Reviewed By Mike F
Posted 10/26/99 22:49:03

"...and she's 12!"
3 stars (Just Average)

In and of its self, Dogma isn't a horrible film. Compare it to other Smith films, and that's a bit of a different story. Smith is a dialogue driven film maker, and that's a style really works for him, but Dogma just lacked that dialogue-inspired edge. It's a very visual film, and that was never what this project should have been all about.

But, hey, like I said, not horrible. It's got some laughs, but at the same time, some of the jokes were just too obvious and should have been snipped from the final cut.

The cast is fine, I guess. Jason Lee is very good in his role, as are Chris Rock and George Carlin. Jason Mewes and Smith were the same as in all their previous flicks, with the exception of Mewes being louder and having more perverse dialog which lead to a lot of bad jokes, almost too perverse for Mewes to pull off. Affleck was really good, He's able to pull off fast paced dialog very well. Aside from one scene (which was very good) I didn't really like Damon's performance. he just wasn't able to play the whiny, bitchy character that Lee is so good at (and this role was clearly written for Lee.) Florentiono, oh man, she's so bad. she's just not the right actor for this type of dialog at all. her timing is bad and she just doesn't have any comedic presence

Did I hear you inquire about plot? Well it's iffy, long, dragging at points as well as insightful at others. It's basically about these two angles (Affleck and Damon) who were cast from heaven and they found a loop hole to get back. And in doing this, it would cause great disasters to occur.

But the ending was just gay. Too happy and quaint. And It really doesn't follow the flow of the rest of the movie.

My ass itched for the first 30 minutes but I couldn't scratch it cause the seats were small and I had people on both sides of me.

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