From Dusk Till Dawn

Reviewed By Chef ADogg
Posted 08/10/99 15:29:53

"Satisfyingly badass entertainment"
3 stars (Just Average)

"From Dusk Till Dawn" is how it should be done--big budget, some relatively large stars, and an absolutely brilliant script. If all "blockbusters" were constructed like this, I might not have to put apostrophes around the word blockbusters anymore.

First of all, this is the kind of movie George Clooney should keep on making. None of this "One Fine Day" shit. He can be sparkly and romantic and charming, yeah, but he's the most fun to watch when in a film like this: he forgets what a "star" he's supposed to be and digs whole heartedly into this bad motherfucker of a role.

He's matched by a game but unsatisfying Quentin Tarantino. Turn Mr. Brown into a rapist slash murderer, add even more funnyass hand gestures, and you've got Tarantino's character right here. I kept waiting for him to break into a long speech, but it never happened and I guess it's a good thing.

I still think it would've been funny, though.

Clooney and Tarantino hijack an RV owned by a newly faithless preacher (the inimitable Harvey Keitel), and proceed to take his family to a skanky strip bar in Mexico (how grimy is it? It's called the Titty Twister).

Keitel and his two teenaged kids need only to make it through the night and Clooney will let them go--easier said than done, though, when it becomes apparent that this particular strip bar is inhabited by a group of badass vampires.

The set up is cheesy, and so is the execution, but it's all pulled together by Tarantino's script and Robert Rodriguez's direction. Once upon a time I was scared to admit it, but I have no trouble saying it now: I like Robert Rodriguez. I liked "El Mariachi," I liked "Desperado," I liked "The Faculty," and I like this movie. All you high minded critics can kiss my ass--I honestly don't give a shit about his mind boggling editing techniques cause his movies look fuckin' cool.

"From Dusk Till Dawn" really never amounts to anything other than an over the top "coolfest," but that's okay because it's really, really fun to watch. The movie has balls, attitude, and direction, as Nicolas Cage might say, and I loved every goddam second of it.

It's not scary, it's not all that smart, and it looks pretty damn dank, but that's just fine by me. As far as brainless entertainment goes, this delivers everything that a movie about vampiric strippers could promise.

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