Jurassic Park

Reviewed By Go Swans
Posted 05/24/99 22:35:37

5 stars (Awesome)

I'll say it again. WOW.

This is huge, fun, exciting, blockbusting entertainment at its best.

No film will ever come close to matching the total euphoria I experienced at my 3 cinema screenings of Jurassic Park.

The plot isn't much, but the idea of bringing dinosaurs back to life has never been so superbly realised.

Those dinosaurs just look SO DAMN REAL.

The whole direction, every scene, every dinosaur: proof that Spielberg is the master.

There's not much more to say about Jurassic Park, other than to reinforce my happiness that I caught this 3 times before it was doomed for small screen rental.

If Spielberg ever releases a directors cut (more info from Crichton's classic novel), see it. The big screen is the way to see such a brilliant film.

Now, when's that 2nd sequel coming?

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