Planet of the Apes (1968)

Reviewed By JonnyAngel
Posted 12/09/99 09:01:48

5 stars (Awesome)

Say what you will about the Charlton Heston of the 90ís, but know this: back in the day, that cat kicked more ass than a baby shits. No man alive could use "damn," "hell," or "bastard" in a sentence better than Charlton Heston. On the screen he was a commanding presence, the kind of actor that made a good movie great. ďPlanet Of The ApesĒ is just one of many.

A classic Sci-Fi film from '68, Planet is slightly dated, but that never really takes away from the experience.

Three astronauts, led by Heston, survive a crash landing on a strange planet. What they find is an upside down world, where apes rule and humans live like savages. The humans on the planet also happen to be mute, so itís quite a shock to the apes when Heston starts cussing at them. Luckily, they speak and write in English, so of course, they understand every word.

What follows is a none too subtle social commentary on evolution, the bible, and manís place in the world.
I know that last sentence just killed any interest you had in seeing the film, but never fear, itís an action packed, kick ass, none too subtle social commentary on evolution, the bible, and manís role in the world, plus it has great dialogue and giant talking apes!

Planet is definitely worth a trip to the video store. The performances, especially Heston's, direction, costumes, atmosphere...everything! is great, and the ending is just killer.

Get your stinkiní paws on this movie, you damned dirty ape!

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