Curve, The

Reviewed By Chef ADogg
Posted 07/10/99 01:36:07

"As Johnny Rotten would say, 'Pretty vacant.'"
1 stars (Sucks)

After "Scream" came out, a shitload of teen movies started to imitate Kevin Williamson's style--cutting barbs coupled with plenty of blood and guts. "The Curve" would like to be "Scream" meets "Heahters," but it lacks originality and wit. When characters try this hard to hurt each other, the audience can't help but walk away feeling wounded.

"The Curve" looks and sounds like it was recorded on a Camcorder, and the actors have the stilted feeling of deservedly unknowns. The amateur-night vibe would explain the bitter aftertaste--Rosen, who penned the script, doesn't have the talent to pad the plethora of insults with any warmth or actually likable characters.

Paper-thin and extremely mean spirited, "The Curve" centers around a group of conniving college students plotting to off each other in order to get a handed down 4.0 GPA. The plot itself tests all bounds of credibility, and the stiff cast doesn't help matters any. There are two faces here that I recognized: Matthew Lilliard, of "Scream" fame, and Keri Russel, the singularly untalented lead of television's "Felicity."

Russel just builds on her legacy as a terrible, though well meaning, actress. Lilliard, who can usually be counted on to juice a boring role, hams beyond belief. He turns his every scene into "Little Matty's Comedy Hour," milking his lines for obvious laughs. He tries way too hard to bring the house down, and only ends up soiling his reputation as a dependably strange character actor.

The rest of the cast are faceless, would be thespians too generic to cut it even for "She's All That." That teacher guy from "Never Been Kissed" shows up, looking as perplexed as ever. Everything seems to confuse this man. I get the feeling he just ignores his scripts, and thus is genuinely surprised at every twist and turn. I can't decide if the man is a method actor, of the Lee Strasberg school, or just some illiterate dickhead trying to pass on looks alone.

I'd give this one a few points for effort, but the presentation is utterly lacking. If you want the real shit--a slick, warmhearted mix of angry teens clashing while killers stab frantically in the background--go check out "The Faculty." Though that Robert Rodriguez helmed film is often awkward, it is genuinely creepy and consistently funny.

So, is this movie any good? No. Why the hell do you think it went straight to video?

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