Night at the Roxbury, A

Reviewed By Chef ADogg
Posted 08/22/99 21:21:08

"Okay, I thought it was funny."
3 stars (Just Average)

Call me an idiot. Call me immature. Call me...ah, any other derogatory name you can think of. And I know you will. This is one of those times when I can clearly envision the person at the other end of this review.

"Who does this guy think he is?" you're probably asking yourself. "When I find this kid, I am going to KICK...HIS...ASS!"

Well, go ahead and do it. I'm helpless when it comes to "A Night At The Roxbury." It's one of those movies that I just can't hate. We've all got our commercially and critically unsuccessful movies that we cherish in the secrecy of our living rooms, salivatating over battered and worn videotapes.

This is one of mine. So don't laugh. (If you give me shit, I swear to God I'm gonna bring up "Top Gun," 'cause I know all you so called "mature" individuals go into spasms at the mere THOUGHT of Val Kilmer riding Tom Cruise's cute little tail).

It's a "little boy" movie. It brings out the kid in me. And usually I would be ashamed at such a childish display. But guess what? I've got the balls to own up to my affection for this funny little film. Sure, it's really really dumb, and sure, there aren't any really big laughs, but it pushes all the right buttons and it's got enough heart for ten of your standard Adam Sandler comedies (and it doens't take itself as seriously as, say, "Big Daddy").

Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan star as two idiot brothers trying to get into a posh nightclub. What works so well about the movie is that it showcases their humanity as well as their stupidity-- I came close to tearing up at a few parts, and that usually only happens when I watch "He Got Game" (the part where he hugs the tombstone...*weep*).

Okay, maybe I wasn't CRYING crying, but this picture definitely gave a few swift tugs to my heartstrings. I don't see how anyone can hate a movie that actually tries to do the right thing--unlike, say, any given Chris Farley movie, the gags seem to have been thought out, and they're executed with a fair amount of skill. And there's brains behind it.

You heard me, biatch. Brains.

For all the dumb jokes and head bobbing, there's a rather large vestige of wit hiding behind it all, occasionally popping out to surprise us with a laugh or two.

And that's really all I ask for when I'm watching a stupid little movie where the theme song is the star attraction.

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