Blair Witch Project, The

Reviewed By Ophelia13
Posted 01/17/00 19:18:21

"Less than Iíd hoped, more than Iíd expected."
3 stars (Just Average)

Those three stupid kids thought theyíd just go out and make a documentary about an evil force in the woods. Donít they know that something bad always happens in the woods during movies? Itís inevitable, really.

Let me say right off that ďThe Blair Witch ProjectĒ surprised me. Iíd seen the trailers 50 million times, read almost as many reviews, and sat there wondering how it could be such a huge phenomenon. I figured that it was either really great and everyone was right, or that we had the ďTitanicĒ of suspense films at our doorstep. I guessed it to be closer to the latter.

I hate it when Iím wrong.

It was actually in between the two, a very watchable piece of home video. You know the plot- student filmmakers go off for a weekend in the woods to film a couple of places for a documentary about the Blair Witch. You know about the cinematography, if it can be called that. Jerky and almost nauseating, you sometimes just wish for good old fashioned skill instead of this. You probably know about the fighting. Thereís a lot of fighting. Thereís also a lot of ďTurn off the fucking camera!Ē and ďI know exactly where weíre going.Ē You probably know that the three stars of this movie actually spent time out in the woods, hitting rendezvous points to find out there next plot point and pick up some food.

What you donít know, unless youíve seen it, is that the trailers donít show anything. They donít give anything away, even though you might think you know exactly what itís like. Itís hard not to know the ending, but the experience is something else.

About the made sense to me, but I personally wondered about a few things, like why nobody brought along some sort of weapon. Not for the Witch, but for any bears or wild dogs that might have come along, it seems prudent. And why they only had one copy of the map.
About the acting...I know that they werenít acting a lot of it, because it wasnít really scripted, but there were some moments I had to wince at the statement just made.

What I really wonder is how after 5 days in the forest they all seemed so well groomed. If I was lost in the woods I doubt Iíd stop to take a quick dip and wash my hair before heading out. Maybe I would, I donít know. Iíd probably be lacking in the mental capacity to do anything but gibber incoherently and wander in what I assumed to be a good direction though, because Iím a coward.

There was too much hype, and publicity caused it to lose the element of reality that would have made it really terrifying. But, I donít think Iím going to go camping for a while.

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