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American Pie
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by desdemona

"Like warm apple pie for the mind."
5 stars

Lately, movies have been trying very hard (and unsuccessfully) to encapsulate teenage angst and sexual confusion in a comedy that, throughout its 90-minute course, solves all the problems of the characters and teaches a moral lesson. However, these movies are almost never true to real life. American Pie, on the other hand, was not one of those movies.

When one thinks of a good movie about teenagers and their troubles, movies like The Breakfast Club and Fast Times at Ridgemont High are the first to pop into mind. American Pie will soon be another. A little bit Breakfast Club, a little bit Fast Times, this movie realistically explores and deals with teenage confusions and anxieties about sex, sex, and sex.

American Pie is about five teenage virgin male friends that are all trying like mad to get laid. The story focuses mainly on somewhat dorky Jim (Jason Biggs)and his best friend Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), along with their other friends Chris and Paul. Each boy is extremely curious about sex, and each would do just about anything to get laid.

Yes, Jim does AHEM an apple pie.

That aside, the four friends make a pact that they will all "do it" by prom night, just so they can say that they have. None of them really care about the potential partner involved; the sex itself is really all they care about. Jim gets an exchange student sent back to her own country by posting naked real-time pictures of her on the Internet; Kevin repeatedly insults and upsets his girlfriend by making sex practically the only thing he will discuss; Chris joins the jazz choir to meet chicks ("a resource that is virtually untapped"); and Paul has friend Jessica (Natasha Lyonne) spread rumors about him having a huge penis. To sum it all up, they were all pretty desperate.

But alas, these boys haven't got the slightest idea what they're doing, and that makes for some seriously funny sexual comedy. The main character Jim has one mortifying moment after another happen to him; things that will make you squirm in your seat with anxiety FOR him, simply because something similar might have happened to you. His humiliation is relatable. These guys are so pathetic and so pathetically clueless you feel sorry them (even though you're laughing uncontrollably at them the whole time).

This movie uses such typically taboo topics as masturbation to make deliciously tasteless jokes; your jaw will drop at the bluntness but YOU WILL LAUGH. This is not the kind of movie that parents will like too much; if not just because it deals with issues about teens that they would prefer not to think about, then just because of the crassly explicit humor involved. But hey, at least it's realistic. Teenagers don't sit around and drink Cokes all day; they drink beer, get blow jobs, party a whole lot, and think about sex more often than not.

This movie wasn't always entirely realistic: it played off of a lot of the typical teenager stereotypes (jocks, band nerds, and so on), and the different relationships between all the different people wasn't exactly representative of all teenage relationships. But despite those minor flaws, this movie was a very witty and intelligent look at sexual clumsiness and confusion amongst the teenage population.

Director Paul Weitz did an excellent job of directing these misfits in what is perhaps the best movie about teenagers since The Breakfast Club, and writer Adam Herz must be given proper credit for creating an outrageous comedy about teenage sex in the '90s.

American Pie was wickedly funny, but it was also appropriately serious. In the beginning, all the boys cared about was having sex, but they didn't care about the other person that would be involved. But by the end, each boy had learned a lesson, and the ones that were excessively obnoxious were put in their place. The lesson was (obviously) that sex isn't all there is to life. Each character learns this in his own way, and the lesson was very cleverly and smoothly delivered. It was in no way corny, and that little bit of seriousness did not detract from the comedy's humor. Many comedies that try for a meaning cannot pull the serious-comedy thing off too well (if even at all), but American Pie did just that as smoothly as if the lesson wasn't even there. Very well done; bravo.

But let's not forget the actors. Most of the faces are unknown; you may remember Natasha Lyonne from The Slums of Beverly Hills, and you might also remember Thomas Ian Nicholas from The Rookie, but the rest just seemed to be a series of barely-glimpsed faces from previous unmemorable movies. However, this was one completely together cast. Jason Biggs played the part of a clutzy, confused virgin almost TOO well; Natasha Lyonne was a perfect sarcastic bitch; Thomas Ian Nicholas played the sex-driven maniac with the accuracy of an actual sex-driven maniac; and the rest of the cast delivered their roles (from the nerdy yet debonair Paul to the two-sided band nerd Michelle) with perfectly hilarious style.

You want a real movie about teenagers, here you go. You won't find it in Can't Hardly Wait, and you sure as hell won't find it in She's All That or Kids. This is the real thing. We ALL know the taste of this pie, so enjoy!

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originally posted: 07/11/99 01:04:36
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell classic comedy funny & sweet unlike porkys-mary 5 stars
5/09/12 MonsterFonzter Best teen movie i ever saw. funny as fuck 4 stars
1/17/10 Dane Youssef The second coming of Porky's, only better. The very spirit of high school senior sexcapade. 5 stars
10/22/09 Rachel Hilarious...leaving you wanting a sequel. 4 stars
1/08/09 Anonymous. good raunchy fun :] 4 stars
10/18/08 Nick Somoski One of the funniest movies I've ever seen to date! 5 stars
9/04/08 Rachel THE high school comedy of the current generation. Stay away from the sequels though. 5 stars
7/19/08 Shaun Wallner This movie is so funny! 5 stars
10/27/07 boccadarzel boccnacavido 5 stars
6/27/07 gr117 Stoopid yet funny 4 stars
2/18/07 danielle i like the stifflers alot 5 stars
1/10/07 Joe Smells 1 stars
11/30/06 David Pollastrini all the women in this film are hot! 3 stars
11/24/06 David Pollastrini all the women in this film are hot! 2 stars
11/14/06 Beau An entertaining sex comedy. great performances from all cast, but especially from 'Hannigan 4 stars
6/26/06 Ashley Hinz I don't like the first one as much. 4 stars
3/11/06 JM Synth Some laughs, but the film tries too hard to be nice, making it feel insincere 2 stars
3/09/06 Dk funny but no classic 4 stars
12/26/05 Ronin So so, seen better 3 stars
12/04/05 cody a funny movie, great perfomances, and whole lot apple pie, little boring 3 stars
9/26/05 Daveman A few inspired ideas here that might have worked had they not been so broadly executed, 2 stars
8/24/05 Eden Enjoyable and worth watching for Hannigan 4 stars
8/24/05 I hope Natasha Lyonne survives Easier sympathizing w/ her character, now that she's on life supports&pooping white poop. 4 stars
8/16/05 ES Movie makes my girl happy= movie makes me happy 4 stars
7/23/05 Clubber Lang Some very funny scenes, but gets bogged down by some sweet teen blandness. 3 stars
4/21/05 Nate A celebration of modern teendom. In other words... 1 stars
4/12/05 Indrid Cold Well done, but nothing to write home about. 4 stars
1/20/05 Jason Kaul Plain & simple a teen sex/gross out comedy. Not brain surgery. Skip the 3rd in the series. 4 stars
11/07/04 mole i am a mole 5 stars
8/31/04 A upton nice rack 5 stars
6/20/04 Rock Hound How did this movie not win a single OSCAR*, I'd, like, really like to know, ya know? 5 stars
5/04/04 Whatevr the last of the good teen movies 5 stars
4/30/04 Read it, Seen it, Done it When I saw this movie I thought times change but teenage boys will always be the same.funny 4 stars
3/18/04 Umbrella Corporation. Shannon Elizabeth, only one word... HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
10/29/03 Moparman Great flick.. 5 stars
10/13/03 Ah Jong You stupid cunts! You actually found this sub-sitcom teen fluff funny and shocking? 2 stars
9/18/03 Samuel Justus Great teen-sex comedy! Very Entertaining!! 5 stars
8/22/03 Shawn Franks it was dumb 1 stars
8/07/03 I Would I thought Top Gun was overrated until saw this. 1 stars
7/31/03 Double G funny, great movie but something i just can't put my finger on thats missing 3 stars
6/23/03 John Aster Habig a gross piece of vile trash 1 stars
6/15/03 Lush Dude, like all the reviewers were right, in fact it was so funny, I forgot to laugh. 2 stars
6/06/03 Pascal The original 4 stars
2/19/03 Matthew Jones This was hilarious; I laughed at Jim's bad luck from beginning to end (I bet I'd do worse) 5 stars
2/16/03 rdgfd Awwwwwwwwsommeeeee movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
1/06/03 Mitsaso Only people alike this piece of crap's characters would like this..piece of crap! 1 stars
8/12/02 Michael Carruthers Funny, warm-hearted fun, always very watchable. 4 stars
7/05/02 Shodan For undeveloped teenagers only 2 stars
6/24/02 Jiz Open up and laugh people! Who cares how raunchy it was!?! Funny as hell! 5 stars
6/06/02 Interrog8 I was on floor laughing from beginning to end 5 stars
5/31/02 I'm in (L) with a Jedi hehehehehehe 5 stars
5/29/02 Rhonda Blankenship Why does jock have to be only guy to win true love? Otherwise would be awesome 4 stars
5/24/02 Blondi and Punchy it woz hilarious 5 stars
5/18/02 Film Guy A Comedy Classic 5 stars
5/14/02 Stud A great comedy!!! 5 stars
4/30/02 Phoenix I jacked-off to the scene when Shannon Elizabeth showed her tits. Funny movie too. 5 stars
4/24/02 asfsadf Sucks ass! The sequel is better because it focus more on comedy than a stupid love story. 1 stars
4/22/02 Charles Tatum Quite possibly the unfunniest comedy ever made. 1 stars
3/18/02 Teresa Not deep, not heavy, practically no message, no redeeming value. Loved it. 5 stars
3/02/02 Chowie I will never look at or eat apple pie the same way again 5 stars
3/01/02 Alan Smithee Shannon Elizabeth's tits were the true star of this spotty comedy. 2 stars
2/23/02 Shrike Simplistic juvenile tripe. 2 stars
2/03/02 Rhonda Blankenship Why does jock have to be only guy to win true love? Otherwise would be awesome. 4 stars
1/09/02 Spyguy2 Watched it twice...and both times I laughed my ass off!! 5 stars
1/02/02 Scream-Mania TOO FUNNY TO WATCH :=) 5 stars
12/16/01 FJ K 3 stars
12/10/01 HM3 Quite funny, but drags at times, and some of the dialogue is too low-key. 4 stars
11/16/01 Jeremy I'll give you a "THUMBS UP" for now but if I see the 2nd one I'm checkin' it out 5 stars
10/17/01 Andrew Carden Pointless Movie, Unfunny, and No Titties!!!! 1 stars
10/09/01 jawsboy fun stuff. a little cheap looking though. 4 stars
9/16/01 Bri Awsome!!! avoid the sequel!!! 5 stars
9/05/01 Tim Giles people who think it sucks, Sucks all ass 5 stars
8/28/01 Gary The idiocy and contrived situations of the male stereotypes weigh a very funny movie down. 3 stars
8/25/01 Toxic I have an 11 inch penis. Around. Think about it ladies. 5 stars
8/24/01 Tom A failed chemistry attempt of "Fast times" (a REAL classic) mixed with "Cant hardly wait". 2 stars
8/19/01 Elisabeth Bassett Just helps adults stereotype teenagers 1 stars
8/19/01 hub just seven words:And this one time, at band camp 5 stars
8/11/01 Crispy A.P. 1&2 had much better actor's than Porky's! Quit beatin' your meat and get a women! 5 stars
8/10/01 the Grinch Would've rather seen American PI...at the end, the vapid characters' all get powerdrilled! 1 stars
8/09/01 the scarecrow typical "Porky's" teenage exploitation flick. not very original 3 stars
8/05/01 badfish RRRRAAALLLLPPPPHHHH! AHHH Thats better. Im outta here! 1 stars
7/27/01 Henry Ginsberg Oh Stifler's mum! 5 stars
7/06/01 TLsmooth Brill, you will understand when you lose yours. Anyway, no one can act in this flick. 3 stars
6/30/01 chels great cast really funny great acting overall excellent movie 5 stars
6/13/01 Gary There's some good performances (Owen, Reid) amongst all the calculated, unsubtle shit. 2 stars
6/09/01 Kool-Aid they oughta call this film AMERICAN PISS! ha ha ha ha ha! 1 stars
5/21/01 Tiberius1983 Pretty f---ing hellarious!!! 5 stars
5/21/01 Eric great movie! 5 stars
5/15/01 Mike Rotch this movie kicked ass!!!! tara reid is hot!!!! any one know where i can find her nude? 5 stars
5/13/01 Pete Wrigley Tara Reid is a tainted ho for ever having dated Carson "I'm a tool" Daly. 3 stars
5/12/01 The Moorhen Shannon in the buff has to be the best bit of it all - and that guy giving oral to his girl 4 stars
5/09/01 jainey i love this movie all of that shit is happening to me know 5 stars
4/22/01 Matt McD One word to confuse anyone that liked it: Vapid. 1 stars
4/21/01 Denis It's a grate and very populare film 5 stars
4/19/01 Andy GREAT 5 stars
4/17/01 fozia good 2 stars
4/15/01 Tam I laughed so hard I was in tears. Fit guys, hilarious antics - true escapism. 4 stars
4/09/01 ChErRyRiPe Pretty funny, a bit sexcist, but what can you expect from people like these? 4 stars
4/08/01 allan shannon is hot and sexy 5 stars
4/05/01 joshua vincent it was so funny 5 stars
4/03/01 jordan i didn't know a movie could be this unfunny until i saw it 1 stars
4/02/01 Steve Prefontaine I'm alive!!! 5 stars
3/28/01 Mike Tara Reid is a crack hoe 1 stars
3/28/01 Roberts Pettit Excellents 5 stars
3/11/01 james "bite me" womack not since porkys has a movie done so much to show me a movie can be lowbrow and great 5 stars
3/05/01 Asfdsdf Sfsefs 1 stars
2/27/01 Shiro God Tara Reid is fine, anyone got any nude shots? 5 stars
2/23/01 Marie So so boring! What do I care about some little boys trying to get laid? 1 stars
2/20/01 Rocket Boy Laughless, low-blow teensploitation. 1 stars
2/15/01 LOOBER Most of the jokes are insulting, amatuer and nothing great,original,inventi... 1 stars
2/05/01 Classicdog F__ing funny!! Kinda silly but funny 4 stars
1/28/01 FUCK THIS MOVIE Sucked Major Ass... One of the most overhyped, totally disappointing movies of the year 1 stars
1/14/01 Avenger Girl It tries to be funny but fails-lame ass film not really worth the effort. 1 stars
1/13/01 Matt69 One time when I was at band camp......... 3 stars
1/07/01 movie chick sexist and mean spirited, this comedy turned me off. 1 stars
1/06/01 Mark David I want to fuck Shannon Elizabeth. 4 stars
11/28/00 SP teen romp with some redeeming qualities 3 stars
11/21/00 John W. Kovacs some good moments, kinda predictable, as American as apple pie... whooops! 4 stars
10/28/00 Mitja Podgajski excellent... 4 stars
10/17/00 dan better than "10 things ...". Not as good as Porky's. 4 stars
10/03/00 sweet-xtacy i thought that this was a funny movie, GREAT 5 stars
9/26/00 mephetic love the tit shots, but thats about it 2 stars
9/05/00 Boy In The Designer Bubble If I were his mom, I would have made him eat that damn pie! 1 stars
8/14/00 Chickiepoo Pure teen trash 1 stars
8/10/00 Bender Most jokes are pretty funny and its fairly honest, but the characters are unmemorable. 4 stars
8/02/00 Dbells The best teenage sexually charged movie since Porky's. 5 stars
7/28/00 Jinx Just OK. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High": dated, but smarter funnier better. 3 stars
7/12/00 Tom Alyson Hannigan (the band camp girl) was funny. The rest of the film was not too good. 2 stars
7/11/00 Matthew Bartley Very sweet and very funny 5 stars
7/02/00 Lindsey I thought this movie was pretty hilarious. I enjoyed it. 4 stars
6/14/00 buffy's underpants one good line from alyson hannigan does not a good movie make 2 stars
5/29/00 perverted pixie This tack-a-rama film sucks natzi balls in Hell! About as funny as a brain tumour! 1 stars
5/28/00 James Bond This makes me laugh so hard, I wanna crap 5 stars
5/26/00 master.node Eeewww!! 2 stars
5/20/00 mellemel I enjoyed this film more than band camp. 5 stars
5/09/00 Steve Layne I liked it a little better in the theatre, and Its becoming more and more forgettable. 4 stars
4/30/00 Cheeseboy This movie RULES!!!!! The chicks are hot as hell 5 stars
4/24/00 John Lyons Loved the girl from "band camp". 5 stars
4/23/00 Ryan only funny for those who havent been fucked yet,... 1 stars
4/06/00 Daria Very sweet, very funny. Alyson Hannigan just plain rocks! 5 stars
4/04/00 Bruce Much better than I expected, Mena Suvari is a babe 5 stars
4/03/00 PJ A little Overrated but still pretty funny 4 stars
3/25/00 Melissa LaFever Jason Biggs has got a little pot belly laid on him...His belly button is too hairy too. 3 stars
3/21/00 Melissa Vella It rock, and all you people who hate it well you suck majorally. OK 5 stars
3/15/00 perverted pixie Are you all brain dead? I HATED IT! FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
3/08/00 cool man sexy hot mama babes 5 stars
3/03/00 Pizaster wow, a teenage comedy...that's actually FUNNY. Joins Fast Times as a classic in its genre. 5 stars
3/01/00 Mic A straight-forward teenage comedy plus a little extra. 3 stars
2/28/00 fire-n-ice loved the semen in a cup!!!!! 5 stars
2/26/00 Pamela Chickenheadbuttme Cum in a cup 5 stars
2/06/00 steve layne This is the kind of movie you love at first but things change after a while, but still good 4 stars
2/05/00 Kyle Broflovski MUCH better than it has any right to be. :-) 4 stars
1/26/00 JoeRo I love foreigners.... 5 stars
1/25/00 Matt Layette Funniest Movie Seen In Long Time 5 stars
1/16/00 bullit17 If you love bodily fluids and paper characters, you'll love it. Nice looking girls though. 2 stars
1/12/00 dave what the fuck are you doin here 5 stars
1/09/00 Will it was funnier than that Mary flick. 5 stars
1/09/00 Gary Durso Kinky..... 5 stars
12/22/99 cynthia it was hella funny 5 stars
12/18/99 Jay Frickin' awesome movie... worth multiple look-see's! 5 stars
12/07/99 Kenny and Kay We think this movie is F**King Brilliant!! 5 stars
12/04/99 PervertedPixie Souless, superficial WANK!! Jokes more purile and predicatable than "Something about Mary". 1 stars
11/27/99 Mohammad it is just a fantastic movie 1 stars
11/09/99 MafiaBoy!! Yeah it was funny......just not funny enough FOR ME! 3 stars
11/09/99 t force cute, but hilarious. who says the humor slows at the end?? 4 stars
11/08/99 anthony Judd absolutely SENSATIONAL 5 stars
11/07/99 The Bomb 69 great juvenile humor, if your looking for theater look elsewhere 5 stars
11/06/99 Greg Townsend Realy Funie 5 stars
10/25/99 jq It's bloody brilliant !. I wouldn't mind going to band camp NOW !. 5 stars
10/20/99 H'Woodbigshot Jeez, this movie has never been done before. 1 stars
10/20/99 Lauren Smith Great Fun 5 stars
10/18/99 rob Grow the hell up-this is garbage! 1 stars
10/14/99 JonnyAngel what's so funny about watching scrambled porn 5 stars
10/14/99 Jb It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 5 stars
10/14/99 Paul Spoblok Hilarious...very true to life!! 5 stars
10/14/99 Larry It's the ninties version of Porkys 4 stars
10/12/99 Dave Bernhardt This movie is the shit! 5 stars
10/10/99 Sam S a laugh 5 stars
10/05/99 Mo I agree Kate this movie tries too hard. Tara seems like a bimbo on and off screen. 1 stars
10/04/99 Joel Harwood HOT HOT HOT the funniest movie of the year for mum, dad and of cause teens. 5 stars
10/01/99 Nelle It was so fucking funnie! I laughed my ass off! 5 stars
9/30/99 Kerri Adams I thought it was good but its not a movie to see with your parents. I found it really funny 5 stars
9/29/99 ford falcon fucking great 5 stars
9/27/99 Alexis Funny, I'll see it again on video. 4 stars
9/27/99 Kate If your fifteen and amle yeah you'll like it, bassically this film is trying too hard. 1 stars
9/27/99 jimmy funniest fuckin movie 5 stars
9/25/99 Kris jonsson awesom movie.I loved it!!! 5 stars
9/22/99 Timbo Almost as good as a bottle of whiskey and a box of grenades not quite though 4 stars
9/21/99 JACK TOMSON It was the best fucking movie i have ever seen 5 stars
9/21/99 vickie Absolutely, bar none, the funniest movie I have seen in years. 5 stars
9/16/99 Jacko THE FUNNIEST FUCKIN' FILM EVER!!! 5 stars
9/13/99 jvt Ok-- take Porkys. Reduce it to about two funny scenes and add unneeded sentimentally. 2 stars
9/11/99 Azaria "What's my name....bitch" + M.I.L.F...mmm..definatly good for a laugh 4 stars
9/04/99 Bornslippy very very funny, haven't laugh this hard since AP2..awesome! 5 stars
9/01/99 Wernox "Oh Stiffler's Mom" 5 stars
8/21/99 Olivia Neutron-Bomb I just wanted to see some hornball youth copulate with baked goods. I am now fulfilled. 4 stars
8/20/99 BoB A MUST-SEE!!!! I almost wet my pants, its so funny 5 stars
8/18/99 Shai-Lo Add some corn and nuts and you'd have the perfect turd! Only suitable for mouth breathers. 1 stars
8/16/99 Obi Wan Funny as fuck! Loved it all three times I saw it! 5 stars
8/12/99 Elizaveta Great, REALISTIC look at blatant sex! No goddamn political correctness or taboos!! 5 stars
8/10/99 janey-T awesome, challenges Something about Mary, this is a definite must 5 stars
8/04/99 Becky It was pretty good but not great 4 stars
8/04/99 Exhibit A This is like a 90's version of porky's But better! This movie is can't breath laughter! 5 stars
8/03/99 rude/Charney It sorta got the piont accross but is crppy commedy for middle schoolers!! the point was??? 4 stars
8/03/99 Lynnaea AelCaymarth Fucking hilarious and on-target look at teens' sex lives. Finally! 5 stars
8/02/99 Jenn (Chuck) it was a guy movie, but i still found it very funny! This movie kicks ass! 5 stars
8/01/99 Laura The whole theater was laughing, I went to see it a second time and it was still funny. 5 stars
8/01/99 Kevin Knapp Wasn't as funny as I thought it would be 3 stars
7/31/99 Jason Berry i like this movie and gay 4 stars
7/31/99 Obi Wan Funny as Fuck...still funny the second time around...defn8ly a must see 5 stars
7/31/99 Roman Except for the lame ass chorus romance a it was a damn funny movie 4 stars
7/31/99 XenoWolf damn damn funny Foreign sluts? yes! 4 stars
7/29/99 C.H.A.Z. Hated that bitch who played the foreign slut (Shannon Elizabeth). Worst actress ever. 1 stars
7/28/99 Kathie This movie had people clapping, laughing and cheering aloud in the theater! 5 stars
7/27/99 J-Dogg Great, funny as shit movie, but not nearly as raunchy as it's purported to be. 4 stars
7/26/99 emperor not original 3 stars
7/26/99 claire huber i laughed. hard. 5 stars
7/25/99 Kriperace A teenage jerk-off film, but not a very good one. 2 stars
7/25/99 Nyx had me rolling in my seat laughing! 5 stars
7/24/99 jvt It's got a few moments, but as a whole is unsatisfying 2 stars
7/23/99 Ken It's the junior version of "There's Something About Mary." Highly enjoyable. 4 stars
7/22/99 jeff oh my god is this the best film ever...... hi, i'm jeff and i'm in love with mena suvari 5 stars
7/21/99 PhilmPhreak Truly good laughs! 5 stars
7/21/99 Ryann Gray great! funny! shit man it was awesome! 5 stars
7/18/99 blue b. Raunchy humor=really funny 4 stars
7/18/99 Don Pretty funny, but too sickly sweet sometimes 4 stars
7/18/99 Jaeska when'sHollywood gonna realize that girls got libidos too?Yup.Another male-serving half poro 1 stars
7/17/99 Dirty Dave Capone GREAT!!!!! 5 stars
7/17/99 The Bomb 69 What's my name bitch? Uh, Michelle 5 stars
7/17/99 unstrung it served its purpose as a cheap thrill... 4 stars
7/16/99 Holden This movie was lewd, offensive and disgusting.... makes Fast Times look like Mary Poppins.. 5 stars
7/16/99 buddy Terrific, funny and touching. 5 stars
7/16/99 Ron Cruz Funniest movie I have seen and soo many fine chicks! 5 stars
7/16/99 Starry Knight Some amazingly funny scenes. Nadia wins as the most bangable girl in the movie! 5 stars
7/16/99 Jo Jo, The Idiot Circus Boy This movie sucked ass. Just another film exploiting women, it'll be forgotten in a month. 1 stars
7/15/99 josh Suck me beautiful! (best scene) 5 stars
7/14/99 matt i love this movie 5 stars
7/13/99 Cooter fucking great!!! 5 stars
7/13/99 Polly This movie is a fuckin' riot! I missed some of the movie because everyone was laughing! 5 stars
7/12/99 Negative Creep s'allright.. See if Election is still playing in your area and see that instead.. 4 stars
7/12/99 Lisa I've been out of high school for almost 10 years, yet it's eerily familiar... 4 stars
7/12/99 Jon Fucking funny. Don't miss 5 stars
7/11/99 Bob, Lord of Evil Not the best teen-comedy I've seen(Election) but it does it's job. Guys; which 1 were you? 5 stars
7/11/99 Katie The band camp story alone is more than worth 8 bucks. Hilarious! 5 stars
7/11/99 Malbert Totally funny 5 stars
7/10/99 Randall A film I could relate to, sure, it had old jokes, but it was great anyways 5 stars
7/10/99 Freyja Lame, stupid, uninspired. Blah. 1 stars
7/10/99 bridgette raunchy, but funny 4 stars
7/09/99 jvt Largely a WB show with a few raunchy (and funny) scenes 3 stars
7/06/99 Ah Dooey Neato movie, stupid title though 5 stars
7/06/99 Daddy Rich A Porky's of the 90's. Very funny and Heather is a hottie!! 5 stars
7/06/99 Russ Mason Great 4 stars
7/06/99 PurityJustBegs A small gem of a movie! Hilarious and very endearing as well.one of the best of 99! 5 stars
7/02/99 David A studio concoction that hasn't the soul of a "Mary" or even a "Porky's"...an OK timewaster 3 stars
1/24/99 Dark Horizons a great film despite such a pathetically lame name. 4 stars
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  09-Jul-1999 (R)
  DVD: 27-Sep-2005


  16-Sep-1999 (MA)

Directed by
  Paul Weitz

Written by
  Adam Herz

  Tara Reid
  Natasha Lyonne
  Chris Owen
  Thomas DeLonge
  Jason Biggs
  Jennifer Coolidge

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