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Departed, The
[AllPosters.com] Buy posters from this movie
by Peter Sobczynski

"Martin Scorsese Makes Another Mastepiece. Act Accordingly."
5 stars

With his latest film “The Departed,” Martin Scorsese tackles a cinematic subject that he has never really explored before–the gangster film. I realize that this may sound like an exceptionally stupid observation–in the eyes of many, he has never made anything but in his long and distinguished career–so let me explain. Yes, he has made a celebrated trilogy of films about mobsters but they were more along the lines of detailed sociological observations of the world of post-war American organized crime taken from three different vantage points. “Mean Streets” (1973) was seen from the perspective of the grunts on the low rung of the ladder struggling to make their bones without getting themselves into hot water. “Goodfellas” (1990) showed us the world in all its seductive and violent power through the eyes of the mid-level utility guys who have been trusted enough to be included in all aspects of the organization from collecting a debt to digging a hole. In the wildly underrated “Casino” (1995), we were introduced to the top-level guys who have been given everything they could possibly want from the life and who wind up undoing themselves with the very same compulsions and ambitions that drove them in the first place. By comparison, “The Departed” is a far more traditional take on the genre but that is not to suggest that it is somehow less of a movie because it utilizes a more conventional structure. In fact, the film is a tough, hard-edged and decidedly adult wonder that respects those conventions while finding new ways to tackle them and the result is not only one of the best films of the year but one of the best films of Scorsese’s illustrious career.

Based on the acclaimed 2002 Hong Kong thriller “Infernal Affairs” (though it also contains elements from its two sequels as well) and relocated to Boston, the film kicks off with an extended prologue, set “some years ago” that introduces us to feared local gangster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), the kind of mad-dog mobster who can buy a poor kid groceries for his family while flagrantly hitting on the jailbait daughter of the shopkeeper he is extorting. Years pass and while Costello now rules the town with an iron fist, the local cops, headed up by Capt. Queenan (Martin Sheen), and a federal task force, led by Capt. Ellerby (Alec Baldwin), have yet to build an airtight case against him. Queenan’s plan is to find a rookie cop from his own ranks–one whose identity will be know only to himself and second-in-command Dignam (Mark Wahlberg)--with a suitably shady background and have him secretly infiltrate Costello’s organization in order to get close enough to make a case. The man recruited for the assignment is Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio), a guy whose life of deception and split loyalties has made him perfectly suited for the job. After spending a few months in jail on a fake assault rap to bolster his credibility, Billy hits the streets and makes enough noise–especially after savagely beating a couple of made goons–to attract the attention of Costello and, after proving himself, he winds up becoming a member of his crew.

What neither Billy nor his fellow cops realize is that great minds think alike and Costello has a mole of his own in the police force in Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), a young man who has grown from the kid that was on the receiving end of those groceries to a fast-rising star in the department. In fact, Colin has just been assigned to the task force dedicated to bringing down Costello and uses his position to send warnings about surveillance and sting operations. Colin’s main objective, however, is to try and figure out the identity of the cop in Costello’s midst. Before long, Colin and Billy both find themselves following the same high-wire act of trying to dig up information on those around them while keeping their own secrets safely hidden. To further add to the complications, both Colin and Billy find themselves involved with Madolyn (Vera Farmiga), a police psychiatrist who begins seeing Colin personally and Billy professionally and who has definite feelings for both.

All of this may sound hellishly complicated–and that is before the wild series of plot turns and reversals that occurs once both Colin and Billy try to extricate themselves from their situations when their covers are threatened–but one of the joys of “The Departed” is the way that it tells such a complex narrative in a manner that is clear without ever feeling dumbed-down. In adapting “Infernal Affairs,” screenwriter William Monahan has kept plenty of the elements of that original film (enough so that you might want to hold off renting it until after you’ve seen “The Departed” if you haven’t already seen it before) but he has also riffed on the material on it in fascinating ways. In the relationships between Costello and his two charges, he takes one of the less successful aspects of Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York”–a perverse father/adopted son relationship (or two) forged and undone by violence, revenge and ever-shifting loyalties–and makes it shine in a convincing manner. He also expands on the role of the psychologist/love interest in intriguing ways as well. While such a character may sound like an unlikely attempt to underline the similarities between Colin and Billy while also shoe-horning a female presence into an otherwise all-male milieu, she winds up playing a decisive role in the emotional payoff of the story–one no less painful or devastating than the physical brutality that befalls many of the characters in the final third of the film. On the lighter side, Monahan also studs the film with a number of instantly quotable lines, most of which spring from the mouth of Costello (“When I was your age, they would say you could become cops or criminals. What I’m saying is this: When you’re facing a loaded gun, what’s the difference?”), and winds things up with a brilliant final image that is as ironically symbolic as the concluding scenes of "The Roaring Twenties" that had James Cagney trying and failing to ascend the stairs leading to his potential salvation.

Already strong on paper, “The Departed” is further brought to life by an army of top-notch actors working at the peak of their powers. This is DiCaprio’s third collaboration with Scorsese (following “Gangs of New York” and “The Aviator”) and it is by far the best of the bunch–anyone who still thinks of him as merely a pretty-boy matinee idol should finally see him in a new light after catching his astounding work here as a guy slowly crumbling under the pressure of trying to appear to be everything that he isn’t just to stay alive. As his opposite number, Damon is equally impressive as an utter sleazeball who is nevertheless so convincing in his duplicity that we somehow find ourselves rooting for him against all odds. All of the members of the supporting cast also get their moments to shine as well–I especially liked Ray Winstone’s work as Costello’s right-hand man and the gusto that Alec Baldwin brings to his turn as a sleazy Fed. (Hearing him declaim “The Patriot Act–I love it!” while describing the details of a surveillance operation is almost worth the price of admission itself.)

Then there is the performance from Jack Nicholson, whose flamboyantly terrifying turn as Costello needs to be seen to be believed. At first, his take on the character is so outrageously over-the-top that it feels as if he took the part as a personal challenge to one-up Al Pacino’s operatic work in Brian De Palma’s “Scarface”–right down to including one scene in which he flings handfuls of cocaine around during a romp in the hay and another in which he indeed shows someone his little friend. That said, as the film goes on, you begin to realize that there is more going on here than just the sight of a hammy actor chewing the scenery. Nicholson’s approach to Costello is to play him as a man who has been in the crime business long enough to realize that the only way to prevent potential usurpers from whacking him is to come across as such a barking-mad loon that they would be too frightened to go against him for fear of what might happen to them if they failed. The proof of this comes during the brief moments where he dials back on the histrionics and lets us see the coldly calculating man behind the weirdo who lecture Billy on John Lennon while brandishing a severed hand and who greets a couple of less-than-saintly priests in a restaurant with a jovial “Enjoy your clams, cocksuckers!” It’s an incredible performance and one sure to go down as one of the highlights of his career.

That said, the real star here is unquestionably Martin Scorsese, who once again shows why he is generally considered to be the greatest American filmmaker working today. Although plenty of short-sighted critics have regarded “The Departed” as a return to form–effectively dismissing a recent spate of films ranging from such classic constructions as “The Age of Innocence” and “The Aviator” to the flawed-but-fascinating likes of “Kundun,” “Bringing Out the Dead” and “Gangs of New York”–it is an indisputable fact that he hits the ground running here with a determination and purpose that he hasn’t displayed in years. The movie starts like a shot, never lets up for 2 ½ hours and pops off the screen with an excitement that is lacking in most contemporary films. At a career point when most filmmakers would be content to rest on their laurels by doing by-the-numbers hackwork, Scorsese is making films that combine the technical prowess of a veteran director at the top of his game with the giddy energy of a newcomer making his first mark.

On virtually every level, “The Departed” is a standout–a great-looking, great-sounding and jumbo-sized epic in which the dramatic fireworks pack just as much of a punch as the physical action. It is the kind of film that isn’t often made anymore–it is long, violent, complex and filled with characters that most audiences will find difficult to identify with–and Scorsese does it with such grace and ease that you wonder why other directors working today can’t do the same thing themselves. In one of the more memorable dialogue exchanges, Costello asks a cohort about his elderly mother and is told that she is on her way out, inspiring the retort “We all are. Act accordingly.” Thankfully, at a time when the notion of art and commerce existing side-by-side in American films seems to be on the way out–as the critical and commercial rejections of such stylish gems as “Miami Vice” and “The Black Dahlia” would seem to suggest–Martin Scorsese has the strength and vision to act anything but accordingly and all of those who still about the world of cinema are the richer for it.

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originally posted: 10/06/06 00:31:23
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell FANTASTIC 5 stars
6/12/17 Jill G Taxi Driver it ain't. Love the review! 3 stars
1/17/17 jason outstanding movie 5 stars
4/26/16 Ken A great movie with a great ensemble cast. 5 stars
8/25/15 Big T 93% on RT don't mean jack. Like Big D, so fake this film. 2 stars
7/01/15 stanley welles exciting, entertaining and beautifully crafted 5 stars
4/25/15 Terror A Scorsese masterpiece 5 stars
8/30/14 yelakilla Scorsese best movie post 2000 5 stars
7/28/14 The king A near masterpiece 5 stars
4/14/14 Jason MINDBLOWING FILM 5 stars
3/23/14 Justin R. Best Scorsese film that Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in, so far. 5 stars
11/22/13 Lord Fantastic film 5 stars
10/29/13 The Big D Give mobsters a little credit--they can't be this cheesy, tacky, and fakey! 1 stars
11/18/12 Sean Harrison Classic gangster movie and one of Scorcese's best. 5 stars
1/25/12 Tom A mess ..How this won an Oscar I'll never know 2 stars
9/17/11 Steve When a film gets a 93% rating on rottentomatoes then it means you suck, not the film. 5 stars
6/25/11 DR A VERY slick fil with a VERY weak plot 1 stars
1/06/11 Derek Anyone who liked this movie is gay 1 stars
10/30/10 the dork knight Anyone who 1 stars this movie is teh gay. 5 stars
6/27/10 Ken Sloppy. This film has Scorsese's name and that's it. 2 stars
6/11/10 Flathead King The Deparated may be the best film since Raise the Red Lantern. 5 stars
4/17/10 HY Movie sucks and so does the music. Not inspiring at all. 1 stars
12/25/09 a b 5 stars
11/09/09 Jeff Wilder Scorsese's best since Goodfellas 5 stars
9/29/09 Abel Too long and horribly done. A film only for those who lack imagination. 1 stars
8/05/09 Monday Morning The feelgood movie of the year, in a year of feelgood movies! 5 stars
6/28/09 will tenner very avergage movie, the original was way better and this remake is more recognised. Fuck 1 stars
6/09/09 Janis No. Just say no. 2 stars
6/03/09 alma m. the best of the best, brilliant Scorsese!!!! 5 stars
5/08/09 matt are you guys fucking serious? AMAZING MOVIE!!!!! 5 stars
3/04/09 Ryu Thumbs down. Too many unbelievable, forced concepts. Implausible at best and un-original. 2 stars
12/31/08 Bob This was simply un-interesting, devoid of good characters, and had a terrible ending 1 stars
12/26/08 David People who overpraise this crap film should eat shit and die 2 stars
11/16/08 Zach Any1 giving this a bad rating is a fuckin retard... eat shit and die 5 stars
9/22/08 don Crap. This director has done much better 1 stars
8/30/08 another one wannabe gangster film, despite good acting 1 stars
8/23/08 Stewie Awful. just plain awful. 1 stars
8/22/08 pantera terrible film. Internal affairs was way better 1 stars
7/02/08 Rydd15 Ugh. Can't believe they are thinking about a prequel or sequel. UGH! 1 stars
6/29/08 rydd14 The way characters are all connected in some way is very intriguing. 5 stars
6/14/08 Kluya should had been called Inferior Affairs 2 stars
5/11/08 Jacko It'll take Scorsese a million tries to get this remake right. 1 stars
3/26/08 Jann Lee This movie blows. 2 stars
3/18/08 Briseis Gave the Irish in Boston a good name...thanks Scorsese!!!! 5 stars
3/01/08 mormor613 Gripping, well acted ... a favorite of mine 5 stars
1/06/08 Scorflapy A pointless, carbon remake of a better movie. Thumbs down. 2 stars
12/28/07 Anne Maybe Sully there would like to repalce the great Thelma Schoonmaker!!! 5 stars
10/27/07 The Rock Biggest piece of Monkey crap that the Rock has ever seen! 1 stars
7/26/07 Homer Makes IA look like a masterpiece. 1 stars
7/14/07 Tracey Chambers loved it. nice story, decent acting. and mark walhberg. 5 stars
6/26/07 paul Too many inplausible story gaps and character connections. 2 stars
5/30/07 ES Decent, not earth shattering but entertaining 4 stars
5/15/07 Mary This movie sucks and what is with the circus-like music. Overall Bad. 1 stars
5/04/07 Indychick At least 30 minutes too long. Bloated, rehash, tiresome 3 stars
4/15/07 ad nice 4 stars
4/14/07 Charles Tatum Solid remake, but Scorsese has done better 4 stars
4/07/07 Philo Beddoe Is this reviewer on Scorcese's payroll? Nicholson is a parody of himself as usual. 4 stars
3/30/07 Indrid Cold Despite solid script and acting, fails to deliver megawatt drama and tension. Overrated. 4 stars
3/22/07 Sean Y. Highly overrated film of 2006 2 stars
3/22/07 Fred Kwerk An ordinary movie that fails to impress 2 stars
3/20/07 Keagan OK movie. Casino and Goodfellas certainly much better. 3 stars
3/19/07 Heather Amazing. I was absolutely blown away and can't wait to see it again. 5 stars
3/14/07 johnny it was no "Goodfellas" 3 stars
3/07/07 Butt Scorsese-lite 4 stars
3/03/07 Paul Wood Absolutely souless film, with flawed plotting. Pans Labryinth head and shoulders above!! 1 stars
3/01/07 Lola lacks intelligence and slickness. Undeserving movie that wins an oscar. 1 stars
2/28/07 paul absolutely great 5 stars
2/27/07 Keystra Williams This really is the best movie I've seen in a LONG time 5 stars
2/27/07 Jim Scorsese won the pity award. How nice. 1 stars
2/26/07 Eli Friggin' BRILLIANT!!!! I wanna give everyone an oscar, totally deserved best pic 5 stars
2/24/07 Quigley An amazing achievement by Scorsese that wil become a crime classic, but extremely vulgar 4 stars
2/22/07 Corndog "Departed" is a misnomer. Should have been titled "Evacuated". 1 stars
2/19/07 Lawrence Volpe Absolute classic. Superb achievement in all areas. 5 stars
2/19/07 mjw Work in the yard, it will be more entertaining. 1 stars
2/18/07 neznamo Nicholson shines like flames in hell, suspenseful enough, but bummer ending 4 stars
2/18/07 malcolm too much development, some sloppy editing, very tense once it gets going though 4 stars
2/13/07 AJ Muller Superb acting, characters; pitch-perfect script and direction. Stellar crime drama. 5 stars
2/13/07 action movie fan gritty,tough clever twists-real guy film better than goodfellas and casino but not apocylyp 4 stars
2/09/07 Dense What are the critics thinking? Especially IGN, a Nine? I'll never trust critics again. 2 stars
2/08/07 ganja i am very disapointed... best scorsese since Goodfellas....worst scorsese ever......... 2 stars
2/08/07 Thing characters are one-dimensional, and the script lacks any slickness. Rental at most. 2 stars
2/07/07 UGB Brilliant movie - must see 5 stars
2/06/07 jhwallacejr thrilling, superb acting, surprise ending 5 stars
2/05/07 Sully THIS movie needed a Hollywood Bitch Slap! Needs editing.Lame ending 2 stars
2/05/07 William Goss Dense and aggressive entertainment, but not as lean and tragic as IA. 4 stars
1/28/07 Danny Unoriginal and pointless. 2 stars
1/26/07 Anika Thought this movie was absolutely Bril! A definite Must 5 stars
1/25/07 Christopher I don't like gory films but this one had me from the first scene, the best of 06, suberb 5 stars
1/22/07 Linda Terrible. Plain Awful. Banal dialogue and trite acting. 1 stars
12/21/06 Ketchup This film will be forgotten soon and Scorsese will go on with another pilfering spree. 2 stars
12/06/06 Bitchflaps Trite script, uneven pacing, Damon is one-note, Dicaprio too sophomoric for his role. 2 stars
11/29/06 Drew Galletti I loved it 5 stars
11/20/06 Michele the tirle truly fits 5 stars
11/18/06 Nicole I enjoyed the movie up until the ending....what the hell?!? 4 stars
11/17/06 Tobey Another example why their shouldn't be remakes. America is totally running out of ideas. 2 stars
11/15/06 Elmer This film departs from whatever sanity it had. 2 stars
11/14/06 david implausable. terrible love interest piece, just OK 2 stars
11/14/06 Drew Galletti Great cast, great pace, great movie 5 stars
11/13/06 Bruno Best Scorsese movie of the last fifteen years. Jack is perfect as the mob boss = 4th Oscar. 5 stars
11/07/06 Kitty Even Borat had higher ratings then this. HA HA HA 2 stars
11/07/06 Souvik Jana Excellent movie.... The best film this year. 5 stars
11/07/06 Dimension X I like the original better. This one just lacked an interest for me. 2 stars
11/06/06 PAG Great movie 5 stars
11/05/06 Ritwik Not at all bad, great perfomances Nicholson and Damon 4 stars
11/05/06 Jack-o When you face a loaded gun, you take the shot so that you don't have to watch this crap! 1 stars
11/04/06 MP Bartley Now this is the kind of film that makes cinema worthwhile. Adult, thrilling and brutal. 5 stars
11/03/06 barbarian A very over-rated film. Plot far-fetched and not credible - Nicholson plays it for laughs 3 stars
11/02/06 Bada Bing Crosby Great movie. Leo Rules 5 stars
10/30/06 ES it's a good watch, impressive cast and a solid story with a sweet ending 4 stars
10/29/06 Mike Great Flick, Story Intense and Thrilling with an ending for the ages 5 stars
10/28/06 Bitchflaps Implausible and full of miscasts. The violence and machismo tries to be funny, but isn't. 2 stars
10/28/06 merle Best movie of the year! 5 stars
10/27/06 Billy Lacks originality, style, briliance, spirtuality, and emotion. Dreadful remake. 2 stars
10/26/06 Ackles Scorsese has lost the touch. 1 stars
10/26/06 Sumixam best new movie I saw this year 5 stars
10/26/06 Karan 10/10 5 stars
10/25/06 Tom Amazing piece of cinema. Must see movie. 5 stars
10/25/06 Al Perfect Movie 5 stars
10/24/06 Kitty Tedious and overrated. 2 stars
10/24/06 ken Grim, gritty, glitering at times and gripping right from the begining. Very good movie. 4 stars
10/24/06 Graf Finklestein Dire. Derivative. Cliched. Weak script. Marty going thru the motions 1 stars
10/24/06 Drew G One of the best Scorcese has ever done 5 stars
10/24/06 J.D. Semlow The best movie of the last few years. Matt Damon Rules 5 stars
10/23/06 Clark Not a masterpiece. Not even close. 3 stars
10/23/06 mikeyboy anybody who gave this movie one star is not smart enought to comprehend it 5 stars
10/23/06 Gary A little too much F-wording, lots of violence and blood. It was OK, not great. 3 stars
10/22/06 boothbrave Scorsese's getting too much credit for an original his studio is hiding 3 stars
10/22/06 Nplan Like the everything in the film but the script, which was too loose. Talk about lengthy! 4 stars
10/22/06 Mix Master Nixon Not bad for a pointless American remake of a modern classic. 3 stars
10/22/06 Don Boston dialect bad, movie too long, not his best work. 3 stars
10/22/06 Joe Smaltz WOW! 5 stars
10/21/06 BGOC TRASH 1 stars
10/21/06 Neil Baldwin makes up for lost time, and everyone is majestic. 5 stars
10/21/06 Ophelia Loved the film. DiCaprio hits another A+ performance. 5 stars
10/21/06 Eric M. Didn't like it. There are better movies elsewhere. 2 stars
10/21/06 Tanya Grays Excellent movie, suprises all around 5 stars
10/21/06 and_or very good, will see again in theater to appreciate directing, so focused on story! 5 stars
10/20/06 Rob Awful. Banal Dialogue. B- grade acting at most. 1 stars
10/20/06 Claw Scorcese has to retire as he won't be able to top this masterpiece! 5 stars
10/20/06 Karan best picture and best director at the Oscars! Or I am boycotting academy awards 5 stars
10/19/06 ED McCarthy Great Film, Great music on the Soundtrack 5 stars
10/19/06 Mike Good movie but I hated the ending so that knocks it down to 4 stars 4 stars
10/19/06 Sinead best film I've seen in a long time 5 stars
10/19/06 zaw Even Scorses has ran out of ideas in Hollywoodland! Good remake, Worst Fink Floyd cover!!! 4 stars
10/16/06 jdipp well acted well written 5 stars
10/16/06 zee godfather, goodfellas and this one. It can't get any better 5 stars
10/16/06 Logan It's IA 1,2, and 3 in one bland film with a cheesy ending. 2 stars
10/16/06 guisada awesome 5 stars
10/15/06 ahnold Very good movie. Worth seeing and definitely worth a look 5 stars
10/15/06 hein Lousy last quarter of the movie - made no sense at all 2 stars
10/15/06 Fire Lacks the suspense and energy like the original. Mediocre overall.. 3 stars
10/15/06 water great acting. 4 stars
10/15/06 Sammy It is shit 1 stars
10/13/06 kaz excellent! 4 stars
10/13/06 Jon Overrated movie of the year! 1 stars
10/13/06 3XCHOPE MOVIE OF THE YEAR PERIOD!!! 5 stars
10/13/06 R.W.Welch Overwrought but polished. Standout turn by Jack N. 4 stars
10/12/06 Mark Lacks brilliance and style. Uninteresting remake. 2 stars
10/12/06 Rory AMAZING. Only the stupid wouldn't like this flick 5 stars
10/12/06 Harold Unbelievable plot, characters, actors, everything! 2 stars
10/11/06 Riki Even with the violence I liked it and it made me a believer in DeCaprio 5 stars
10/10/06 Troy Not quite Goodfellas, but what is? Phenomenal acting all around and a great sense of humor! 4 stars
10/10/06 Savi Phenomenal 5 stars
10/10/06 slab paint on those handle bars and ride this bitch doggy style. this movie made me cum all over 5 stars
10/10/06 Agent Sands Possibly the greatest movie in 10 years. 5 stars
10/10/06 Jones flip the bitch over and bust a double horizontal on her arse now! thats how good it is 5 stars
10/10/06 JimE double team that bitch now. it's so good 5 stars
10/10/06 Jan Casino and Goodfellas was way better than this garbage. 1 stars
10/09/06 Steve omg if you didn't think this movie was great you should no longer watch movies. 5 stars
10/09/06 Steaphie Oh my goodness! Shocked at how BAD it was!! 1 stars
10/09/06 mwr overly concocted story, final scene a complete embarrassing 4 stars
10/09/06 Carolina Filthy, foul-mouthed, and indescribably profane...I LOVED it! Amazing acting, too. 4 stars
10/09/06 Bugsy Unnescessary remake. 2 stars
10/08/06 chris. very very fun to watch 4 stars
10/08/06 ClaranceTheCobra Poop on my face and call me a dirty mother fucker, this movie is great! 5 stars
10/08/06 magsy Ending unnecessary but overall great movie/remake.Damon underrated by most critics. 4 stars
10/08/06 Shawn Departed has left the building 2 stars
10/08/06 Lee Ann Give DiCaprio the Oscar he is so overdue for///please. ROCKING beginning---opening credits 5 stars
10/08/06 Mer Great acting all the way around...movie a bit hoaky in parts. 4 stars
10/08/06 Michael Margetis Best Film of the Year Thus Far! Nicholson and DiCaprio light up the screen, thrilling! 5 stars
10/08/06 Josh Racine Best movie I have seen this year. 5 stars
10/07/06 Gomes Okay but not brilliant. Not Scorsese's best. 3 stars
10/07/06 Tsang A little too long and some development is uninteresting. Decent movie. 3 stars
10/07/06 lee The best film I've seen all year 5 stars
10/07/06 Ole Man Bourbon Gimmick ending, cliched stock characters, but some good dircting and acting. 4 stars
10/07/06 Tim Alright remake. 3 stars
10/07/06 johnny this one is awesome...but the hong kong one is better 5 stars
10/07/06 Pn. Hollywood: More Vera Farmiga NOW! 5 stars
10/07/06 Jake This is one forgotten departure. 1 stars
10/06/06 jcjs wonderfully entertaining, fun to make and watch..DiCaprio splendid..Jack, Ray, Mark, wowsa 5 stars
10/06/06 Terry The original one is still better. This one is okay. 3 stars
10/06/06 murray "The Departed" is one of the best movies of this year or any other. 5 stars
10/06/06 Terence Restored my faith in the movies. 5 stars
10/06/06 Adrian Scorsese. Awesome. 'Nuff said. 5 stars
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  06-Oct-2006 (R)
  DVD: 13-Feb-2007



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