Relax... It's Only Sex

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 03/15/99 16:55:13

"Sensitive portrayal of heady issues facing gays and lesbians"
5 stars (Awesome)

A movie that gently prepares the audience for "gym queens" and "lipstick lesbians". I laughed, I cried.

A well rounded film that confidently treats straight, gay and lesbian themes with wit, humour and poignancy.

A great ensemble cast fills out this film bursting to the edges with interconnected stories of a group of mostly gay friends/lovers/ex's in West Hollywood/Los Angeles.

An out of work playwright fumbles through love, oppression, violence, failure and success. This is really a story of stories.
Where 200 ciggarettes failed to tie together the subplots, this movie succeeds brilliantly.

This movie treats homosexuality and homosexual relationships respectfully and honestly rather than as a campy side show. The writer knows the ins and outs of gay lives and parades them across the screen beautifully.

The highs in this movie are very high, and the lows are very low. Could you expect anything less from the mostly fabulous lives of gays and lesbians living in Los Angeles?

Lori Petty and Jennifer Tilly give great performances. Its nice to see Lori Petty playing a butch dyke rather convincingly.
The entire cast gave convincing performances, challenged assumptions, introduced often neglected facets of gay life and brought me to laughter and tears.

All the Rage had a very narrow scope, but this film takes it all in. Gay, Straight, Not quite sure. Dating, meeting, breaking up, falling in love, building and maintaining relationships and the focal figure of the lone artist struggling to make sense of himself, his life and his world and expressing it in his writing.
Who eventually does find a niche and move towards stability.

Better than 200 Cigarettes. More inclusive than any "gay" film. Limited engagements and narrow distribution will make it hard to find.

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