Run Lola Run

Reviewed By Chelsea Mannix
Posted 10/08/99 05:36:16

"Wow. This is what cinema is all about."
5 stars (Awesome)

I left Lola Rennt (the orginal title) with such a buzz. Flying through the streets of Melbourne on my bike - the adranelin rush hadn't subsided. I still had part of the movie rusing through my veins. This is it I thought - I have found my perfect movie.

This German feature, a fate meets Groundhog Day thriller flick, is young German director, Tom Tykwer's, third film. The premise for the film is fairly simple - Manni and Lola (played by Moritz Bleibtreu and Franka Potente - Germany's 'hottest new stars') are a young couple in love. Manni has just completed a 'job' which involved him collecting a bag containing one hundred thousand dollars. He leaves this bag on the train (as you do) and has to ring Lola for help. Lola has twenty minutes to get to Manni - with the cash - otherwise his 'boss' will kill him. What follows is Lola's frantic attempts to get to Manni (hence the title) and it involves lots of on the edge of your seat narrative.

You end up seeing this same scene happen three times - run at real time - but never does it get boring. And you are you always second guessing what the actors will do next. As for the dodgy cartoons - well they're easily forgotten in the rush of the celluloid. It challenges the audience to be aware of every detail in each scene and you will find yourself surprisingly anxious by the end of it all.

If you want to look at this from a feminist perspective; the woman is in control of the whole film - which is a nice change and done so well by Potente. The film won the Best Director at Sundance and a nomination for the Golden Lion at Venice. It has won my praise as the best movie to come out of Deutschland in a decade and the BEST film of 1999. Risky? Perhpas, but I loved it.

It's a cinematic game that everyone should play.

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