you must be a moron 5 stars
12/02/06 Rory David Cornelius how are you a critic? That has to be one of the funniest movies of all time 5 stars
11/30/06 Neville This review is right on the mark. A disappointing movie 2 stars
11/29/06 Drew Galletti The show is better, an attempt at a plot ruined it 3 stars
11/29/06 Alice What can I say.. It made me laugh 4 stars
11/28/06 hIGHFIVE Jayson B. sucks big donkey dicks. High Five 5 stars
11/28/06 guisella WOWOWEEWAH! High Five! to this reviwer.this comedy is too smart for you! u missed the point 5 stars
11/27/06 Rich I would suggest you find another occupation. What a poor existence you lead! 5 stars
11/26/06 Ryan Christ, this reviewer is stupid. Grow a sense of humor. Would say more but space limited.. 5 stars
11/26/06 JM Synth Worth seeing with a big audience, might not play as well on DVD/TV 4 stars
11/25/06 matt Great success! 5 stars
11/25/06 Asia McGuire After all the hype, we went expecting something funny: It never got past 2nd base. Hello! 3 stars
11/24/06 Charlene Javier The year's funniest... 4 stars
11/24/06 turander This niice. When I was kid, also only had 2 white undies for school camp. Embarrasment. 5 stars
11/23/06 A little let down The movie was funny in parts, but the filmography made me sick and the plot needed work. 2 stars
11/22/06 c'mon simon, cop a clue wow. 5 stars
11/22/06 Simon The reviewer is 100% correct. Society has no clue. 1 stars
11/21/06 Joe Dude what crawled into your vagina? The movie is hilarious. 5 stars
11/20/06 Wes If a real reviewer gave it a bad review, fine. But do I care what D. Cornelius says? 5 stars
11/20/06 Daniel Top film critics say it's one of the funniest movies ever and you don't even smile? 5 stars
11/20/06 danika anti-humor at its best. loved it. 4 stars
11/20/06 The Bar Saying Cohen can't be funny on his feet is like saying Michael Jordan can't jump. 4 stars
11/20/06 Kelli The reviewer obviously can't take a joke and didn't realize that Borat was a satire. 5 stars
11/20/06 Terente Sangre I always said that one of the most usless jobs, is that of a movie critic. what an imbecile 4 stars
11/20/06 eric this is just a terrible review. this guy totally missed the point 5 stars
11/19/06 Andy The HBO Borat skits were better than the movie. Who needs a plot for Borat? 2 stars
11/19/06 Eric This reviewer is a moron. Plain and simple. 5 stars
11/19/06 michael good story 2 see funny too 5 stars
11/19/06 madison Looked forward to seeing this with 3 friends. It turned out to be a total disappointment. 1 stars
11/19/06 Vansquish I have lost a great deal of faith in the human race after seeing this movie. 1 stars
11/19/06 Fake Name You dont like a popular film, how opinionated of you! Im sorry but youre not fooling anyone 5 stars
11/19/06 Daniel The only thing funnier than this movie is your lame review! Are you mentally retarded? 5 stars
11/19/06 Jeff I have never been to a movie before where the entire audience was laughing out loud for the 5 stars
11/19/06 Noah I've been fan of Ali G, Borat since the beginning, Sasha Cohen is a comedic genious. 5 stars
11/19/06 paterfam001 God bless you. Pay no attention to the fanboys -- they're just Jackass fans with pretension 2 stars
11/19/06 Orphie I'd be curious to know what you DO find funny. Larry the Cable Guy? Dane Cook? 5 stars
11/19/06 Joel The only thing funnier than this movie Mr Cornelius is your dick... spanner... get a life. 5 stars
11/19/06 bisco Ooooh, how original, he gave it a bad review when everyone gave positive. Get over yourself 5 stars
11/19/06 jagoff Staggering hubris, Cornelius. Or perhaps simply disingenuous. 5 stars
11/19/06 anon all negative reveiws of this movie are a publicity stunt 5 stars
11/18/06 jeff "rather see a Wayans' brothers comedy" - no need to read further, what a jackass 5 stars
11/18/06 Roger I'm laughing at the fact that your one of the only few negative reviewers on rottontomatoes 5 stars
11/18/06 Yann There was Presley then the Beatles. There was Jerry Lewis, now comes Cohen. Loved it! 5 stars
11/18/06 Zedd what the fuck are you talking about? it's amazing. 5 stars
11/18/06 Andro Sloppy and lazy, yes. Wrong, probably. Funny, definitely. 4 stars
11/18/06 Chad Loved the movie! Reviewer is unjust and inflamatory. 5 stars
11/18/06 jane Movie's a blast. You said it yourself, you were against Cohen before you saw the movie! 5 stars
11/18/06 dan oh...i get it, the reviewer is really likes the movie and he's trying to be sarcastic 5 stars
11/18/06 Roger Fanfare Couldn't disagree more, the movie is HILARIOUS! Review is personal & unprofessional 5 stars
11/18/06 WBdogs1 Tears streamed down my cheeks as I laughed. Silly, silly Americans! 5 stars
11/18/06 Mike Great Review!!! this movie was crap. i really dont get why all the hype 1 stars
11/17/06 Lerker You are an attention whore. 5 stars
11/17/06 Matt hey dick, shut the hell up. this is the best movie ever made!!!......prick..... 5 stars
11/17/06 Alexi terrible 1 stars
11/17/06 khunts The new lawsuits make it so much better! 5 stars
11/17/06 Bobbi No point to any of the movie. Just a lot of gross shock value film 1 stars
11/17/06 Mary Distasteful,awful,gross,offensive and not funny .Great review !!! 1 stars
11/17/06 annie Just waitin' for the lawsuits to roll in 4 stars
11/17/06 Pamela Take that pole out of your butt you pretentious dick! High Five! 5 stars
11/17/06 Jack A the reviewer must really be popular at parties, he never laughed once. 5 stars
11/17/06 Derik Scudder Haven't seen the movie, just wanted to say the reviewer appears jealous of Cohen's Talent 5 stars
11/17/06 Vincent C This reviewer should find another career. Brainless review. 5 stars
11/17/06 Ian I wanted to ike this movie, but I agree, it sucked,waste of money.Naked wrestling was funny 2 stars
11/17/06 Azamat Cornelius make hand party while looking at mirror. 5 stars
11/17/06 Cornelius is a Square This weirdo's review is "is overlong, off the mark, and utterly tiresome." 5 stars
11/17/06 PAM Great marketing job. A test for Americans..how much garbage can we feed them? They even pay 1 stars
11/17/06 Virg T Utterly hilarious. Only the terminally boring would dislike this. Who is dave cornelius? 5 stars
11/17/06 jayson B there was "coming to america." that was a great movie. borat is basically the same thing!!! 1 stars
11/17/06 Cornelius is the black hole of movie reviewers Actually, he would better be described by what Ali G refers to as a bell end. 5 stars
11/16/06 Alex Brillian movie... Cornelius is a homo 5 stars
11/16/06 David Cornelius get an editor "Not only is nothing in this movie is good at all" And I thought Borat spoke broken English 5 stars
11/16/06 rohan Society .values virtues .. Stupidty has no limits..watch it stop watching CNN 5 stars
11/16/06 Chuck The most I've ever laughed in my life 5 stars
11/16/06 Jay This is one of the funniest movies I've seen. Your reviewer just doesn't seem to "get it". 5 stars
11/16/06 Clay Garland If you don't see the comic genius in this film, buy a puistol, and only one bullet. 5 stars
11/16/06 Our Man in Wichita Go watch a Dane Cook movie if you think this ain't funny. 5 stars
11/16/06 T Boner I won't see this because of all the uptight overly sensative negativity that surrounds it! 1 stars
11/16/06 Steve This movie had a few amusing moments, but there were many spots that were just not funny. 3 stars
11/16/06 Chris Chaput The only way that you can get someone to listen to you, is by being a contrarion a-hole. 5 stars
11/16/06 Will You should have that pole up your ass looked at. It might be affecting your thought process 5 stars
11/15/06 phil i loved it 5 stars
11/15/06 Nick Goodness gracious Cornelius, you are a fart! You do not understand comedy! 5 stars
11/15/06 yermomsbox The only people that hate this are too hip for the room can't do what everyone else does. 5 stars
11/15/06 CodeRed This movie rocked. Your review sucks. 5 stars
11/15/06 Heather A sneering, sadistic, hipper-than-thou, totally unfunny piece of crap for the lemmings. 1 stars
11/15/06 The Grinch Every once in awhile, the masses are right 5 stars
11/15/06 ArtApple I saw movie aready twice. Still I never laughed... NOT! 5 stars
11/15/06 JJ Not really as funny as i had hoped it would be. This works as individual skits, not a film 3 stars
11/15/06 Diana Once again the masses fall for what the "comics/media" tell us "what is hip". Stupid. 1 stars
11/15/06 Bryan This reviewer needs to be stoned. Did you even finish highschool? You sir are an idiot. 5 stars
11/15/06 KR Cornelius, I really just don't get how you could find this unfunny; that amazes me 5 stars
11/15/06 dante Funny movie, somebody needs a hug 4 stars
11/15/06 Kevin I don't believe that the reviewer didn't laugh during the film. Get a real job! 5 stars
11/14/06 Patrick I completely agree with the reviewer. This movie sucked. 1 stars
11/14/06 Jamie The movie was brilliant, the review was foolish. 5 stars
11/14/06 Rabbit This review was written by a simpering, jealous idiot. 5 stars
11/14/06 3 & 1/2 Thumbs Up Gee I wished I had my own little film review site so I can talk out of my ass too 4 stars
11/14/06 Mark pushing offensive comedy to new highs - or lows. 4 stars
11/14/06 Jeff Snakes on a Plane 5 Stars? OMG this reviewer is a fraud. 5 stars
11/14/06 Amy The movie is stupid. That's the point! Lighten up! It was screened for you, you didn't pay! 5 stars
11/14/06 Jeff How could you so thouroughly not get the satire here? 5 stars
11/14/06 Hogaburger this reviewer obviously had a bias against Cohen going in 4 stars
11/14/06 Jeff Wow -- funniest movie I've ever seen (and I include Raisin' Arizona, Rushmore,Spinal Tap) 5 stars
11/14/06 Chuck Movie was great; reviewer: too much can be said. 5 stars
11/14/06 Drew Galletti An attempt to insert a plot in between big laughs SEVERELY slowed this down 3 stars
11/14/06 Elsie People with no sense of irony should stay away from the movie-- all others will love it. 5 stars
11/14/06 KC This is what comedy is all about: making you laugh. Great movie. 4 stars
11/14/06 skater Good review.Not a matter of being offended or not getting jokes.It just wasn't very good. 2 stars
11/14/06 Roy Just Wow, never have i laughed so hard. 5 stars
11/14/06 Joey What is it like going through life with no sense of humor? Sad? Boring? Painful? 5 stars
11/14/06 TAB this movie was absolutely the most disgusting, offensive and STUPID movie I have ever seen 1 stars
11/14/06 Rev. Hatchet If you didn't find this funny, you are either too stupid or were the butt of the joke. 5 stars
11/14/06 Tom M People want this movie to be funnier than it is. 2 stars
11/14/06 jake everybody's becoming too politically correct. you're a douche, this movie rocked 5 stars
11/14/06 H This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I completely agree with the reviewer. 1 stars
11/14/06 David This reviewer sounds a bit like a failed bitter stand-up comic... 5 stars
11/14/06 Mark Though he can't get jokes, what he's actually saying is true: Cohen missed opportunities. 4 stars
11/14/06 Ernest Alba It's a solidly funny and important movie that made me very uncomfortable. 5 stars
11/14/06 Damon Type of critic that goes against the crowd to attact attention to yourself. Awesome movie! 5 stars
11/14/06 AL Chill out dick. Its meant to be random and outrages. Maybe you cant get the british humour 5 stars
11/14/06 Borat Sasha, I am sorry I called you f..n iranian jew in the first grade. Plese let it go already 1 stars
11/14/06 Rusty You stand alone, sir. 5 stars
11/14/06 fred johnson] his review has got to be right, he liked Gigli 5 stars
11/14/06 arnold b. golden juvenile, iconoclastic, humorless crap 1 stars
11/13/06 IrishmanMan who ever wrote this review, sorry about the sand up your vagina 5 stars
11/13/06 baggett David spent a lot of time deciding how much he hates a movie he can't stop talking about. 5 stars
11/13/06 Paradox This review sucks, Borat the movie is one big laugh en full of unexpected stuff 4 stars
11/13/06 Mike D. A few laughs..mostly groans. 2 stars
11/13/06 Jordan Hahahaha... you are such a still ass. Please die. 4 stars
11/13/06 tosser Easily offended? Don't go! 5 stars
11/13/06 smankolio if you think this movie is funny, you'll love my jokes about the people who died on 9/11 2 stars
11/13/06 Diane I can't believe I wasted 84 minutes of my life... 1 stars
11/13/06 Robert Hall High Five! 5 stars
11/13/06 Donkey The reviewer needs to see a proctologist to remove the large stick up his...... 5 stars
11/13/06 Shan Amazing how many people make fun of a critic's view and love Borats...Open minded indeed... 3 stars
11/13/06 Gordon What a pompous, humourless review. 5 stars
11/13/06 JamesCole TOTAL CRAP - Cohen makes Tom Green look like Ingmar Bergman 1 stars
11/13/06 Jim Next time, maybe Cohen could put on blackface and pretend to be from Djbouti! DjBOOT-TAY!! 1 stars
11/13/06 Justin I get the impression that this reviewer has a very traditional and boring sense of humor. 5 stars
11/13/06 Adam This is one of the funniest movies i've ever seen, your review is WAY off 5 stars
11/13/06 Jordan What a waste of time. Great review, hit it right on the head 1 stars
11/13/06 Travis Americans need to be made fun of more. Congrats. 5 stars
11/13/06 Ben American's only like one brand of comedy - theirs. Too bad that Cohen offended u! 5 stars
11/13/06 Nathan This Review nails it on the head! Has our society really sunk this low?? 1 stars
11/13/06 Jer How arrogant is the tone of this guy? There is a reason this isn't cream of the crop at RT 5 stars
11/13/06 Gotcha! Another touchy American who just doesn't get at how the rest of the world laughs at you. 5 stars
11/13/06 Donkey Really terrible review - from the black hole of reviewers. 5 stars
11/13/06 BigDonkey76 This guy is an idiot! 5 stars
11/13/06 Merle A Big Disappointment. Too gross for my taste. 2 stars
11/13/06 Wil Best movie ever 5 stars
11/13/06 Jewbasher The people that don't find this movie funny have small cocks and are mad at the world. 5 stars
11/13/06 Steve Think this is the funniest movie you've ever seen? I weep for the future! 1 stars
11/13/06 Mark Yes Mr. Cornelius, you no laugh at Cohen..he laugh at you all the way to the bank! 5 stars
11/13/06 joel This movie is the funniest film I have ever seen, PERIOD!!! 5 stars
11/13/06 Tarquin Farquar the 1st Not quite as funny & clever as i expected but still a must-see 4 stars
11/13/06 ian funniest movie ever made. i'd wager that anyone who didn't find it funny is boring. 5 stars
11/13/06 ndiezel a critic trolling? that's the lowest form! 5 stars
11/13/06 Mike Don't like Borat sense of humor, what do you like? Liking Waynes Brothers was ajoke right? 5 stars
11/13/06 pym Borat is a very funny movie, loosen up and open your minds people. 5 stars
11/13/06 Iowaseven It was awesum... if you didnt get it, that doesnt make it crap. Borat is a British Jew. 5 stars
11/13/06 Jenni G Wow. Your review revealed totally polarised tastes. I loved the movie, but I am glad you ga 4 stars
11/13/06 hudgeybudge Either U completely loved it or you hated its premise 4 stars
11/13/06 Borat The guy who wrote this movie is a faggot, and I am tipping he is American too. Wanker 5 stars
11/13/06 Kam sorry. it was funny. the people who DONT find this film funny are SO far in the minority. 5 stars
11/13/06 Peter To me, this movie is not about america or about Kazachstan. It's about us all.Who we are. 5 stars
11/13/06 Daniel Correction: Ali G is not a forigner, but an insecure British guy who wants to be Jamaican. 5 stars
11/13/06 Jeremy C YOU MAY (rightfully) HATE THIS MOVIE, and thats fine with me 5 stars
11/13/06 Don Cornelius deserves a bitch slap 5 stars
11/13/06 Christine If you want meaningless, unintelligent, lowest-common-denominator "humor", Borat is it. 1 stars
11/13/06 S. Vissy Funnier for for older people: teens don't get a lot of it. Does fall down halfway thru. 4 stars
11/13/06 brett decent americans? the point is to make it clear that decent americans are often dumb racist 5 stars
11/12/06 Rob This is perhaps one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not offended, it just wasn't funny 2 stars
11/12/06 grace some party were funny. I think it's good to be offended often and deeply. 4 stars
11/12/06 Jim Remember the guy in school who would do ANYTHING to get a laugh? He's back. 5 stars
11/12/06 Andrey This reviewer is a total ass, go watch the movie, its great. 5 stars
11/12/06 Cynthia Thanks for the review and overview. I walked out after 20 minutes. It was too painful 1 stars
11/12/06 U.G. If this is the funniest movie of the year, thank God it's almost 2007. 1 stars
11/12/06 Yo Yo See it for yourself, First and only time life to date I have laughed nonstop for 90 minutes 5 stars
11/12/06 ben call yourself a movie critic!! you must have hada sense of homour by-pass!! 5 stars
11/12/06 Gulnara Davis Thank You for professional review!! Film is stupid and cheap...... 1 stars
11/12/06 Brennan Fitzgerald Look at the discussion this film has propelled- I think that Sacha Baron Cohen is brillian 5 stars
11/12/06 keith you are the kind of guy that has never given a woman an orgasm and you dont know it. 4 stars
11/12/06 Tiffany Losco funny, kinda mean though 3 stars
11/12/06 joe everyone had to laugh at something..usually many times..shows the stupidity of bigots 5 stars
11/12/06 Quincy this movie was excellent, reviewer needs to take a look in the mirror 4 stars
11/12/06 Mike How I interpreted this critique - The reviewer is a smug douche bag. 5 stars
11/12/06 Angie HORRIBLE 1 stars
11/12/06 Pasadena Slim I really enjoyed it 5 stars
11/12/06 simonsez worst review i've ever read. i demand a refund. 5 stars
11/12/06 paul the stupidity of this article is beyond me, this critic needs to study film a little more 1 stars
11/12/06 John Siameez Hated it cuz it made my stomach hurt and my girl punch me in my cock for laughing so hard 5 stars
11/12/06 onetwothree Jew ridicules gentiles. That's the movie. It gets old. 1 stars
11/12/06 sylphide haha, let's let dumb people expose their own stupdiity! oh cohen. so groundbreaking. 1 stars
11/12/06 Scott What's interesting is how the reviews here are mostly divided between 1 stars and 5 stars 5 stars
11/12/06 nick sagdivey This reviewer is an idiot. This movie is funniest ever made 5 stars
11/12/06 tino this guy is an idiot, borat was hilarious. fag 5 stars
11/12/06 Mike T. Unlike the movie, this review is the product of a simple, HIGHLY prejudiced mind. 5 stars
11/12/06 Arlene Borat was the WORST movie I ever saw. Thanks for the honest review! 1 stars
11/12/06 Phil I have never hated a film more - making fun of basically decent Americans is not funny 1 stars
11/12/06 Pete Superb review of a nasty crappy film. 1 stars
11/12/06 D the reviewer and all the people claiming this film to be "racist" missed the point entirely 5 stars
11/12/06 Kyle Cornelius looks like a complete fool when every CREDIBLE critic found the film hilarious... 5 stars
11/12/06 Rich The worst movie I have ever seen 1 stars
11/12/06 Loi Good rating. The movie was so bad I walked out. 1 stars
11/12/06 Dave Borat is groundbreaking. This review is complete biased bullshit. 5 stars
11/12/06 mc just plain boring just not funny after 10 minutes 1 stars
11/12/06 AjAy Hilarious. Reviewer is obviously unintelligent ..don't listen to him 5 stars
11/12/06 Quincy if you thought the film was ugly, it's probably because it hurts to look in the mirror. 5 stars
11/12/06 James Review is way off. Funniest film I've seen since Sleeper. 5 stars
11/11/06 GaryK Misled 1 stars
11/11/06 MiMi vulgar, gross, insulting, SouthPark is much funnier 1 stars
11/11/06 Meeshka this review is almost as ridiculous as the movie itself. excellent. 5 stars
11/11/06 Peter Utter crap. Theatre was packed with fools, but very few were laughing. 1 stars
11/11/06 Barb The movie was hilarious because we could laugh at the exaggerated stupidity of prejudice 5 stars
11/11/06 JD only old jewish women (liberals of course) would give this movie one star 5 stars
11/11/06 jcjs gut bustingly hilarious...great relief to laugh so hard 5 stars
11/11/06 Chris This review is just 100% wrong. 5 stars
11/11/06 J I enjoy the show more, but had a good time with the movie. 3 stars
11/11/06 David Cornelius Quit bitching you idiot. You are just offended. Go home and shut up. 5 stars
11/11/06 John Hahahaha, engineering a differing opinion to seem non-conforming. Pathetic, Mr. 5* SOaP. 5 stars
11/11/06 melfy How "brilliant" do you need to be to find a racist at a rodeo in Virgina? 1 stars
11/11/06 Flacker This was a disgusting, offensive film. Do not give this man any of your money. 1 stars
11/11/06 Candace I would have to totally agree with you on this it was funny but not worth the $9.50. 1 stars
11/11/06 d herrmann hated the film 1 stars
11/11/06 Borat Movie is like thousand of Jew at bottom of ocean. Great success! 5 stars
11/11/06 Bob Cornelius is right. Borat is massively overrated. 2 stars
11/11/06 Dan Funny, but didn't quite live up to the hype. 4 stars
11/11/06 LOLOL KCOOL MR. REVIEWER. 5 stars
11/11/06 Zippity-Do-Dah After reding this, I agree. "Being Funny" isn't "funny" anymore...Comics have to be stupid. 3 stars
11/11/06 Bradley Heavy Where you mention black holes suck? They don't. Look in your astronomy book. 5 stars
11/11/06 Stuart Side splittingly funny. Haven't laughed (or gringed in parts!!) so much for a long time. 5 stars
11/11/06 Donkey Kong Cornelius, with a name like that you should cut your balls off 5 stars
11/11/06 Matthew Must be nice to be "That Guy" 5 stars
11/11/06 BRC You are retard. I think you actually have no grasp on why SBC is funny. + Review too long. 5 stars
11/11/06 liz the biggest bigotry in this movie is implying Middle Easterners are anti-Semites. 3 stars
11/11/06 Matt Anybody who can't laugh at Borat needs to quit masturbating to Citizen Kane and lighten up 5 stars
11/11/06 g-r It is obvious the reviewer wants it to be known that he is different and smarter than all 5 stars
11/11/06 keith this man is a fucking idiot just trying to bad mouth the movie because everyone else like i 5 stars
11/11/06 Omar Super Funny..the wrestling scene..!lol!! 5 stars
11/11/06 rp This movie sucked. Very offensive and gross. I walked out. 1 stars
11/11/06 senatorsnail this piece of garbage was a cross between napoleon dynamite, gay porn, conservative veiws 1 stars
11/10/06 doug cornelious is a moron. borat is brilliant satire 5 stars
11/10/06 Kirill LIke it or not, you must see it! If you don't Borat "will be execute". 5 stars
11/10/06 niiice pi=suck. annie=suck. borat= niiice. it was hilarious, SBC is a genius. 5 stars
11/10/06 Ace Heart U didn't like Borat but you like Wayans Brothers movies? What are you 14 years old? Grow up 5 stars
11/10/06 Ross The reviewer made the mistake of looking for a social critique in Borat the movie, the char 5 stars
11/10/06 annie One of the worst comedies I have ever seen. This man is just not funny! 1 stars
11/10/06 Craig It had funny moments, but it was spoiled by the anti-rural, anti-Eastern European bigotry. 2 stars
11/10/06 Ed David Cornelius is the town rapist of HBS 5 stars
11/10/06 Pi Usual propaganda, same crap, just like the british stupid series. nothing new 1 stars
11/10/06 BWEST Obviously you weren't valedictorian of Review School! What a PRAG! 5 stars
11/10/06 mike for those didn;t like borat, what is a great laugh out loud movie? 4 stars
11/10/06 Dan P All your complaints have some validty. Still the funniest movie ever! 5 stars
11/10/06 David Cornelius is an ass awful critic Well Sasha Cohen is more successful that "David Cornelius", so who's 'remarkably' lazy? 4 stars
11/10/06 Ross Could have been great (like the show). Sucked. 2 stars
11/10/06 Monster I hope that all the critics who ASSumed that the frat boy scene was staged feel very stupid 5 stars
11/10/06 acidman yo man..why dont u retire now..u tit cheese 5 stars
11/10/06 motogirl Lazy is the last think I would call Cohen. He can stay in character through it all. Tjat 5 stars
11/10/06 Connie what is wrong with you? you....suck. 5 stars
11/10/06 DIANA laughed so much... 4 stars
11/10/06 slacks suprisingly americans are laughing at themselves 5 stars
11/10/06 george this review is just one reason why you write for hollywoodbitchslap.com 5 stars
11/10/06 Steve David Cornelius who? 5 stars
11/10/06 brett Cornelius DOES have a sense of humor. His reviews always make me laugh. Watch the movie. 4 stars
11/10/06 Kevin You... are... useless. 5 stars
11/10/06 Steve Great success. High five! 5 stars
11/10/06 theSpectacle It's funny, very funny, but a lot of the gags are about idiot foreigners. 5 stars
11/10/06 AP Tino My face ached at the end. Hilarious 5 stars
11/10/06 Jared “Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at.” Too bad for this guy.. 5 stars
11/10/06 Serge Like someone else said. He rated SnakeOnAPlane 5* so why listen to him? Go see Borat. 5 stars
11/10/06 paul bob barr eating tit cheese, what is funnier 5 stars
11/10/06 Rejekt I Totally agree with Cornelius, It's very sad that so many people like this film 2 stars
11/09/06 Mike Brilliant film. Cornelius needs to get off his high horse. 5 stars
11/09/06 Joel Johnson Hilarious, but agree that it wasn't satiric enough--a lot of potential lost by quick-cuts. 5 stars
11/09/06 Ed You are so awesomely retarded. 5 stars
11/09/06 JAPPO With all offense, are you a complete and utter moron? Funniest movie of year 5 stars
11/09/06 Jason Good reivew. Thank for exposing this gutless piece of trash for what it is. 1 stars
11/09/06 dan gregor what have you ever written or improvised, David Cornelius, that was funny? You suck. 5 stars
11/09/06 joe complete crap 1 stars
11/09/06 Mike Aren't you the laughting stalk of movie reviewers who gave Snakes on a Plane 5 stars? 5 stars
11/09/06 Charles Tahbahh How can a guy from England have a Western Superiority complex? Take a joke. 5 stars
11/09/06 Michael This review is the worst thing i think i've ever read. You must be dead inside not laughing 5 stars
11/09/06 phelf You need to get over yourself, this movie was hilarious. Maybe you should get a new job. 5 stars
11/09/06 Berg All the sheep Baa Baa loving this warmed over Andy Kaufman with gross-out jokes crsp. Baa 1 stars
11/09/06 james finally someone tells the truth about this overhyped piece of crap. Borat isn't funny 1 stars
11/09/06 DrPepper Sacha Cohen is a Comedy Genius!!! 5 stars
11/09/06 Joe M Comedy Genius exposes the mess made by USA political correctness... thank you Borat! 5 stars
11/09/06 Nick Degillo if you guys don't like it, you don' t understand modern comedy 5 stars
11/09/06 The Binkman I couldn't agree more with this review. People who think it's satire are clueless! 1 stars
11/09/06 Dan "instead of digging deep.. blah blah" yeah and that would make a good movie. What an ass! 5 stars
11/09/06 Khram A #1 film. 1 of the highest rated films on Rotten Tomatoes. Way to state your case, loser. 5 stars
11/09/06 Sam Sacha Baron Cohen a "black hole" of humor? David Cornelius is insane. 5 stars
11/09/06 Minotaur Great... absolutely gross... hilarious... not for rednecks 5 stars
11/09/06 Tombo Hey guys , lets all pretend to be dumb horse piss drinking Jamaicans. Isn't that hilarious? 1 stars
11/09/06 Jefe Adios So uncomfortable, you have to laugh. Sumtin' wrong w/ you if didnt laugh during this movie 5 stars
11/09/06 Bojangles I hate when people think its cool to not like a popular movie. What a bad review! 5 stars
11/09/06 Sasha Cornelius, High-five.... NOT! 5 stars
11/09/06 johnny mcjohnsonsmith Reviewer's pathetic bitterness/ignorance surpassed only by this movies brilliance 5 stars
11/08/06 oral sexinmouth Much like the subjects in which borat targets, mr cornelius didnt find it funny hmmm. 5 stars
11/08/06 Yas Borat is totally overrated, I agree with this review 5 stars
11/08/06 Alex Cornelius isn' 5 stars
11/08/06 kevin reviewer is a black hole of intelligence 5 stars
11/08/06 real chocolate face Looks like Cornelius got a bit intimidated by the size of Borat's you-know-what 5 stars
11/08/06 scott This man is pain in my assholes...can't wait for DVD extras. 5 stars
11/08/06 Jon Awesome movie. reveiwer dont know shit. 5 stars
11/08/06 Black Lutefisk I get it! You're a bitter critic bent on visits from users by trashing good films! Ha! 5 stars
11/08/06 Serge David Cornelius is by far the worst movie critic of all time. You are pathetic 5 stars
11/08/06 Jim Jordan Sounds like David Cornelius has no 'senses of humor'... 5 stars
11/08/06 Matt After reading this review, David Cornelius could be the most boring person alive. 5 stars
11/08/06 Bruno this review is right on the mark (pause) NOT!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/08/06 Sue Andrews The Total Dumbing Down of America! 1 stars
11/08/06 Kris Stupid yes...But HILARIOUS 5 stars
11/08/06 Ron T. Easily the funniest film of the year. Easily 5 stars
11/08/06 Erich Best comedy of the century, hands down. This reviewer is a fool distorting the movie. 5 stars
11/08/06 Pukpuk Borat = stupid like Cornelius=useful....don't miss this movie 5 stars
11/08/06 Mike You call him lazy? Have you seen him stay in character? But he's an "idiot" and "stupid" 5 stars
11/08/06 dragoo why can i not read the other comments and reviews 5 stars
11/08/06 lushly judgin 5 stars
11/08/06 Matt Fike Whoever wrote this review is a big fan of 'Birth of a Nation', and I dislike him. 4 stars
11/08/06 tony camonte this film is the only film iv'e eva been to and the whole audience laughs! 5 stars
11/08/06 Borat what a humorlessssss idiot 5 stars
11/08/06 Peter This from a guy that gave Snakes on a Plane five stars. Nuff said!! 5 stars
11/08/06 Tom F. Reviewer (D.Cornelius) couldn't be more wrong- Borat is the funniest movie of the year. 5 stars
11/08/06 Nitestik The "German homosexual" is actually the Austrian Bruno. You can write your review of it now 5 stars
11/08/06 Roberto Ferdman The guy who wrote this review is obviously a pathetic, uninteresting, old school prick 5 stars
11/08/06 Sam Frat guy thing wasn't staged. You lose. Borat is amazing. 5 stars
11/08/06 Borat Hooray! My movie success! Now I will not be execute! 5 stars
11/08/06 nick great film, cohen is the best, this review is full of it 5 stars
11/08/06 tremain it sounds like someone has a very large hchem in his anoos. 5 stars
11/07/06 Sam Hendrix Reviewer is completely inept. He has factual inaccuracies, and can't see beyond his biases. 5 stars
11/07/06 Drew Had some bright moments, but deep lulls between loud laughs 3 stars
11/07/06 john doug bentin.get a life lighten up you borin ol faart 5 stars
11/06/06 Yossi Sturman I like you, you like me. I play Huey Lewis in the movie. Cenqui. 5 stars
11/06/06 jay mattappally CLASSIC 5 stars
11/06/06 Ian Peters WOW! SBC Delivers full frontal comedy! 5 stars
11/06/06 carl chappell Some places you hated to laugh--but had to, or bust. 5 stars
11/06/06 guisada awesome 5 stars
11/05/06 A F It was a let down. Could have been a lot more edgy. Church scene=hilarious/scary. 3 stars
11/05/06 jaynjacee I like! Vaarrry Nice! Funniest movie seen in a long time! 5 stars
11/05/06 Jim I Like! High Five! Spend 82 straight minutes laughing in the funniest movie ever. 5 stars
11/05/06 Cindy Peterson-Dana Distasteful, makes a joke out of real suffering; sexism, anti-semitism, disabilities 2 stars
11/05/06 Tony Montana Sacha Baron Cohen is an idiot as well as his Borat! No brains or talent! 1 stars
11/05/06 orpy funny, yes, but lacking something 3 stars
11/05/06 What!? Sam, the staged gags r hilarious-RunningoftheJew, theWeddingSack,Giving $ toJewCockroaches 5 stars
11/05/06 jon fucking funny 5 stars
11/05/06 Josh Racine So funny! 5 stars
11/05/06 Ann A funny movie, a little bit gross, and too short a film 3 stars
11/05/06 ahnold Hilarious 4 stars
11/04/06 Tyrantis You'll laugh till you vomit out your lungs. 5 stars
11/04/06 ajay I was tired from the constant laughing. one of the funniest movies of all-time. 5 stars
11/04/06 MP Bartley Brilliantly funny throughout. Do you understand me gypsy? 4 stars
11/04/06 Sam Inglis Just not as funny as it thinks it is, lots of it feels staged and all those bits fall flat. 3 stars
11/03/06 cinkcool little 2 second clips scattered throught the movie are funnier than most full films 5 stars
11/03/06 Ole Man Bourbon One of the craziest movies I've ever seen. Is niiice. 5 stars
11/03/06 Adam Basically Borat 2 the max, some scenes even went a little too far. Not funniest movie ever 4 stars
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