Complete History of My Sexual Failures, A

Reviewed By Daniel Kelly
Posted 08/08/11 11:00:44

"Maybe a little too complete for its own good."
2 stars (Pretty Crappy)

ďA Complete History of My Sexual FailuresĒ is a great title, but as it turns out not such a great documentary.

Directed by independent filmmaker and all around hopeless individual Chris Waitt, the film chronicles its helmerís lack of success with women as he interviews and interrogates some of his unfeasibly attractive ex-girlfriends. Itís a great idea for a short, but when dragged out to 89 minutes the flick gets dull very fast.

There are some genuinely funny moments, mostly stemming from absurdly awkward situations, but ultimately itís a one note idea that its creator never really seeks to expand upon. Waitt doesnít really make for a sympathetic lead either, heís messy, desperate and pretty pathetic, but whatís more is the fact he continually depicts himself as an inconsiderate and socially retarded moron. Never mind why he was dumped, I want to know for what reason these women tolerated his advances in the first place.

ďA Complete History of My Sexual Failures was released in the UK during June 2008 to a tepid response. Itís not hard to see why.

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